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October 06, 2015
GAO Says Actions Are Needed to Make Delivery Performance Information More Complete, Useful, and Transparent - PEN

APWU: It Could Be a Matter of Life and Death - Ramping Up for Safety Campaign - PEN

USPS Chief Human Resources Officer Jeff Williamson Addresses Postal Pulse Survey Results - PEN

APWU calls for public hearing on USPS subcontractors’ request for safety rule exemption - Post and Parcel

Elderly woman sues over letter carrier who attacked her - Oregon Live

Video: Man in serious condition after USPS semi runs over Prius - PEN

The mail could be taking even longer to be delivered than the Postal Service is saying - Washington Post

USPS Criticized over Delivery Time and Tracking - eCommerce Bytes

Are Carriers Correctly Reporting Package Deliveries? - OIG
PEN Ed: Here's a better question OIG...is the USPS system correctly reporting delivery times and scans?

October 05, 2015
Video: Postal inspectors: “Never leave outgoing checks in mailbox to be picked up by carrier;” here’s why - PEN

Obama's Postal Service nominees opposed by labor, civil rights groups - Washington Examiner

PRC Names Stacy L. Ruble Secretary and Chief Administrative Officer - PEN

Three cheers for the post office gang - My Plainview

Don’t Put Privatizer And Payday Lender Lobbyist On The USPS Board - Campaign for America's Future

The U.S. Postal Service Continues To Burn Money - Town Hall

How Can the Postal Service Improve Post Office Box Service? - OIG

October 04, 2015
Video: Tossing a fragile package: Do you think the mail man is in the wrong? - PEN

What happened in Petworth? A DC Suspension Story - Save the Post Office

Postal Views Podcast #11 (The Handle With Care Edition)

October 03, 2015
Video: Georgia carrier honored for saving customer - PEN

Video: Payments from NH and Iowa found stuffed in St. Pete junk mail - PEN

USPS is profitable, lean, mean - Fresno Bee

Release of "Peanuts" stamp coincides with strip's debut in Morning Call - The Morning Call

Amazon Has Found a New Way to Deliver Packages - The Motley Fool

Wyandotte, MI post office to shut down, move to smaller location within city - The News-Herald

An Post advises customers not to send mail due to strike - The Irish Times

October 02, 2015
OPM: Notifying Those Impacted by the Recent Cyber Intrusion - PEN - Note: this article pertains to the newest OPM cyber attack.

Battle brewing over USPS delivery times - The Hill

No discontinuances, but more post office suspensions and relocations - Save the Post Office

Sears, Others Must Pay $1M for Bulk Mail Error - Court House News

Video: Postal Inspectors investigate racist postcards mailed in Milwaukee's south side targeting Hispanics - PEN

Some Postal Workers Are Delivering More Than Just the Mail - The Commonwealth Fund

The obvious solution to the Postal Service's problems that no one notices - LA Times

Ex-mail carrier sues U.S. Postal Service, alleging unjust termination - The Pennsylvania Record

Video: Geneva mail carriers honor colleague with procession following his Geneva route - Kane County Chronicle

Another Attack On Our Postal Service - Crooks and Liars

Surveillance system captures man breaking into mailboxes - KSAT San Antonio

Fight Over Postal Service Board Heats Up - Naked Capitalism

October 01, 2015
NALC: 2015 Letter Carrier Heroes of the Year - PEN

Head Of Local Post Office Shows Up At Guy’s Door To Personally Apologize For USPS Package Tracking Mix-Up - The Consumerist - this article relates to this video posted at our blog here

St. Paul post office shut for a week with postmaster stranded - Alaska Dispatch

Video: Pittsburgh postmaster will stand trial on charges of intimidating subordinates - PEN

Politics pushed USPS into red - Rolando via The Washington Times

Senate Causes Crisis for US Postal Service: A Call to Action - The Berkshire Company

