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August 2010

August 31, 2010
USPS pay-for-performance system called into question
GovExec.com - The U.S. Postal Service has manipulated pay-for-performance ratings for its postmasters, resulting in lower payouts than expected, according to union leaders. -

Murder by Proxy: How America Went Postal
Movie information and view dates. -

Vegas Carrier Wins $1M Sweepstakes Prize -

End Saturday mail delivery?
KY researcher says that would make second-class citizens out of most rural Americans -

SC Post Office Closed As Inspectors Investigate Air Quality - UPDATE: Inspectors Find Insecticide inside Post Office, Awaiting Other Test Results - Update: Post Office Remains Closed, Test Results Show No Airborne Toxins -

Mother Teresa to be Honored on U.S. Postage Stamp -

When All Else Fails… Raise Rates And Inconvenience Customers More - PEN Ed: written by some pundit, somewhere -

Post office moving Dundee-area operations to Carpentersville -

OIG Audit Report – City Delivery Efficiency Review – Bay-Valley District - ...determined the Bay-Valley District used approximately 13 minutes more per day than the national average for each carrier route, compared to the standard for that route. -

August 30, 2010
The Nat. League of Postmasters President, Mark Strong, says "Delivery Unit Optimization (DUO) is being implemented at break neck speed - There are many impacts with DUO; pay, Postmaster level and the future of some Post Offices are at stake. " -

Having Problems with Your Time and Attendance Records? The OIG Wants to Hear From You.
Recent news stories have identified a few instances where Postal Service employees have had time deleted from electronic time card records. There have also been other time and attendance instances where managers inaccurately calculated employee work hours for out–of-schedule work. If you are a Postal Service employee and are experiencing similar problems or any other time and attendance issues at your work place, we would like to hear from you. -

2010 APWU Convention Summary -

The Recovery and the Post
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

Third Company Owner Pleads Guilty to Bribing Postal Inspector in Exchange for Contracts -

Postmasters and Supervisors Ask OIG to Investigate Pay-for-Performance Payouts -

Online Sellers: Beware the Shrinking Postage Label -

Literate By Choice
Article contributed by postal employee Ronald Williams, Jr. -

August 29, 2010
USPS contract carrier pleads guilty to mail theft -

APWU National Convention News
Bulletins and videos covering the APWU 20th Biennial Convention -

President Obama: Why Are You Allowing Your Postmaster General to Run a Plantation? - The Wattree Chronicle -

Video: Rev. Jesse Jackson joins postal workers in Detroit march to save Saturday delivery -

August 28, 2010
Affordable Mail Alliance reaches 1000 members -

Palm City, FL postal clerk stole cash from sales, police say -

Birmingham's ex-postmaster gets probation for embezzlement -

Postal Service is lean, mean, competitive -

Postal Service Continues to Receive OSHA's Stamp of Disapproval -

No mail on sick days: Canada Post union -

August 27, 2010
Warning: Union revolution is next
Christian Science Monitor -

Contractor admits role in Postal Service bribery scheme -

Potter Knew of Bernstock's Sole-Source Contracts
Dead Tree Edition -

Editorial: Ending Saturday mail delivery saves money, makes sense - Detroit News says "Tuesday's march in Detroit against the proposed ending of Saturday mail delivery should be seen for what it was: an effort to sustain union jobs and benefits even as the U.S. Postal Service hemorrhages billions of dollars trying to sustain what may no longer make sense." -

Postal Service sees $764M July loss
DM News -

Contract carrier pleads guilty in veterans' medication sting -

No-bid contracts got 'short shrift' at Postal Service
Washington Times

USPS July Preliminary Financials: Oh the Questions They Raise - Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

Oklahoma City Mailman Attacked by Dog and Then The Dog's Owner -

APWU 2010 Convention - Union Vows to Escalate Fight To Preserve Postal Service - video highlights - more convention news -

USPS tries for more service with fewer offices
Federal News Radio -

August 26, 2010
APWU: Thank You, Bill and Delegates Reject Dues Increase -

USPS July Financial Report -

Postal officials gave varying accounts of ex-executive's perks - Washington Times
The U.S. postmaster general and his top officials gave investigators varying accounts about the decision to allow a top executive (Robert Bernstock) to retain his six-figure outside corporate jobs while working full time, earning more than $230,000 as a vice president of shipping, for the U.S. Postal Service, records show. PEN Ed: This is a MUST read -

