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April 2010

April 30, 2010
Is the Postal Service bluffing?
Rag Content - Is the five-day proposal just a ploy to get the mailing community to fight even harder for legislative funding /reform to save the sixth day of delivery? -

Smart Post - What Does its Success Suggest for Letter and Flat Mailers - Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

Check Out This Week In Postal

Beyond Going Postal - Postscript (PDF - 49 kb)
by Stephen D. Musacco, Ph.D. -

Sen. Carper Reacts to Postal Regulatory Commission's Planned 6 Month Review of Postal Proposal to End Saturday Delivery -

APWU: If USPS Eliminates Saturday Delivery...The Postal Service Would Fall Apart - APWU Flyer - Also see APWU Fact Sheet "Save Saturday Service" -

Postal Service angered by regulator review schedule
The U.S. Postal Service said Thursday it is disappointed with the schedule put forth by postal regulators to consider proposed changes to Saturday mail delivery, arguing the Postal Regulatory Commission needs to move faster to help the mail agency avoid financial insolvency. -

FERS and CSRS Disability Retirement: The Game of Legal Relay and the Importance of Identifying the Right Evidence -

USPS OIG: Function 4 Overtime Workhours -

Is there a Problem with RPW Parcel Select Volumes? Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

April 29, 2010
PRC Sets Schedule to Review Proposal to End Saturday Mail Delivery -

Reform of Postal Service retirement system desperately needed - Federal News Radio -

USPS: Envisioning America's Future Postal Service -

Two men indicted for mailing fake Anthrax letters -

The Impact of Postal Service Corruption on Customer Service - by Eric L. Wattree -

Carrier Finds Texas Woman Decapitated in Street by Chainsaw -

City of Richmond, Va. Drops All Charges against Postal Workers Local Official -

APWU: Employees Retiring Last October Still Waiting for Annuity Checks -

April 28, 2010
Aspen Postmaster Stays In $175 Hotel Room -

Washington Post's New Magazine Will Bypass USPS
Dead Tree Edition says "In what may be a troubling precedent for the U.S. Postal Service, The Washington Post is about to launch a paid subscription magazine that will bypass the USPS delivery network." -

Ohio businessman pleads guilty in Postal Service bribery case -

Post Office Cuts - Jobs Could Be Moved Up to 200 Miles -

April 27, 2010
Carrier accused of stealing mail-order medicine
A Marshall mail carrier was arrested after completing his route Monday and charged with stealing prescription drugs from a Madison County veteran. His wife and another woman have also been charged with selling the painkillers. -

Offer FedEx and UPS big piece of postal pie
What if FedEx and UPS took over all handling and delivery of parcels or anything that didn't fit into a mailbox? Wouldn't that free up some bodies (and money) to provide mail delivery six days a week and allow branches to be staffed with more than one clerk trying to serve long lines? -

PostCom reports "The Economist has told some of its Washington-area subscribers that for the next three months they would be receiving the magazine by a hand-delivery service. Why? because "it has been widely publicized that the US Postal Service is considering eliminating Saturday mail delivery." The Economist told its readers that it wanted to hear from them as to whether private mail delivery proved sufficient to their needs. Could be a sign of the coming times." -

PRC Seeks Comment Regarding USPS Ending Saturday Delivery -

Also from PRC: April 27, 2010 - Notice: Live audio broadcast of a public Prehearing Conference in Docket No. N2010-1 will air at 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday, April 27. Links to the audio will be posted here approximately 10 minutes prior to the broadcast.

Employee accused of stealing almost $30k from postal station -

OIG Blog: The Great Debate -

Postal service workers protest proposed service cuts -

Flats Sequencing Map
Dead Tree Edition -

Direct Marketing Assn Spent $250K Lobbying in 1Q - Including USPS -

April 26, 2010
Postman Sues WFXT-TV After Being Featured in Undercover Investigation
A postman who lost his job after being featured in a “Fox Undercover” investigation has slapped WFXT-TV (Ch. 25) with a $500,000 defamation suit. -

EEOC Upholds Class Action
EEOC rejects appeal of USPS. The administrative judge outlines four broad complaints; the National Reassessment Process NRP fails to provide a reasonable accommodation; creates a hostile work environment; wrongfully discloses medical information; and has an adverse impact on disabled workers. -

