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April 30, 2008
- Post Carrier Accused of Warning Customer About 'Mail Cover' Surveillance
- Irving, TX carrier delivers dog to mayor's doorstep -
- Endorsement Reaction - Federal News Radio -
- Post Office Won't Let Charity Reuse Boxes
- Threats delay mail deliveries
Mail Carrier to be recognized for saving neighbor's life
- Pushing the Envelope: Interview with USPS's Paul Vogel
- Carrier convicted of mail fraud after claiming disability
- Woman arrested for stealing mail, USPS key
- Postal worker helps police nab burglar

April 29, 2008
- Look For The Union Label -
- APWU: Six More U.S. Representatives Co-Sponsor Mail Network Protection Act
- Send recyclables for free? Well, yes ... but not here
- Washington-Times Herald will soon be delivered by U.S. mail
  Also - U.S. Postal Service to Deliver Indiana Newspaper
- APWU: Arbitration-Case Backlog at 25-Year Low
- The National Postal Museum Needs Your Help
- Canada Post Manages Thirteenth Consecutive Year of Profitability

April 28, 2008
- Rally to protest Lafayette post office closing
- Jackson, MO postmaster reassigned to supervisory position after investigation -
- Rural Mail Carrier Pleads Not Guilty
- Postal collection reminds Juan Rodriguez of his years of service

April 27, 2008
- APWU Local 903 says region's postal service will suffer
- Mystery of mail man missing 23 years -
- Neighbors march in support of injured letter carrier
- Retired postal employee runs Internet radio
- Same face, same time
- Post office’s plastic gear lost to offices, recyclers

April 26, 2008
- Rural postal carrier indicted for mail theft
- Clerk craft losing new jobs to mail handler craft -
- APWU: Off-Site Safety and Health Inspections MOU

- Handbook EL-312 Revision: Headquarters EAS Positions
- Handbook F-21 Revision: Rural Replacement Carrier Training Pay Procedures
- Sweeping Changes Debated for Landmark Family and Medical Leave Act
- Postal Service Form 3849 Revision Notice
- TSP Fact Sheet
- Cracking the zip code of Atlanta cool
- Junking 'Junk Mail' How To Get Only The Mail You Really Want

April 25, 2008
- Attacker of postal worker gets 7 years
- Pissed at the post office - Mail carriers say skewed system steals money out of their pockets -
- Federal jury convicts Stanley resident and former postmaster for attempted murder-for-hire
- Board of Governors to Meet May 6-7, 2008 in Washington, DC
- Attorney General to testify before Congress on bill to ban mailing of cigarettes
- Postal Service Provides 'Sneak Peek' at Classic Car Stamps
  View Car Images

April 24, 2008
- Chicago area postal employee victim of triple slaying
- SteelCloud Awarded Contract by U.S. Postal Service
- FedEx to launch int'l express service with Canada Post

April 23, 2008
- Honduran man charged in attack on postal worker in Atlantic City
- Queens Residents Protest Poor Post Office Service -
- Mail carrier carjacked in Tipton, CA
- All Out on May Day! -
- Video: Carrier Saves Babies Life
Canada Post under fire
- Congressman Towns Backs Bill to Protect Stamp Vending Machines
- APWU: Workers Memorial Day
- Former mail carrier charged with stealing mail

April 22, 2008
- Postal authorities recover mail from Unicoi Route
- Working Life (High and Low) -
- Albany, NY mail carrier saves baby falling from window -
- NALC Golden Gate Branch 214 call for abusive Supervisor to be removed from supervising carriers -
- Private Contracting Would Help Postal Service, Experts Say -
- Deutsche Post Workers to Widen Strikes Hurting Business Mail
- Linwood mail delivery meeting set
- Strategic review of Canada Post announced
- Guide Dogs Help Deliver Mail With First-Ever Canadian Braille Stamp

April 21, 2008
- Former postal worker sentenced for money order scam -
- PRC Invites Public Comment -
- Postmark Power
- Ludicrous policies at local post office -
- Retired postal workers have town to call their own
- American Idol Gets Another Stamp of Approval
- NAPUS Newsletter
- Worker Walkouts at Deutsche Post Mean Empty Mailboxes