Are the Postal Service's Earnings Forecast Too Optimistic? - Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

Drugs Found at Little Rock Post Office -

OSHA intends to fine Postal Service in KCK -

APWU Convention News Bulletin #02-10, Aug. 25, 2010 -

August 25, 2010
PRC: 6-Day  to 5-Day Street Delivery and Related Service Changes, SD transcript - Also see NY transcript -

ABC News notes that American Express spent $630,000 on lobbying in the 2Q - they also lobbied the U.S. Postal Service and Congress regarding laws related to Postal Service retiree health benefits. -

3000 postal workers march to protest cost-cutting moves -

APWU: Delegates Take to the Streets: Save Saturday Service! -

Assault charges filed in post office beating
James R. Pessolano - a PA postal employee - was arrested for simple assault. Pessolano punched a female employee several times, resulting in an injury. -

Is there a solution in sight for the Postal Service's debt woes? - Federal News Radio - Audiocast available -

HK sends clear message to junk mail senders
...those not wishing to get such mail from next Wednesday only need to place a sticker bearing the words "No Circular Mail" on the top right corner of the mail box. Stickers can be collected for free at HK post offices. -

APWU 2010 Convention Highlights Videos -

Leaving the Mailstream: Verizon
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

August 24, 2010
NC Postmaster to PRC
...aspects of employee compensation should be part of the discussion. As an EAS employee I would argue that the pay for performance program is both poorly conceived and creates the wrong kinds of incentives, it is an unaffordable excess. Those covered by union contracts probably also must concede that certain work rules must be adjusted to provide greater flexibility. -

Federal Unions: What Do They Really Do?
Federal News Radio -

Burrus: ‘Our Union is Alive and Strong’ -

Postal workers to protest proposals in Detroit today -

Opinion: Hey Congress, Designate This
Based on Congress' legislative output over the past year and a half, what do you think is the most pressing issue facing the country? ...the biggest problem facing America today is ... the desperate lack of appropriately named post offices. At least, that's the conclusion you'd draw by looking at bills that made it through Congress to President Barack Obama's signature pen. -

Officer in Charge (OIC) at Minto, ND sentenced for theft -

IG: Postal Service paid $6.8 billion extra to pension fund
GovExec.com -

OIG Blog: Are They Listening to Me?
If you are a postal employee or a stakeholder, do you believe you have a way for your suggestions to be heard? Is eIDEAS the best way for employees to communicate their ideas? -

Big Bucks Bigger Difference
by Ronald Williams, Jr. -

Top PRC Lawyer Has Bright Ideas for New Postal Revenues -

A Story About a Postal Story
Big Fat Marketing Blog -

August 23, 2010
Lost in the mail: Wrong woman signs for $5,000 ring -

Will the Post Office Be Stamped Out In 10 Years? -

The Definition of the Postal Market
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

APWU: OSHA Fines USPS For Safety Violations in Portsmouth, NH - Fines now total $4,288,100 -

End Saturday Mail Delivery?
Public News Service -

August 22, 2010
Oshkosh postal workers fight to keep operation -

Mail truck parked near gas leak catches fire in Los Altos Hills - Also see Driver unharmed after USPS truck sets on fire -

August 21, 2010
Employee complaints lead to $350K in fines at city postal facility -

Mail carrier struck by lightning in St. Charles -

Direct mail marketing is expected to increase by more than $1 billion in 2010 -

August 20, 2010
Driver unharmed after USPS truck sets on fire -

Postal Service seeks to reorganize Standard Parcels
DM News -

Alaska carrier pleads guilty to theft -

Final ride home: Mail carrier killed by drunk driver -

Former New Orleans UPS Employee Pleads Guilty to Mail Theft - According to court documents, TAMARA BERNARD was an employee at the United Parcel Service (UPS) store located on St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans. BERNARD admitted that she stole a letter containing cash and other items that was deposited in the collection slot for U.S. mail at the UPS store. -

Ohio Mail Carrier Investigated For Stealing Mail -

USPS Report on PRC Rate and Service Inquiries for July 2010 -

PRC: Public Briefing: CSRS Cost and Benefit Allocation Principles - This is an audiocast -

August 19, 2010
Why the Exigent Rate Case Should Not be Approved
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