OIG Blog: What if USPS explored partnering with prepaid debit card providers to sell prepaid debit cards at post offices -

Letter carrier delivers in a heroic way -

April 25, 2010
Documentary on postal rampages warns of the perils of the workplace -

Other options available; don’t cut mail delivery -

Push to stop Saturday mail delivery would impact local businesses -

USPS Advises NRLCA That Cameras Will Be Placed in LLV's and POV's to Collect Data for Negotiations -

April 24, 2010
APWU: March in NYC to “Make Wall Street Pay!” -

5 or 6 Day Postal Delivery? -

New cameras being deployed at USPS facilities nationwide in order to provide OIG Special Agents with enhanced video surveillance capabilities of activities occurring within USPS facilities -

Florida Mail carrier guilty of delivering drugs -

Senators indicate support for Postal Service reform in subcommittee hearing -

Potter renews plea for postal reforms
Federal Times -

What is the true cost of labor?
Ask Burrus -

April 23, 2010
Potter Stands Strong On Five Day Delivery -

Altering Mail Delivery Schedule Could Negatively Impact Consumers Relying on Home Delivery of Prescription Drugs - Pharmaceutical Care Management Association -

The Future of the U.S. Postal Service - Hearings and Testimony before the Subcommittee on Federal Financial Management, Government Information, Federal Services, and International Security -

April 22, 2010
Mail Service Providers, Beware
Postal Affairs Blog -

Not All Postal Employees or Union Members Support Their Unions Stance on Big Government or Health Care -

Hoping for deliverance
USPS has issued an urgent appeal for help. Will Congress deliver? -

Email spam may be increasing the effectiveness of direct mail marketing -

Mail truck catches fire in Battle Ground -

In case you somehow missed it...here's what the PMG told the Comm. on Oversight and Gov. Reform (PDF) -


April 21, 2010
Postal Worker Accused Of Stealing Hundreds Of Gift Cards -

Volcano impacts Postal Service deliveries
Washington Post -

The United States Postal Service: An Assault on the American Middle Class
by Eric L. Wattree -

Not anti-dog, but pro-carrier -

‘Confidential’ Letter Shows Postal Service’s Inefficiency -

Japan Unveils Plan To Roll Back Postal Privatization -

April 20, 2010
The postal service's fiscal crisis and future viability
By Rep. Edolphus Towns
"The IG argued that the USPS has overpaid into the Civil Service Retirement System by as much as $75 Billion. If these findings are correct, it puts the changes to the USPS business model in a whole new light because the Postal Service would be able to fully fund its retiree health care obligations for the next 75 years if it was allowed to access the funds." -

PostCom says "The word from several sources is that Korn Ferry is in charge of a search for a new postal senior v.p. to be in charge of governmental and public affairs. It sounds like a re-creation of a position that once had existed within the USPS. It was a good idea then. It would be a good idea now." -

Arbitrator: OIG Agents Intended to Make a Grievant’s Life a Living Hell -

5-day delivery would not mean layoffs, PMG says
Federal Times -

A $75 Billion Catch 22 -

Full-Service Intelligent Mail USPS Release #4
Postal Affairs Blog -

Does the Postal Service Need to Re-examine Its Delivery Service Standards? - OIG Blog -

The Postal Service’s Union Problem
Tad DeHaven - Cato Institute -

Putting a price tag on Postal Service woes
Washington Post -

APWU: For Active Reservists and National Guard Differential Pay, At Last -

German Postal Model Can Show U.S. The Way -

Obtain a Free PDF Copy of Beyond Going Postal, by Stephen Musacco, Ph.D. -

April 19, 2010
Cleveland postal workers sentenced on drug charges
Seven of the eight arrested worked at the mail distribution center at 2400 Orange Ave., where agents confiscated crack, PCP, prescription painkillers, marijuana and a loaded handgun in June. -

Postal Service Changing to Remain Viable -

Outlook grim for Postal Service as revenue ebbs -

Why the US Postal Service Will Not Survive
OpEd News -

Health care overcharges are unjust burden for USPS
Federal Times - Opinion of David C. Williams, Inspector General USPS -

Saving the Postal Service
Federal Times - Letter from a Retired Postal Employee -