April 20, 2008
- Women who collected completed tax forms April 15 at postal unit not from IRS, post office
- Man on bicycle killed by postal truck
- Strikes threaten German postal service, Berlin transport

April 19, 2008
- APWU Opposes NLRB/USPS Settlement Agreement Relating To Weingarten Violations
- Contractors Are Antidote to Postal Service's Billion-Dollar Losses -
- Two-vehicle accident claims life of carrier
- Man in postal uniform robs Union City bank
- Mail Carrier May Have Known Man Who Shot Him
- Mail carrier climbs on car to fend off dogs
- Tallahassee merchants call for later postal pickup times
- 'Stamp Out Hunger' Food Drive is Saturday, May 10

April 18, 2008
- McAllen, TX post office worker charged with stealing from mail -
- End of the route for the ‘Mailman’?
- APWU: Mail Network Protection Act Gains Eight More Co-Sponsors
- More on misuse of postal funds
- Postal Inspectors Return Funds From Nigerian Internet Scam
- Mail Carrier Attacked By Pit Bull

April 17, 2008
- Teens accused of shooting BB gun at mail carrier
- Ross-Simons Slams Proposed USPS Rule Change For ‘Slim-Jim’ Processing
- OIG Audit: USPS Voyager Card Program -
- Mail carrier accused of vandalizing trees on route

- Error leads to post-dated tax returns

April 16, 2008
- Grandmother In Shock: Grandson Shot Mail Carrier
- APWU: Donation to Save Small-Town Post Office
- A Call for Action On Tax Scams
- More mailbox explosives found
- Earth Class Mail Expands Markets

April 15, 2008
- Postal worker shoots 2 neighbors, then himself, in Harlem
- Postmaster Steals Van to 'Teach' Carrier a Lesson - Police, Not Amused -
- Burrus Asks Bush to Appoint Postal Service Advisory Council -
- APWU Members Lead the Charge In Defense of FMLA -
- St. Louis mail carrier shot, wounded on his rounds
- TX Rep. Smith wants to name a post office after a lobbyist -
- Same Uniform: Different Commander in Chief
- Mail carrier robber imprisoned
- Three homemade bombs found in rural mailboxes
- New Carrier Route Map Data with Record Coverage
- Postage hike won't help mail service
- Remote post office robbed

April 14, 2008
- USPS snubs Mac users with changes to Click-n-Ship service
- Postal service truck robbed
- Postman is Volcanoes favorite

More Postal News
April 13, 2008
- Postal protest: Mansfield employees say move is hurting service - Postal employees picket - "Save Our Mansfield, Ohio USPS." -
- Our position: Extravagant spending with government credit cards has no justification -
- Burrus comments on Obama "He’ll Take Us in the Right Direction -

April 12, 2008
- 8 charged in postal crimes, mail fraud -
- Check's in the mail: McCausland gets donation from American Postal Union for post office
- USPS - Leaving a Green Footprint -
PRC okays USPS' competitive products price increase
- Wintery weather stops mail delivery in Duluth
- Rain, sleet or snow but no bumpy roads
- Postal workers attacked by wild turkeys

April 11, 2008
- Former letter carrier sues Postal Service -
- Stop junk mail and help save the world -
- Boy, those postal folks like to eat, don't they?
The post office won't think twice on closing
- Postal union decries bulk mailing change

April 10, 2008
- Court Says Carrier Must Work Saturdays
Read summary here. -

- Take The Money and Run - GAO Report
- Lavish $13500 Postal Service Dinner Party Held At Orlando Restaurant -
- Postal officials defend $13,500 steak dinner -
- At the U.S. Postal Service, workers spent over $35,000 on Internet gambling and casino sportsbooks. Other ridiculous expenses include an 81-person dinner outing at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse totally over $14,000. -
- This Round Is On You - Mike Causey: Fed News Radio -
- Federal Times: Internet dating among inappropriate government card purchases -
- Postal Service cuts and runs
The Pro-Junk Mail Lobby: Fighting to Sustain the Unsustainable?

