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PEN was founded by Rick Owens in late 1997 and went live on the Internet in 1998. At the time PEN was founded there were no postal employee resource sites of any consequence for postal employees to utilize.

Establishment of PEN satisfied that need quickly and soon became not only the original postal employee resource and information site, but also the standard by which all new postal employee sites established later have judged themselves.

Curious as to how popular we are? Check our ranking in the Web's number 1 search engine > Google (new window) - We're Number 1! and have been for well over 10 years straight.

PEN has never sought to copy any postal site, but has often been copied - never reproduced. We're proud of that fact.

PEN is a postal news and resource site. With that in mind, we have continued to bring you the postal news, tools, and resources that help guide you to the correct answer... for career - for help.

We are proud to tell you that since 1998 PEN has grown to enjoy more than 2.5 to 3.5 million visits from postal employees, retirees, and postal families each and every month - and, we continue to grow.

We are here for you. We work only for you. It is our only desire to provide you with quality information and resources. We promise that our goals and ideals will remain constant and concentrated as they have now for over 15 years.

Again, thank you for making Postal Employee Network the postal site that set the standards.

Rick Owens - Founder

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Rick Owens
Founder of Postal Employee Network

As founder, owner, and site administrator of Postal Employee Network I want to extend my deepest gratitude to you for making my postal site the best of the best - the original postal resource site.

I retired from USPS on April 2, 2007 after more than 34 years service.

In the past I was a postal distribution clerk and then, for almost 3 years, I was an LSM (letter sorting machine) clerk. I was also a city letter carrier from 1975 until retirement in Montgomery, Alabama.

I have served 204-B and Postmaster OIC in the past - as well as other various details. I always came back to delivering mail.

Again, thank you for visiting my site. Please visit often and share us with your co-workers and friends.

Rick Owens


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