Lansing postal workers practice their bioterrorism attack response -

The Postal Service is not culturally relevant to college students - Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

31 current, former drivers sue FedEx -

Keep Geniuses Out of the Post Office
Forbes says "...testing found that the average intelligence of postal employees is significantly higher than the public at large with some in menial jobs having genius level IQs. This is not by accident, it is because the post office has high admission testing standards that select the best and brightest. -

NY carrier accused of selling drugs -

August 18, 2010
Ohio USPS Processing Center Fined $225K For Safety Violations -

What does Warren Buffett know about the future of the USPS? - Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

Former Minto, N.D., postmaster sentenced for theft -

KY postal workers charged with embezzlement -

OIG Report: Federal Employees Retirement System Overfunding - The Postal Service has opportunities to use at least $5.5 billion5 of the $6.8 billion in FERS surplus funds to address its current and future financial condition. We found the Postal Service continues to overfund its retirement obligations and there is no present legislation to resolve surpluses. -

OIG Report: Stations and Branches Optimization and Consolidation Initiative -



USPS institutes cost-cutting practices
By Anne Mitchell, U.S. Postal Service -

Vegas man to fight transfer to Va. in 1964 slaying
A lawyer says a 77-year-old retired postal worker will fight his transfer in custody from Las Vegas to Virginia to face a murder charge in the slaying of his then-wife 45 years ago. -

USPS Seeks Reclassification of Standard Parcels -

Is This Blog the Postal Service's Source of Information on its Customers? - Courier, Express, and Postal Observer

August 17, 2010

OIG Audit: Revenue for Official Mail from the House of Representatives Mailroom - Conclusion? The Postal Service’s process for verifying and accepting franked mail at the Southern Maryland BMEU did not fully comply with Postal Service mail acceptance policy. -

E-mail is Broken. Let's Turn it Into a Pay Toilet
For whatever reason, I'm more likely to get a hold of a large percentage of the people I need to contact via the post office, rather than e-mail. -

Postal Service sets up shop at Office Depot stores - Washington Post -  Also see: DM News tells us "US Postal Service mailing and shipping services will be available at nearly 1,100 Office Depot stores, the two companies said August 16. Office Depot is the first national retailer to offer USPS shipping products and services." -

Going Postal Giveaway

August 16, 2010
OIG Blog: Postal Service as a National Asset -

APWU Urges Members to Boycott “Voice of the Employee” Surveys -

Election season guidelines for federal workers
Federal News Radio -

APWU: the eighth and final COLA under the 2006 National Agreement and the Operating Services Agreement is ZERO -

Postal worker union official indicted on bribery charges
An official for the local American Postal Workers Union has been indicted in federal court in Washington on charges of bribing a government official to steer trucking business to his gas station and repair shop. -

Privatizing the Post
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

OPM trying to correct fed salary facts
The Office of Personnel Management says federal employees on average make 22 percent less in salary than their private sector counterparts doing similar jobs. -

Sacrificing too much for technology
For my part, I want my Saturday mail and I want reasonably priced stamps. And I would support the government borrowing some dollars from China to subsidize the postal service. -

August 15, 2010
Hundreds Watch As CA Post Office Burns Down -

Good News, Bad Practices on Intelligent Mail Assessments - Postal Affairs Blog -

August 14, 2010
PRC to hold August 16 Briefing on $50 Billion Discrepancy Identified In USPS Pension Payments -

How About A Drug-Sniffing, Meter-Reading, Photo-Taking, Bug-Spraying Postal Service? - Dead Tree Edition -

Prosecutor: postal clerk videotaped -

Burrus: “Postal Workers Will Not Settle for Less”
“America wants to keep Saturday delivery, and we will beat back this proposal to lock the mailbox on Saturday,” APWU President William Burrus told delegates to the National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) biennial convention in Anaheim, CA. “We join with NALC in pledging ‘five day, no way.’” -

Letter Carriers Union President Rolando Reelected -

Postal Service strives to maintain a deep bench for executive jobs - GovExec.com - In an interview with Government Executive, USPS Chief Human Resources Officer and Executive Vice President Anthony Vegliante said having a strong workforce succession planning process to identify employees to fill important leadership vacancies is the key to managing the agency's 500 executive and 40 officer positions. -

