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March 03, 2015
APWU: Don’t Let Them Take Your ‘Postal Pulse’

USPS: New delivery vehicles will be more efficient, CSO says - PEN

USPS: New mobile app aims to make letter writing easier - PEN

Marion Co., FL postal worker admits to stealing mail, money, investigators say - wftv.com 9

Postal Unions Deliver a Strong Message as Contract Talks Ensue - DM News

Video: Asbestos found at a VA post office, mail being inspected - PEN

Where is the Love from Low Fuel Prices? - Office of Inspector General

After Eight Years of Losses, End the Government’s Postal Monopoly - PEN Ed: No, lets end the prefunding crap. - Cato @ Liberty

USPS to provide exporting workshops in rural areas - PEN

Here's What The US Postal Service Wants In Their Next Mail Truck - jalopnik

March 02, 2015
Video: Tax Payments Burn In Mail Truck
- LLV burns in Nashville - PEN

North Carolina carrier assists homeless veterans - PEN

NALC: March transfer list available - PEN

You're Not Going to Believe How Amazon Is Going to Speed Up Delivery - The Motley Fool

Postal service starting to consolidate six Ohio locations into just two sites - Crescent-News

$60 Million Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed By Family Of Woman Killed By U.S. Postal Truck - OC Weekly

Online Selling and the Future of Package Delivery - eCommerce Bytes

At Auburn post office, money order request handled shabbily - Worcester Telegram & Gazette

March 01, 2015
Video: Taylor Ridge, IL Post Office armed robbery suspect in custody

Postal service says Akron mail-sorting operation to close in April - Akron Beacon Journal

1,500 applied for that penguin post office job in Antarctica - Quartz - UK

February 28, 2015
Postal Pulse: New program aims to better engage employees
- USPS attempts to replace VOE survey - PEN

USPS releases 2015 Postal Facts - PEN

Video: How the FCC’s net neutrality decision could affect you - PEN - Also see: FCC Won’t Release New Internet Rules

Anthem Health Care Hack Snared Federal Employees Who Weren’t Anthem Customers - A month after detecting a data breach, Anthem, a Blue Cross and Blue Shield federal employee benefit provider, either does not know or won't comment publicly on how many federal employee plan members are affected by the hack. - Nextgov

USPS: Airmail markers remembered - PEN

Polar bears and postal carriers taking Denver's record snow in stride - Denver Post

February 27, 2015
Federal Judge Dismisses Injured Postal Worker’s Claim - Florida Center for Investigative Reporting

U.S. Postal Service searching for the mail truck of the future - Fox

APWU/Postal workers launch website to keep Ohio centers open - 21 News Now

Man Using Postal Uniform To Steal Mail - KKTV

Video: Spokane mailman attacked on his delivery route - PEN

Special Report: Reinventing the Postal Service - Fierce Government

Video: KC residents fed up with USPS moving at snail’s pace to reimburse them for damaged mailboxes - PEN

NALC: Cost of living adjustment (COLA) news - PEN

Video: USPS notifies Roanoke Distribution Center employees of plans to close - PEN


APWU President Reports on Negotiations - PEN

He Tried to Deliver Your Mail Through Snow. Honest: A Day’s Work - Bloomberg Business

Things are looking up: The Postal Service's financial report for January 2015 - Save the Post Office

SEATTLE — A federal judge has ordered the U.S. Postal Service to pay a worker almost $230,000 in damages for the retaliation he suffered when he helped a co-worker with her workplace health concerns.

Are postcards obsolete? - Washington Post

February 26, 2015
Video: USPS Changes Outdated 911 Policy at Oakland

PRC Approves Proposal to Raise Rates for Competitive Products - PEN

‘Stagecoach Mary’ - The Root profiles pioneering mail carrier Mary Fields - PEN

USPS: New program improves retail lobbies - PEN

What April USPS Rate Changes Mean for Online Merchants - eCommerce Bytes

Video: Residents Get No Mail For 3 Weeks After Dog Attacks Carrier - PEN

Aspen, Snowmass Village post offices in dire need of workers - Aspen Times

Winter storm causes Postal Service delays in north Alabama

>>> More Postal News


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Video: 'Jihadi John': New Recording of Mohammed Emwazi Emerges - NBC News 03.03.15

Police: Gay rights activist faked abduction - USA Today 03.03.15 - Also see Huff Post

Three Missouri Shooting Rampage Victims Identified as Members of One Family - NBC News Video 03.02.15

ISIS Is Latest Radical Group to Destroy Ancient Art - NBC News Video 03.02.15

No easy fix if Supreme Court halts Obamacare cash - POLITICO - The administration says it has no contingency plan for 7 million to 8 million people. 03.02.15

California couple dies hand-in-hand after 67-year-long storybook romance - Fox 02.28.15

Video: 32,000 emails recovered in IRS targeting probe amid allegations agency chief may have lied - Fox 02.27.15

Servando 'La Tuta' Gomez, Mexico's Most Wanted Drug Lord, Captured - NBC News 02.27.15

ISIS: 3 New York Men Arrested in Alleged Plot to Join Terror Group, Feds Say - ABC News Video 02.25.15

Why the Iranian Military Attacked a US Aircraft Carrier Replica - ABC News 02.25.15

Video: ‘Road Rage’ Husband Details Why the Story Has Shifted - ABC News 02.24.15

94-Year-Old Who Allegedly Served in Auschwitz Faces 3,681 Accessory to Murder Charges - NBC News 02.24.15

Video: US seeks stay of ruling on Obama immigration action - Fox 02.23.15

Mall Threat 'Not Likely' to Inspire Attacks Soon, Feds Say, But Malls Prepare for Worst - ABC News 02.23.15

ISIS-Bound Schoolgirls Showed 'No Risk of Being Radicalized or Absconding' - ABC News 02.23.15

Video: Hillary Clinton's ties to corporate donors, lobbyists while secretary of state scrutinized - Fox 02.20.15

Video: Family knew suspect in Las Vegas road rage shooting - Fox 02.20.15

Video: Obama accused of skirting Islamic extremist threat, at ‘summit without substance’ - Fox 02.19.15

Colorado residents are first to ask feds to block legal pot - San Francisco Gate 02.19.15

Police say Aurora man beat infant for crying during TV show - Aurora Beacon-News 02.19.15

Half-naked woman found alive inside cardboard box at landfill - NY Post 02.19.15

Snow-Bound Maine Teens Survive Sub-Zero Night Stranded in Woods - NBC News 02.18.15

Pro-Russian rebels force Ukrainian troops to retreat from railway hub, as Putin mocks cease-fire - Fox 02.18.15

Las Vegas Mom Tammy Meyers Went Looking for Suspect Before Road Rage Killing - NBC News 02.18.15

Is Messaging Going to Kill E-mail? - Scientific American 02.16.15

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