Highlights of National Postal Forum
Print CEO -

Ex-postal worker in Mobile, AL pleads guilty to trashing, hiding mail on 'overloaded' route -

April 18, 2010
Return to sender
Cape Cod Times -

The Truth About Postal Absenteeism Rates
OIG Report - Revisited by Request -

Four Arrested for Theft from the Postal Service -

Houston Carrier Charged with Theft of Mail - Also see Texas Mail Handler Charged with Theft of Mail -

April 17, 2010
USPS OIG Says Postal Executive Pay is A-OK
by Rick Owens -

Going Postal in the Digital Age
CBS News -

Insights from the DMA and Nonprofit Mailers
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

House Hearing Raises Questions About Postal Plans and Numbers - NAPUS Newsletter -

APWU: Rationale for Five-Day Delivery Shattered at House Hearing - Also see NALC: Skepticism reigns at House hearing on postal crisis -

USPS and Congress trade barbs
DM News -

Postal employee arrested on child pornography charges
A postal employee was arrested Friday on charges that he used a government computer to view child pornography in November 2009. -

Analysis: Change the role of the Postal Service to keep it viable - Federal News Radio -

Leaving the Mailstram: Saturation Advertising
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

April 16, 2010
PMG says USPS could cut its workforce
Washington Post -

USPS prodded -- once again -- to do more with less
GovExec.com -

Stealing Time From Employees At USPS
By Eric L. Wattree -

Lawmakers question U.S. Postal Service money saving priorities -

Postal Service must adopt private biz principles for success -

Mail delivery cuts mean businesses need to plan ahead -

Unions Making Postal Service Unsustainable -

Postal Service 800 number gives callers wrong tax deadline -

April 15, 2010
GAO: Action Needed to Facilitate USPS Financial Viability (new report 4.15.10) -

Reports from House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform:
Connect to the Live Webcast
- Ruth Goldway - PRC Chairman
- David Williams, Inspector General, OIG
- Ideas For Positive Change In The Future Of USPS - PRC Chairman Goldway
- Read all reports (scroll down)
Also see these articles:
- Postal Service chief seeks congressional support for changes to mail service
- Postmaster Delivers Bad News

Federal Employee Issues Take Center Stage at Postal Service Hearing - GovExec.com
Rep. Darrell Issa says "It is clear that we have not recognized that the Postal Service has more workers than it needs ....No postal service employee should be given a route that's less than a full day's work." -

USPS May Go Broke by October, Potter Says
Potter "If Congress is unable to act this fiscal year on broader legislation, our projections show that we will risk running out of cash the first month of fiscal year 2011.”  -

US Post office finances dire but service cuts hurt - Lawmakers skeptical of cutting Saturday delivery -

Video: The End of the U.S. Postal Service? -

Put out the fire, then build Postal Service back up
Federal Times -

Legal Challenge Likely for Exigent Rate Increase
Dead Tree Edition -

April 14, 2010
Saving The Public Enterprise Model - Who Pays?
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

NALC: GAO report attacks postal labor, stiffs Congress
The Government Accountability Office issued its long-awaited report on potential changes in the Postal Service’s business model. NALC President Fred Rolando expressed the union’s deep disappointment in the report’s content. Citing the GAO’s failure to deliver what Congress asked for, Rolando criticized GAO for instead producing what he called “a full-throated attack on collective bargaining." -

APWU of Wisconsin -

The U.S. Postal Service is a Toxic Work Environment
Dr. S. Musacco -

GAO encourages significant changes to 'not viable' Postal Service business model - DM News -

Postal Policy: Now its Congress's Turn
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

Briefly - carrier was rear-ended in his mail truck - filed for workers comp - continued performing in a rock band - USPS finds out and fires carrier. Carrier sues USPS and NALC...he loses. -

Two postal workers charged with stealing $50 from mail -

Intelligent Mail stands major test of US Census: USPS -

April 13, 2010
GAO Suggests Plant Closings, Two-Tiered Wage Structure for USPS - Dead Tree Edition -