Several Thousand Union Members (Including NALC) Rally in Downtown L.A. To Bring Jobs Back To California -

PRC Commands Center Stage While Congress In Recess

2 people charged in pit bulls' attack on Minneapolis mail carrier - Two people were charged with a misdemeanor Friday in connection with two pit bulls' bloody attack on a postal carrier last month in north Minneapolis. -

August 13, 2010
Could a retail slowdown help mail advertising?
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

Customers urge Postal Service to go digital
DM News -

Postal Service change will allow military personnel in Iraq, Afghanistan to receive cigarettes by mail -

August 12, 2010
Postal Service Must Improve Local Management Productivity And Fill Postmaster Vacancies Throughout The Country - Nat. League of Postmasters -

In 2006, the Postal Service simultaneously conducted contract negotiations with its four largest unions, successfully avoiding arbitration. Two years later, an agreement with the National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) to adjust and evaluate routes reduced delivery costs by $1 billion annually. -

UPS Adds USPS to Returns Network -

NALC Convention THIRD SESSION, Wednesday -

Students Silenced for Singing Anthem at Lincoln Memorial - Not postal - just F.Y.I. -

Why Does USPS Make Retiring Difficult When It Has So Many Excess Employees? Tough Question #5 - Dead Tree Edition -

US Postal Service and The National Association of Letter Carriers - Guy Nohrenberg
To: President Barack Obama - Sen. Dianne Feinstein - Sen. Barbara Boxer - Rep. Elton Gallegly -

USPS to Struggling Publications: Take a Hike -

Postal Carrier Arrested in Mail Thefts -

Congressman Lynch says "Another way to save money (for USPS) would be a online program to let citizens choose which mail gets physically delivered to their homes. You go on your computer and look at your mail, and you click on what you don’t want delivered,” Lynch said. “That’s the wave of the future.” -

2 years for check-stealing postal worker -

August 11, 2010
NALC Convention Chronicle Day Two -

Please Mr. Postman: go away
Republican-American -

Think outside the P.O. box: Postal Service should serve public’s need -

Senator Collins says no way to postage rate hike
Washington Post -

Ex-Mail Carrier Lived Large Off False Disability Claim
Five years ago, a Volusia County mail carrier claimed to hurt her neck on the job, but after $193,000 in disability payments, investigators discovered Cindy Harrington was not what she seemed. See photos and video -

NALC Convention Chronicle Day One -

Would fixing the retiree health issue "solve" the liquidity problem? - Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

Postal employee admits to massive mail theft
A mail handler stole more than 11,000 packages over two years before he was caught by federal agents. -

The Curious Exigent Rate Case and Sen. Collins
The Big Fat Marketing Blog -

U.S. Attorney Betsy Jividen said (Sherri Lynn) Hines is accused of embezzling $19,694.55 from the Cowen Post Office while she was employed as the postmaster from July 2009 to Nov. 16, 2009. -

Bail out the Post Office by returning junk mail? Not so fast -

August 10, 2010
U.S. Postal Service's chronic woes
Robert R. Schrum - Lexington Institute - Under current law, the process for closing a post office is daunting. From 2005 to 2008, the service closed just 96 branches and stations. Most recently, when USPS announced in 2009 that it was considering the closure of 3,105 locations, Congress quickly whittled that to fewer than 200. -

The American Postal Workers Union's view of postal 'service' -

Is the Postal Service facing "bankruptcy?"
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

Rolando Pledges Increased Letter Carriers' Push to Retain Nationwide Saturday Mail Delivery -

Postal Service slides deeper into the red

Feds To Protect Drug-Dispensing Postal Workers From “Violent Crowds” - PEN Ed: Just passing this along. -


August 09, 2010
Sen. Collins states - "Let me be clear. The authority to increase rates under an exigent case can only be used in extreme and unforeseen instances - such as terrorist attacks, natural disasters, and other events that would cause significant and substantial disruptions in service. The law was not meant to be used to remedy poor economic performance or to offset an ongoing marketplace trend, such as the increased use of electronic over traditional mail." Read Collins Comments to PRC - Read comments on this subject by the Affordable Mail Alliance -

USPS has filed it quarterly Form 10-Q -

APWU: While Congress is on Recess in August, Urge Reps: Support Crucial Postal Bills -

