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September 14, 2014
Man accused of flashing mail carrier in New Orleans City Park

Letter carrier honored for rescuing truck driver in Leicester crash - Worcester Telegram

Tucson mail processing operations to shut down - Arizona Daily Star

September 13, 2014
Rate Cut Has Shippers Switching To USPS
- Dead Tree Edition

Boca Raton, FL Letter Carrier Charged With Molesting Child - Boca News Now

'Hooded Bandit' bank robbery suspect embezzled $122K from Postal Service as a window clerk - Chicago Tribune

Woman shoots at ex-boyfriend in Palestine post office - KYTX CBS

Alert postal carrier credited with saving woman's life - Journal Inquirer

Update: Post office finds woman's sister's remains - First Coast News

Monitoring Post Office Operational Risk in the Southern Area (PDF) - OIG

September 12, 2014
PMG ‘Wanted’ in Salt Lake City - PEN

Video: Postal customer spent 8 months trying to get his claim for missing mail approved - PEN

Butler, PA: Postal Employee Charged with Stealing Cash, Gift Card from Mail Item - PEN

How the Postal Service Subsidizes Cheap Chinese Goods - Washington Post

USPS Slashes Rates, But Can it Handle the Surge? - Spend Matters

IRS Can Now Collect Back Taxes From Federal Employees’ TSP Accounts - FedSmith

APWU Faux-Pas - Intelisent Postal Affairs Blog

Reader: Postal service policy is a disservice to poor kids - The Tennessean

US Postal Service: Pit bull attacks, seriously injures mailman in Springfield's Liberty Heights neighborhood - Mass Live The Republican

'Where’s my stuff?’ ‘Where’s my stuff?’ Avoiding ‘No attempt/No delivery’ complaints - Intelisent Postal Affairs Blog

Why Isn’t September 11 a National Holiday? - Saving Advice

Will horrific 1965 dead 'baby in the post' case finally be solved? - Mail Online (UK)

September 11, 2014

Video: Florida postal worker charged with delaying mail - PEN

NAPUS: POStPlan – SOV Update - PEN

Postal Service Offering Reward After Armed Robbery In Hartford - FOX CT

Police: Drunk driver runs stop sign, hits postal carrier

IG: Cloud management missteps costing Postal Service $33.5M - Federal Times

Postal Problems in Bluffton, SC - WSAV-TV

Amazon Casts Its Vote With the Postal Service - Businessweek

USPS to maintain overnight delivery for 66% of current volumes next year - Post & Parcel

U.S. Postal Service agrees to resume delivery to homes with low mail slots - NY Daily News

Carper Condemns Moratorium on Postal Facility Closures - Direct Marketing News

Saving babies from fires, rescuing abducted children, and other heroic acts by USPS employees - Washington Post

The Dawn of Digital Détente? - Direct Marketing News

The path to privatization - Opinion - Post Register

Postal vehicle overturns on loose gravel - The Daily Telegram

Mail Theft by Postal Worker - Alton Daily News

Where have all the mailboxes gone? - Burlington Free Press

Revenue Plan and Sales Targets (PDF) - OIG

September 10, 2014
Video: Post Office Stops Some Deliveries in Brooklyn Due to Mail Slots Being Too Low On The Doors

APWU: Postal Workers, Teachers, Customers Take ‘Don’t Buy’ Campaign to Staples’ Home Turf - PEN

OPM: Recognizing Fallen Federal Employees - PEN

USPS: Sign up for new employee password - PEN

Post Offices receiving new equipment to track packages - PEN

Postal Fluff - Intelisent Postal Affairs Blog

A former Lee County, FL carrier has been indicted on federal charges related to tampering with hundreds of articles of mail - Wink News

Apple’s new payments system seems promising, but why is it limited only to the elite? The postal service can serve everyone - The Guardian

Cap Times Says Fight for Postal Service is a Progressive Fight

Carolyn Cosby’s alleged method of distributing campaign mailers is now the subject of an open investigation by the Postal Inspection Service - Cherokee Ledger-News

F.Y.I. - At $286K, Members of Congress Earn a Lot for How Little They Accomplish - The Daily Signal


Law Office of OWCP Attorney Stephen V. Barszcz, P.A.

Purchasing Power AT&T

More Postal News

September 09, 2014
Rural mail carrier jailed in Jefferson County, AL for delivering under the influence
- AL.com

Video: USPS Denies Insurance Claim For Damaged Package - PEN

Video: No Mail Boxes - PEN

Trouble in the air: USPS may sell rights over Old Chelsea post office - Save the Post Office

Post office trying to reinvent itself in the Internet age - Empire State News

One Map to Show Where USPS Will Cut 7,000 Jobs - GovExec.com

US Senators call for colleagues to reject ban on USPS plant closures - Post & Parcel

September 08, 2014
NALC: 2014 Letter Carrier Heroes of the Year - PEN

USPS testing grocery deliveries in San Francisco - PEN

South Carolina Letter Carrier Saves Choking Child - PEN

Royal Mail Expands Its 'Click and Connect' Network - PEN

IG: USPS managers need to better monitor refunds in Eastern area - Fierce Government

The Postal Service rolls the delivery dice – DC Velocity

UPS and FedEx Rate Hikes Threaten Free Shipping and Lost Business - The Motley Fool

Calling All Revenue-Generation Ideas - Office of Inspector General

Senate leader joins effort to halt Postal Service closures, job cuts - Federal Times

Management of Cloud Computing Contracts and Environment (PDF) - Office of Inspector General

Senator Hoeven: Postal Service Commits to Maintain Service Hours at 30 Post Offices in the Bakken - PEN

Inside the Retirement Community for Mail Carriers - ABC News

Direct Mail Remains Impactful - DM News

Bring home the bacon! Amazon tests US Postal Service to deliver groceries - The Business Journal

Federal Employees Can Now Carry Over FSA Money - FedSmith

Congress’s plan to get nothing done - Washington Post

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