Federal Register: Nationwide Change in Frequency of Postal Delivery -

Hallmark launches Intelligent Barcode card line with Postal Service -

PMG Addresses National Postal Forum
via PostCom -

Will Obama create the Post Office of health care?
 Washington Examiner -

Sinking Ship: The U.S. Postal Service
Opinion: Washington Examiner -

Is It Time to Re-evaluate the Retail Network?
OIG Blog -

April 12, 2010
GAO: U.S. Postal Service: Strategies and Options to Facilitate Progress toward Financial Viability
Read Highlights - Read Full Report -

In part the GAO report states:

  • Reduce the size of the workforce through retirements and outsourcing.
  • Reduce wage costs, for example, through a two-tiered pay system that would pay new hires lower wages and “grandfather” employees in the current system.
  • Reduce benefit costs by reducing USPS health and life insurance contribution rates for active employees to levels comparable to those paid by other federal agencies.
  • Adjust workforce mix, for example, by using more part-time staff.
  • Require arbitrators to consider USPS’s financial condition when making binding arbitration decisions.
  • Defer costs by revising funding requirements for retiree health benefits.
  • Remove appropriations language requiring 6-day delivery.
  • Much more contained in Full Report

Postal Saturday Cut Isn’t ‘Done Deal,’ PRC Chairman Ruth Goldway tells Bloomberg today -

GAO report endorses cuts in U.S. Postal Service
The U.S. Postal Service's current business model "is not viable," and the mail agency should make deeper job and wage cuts, hire more part-time staff and consider outsourcing some operations, according to a draft of a government audit acquired by The Washington Post. -

Also see: GAO: Postal Service business model not working - Federal News Radio -

FEHBP Dodges Risk Pool Bullet
Federal News Radio -

The United States Postal Service: "What's Wrong With Plantations?"
The Wattree Chronicle -

April 11, 2010
More On SF VER
San Francisco District -

Chairman Towns Announces Hearing to Examine Financial Viability of the Postal Service
Committee On Oversight and Government Reform -

Keep Saturday mail delivery
Post and Courier - Also see: More seniors than 18- to 34-year-olds favor cutting Saturday mail -

Grandson sought in death of 74-year-old -

Post Office Extends Hours To 3 A.M. To Attract Late-Night Bar Crowd -

April 10, 2010
UPS and FedEx Pay
by Rick Owens - PEN -

Bellingham man pleads not guilty to calling 911 to threaten postal workers -

Postal employee pleads guilty to theft in federal court -

Is Saturday mail delivery still needed? -

April 09, 2010
San Francisco District
Voluntary Early Retirement
Clerks, Mail Handlers, Custodians, Maintenance Operations Support Clerks and EAS in Select Offices to Receive Early Out Notices -

Former Minto, ND postmaster charged with stealing government funds -

APWU: Early Retirement Rumors: Again, APWU Says: Don’t Go! -

Ex-Redding postal worker indicted by federal grand jury -

Prison for Texas Postal Worker -

USPS to Test Direct-Mail Product Sampling -

Postal Service releases survey findings -

April 08, 2010
'Abortion Kit' Flyer Called Mail Fraud -

An Imperiled Icon: Postal Service Looking Hard at Five-Day Delivery Schedule
Politics Daily-

Going postal, Part II
...most interesting was that President Eisenhower actually ended Saturday delivery back in 1957. That lasted exactly one week. People were so outraged that Congress quickly passed, and Eisenhower signed, an appropriation of $41 million to keep the Saturday mail going. -

Union says no Saturday mail may cut 300 WNY postal jobs -

Postal service is not forthcoming on delivery issue
Dana J. Klipsch: Pres. SW Indiana Rural Letter Carriers Assoc. -

CA Mail Carrier Mauled By Pit Bulls -

The Postal Journal - New Look and features
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer

Michigan Carrier: I Stole Mail To Buy Groceries -

Arrest made after devices found in Texas mailboxes -

Netflix, Postal Service’s Largest Corporate Client, Braces for End of Saturday Delivery - Also see:  Netflix and other businesses might suffer if Postal Service five-day delivery proposal enacted -

APWU: Dispute Over 90 Day Notice of Excessing Appealed to Arbitration -

April 07, 2010
Rep. Chaffetz: Don't ditch Saturday delivery
Proposal by Rep. Chaffetz: Skip 12 (delivery) days a year. Wants to keep Saturday delivery and instead choose 12 additional days a year to halt delivery. He is the ranking Republican on the House subcommittee that oversees the service. -

