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August 31, 2008

- Middlebury mail carrier pleads guilty for undelivered mail -
Postal service prepares for Gustav

August 30, 2008
- Postal fleet bids farewell -
- Ex-postal workers cite problems -
- More on AWOL feds: 3.5M hours wasted
- Postal employee who has never missed a day of work in 27 years is missing
- Ex-postal worker ordered to repay $8000
'Snail-mail' looking sluggish
- “And I Didn't Even Shoot! - Memoirs of a Postmaster”
ID Thieves Use Postal Service To Find Targets
- Gas Stations Out of Gas in New Orleans

August 29, 2008
- VER Authority Extended to City Carriers - Rural Carriers - MVS - Maintenance (excluding Electronic Technicians) - Field EAS and Postmasters -
- OPM approves early outs for letter carriers
- VERA Approved for all EAS and Postmasters field positions
- Absenteeism Report Irks Federal Employees -
Postal Service May Squeeze Shippers
French Postal Service Seeking Part-Privatization
- Mike Causey, of Federal News Radio, Talks WEP and GPO

August 28, 2008
- Mail Carrier Saves A Broward Life
- California carrier has leg amputated after car accident
- Postal Service asks for mail tubs back
- Arizona City residents take on US Postal Service
Postal Service Stats Put FedEx, UPS At Risk
- What Not To Give At The Office
Mail Carrier Attacked

August 27, 2008
- Theft by APWU and NALC Union Officers -
- Postal worker sentenced for theft of mailed baseball card -
- Potter addresses NAPUS convention -
- Postal Service turns to YouTube to promote delivery products -
- Oakland County USPS Processing Center

- Woman upset Winnsboro Post Office isn't handicap-accessible
- Postal service cuts, hopes to survive

August 26, 2008
- APWU: Delegates Vow to Fight Privatization of Parcel Post -
- Post office targets 350 street collection boxes in area for removal -
- PRC Issues Proposed Rulemaking for Periodic Reporting
- Death sentence upheld for Vietnamese postal employee embezzling $937000

August 25, 2008
- Scottsdale postal worker charged with mail theft -
- " When It (USPS) Loses Money You Pay For It" -
- Postmaster General: Postal service could lose $2B
- Eye on the environment - Interview with USPS VP of Sustainability
- Mailman Turned Filmmaker Delivers Bloodbath with ONE LONG DAY
- Op-Ed - Diagnosing Anthrax - See related story: F.B.I. Details Anthrax Case, but Doubts Remain
- Henley-Putnam University Sponsors Teleconference on "Why 'Bad Guys' Like the U.S. Postal Service"
FedEx Launches Capital Plan

August 24, 2008
- Georgia football hero Herschel Walker saluted with special postal service honor
- APWU endorses Obama, forge ties with Letter Carriers
- Former Carrier Pleads Guilty to Delay and Obstruction of Mail
- Town of Smartsville Gets Second "S" Back
- Broken box stops USPS delivery to building in Bedford-Stuyvesant
- Postal requirements designed to help reduce bulk-mail waste
- This mailman really delivers

August 23, 2008
- Post Office Worker Robbed At Gunpoint -
- Postmasters React to EAS Hiring Freeze -
- Mail Handler COLA will be $1477.00
- Opposition to new Wisconsin postal center grows
- Delta Post Office gets a reprieve
- Truckee post office stays put
- Aviation fuel charges may bury bypass mail service

August 22, 2008
- OIG: New Jersey Manager Pleads Guilty to Receiving Years of Kickbacks -
- Colorado Postmaster Paid His Wife $35,000 for Landscaping and Snow Removal Services She Never Performed -
- APWU: Convention Delegates Protest National Chain’s Offensive ‘Brand’
- Wasps Buzz in, Postal Carriers Bug Out
Barrack Obama tells the APWU, Union rights top of the agenda
- Employee Free Choice Act: Candidate Obama's Achilles Heel?
FAY FOILED - Appointed rounds kept during Florida storm
Postal Service eyes early retirement

August 21, 2008
- From USPS Deputy PMG and CFO Patrick Donahoe
- USPS extends early retirement offers to 130000 employees -
- Some forwarded mail takes long, slow route
- APWU Convention: APWU Endorses Barack Obama
- NALC: Add your voice for free choice
- My Mail Carrier Likes Throwing Our Packages Up Several Flights Of Stairs
- Hanover, PA mailman guilty of mail theft
Mail delivery suspended in Olde Towne Mall
- St. Joseph, MO sees loss of 19 postal service positions -