USPS orders 9,000 new vans from Fiat Chrysler - News Link via PEN

Mailers: Forge a Presence in DC or Stop Your Griping - DM News

Postal-themed TV drama debuts this weekend - News Link via PEN

Charlie Brown Christmas Forever Stamps Kick-Off National Stamp Collecting Month - PEN

Blountville, TN postmaster arrested following an incident at his Kingsport home, where he allegedly choked his wife and threatened her with a gun, then refused to comply with responding police and was bitten by a K-9 - Johnson City Press

ELM Revision: Severance Pay - Postal Bulletin - 22425

Notice to All Post Offices With Rural Delivery Service: Rural Carrier Guarantee Period -
Postal Bulletin - 22425

September 30, 2015
OPM Announces 2016 FEHB Rates - PEN

Video: 'Mail Kid' goes to the post office - PEN...way to go Knoxville and Mailman Mike!

USPS Ordered to Reduce $7.5M Southern California Edison Fine - Courthouse News Service

Another Attack on Our Postal Service - Huff Post

50-Mile Limit - Minimizing Excessing Memo Extended - APWU news via PEN

Tax Court Examines Dueling Postmarks - Forbes

St. Petersburg city carrier assistant found with 2,129 pieces of stolen mail - Tampa Bay Times

The Postal Service Is Still Sloppy About Mass Surveillance - Huffington Post

Warning: Another Attack On Our Postal Service - Campaign for America's Future

September 29, 2015
Video: USPS Says It Tried To Deliver My Package, But Home Security Video Shows Otherwise - PEN

U.S. Postal Service Could Save Nearly $2 Billion by Using Best-Practice Strategy to Replace Aging Vehicle Fleet - PEN

USPS appeals PRC ruling on First Class Mail Parcels - Save the Post Office

Postal Service mum on alleged carrier thefts - The Monett Times

Postal Service could utilize driverless cars in the future, IG says - Fierce Givernment

Chicago: Mail, packages stolen from postal vehicles - abc7chicago.com

Federal health-care plan costs to rise by most in five years - Washington Post

Video: Rio Rancho, NM neighborhood concerned after attack on mailbox - PEN

Coming Soon: An open database of every U.S. address - Fedscoop

Postal Service to buy 9,113 Ram ProMaster vans for large package delivery - Automotive News

Greenleaf, ID PMR to plead guilty to theft - Idaho Statesman

Parcel Delivery Companies Must Adjust to Empowered, Digital Consumers, Accenture Study Shows - Yahoo Finance

Benton County, IA: no connection between flag protests, mailbox vandalism - ABC Kcrg 9

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Shot to Death Before She Was Old Enough to Be Shot at School

Five people arrested after Louisiana police remove toddler and 17 dogs from inside filthy home

Workers quietly remove Ten Commandments from Oklahoma Capitol

11-year-old Tennessee boy shoots 8-year-old girl over argument about puppy

Clinton to lean hard on gun regulation reform as part of campaign

Investigators of Oregon Shooting Seek Answers as Victims Are Mourned

Russian warplanes strike deep inside Islamic State’s heartland

Kentucky clerk Kim Davis no longer a Democrat

Hackers steal 15 million T-Mobile customers' data from Experian credit bureau

Explain it to me: Why are Russian airstrikes in Syria such a big deal?

Joaquin Strengthens To Cat 3 Hurricane, May Be In Maryland By Weekend

Donald Trump Would Send Syrian Refugees Back, Jeb Bush Hits Back

Georgia brothers accused of trying to kill parents had ‘one bad moment’: dad

Obama, Putin Clash Over Resolving Syrian Conflict

Donald Trump promises to lower tax rates for most Americans

White House denies blocking teen critic on Twitter

8-month-old found dead in car outside Walmart

Controversial drug company CEO once sued for harassment

Video: Georgia teen blasts White House invite of Ahmed Mohamed - PEN

More than 20 students at Virginia high school suspended for wearing Confederate flag on clothing

Trump pledges military buildup, better deal for vets

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