USPS mum on leads to pipe bomb suspect -

Prescription narcotics vanish from Sacramento post office -

Postal union workers launch lunchtime protest in Asheville -

Comments to Washington Times Editorial: Cancel the post office | Read Original Editorial -

Dropping Saturday delivery may only make U.S. Postal Service’s problems worse -

APWU: Postal Management Makes an Important Discovery - USPS Must Help Generate Mail -

What is the Context for 5-day Delivery?
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

More on the USPS Direct Mail Solicitation
MFSA Response - Postal Affairs Blog -

April 06, 2010
Congress Is Hurdle to USPS Reforms
National Journal reports that two key policymakers don’t support the U.S. Postal Service’s desire to eliminate Saturday mail delivery. House Financial Services Appropriations Subcommittee Chairman Jose Serrano (D-NY) says he’ll be working with USPS management and the postal unions to avoid service cuts. And House Oversight and Government Reform Federal Workforce Subcommittee ranking member Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) announced that he too opposes the move. -

Charges filed against Dearborn Heights letter carrier -

End to Saturday mail faces resistance
GovExec.com -

USPS continues investigation on hiring of registered sex offender -

OPM Issues Policy on Electronic Statements of Earnings and Leave -

Our opinion: Cut cost of postal labor
PEN Ed: Another one those articles written without using a brain. -

April 05, 2010
Big mailers oppose 5-day delivery
Federal Times -

Put out the fire, then build Postal Service back up
by Ted Keating President, National Association of Postal Supervisors via Federal Times -

Five-Day Delivery is Part of the Solution
GovExec.com -

The Washington Post asks "What do you think? Should Saturday mail service continue?" -

April 04, 2010
Postal unions blast 5-day plan -

Mail Carrier Responds to Ending Saturday Delivery -

April 03, 2010
Keep Saturday mail deliveries -

Not just Netflix: Other businesses, people, stand to lose if Saturday mail is cut -

Axing Saturday delivery gets mixed reaction -

April 02, 2010
USPS: Initial public reaction to 5 day delivery
The Postal Service held a total of 14 focus group sessions in New York, Chicago, Atlanta and Seattle. Six were consumer groups consisting of low-, medium- and high-income customers living in center city, suburban and rural areas. Eight sessions involved small and medium-sized businesses that each had fewer than 100 employees. The most significant finding from the focus groups was that regardless of whether they were consumers or small commercial organizations, most customers agreed that elimination of Saturday delivery to street addresses would have little impact on them. Most said they would “adapt.” -

Former postal carrier pleads guilty to obstructing delivery of mail and stealing medications mailed to disabled vet -

Neither rain nor sleet nor overtime ...
Several Huntsville, AL letter carriers logged overtime Friday evening after local postal officials discovered a bin of 1,700 pieces that were supposed to have been delivered earlier that day. -

AL postal carrier pleads to theft from the mail -

April 01, 2010
Chairman PRC
: Saturday mail cut 'not a done deal'
Ruth Goldway video at Washington Post
The nation's top postal regulator struck back Thursday at suggestions that the end of Saturday mail delivery is near, cautioning customers that delivery cuts won't occur until her panel issues its opinions. - Also see this video and others at C-Span -

Sex Offender's Mail Route Includes Schools - Also see: USPS to investigate hiring of Greenfield postman who is a known sex offender -

Injured post office employees taken off the job -

Will Congress Save Saturday Mail… Again?
About.com -

UPS Charges You $11 To Fix Zip Code Mistake -

Custom Search

April 30, 2010
- Declining newspaper circulations contribute to financial woes of Postal Service
- Carmel cops: Magazine salesman found with stolen mail
- Tampa police officer, USPS tractor-trailer in crash

April 29, 2010
- Full Service Resumes for International Mail to Europe
- Letter: Postal employee opposes privatization

April 28, 2010
- Postal Service weighing probe into RNC 'census' mailer
- Survey: Should the U.S. Postal Service end Saturday delivery?
- Don't Use Federal Express Delivery

April 27, 2010
- Postal worker saves Georgia couple from house fire
- Life term sought for man accused of holding three people hostage in the VA post office last year
- USPS postpones Daytona, FL AMP study