- Post office heist nets $21G; 3 put in vault
- Mail Moves America
- Postal Employee Wins $100,000 in Fishing Contest
- Postal service really let me down this time
- Why is mail service so poor?
- Delay in campaign mailings questioned
- Postal service looking to consolidate Watertown and Oakville offices

April 09, 2008
- APWU Endorses Sen. Barack Obama -
- APWU: Union Members Urged to Help Save FMLA Protections
- Millions Squandered On Government Cards -

- Postal Inspectors Want to Track Your USPS Vehicle
USPS is seeking a business solution for Tracking Devices and reviewing supplier responses that meet task requirements...more -

- True or False - You Decide
Regarding the new, and soon to be in your area, Flats Sequencing System USPS says " FSS can sort flat-size mailpieces into delivery sequence, increasing efficiency by reducing carriers’ time sorting mail, and allowing carriers to begin delivering mail earlier in the day." Source: USPS -

- NALC speaks out against murder of union members -
- Cheaper Pricing? Just Say the Magic Word -
- Fixit: Letter carriers can smoke on breaks

April 08, 2008
- NAACP sides with Richmond-area postal workers about "unrealistic goals" -
- Postal employee implicated in credit card scheme
- USPS: Lafayette's not profitable for us -
- National Postal Forum Flats Symposium
- Using the S-Words
  Mike Causey, Federal News Radio -
- First it was dogs; now . . . turkeys?
- US Postal Service Offers Free "E-Recycling"

April 07, 2008
- Frustration increases over Truckee post office -
- US Postal Service Again Honored as 'Most Trusted' -
- Tossed rock breaks windshield on postal truck
- Opinion: Postal service in Tradition unsatisfactory
- Mailboxes are on the agenda again for the Killeen City Council
- PRC Unveils New Website

April 06, 2008
- Snail mail a bother to others -
- Postal Service Again Vexes Penny Pinchers -
- In the mail soon — a new generation of direct marketing
- Kind hearts, missing checks

April 05, 2008
- North Side residents want to send gangs a message -
- A message from the PMG - When the going gets tough... -
- Battle looms over bypass mail - AK
Postal inspectors raid home in identity theft probe
- Texas SSI Checks Apparently Sent to Wrong Zip Code
- Harmony post office suspends service after 94 years
- She said she had set this fire by intentionally placing a space heater close to a couch and it was all done in collusion with a postal employee...

April 04, 2008
- Consumers can 'police' their own mailbox - Opinion
  Don Soifer: executive director of the U.S. Consumer Postal Council -
- Ten More U.S. Representatives Co-Sponsor Mail Network Protection Act
- Carrier Attacked in Mobile, AL
- New technology allows Freedom to have its own mailing identifier

April 03, 2008
- Federal Court Dismisses APWU Suit -
- APWU Board Assails McCain For Crossing Strikers’ Picket Line
- ID theft traced to bogus USPS change of address form -
- New equipment to lower USPS costs as revenue declines -
- Hard Blow to Direct Marketers in UK
- California Man Arrested on Suspicion of Mail Theft
- Newborn Identity Information Missing
- Postal purgatory
- Postal Service High-Speed Sorters Get Smarter, Faster

April 02, 2008
- Harlingen, TX Postal Employees Running Scared
Video: Look For Video Here -
- Almost 3 Dozen Virginia Postal Workers Test Positive For TB -
- Snail mail makes this columnist positively postal -
- Another Postal Rate Hike -
- Former mail carrier 'Baby V' still knows how to deliver
- Former clerk accused of misappropriating over $13,000.00
- Postal Service may not deliver Wentworth facility

- Official NALC merchandise
- Two Letter Carriers Recovering After Attacks
- Man Sets Lamont Post Office On Fire
- Potomac man oversaw US stamp program for two decades

April 01, 2008
- How to Outlast the Do-Not-Mail Movement -
- USPS clerk indicted for theft of mail
- Pit Bulls Attack Mailman and Police Officer - One Killed
- Old post office evokes wealth of memories

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