DM News asks "Should Internet retailers print catalogs?" -

Going Anti-Postal - When mail carriers go bad, it's not always in a hail of gunfire. -

August 08, 2010
Boston post office hit with $357g in safety fines
"We are confident that our electrical work plan and our work practices meet (federal) requirements today,” postal service spokesman Dennis P. Tarmey told the Herald yesterday." -

Police units sniff out mail stuffed with illegal drugs -

DM News has this op-ed article "How To Save The U.S. Postal Service" -

August 07, 2010
Department of Labor Files Motion To Consolidate USPS Electrical Safety Charges - APWU -

NALC: Pre-funding is to blame
A group comprised of four direct-mail organizations takes issue with claims made by the Affordable Mail Alliance. "We disagree with the AMA motion’s contention that the blame for the Postal Service’s financial woes can be placed primarily at the doorstep of postal management," the group said in a filing before the Postal Regulatory Commission. "The primary cause of the Postal Service’s immediate financial woes is not mismanagement but rather the onerous and unfair burden...to prefund the retiree health benefits obligation on an extremely aggressive payment schedule." Click here to read the full statement. -

Postal Service seeks $4 billion waiver on upcoming retiree health fund payment - Federal Times -

Rural newspaper advocates testify against ending Saturday mail delivery -

OIG Audit on PostalOne! Outage
Postal Affairs Blog -

August 06, 2010
Postal Service may not be able to pay 2011 bills
Joseph R. Corbett, Chief Financial Officer, U.S. Postal Service on Federal News Radio -

Postal commission gets 12,000 responses on five-day delivery -

Vegas Postal Employee Accused Of Molesting 4-Year-Old -

USPS' eIDEAS Gets Poor Score
NextGov.com -

USPS may be unable to make payment into retiree health fund - Federal Times -

Gunmen Target Post Offices In Atlanta -

Postal Service Ends Third Quarter with $3.5 Billion Loss -

Related News: USPS Says Loss Widened to $3.5 Billion Bloomberg | US Postal Service's 3Q Loss Widened To $3.5 Billion - Wall Street Journal - Mail carriers protest as USPS losses reach $3.5 billion  -

Affordable Mail Alliance Responds to USPS Earnings Report -

Why are the finances worse than expected?
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

USPS COO: Financial Update Presented to the BOG
via PostCom -

Postal service can't blame volume for its problems
Madison Daily Leader - The truth is that mail volume in the April-June quarter was down just 1.7 percent. Over the last three years, in the middle of the deepest recession in a generation, mail volume has fallen an average of 7.6 percent per year. -

PostCom says "No sooner had Paul Vogel's appointment as President of Package and Mailing Services been announced than the postal rumor mill started grinding out that Vogel is expected to be groomed as the next PMG." -

Trimming government bureaucracy: It's the service, stupid - Washington Post - The best news of the week came from the U.S. Postal Service. According to the Washington Post, the long-suffering government corporation announced Tuesday that it will freeze hiring and promotions for 8,000 administrative positions sprinkled throughout the agency. -

August 05, 2010
USPS Human Resource Innovation Savings Exceed $150 Million Annually -

NY postmaster demands mail box move
The message many local residents are hearing from this PM is "Move your mailbox, or don’t expect to receive mail anymore." The mayor said “I asked for documentation that said he had the authority to make these demands - he told me that the information exists, but he’s prohibited from releasing it to me." -

Postal Service board to meet: larger deficit expected
Washington Post -

NY goat-seller/postal employee must pay back workers' comp -

August 04, 2010
OIG Says USPS eIdeas Program Is, Well...SLOW
We (OIG) found the eIDEAS program was not timely and management’s resulting actions were not transparent. Specifically, while the eIDEAS program guide stipulates evaluators assess ideas within 7 days of submission, we found level 1 evaluators took an average of 2.2 years to process employee ideas, while level 2 and level 3 evaluators1 took an average of 1.1 years and .57 years, respectively, to process ideas. -

Former Iowa Letter Carrier/Accused Pipe Bomber To Represent Himself -

Former postmaster released from hospital, charged with murdering his wife - an Alabama USPS District Manager -

USPS Excessing Means...
An editorial by postal employee Ronald Williams, Jr. -

Mail carrier pleads not guilty to selling drugs on his route -

Mailbag snatched from Escondido carrier - Also see Mail stolen from postal worker's cart  -