April 26, 2010
- Ellen DeGeneres Wants You To Save Pets & The Post Office Both
- Letter Carriers’ Annual Food Drive Set for May 8

April 25, 2010
- OUR VIEW: Return to sender
- Juveniles tried to rob mail carrier
- OPM proposes new dates for health insurance open season

April 24, 2010
- Feds investigating mailed ferret, snakes
- Ohio carrier charged with stealing mail
- USPS and National Parks team up in a grand way
- Congressman Boucher Urges USPS to Restore Operations at Weber City
- Intelligent Mail lassoes 500 million mail pieces

April 23, 2010
- Postal Service salutes scenic American landscapes
- Crash Sends Carrier and Other Driver To Hospital
- USPS move to five-day delivery isn't a done deal -

April 22, 2010
- Loss-making post offices face closure
- Rural mail delivery as hazardous as ever
- Pounding the pavement with mail carrier Arne Syvertsen

April 21, 2010
- Kudos to postal workers for work during flooding
- Postal Service Launches Green Newsroom
- U.S. Postal Service offers commemorative in honor of Crimson Tide's national football championship

April 20, 2010
- Mailed marijuana: prison for ex-postal worker
- APWU Appoints Rank-and-File Bargaining Advisory Committee
- Postal employee charged with making terroristic threats
- Poll: Trust in government nose dives
- How the Ash Cloud Will Hasten the Death of Postal Delivery
- Former Missouri Postal Service worker admits dumping mail along SE Missouri river

April 19, 2010
- Letter Carriers urge caution on plan to end Saturday delivery
- Intelligent Mail : To Wait or Not to Wait?

April 18, 2010
- There's no such thing as 'junk mail'

April 17, 2010
- Man who coined ‘ZIP code,‘ dies at 84

April 16, 2010
- Postal worker accused of groping girl, 9
- $10,000 Reward Offered in Mohave Co. Mail Theft
- U.S. Postal Service cites global warming as a reason to cut Saturday delivery

April 15, 2010
- Postal employee faces mail-theft charges
- 7 Cuyahoga County library branches offering passport application services - reader submission
- Former postal worker accused of thefts
- Two Texas postal employees indicted by federal grand jury

April 14, 2010
- Postal employee retires with a “million” – miles, that is
- Mail truck hits Torrington home
- TSP Millionaires & Record Rollovers
- Postal gaffe led to lost NY pension checks
- Deputy PMG Wants Action for Catalogers

April 13, 2010
- Letter Carrier Saves Life of Marinette Woman
- Athens, Alabama Mail Carrier Roy Neutze Thwarts Charging Pitbull
- Civil War in the FEHBP Risk Pool
- A smaller, better U.S. postal system?

April 12, 2010
- Live From National Postal Forum

April 11, 2010
- Mail Carrier Saves Elderly Woman's Life

April 10, 2010
- US Postal Offices Bite Back! - Sit Means Sit!
- A better way to deliver the mail

April 09, 2010
- News Conference reveals more about suspect in pipe bomb incidents
- USPS Just Doesn’t Get It - 8125s and BOLs

April 08, 2010
- Former Postal Worker Gets 3 Years In Theft
- Several companies working on electric postal trucks for US Postal Service testing
- Census Scam Law: Too Late?
- No Midnight Tax Mailing in Alabama
- Montgomery County's Beallsville post office could close
- Postal Service Expands Prescription Mail Back

April 07, 2010
- Easton mail hub eyed for consolidation

April 06, 2010
- The Upside of Cutting Saturday Mail Delivery
- Former Fed Way mail carrier turned poet wins national AARP award
- Delivering mail no easy job in Alaska
- Are You Under CSRS, FERS or WUD?
- Move of postal distribution center from Jackson to Lansing to start April 19

April 05, 2010
- 41 years later, Whittier residents receive GI's mail from Vietnam
- Is anyone in Washington smarter than a 12th-grader? -

April 04, 2010
- Nevadans pay tribute to Pony Express

April 03, 2010
- Proposed postal changes affect old and new businesses
- Postal service cutbacks started long ago

April 02, 2010
- Opinion: A few mail delivery efficiencies could save post office millions

April 01, 2010
- Saturday mail no longer vital service
- PRC Report Finds Excessive Postage Discounts
- USPS 8125s and Bill of Lading Disconnect Continues




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