August 20, 2008
- OPM Authorizes USPS to Offer Additional Voluntary Early Retirements - USPS NEWSLINK -  More - Also see: Post office offering early retirements
- Mail tractor runs over, kills postal employee
- NALC’s Young Emphasizes ‘Need to Work Together’ -
- Postal employee caught in porn bust
- US Postal Service Changes Saturday Deliveries
PEN Editor: Is this happening in your city? -
- Lawmakers to USPS 'End ID Scam'
Couple Claims Mailing Address Was Hijacked
- USPS CFO Glen Walker discusses USPS finances
- 'Junk Mail' to the Rescue in New Orleans
- Long Beach police stamp out postal pot plan
- USPS, local Postal Committee to conduct survey of mail delivery preference in Arizona City

August 19, 2008
- Postal carrier pleads guilty to delaying mail
  Raleigh, NC - See photo here | Video Available Here -
- Postal service blocks more mailboxes in Sudden Valley -
- USPS probes repair, maintenance contracts in Cleveland, OH -
- Dr. Joe, whoever that is, is at it again -
- You've Got Mail - It's around here somewhere; we'll find most of it ... in an hour or two
- Mike Causey of Federal News Radio Says Maybe You Should Watch This Movie -  http://www.iousathemovie.com/
- APWU Convention Highlights Video Available on Web Site, Hotel TV

- Alabama Rural Carrier injured in wreck

August 18, 2008
- Mark of the Eagle - Episode 1 -
- Delayed Saturday delivery of mail in Des Moines to change -
- Hold the mail to save dough and energy
- USPS Now Offers PO Boxes Online
- Californians may be green with envy at postal vehicle
- APWU Offers AFLAC Specified Health Event and Cancer Insurance
- 2008 Rising Star Kevin Roberson - USPS Information systems security Specialist

August 17, 2008
- Pleas entered in theft of prescription drug case
- NRLCA COLA effective August 30th will be $1497.00 -
- USPS Will Seek to Add More EAS Positions to VERA -
- Airline passengers using the post office

August 16, 2008
- Postal Worker Accused Of Not Delivering Mail -
- UPDATE: Teen charged in attack on postal employee
- US Postal Service now a lifesaver -
- Man posing as mailman robs NY suburban home -

- Former USPS Employee Sentenced to 18 Months in Federal Prison for Stealing Mail
- PMR Sentenced to Probation, Fined for Embezzling Cash and Stamps
- Convention Gives Postmasters Chance to Query PRC

- Request of the Postal Service To Add Express Mail Contract to Competitive Product List

August 15, 2008
- APWU: COLA Increase Will Be Highest in History - NALC Contract COLA: $1,498 -
- Letter Carrier Pleads Guilty To Opening Mail
- Postal clerk pleads guilty to stealing mail -
- Hair Samples in Anthrax Case Don't Match Ivins
- Family Files $25M Lawsuit Against LAPD
- One Dead After Fiery Gas Station Crash
Pickup truck and USPS tractor trailer collide.
- Glitch hampers Netflix's DVD rentals
- Postal Service reverses decision to send Dublin mail to San Ramon
- Berkeley officials urge postal service to rethink reduction plans

More Postal News
August 14, 2008

- Former postmaster admits theft from P.O. -
- NYC lawmakers take aim at postal fraud
- Troy, AL mail carrier robbed
- Reality and the Postal Service Don't Mix
- Letter carrier who discovered body in Cape recalls shock
- Ex-postal worker charged with theft
Neither storm nor sinkhole stops mail
- Man arrested for threatening to kill police officer and postal employee
- Global postal industry looks towards future after UN meeting

August 13, 2008
- Appeals Court Upholds Verdict Against Mail Carrier
- Rural Carrier Killed While Riding Bicycle
- What’s a USPS 10-Q report? (PDF)
- Late mail deliveries upset residents, challenge post office
- Mail carrier discovers body outside duplex in Cape
- Postal Worker Accused Of Raiding Mail To Steal Pills
- A Windfall That Will Blow You Away
- Missing Flag at Post Office
- Tipp Mail Carrier Delivers Accident Victim to Safety
- Vandals damage Barre, VT Post Office trucks

August 12, 2008
- USPS to adopt new bar coding system -
- Stamping the foot: Carriers walk to reduce fuel consumption -
- U.S. Postal Service places limits during DNC
- Automated Postal Center: 'Use it or lose it'

August 11, 2008
- Postal worker indicted
- U.S. Postal Service gets my stamp of approval -
- School bus, mail truck collide

August 10, 2008
- August Postal Related History:
David Richard Berkowitz, also known as the .44 Caliber Killer and the Son of Sam, is an American serial killer and arsonist. Shortly after his arrest in August 1977, Berkowitz confessed to killing six people and wounding seven others in the course of eight shootings in New York City between 1976 and 1977. He has been imprisoned for the crimes since 1977. His crimes had terrorized New York for a year. Berkowitz subsequently claimed that he was commanded to kill by a demon who possessed his neighbor's dog. -