Saturday Mail Delivery: Push Efficiency Envelope -

Audit: Almost 1,500 feds received improper Social Security benefits - Washington Post
A U.S. Postal Service letter carrier from Michigan received about $45,000 in overpayments starting in May 2004 for mood and personality disorders, GAO investigators said. She continued receiving benefits checks after returning to work seven months later. -

USPS asks PRC to throw out mailer alliance request
DM News -

Lawmaker proposes alternative mail delivery schedule
GovExec.com -

August 03, 2010
Major Mailers Make Billions, But Demand Postal Worker Pay Cuts -

U.S. Postal Service Seeks Dismissal of Pricing Protest -

OSHA Fines USPS For Safety Violations in Boston
The latest citations bring the Postal Service’s total OSHA fines to over $3.7 million. -

Over 8,700 Letter Carriers Heading to Anaheim for 67th Biennial NALC Union Convention -

Fullman v. PMG
The Postal Service terminated Fullman for failing to disclose, as required by his employment application, that he was previously employed by the Postal Service, and had been terminated in 1989 for filing a false worker's compensation claim. -

Postal Inspectors Plant $40 and Carrier Takes The Bait -

Do Postal Execs Want To Lose Money on Periodicals? Tough Question #4 For USPS - Dead Tree Edition -

Cutting Saturday Mail Delivery Would Fatally Weaken Postal Service - Joe Paul - President APWU 3799 -

Recession, e-mails and other factors lead to postal rate hike - Ellen C. Williams - USPS BOG -

Chaffetz’s biggest donors: Unions
PEN Ed: the same holds true for the current President, doesn't it? -

USPS Fights Back vs. Motion to Dismiss Rate Hike -

Postal service to freeze administrative-level hiring, promotions, to cut losses - Washington Post -

How the U.S. Postal Service can really save itself
NALC Pres. via Washington Post -

MA mailman charged with dealing drugs on route -

Former USPS Chief Financial Officer Says Eliminating Saturday Delivery Is Not Necessary -

Postal Service starts hiring freeze for administrative jobs
Washington Post -

Dishonest Mailman Tries Lame Excuse -

U.S. Postal Service Names Mailing and Shipping Services President -

August 02, 2010
Bernstock Just Won't Go Away
Dead Tree Edition -

6 cities to train mail carriers to dispense anti-terror drugs -

AL postal worker gets prison time for trashing more than 3,000 pieces of mail -

Your USPS Earnings Statement Online -

Watch: The 50-cent postage stamp can't be far off
Scripps Howard News Service -

Many unruffled by proposed postage increase -

August 01, 2010
Postal Service needs a new plan to survive in the digital age -

Kewanee, IL mail carrier saves woman -

Fed. government to seek life imprisonment for Wytheville Post Office gunman -

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August 31, 2010
- Trivers wins USPS contract
- Greenwood, SC Postal Workers Speak Out
- Saginaw postal workers set for 'informational picket'

August 30, 2010
- Post office bustles behind the scenes
- National Guard Testing Air at Greenwood, SC Post Office
- Anniston, AL man charged with stalking female carrier

August 29, 2010
- New Book is a Tribute for a Woman Pioneer in the Postal Service
- Postal Service suffers as more business is conducted online

August 28, 2010
- Suspicious box at FL post office causes school lockdown
- Feds arrest Texan in powder-filled letters hoax
- US Postal Services offers reward for information about destroyed Boulder mailboxes

August 27, 2010
- New Pitney Bowes Mail Presort Facility to Open in Jacksonville, Florida
- TX Postal Worker Charged with Mail Theft

August 26, 2010
- Postal workers picket to keep sorting facility in Oshkosh
- FedEx Sues NY AG to Stop Investigation
- Postal Service Sees Fewer Days to Deliver Mail, Possibly as Soon as Fall of 2010

August 25, 2010
- USPS Certifies SynTel Executives on Mailroom Operations
- Priority Mail Added as Service Option for Tobacco Shipments to APO/FPO/DPO Destinations
- Comparing the US Postal Service with Fed Ex

August 24, 2010
- Donnybrook, ND post office closed indefinitely
- Views from a New York Postal Facility's Green Roof [Slide Show]
- Post office conviction overturned by Supreme Court
- Postal workers to rally for Saturday delivery

August 23, 2010
- ACLU serves post office over civil rights violation
- If postal service wants more money, improve

August 22, 2010
- Wheeling Mail Runs On Time
- Post office robbery suspects face federal charges

August 21, 2010
- Will You Get a Larger Retirement Check in 2011?

