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April 18, 2015
Doug Hughes: Flying mailman inspired by son's 2012 double fatal wrong-way crash on S.R. 408
- Orlando Sentinel

Writer says "A gyrocopter shouldn't have landed on the Capitol lawn, but it's no fault of the media" - U.S. News & World Report

Mail processing ends at U.S. Postal Service distribution center in Michigan - MLive.com

15 Companies Bidding To Make Next-Generation U.S. Postal Service Vehicle - Carscoops

Opposition to Canada Post’s end of home mail delivery grows - Radio Sweden

TV star Pauley Perrette praises New York carrier - PEN

April 17, 2015
Senator Carper Convenes Bipartisan Briefing on Postal Service Finances - PEN

Wife of gyrocopter pilot: 'Very brave,' but he broke the law - Yahoo News

No, You Still Can't Sell the People's Post Office - The Berkeley Daily Planet

RCA Smith recognized as ‘Super Hero’ - Harlan Daily

National Day of Action Against Fast Track, TPP Set for April 18 - APWU

What 'COULD' Happen To Hacked USPS Files - PEN

Video: Sen. Lindsey Graham: We should have shot that gyrocopter guy down - PEN

Video: Gyrocopter pilot who shut Capitol released - Hughes wore his postal jacket to court - WTAE

Gyrocopter pilot who shut down Capitol released - CNN

In our opinion: Disrupted by email and the Internet, the U.S. Postal Service needs to make tough decisions to cut its losses - Deseret News

Emerald seeking contract to build postal vans -  St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Ex-Abington postal worker admits scamming customers - The Intelligencer

Data integrity issues hampering USPS commercial mailing program, IG says - Fierce Government

News Flash: New Postal Rates Slated for May 31 - Dead Tree Edition

With Capitol in Sight, Postal Customers Struggle to Pay Their Taxes - Hill Blotter

April 16, 2015
Postal Service moves ahead with delivery fleet contract - Federal Times

Video: Who Is Doug Hughes? Inside the Mind of the Mailman Who Flew to Washington - PEN

DHS Chief: Aircraft Came in 'Under the Radar' - Officer.com

Next step in U.S. Postal Service breach – NLRB sues Postal Service - Lexology

Video: Petitioner arrested for refusing to move from post office - PEN

Tractor trailer, mail truck collide in NC, two injured - Salisbury Post

Reader's View: Postal workers have always given excellent service - Duluth News Tribune

On Tax Day, Members Spread the Word: Your Post Office Receives Zero Tax Dollars - APWU

ELM Revision: Back Pay Limitations - Postal Bulletin 22413

ELM Revision: Employment and Placement - Postal Bulletin 22413

U.S. Postal Service Diversity and Inclusion Statement - Postal Bulletin

April 15, 2015
Court dismisses lawsuit over Berkeley post office after USPS rescinds decision to sell the historic building
- Save the Post Office

Video: Florida Rural Carrier Lands Gyrocopter On Lawn of U.S. Capitol - PEN

USPS: Dynamic routing improves package sorting, delivery - PEN

Ex-letter carrier pleads guilty to stealing mail - Arkansas Online

Dimondstein to Appear on The Ed Show Today - APWU

Video: Pittsburg Residents Frustrated Over Mailbox Vandalism - PEN

Yo, Mailman, Bring Me a Flounder and a Dozen Roses - Dead Tree Edition

Video: Dogs bite Beaumont postal worker - PEN

Maine postal worker finds ‘Survivor’ dream comes with nightmares - Portland Press Herald

Vancouver, WA neighborhood is promised its own mail carrier after chronic mail delivery errors  - The Columbian

Poll reveals Americans' attitudes to the contents of their mailbox - BizReport

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Texas set to approve open carry of handguns, seen as win for gun-rights activists - Fox News 4/18/15

A Workplace Flexibilities Guide for Working Families - The OPM Director's Blog  4/17/15

VA memo ordered false health care claims to cover up backlog - Washington Times  4/17/15

White House fence may get spikes - USA Today 4/17/15

House Fails to Pass Bill That Would Fire Tax Delinquent Federal Workers - FedSmith 4/16/15

Bill targeting tax-delinquent federal employees set for House vote - Washington Post 4/15/15

DEA chief tells House committee she can't fire agents involved in sex parties - Fox News 4/15/15

U.S. Army Loses Battle to Regulate Bathroom Selection of Transgender (Civilian) Employee - The National Law Review 4/14/15

Deportations of Illegals Plummet During Obama Administration - Washington Times 4/14/15

Secret Service Scrambles After 4-Year-Old Climbs Under White House Fence - The Weekly Standard 4/13/15

Secret Service officer arrested on felony burglary charge after trying to break into girlfriend's house, placed on leave - NY Daily News 4/11/15

Melting Walls and Social Security Numbers for Dead People: Highlights From the New ‘Waste Watch’ - FedSmith 4/11/15

Fort Hood Shooting Victim Denied Benefits Despite Purple Heart - Fox 4/10/15

Will Obama Fire a Scandal-Plagued Watchdog? - Fiscal Times 4/10/15

How Mary Kay Letourneau, a school teacher, Went From Having Sex With a 6th Grader to Becoming His Wife - ABC News 4/09/15

Top 20 Federal Agencies With the Highest Average Salaries - Hint: USPS is NOT on that list - FedSmith 4/09/15

In Dallas, the IRS says it can’t chase tax cheats who owe less than $1 million - Washington Post 4/09/15

What Rand Paul's flat tax plan would look like - CNN 4/09/15

How Russians Hacked the White House - CNN 4/08/15

VA official got $288G 'relocation payment' for DC-to-Philly move, rep blasts 'outrageous' amount - Fox 4/07/15

Fun Fact: Federal employees own $1 trillion of U.S. debt - Federal Times 4/07/15

‘Cadillac Tax’ the Next Big Obamacare Battle - (that includes postal employees) - Politico 4/06/15

Prosecutor: Tsarnaev 'wanted to punish America' in Boston bombing - USA Today 4/06/15

Pope appeal: do something about slaughter of Christians - Fox

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