Patrick Henry Sherrill - Sherrill was a United States Postal Service employee who, on August 20, 1986 in Edmond, Oklahoma, shot and killed 14 employees with two .45 caliber pistols at his work place before turning one of the guns on himself and committing suicide. Six other employees were wounded. -

- Anthrax Case Had Costs for Suspects

August 09, 2008
- NPMHU President - Third Update on VERA
- Complaint of Capital One Services, Inc. Over NSA Agreement -
- Macon, GA man charged with stealing postal equipment
- Tracy mailman delivers a little help on his route
USPS supports price incentives for full-service IMB - Intelligent Mail Barcode

August 08, 2008
- Postal Employee Indicted For Threatening Supervisor -
- USPS $1.1B Loss Could Force Maximum Rate Hike Next Year -
- Dispute Over USPS Refusal to Accept FMLA Medical Certification Appealed to Arbitration - Click here for a copy of the Appeal to Arbitration and the parties' Statements of the Issues and Facts
- Postal Employee Reassigned After Passports Stolen -
- Local APWU Pres. Seeks Answers in Anthrax Investigation | Closing Of Anthrax Case Could Mean Review Of Mail Security
Aiken Area Post Office Worker Pleads Guilty to Stealing Mail
- McCain asks for probe of DHL cutbacks

August 07, 2008
- US: Ivins solely responsible for anthrax attacks
- With Junk Mail Bill Stalled, New Report Details Effects
- News That's Similar to The Energizer Bunny -
- Writer Says If USPS Is The Most Trusted Agency Then Tell That To The People That Had Their Passport Applications Stolen From a Mount Pleasant Post Office
- Postal worker plans to change plea
- Collectors Discover Flag Stamp Has 14 Stripes
- Mail Network Protection Act Gains 16 More Co-Sponsors
- NALC’s 66th Biennial Convention wraps up

August 06, 2008
- USPS Manager Indicted for FMLA Fraud -
- Post office posts $1 billion loss
Read USPS Press Release -
- 6 month probe yields 12 arrests including one carrier, drug seizures - Trenton, NJ -
- Officials: Anthrax case solved, but still open
- Federal agent dies after Fla. post office shooting
- Flat out important - Mailing industry think tank plots an FSS future
- The FERS is Flying - Federal News Radio
- OIG Report: The Postal Service’s Violence Prevention and Response Programs in Three Capital Metro Area Performance Clusters -
- USPS cuts impede ‘We Deliver’ promise
- 30 protesters block access to Kittanning Post Office
- Threats of no mail due to bad roads
- Just like that, mailboxes disappear from Towson

August 05, 2008
- Inglewood is hit with another lawsuit involving shooting of postal worker
- Rogersville mail carrier bound over on attempted murder charge
- Meriden, CT postal routes cut  -
- Waterbury, CT post office may close  -
- Pallet Lessons from the USPS - Also see: GPS Tracking for USPS Pallets
- Mass mailings from an unexpected source
- American Express spent almost $1.1M lobbying in 2Q
- Brown bag speaker, Michael Schragg, to discuss Marshall Postal Museum

August 04, 2008
- Former Postal Worker Pleads Guilty to Mail Theft -
- Awaiting Further Word on “Amerithrax”
Related: Anthrax Evidence Is Said to Be Primarily Circumstantial
- New post office to cut hours; Long wait for mail service disappoints Fowlerville

August 03, 2008
- Commentary: Tools guide Postal Service decision-making
  H. Glen Walker: USPS CFO - Federal Times
- Postal Workers Go Without Answers - Anger, Distrust Linger at Anthrax Site
- Postal Service ends trash can delivery -
- POM Revision: Letter Drops in Postal Lobbies for Local Postmarks

- Handbook EL-312 Revision: Procedures for Evaluating Nonbargaining Employees During the Probationary Period
- PS Form 1769, Accident Report, Is Now Available in Electronic Form
- If you drive for USPS, a state license is required

August 02, 2008
- Emergency personnel conduct search while ailing postal worker was actually inside neighbor's home -  
- APWU: House Passes FERS Sick-Leave Bill
Editor Note: Please read Will FERS Bill Fall Victim to Time? - Also read NALC Article -

- USPS Refuses Delivery to Citrus Street Southwest Due to Speeding Customer

August 01, 2008
- Anthrax Victims React to Ivins' Death With Mixed Emotions
Also see: Anthrax attacks changed mail handling | US scientist in anthrax case in apparent suicide
House Passes FERS Sick Leave Bill
Also see: House Passes Legislation To Increase Federal Annuity Payments for Some -
- Will FERS Bill Fall Victim to Time?
- Family of postal worker killed by Inglewood police expected to file suit
- Man dead and woman 'critical' after USPS 18 Wheeler Jumps Highway Divider
- USPS Irradiation of Federal Mail in the Washington
  GAO Report - PDF file
- AIDS Risk to U.S. Employees Raised as Government Ignores Policy

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