August 20, 2010
- Operations at Donnybrook Post Office suspended
- Post Office Evacuated Due To Bomb Scare
- Bomb dog clears suspicious package left at Gordon PO in Georgia, GBI will x-ray
- Post Office Must Put Check In Mail To Cover Federal Fines

August 19, 2010
- Accident hospitalizes mail carrier
- Post Office Employees Recognized For Life Saving Actions
- APWU Local 178 fights to keep jobs in Oshkosh

August 18, 2010
- Man assaults ex-girlfriend, crashes stolen car into a USPS vehicle
- The Federal Eye on Pentagon pollution and the Postal Service (Video)
- U.S. Postal Inspection Service and FBI Announce Reward for Information Leading to an Arrest and Conviction for White Powder Mailings in North Texas
- Postal Service lays out plan to move two Stamford offices

August 17, 2010
- Protest Rally Turns Violent at Post Office
- Japan Postal Service goes electric

August 16, 2010
- No more door-to-door mail delivery in new subdivisions
- Feds investigating fire at Calif. post office - also see Arson ruled out in Healdsburg post office fire
- Office Depot Announces Nationwide Rollout of U.S. Postal Service Offerings
- Workplace Rage

August 15, 2010
- Former Florida mail carrier faces 18 months in prison for disability fraud - correction
- Oklahoma City mail delivery continues despite power outage

August 14, 2010
- Clerk: Mail handling changes would affect FdL
- Former post office employee nabbed for kiting scheme sentenced
- $100K reward offered in white powder letters mystery
- Ex-postal employee admits embezzlement
- Don't 'fix' the postal system

August 13, 2010
- Postal Service sorting envelopes by hand in FL
- Arrest Made In Robbery, Kidnapping At Whiteside Post Office
- Flushing Residents Meet With Postal Represenative Over Closed Office

August 12, 2010
- USPS Restricts Sending Tobacco to Soldiers
- May 2011 - Are Mailers and Mail Owners Ready? - Postal Affairs Blog

August 11, 2010
- Stolen mail found in Va. postal worker's home
- Interview with D. Eadward Tree, Chief Arborist at Dead Tree Edition
- FBI on lookout for more letters containing white powder
- Cedar Rapids letter carrier loses another appeal

August 10, 2010
- Postal worker accused of stealing gift cards from mail
- Post offices to consolidate in Central New York
- Secretary of Labor v. U.S. Postal Service
- Expect Congress To Fund Continuation Of 6-Day Mail Service - subscription
- Mail carrier killed in accident - Also see Mail carriers mourn loss of co-worker killed in accident

August 09, 2010
- OIG Blog: Safety First!

August 08, 2010
- Cape rural letter carrier first ‘million mile’ woman

August 07, 2010
- Security camera captures man taking package
- Dangers A Postal Carrier Faces
- AFL-CIO Adopts Resolution To Save Saturday Mail Service
- Yosemite's piano man is also the postmaster

August 06, 2010
- GAO report says if you can't read English well, then that "lack of proficiency in English can create significant barriers" - PEN Ed says - oh, really? - This is not postal news - just FYI. -
- Reward Offered In Two Armed Post Office Robberies
- Report: USPS team used PEDs
- Man angry with government sets mail cart on fire, police say
- Experts say ending Saturday mail will harm small town America

August 05, 2010
- US Postal Service Testimony Released in Gamefly Case; DVD Shipping Process Detailed
- Twin Cities mail carriers prepare to deliver biodefense drugs
- Postal official explains decision to reduce downtown hours

August 04, 2010
- Postal worker helps choking bar owner
- Norton Urges USPS Stamp Committee To Honor Members Killed in 2001 Anthrax Attack
- Seattle letter carriers to picket Thursday in favor of 6 day delivery

August 03, 2010
- Postal Service names new top marketing executive
- Green Bay to Keep Postal Distribution Center
- Letter carrier caught stealing mail, pleads guilty

August 02, 2010
- Of the late-night sorts
- What's the answer for the Postal Service?

August 01, 2010
- Rural carrier sentenced for mail theft


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