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August 2011 News

August 31, 2011
OUR OPINION: USPS should have to pay federal taxes

Sioux City Journal -

Every Door Direct Mail - How it is Being Used
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

Pit bulls chase, bite NY mail carrier; 2nd attack -

Postal Service woes could whack federal workers' comp fund
Federal Times - Also see:
IG: Postal Service improperly records 'stand-by time'
Federal News Radio -

Senate panel sets postal hearing for next week
Federal Times - Also see: U.S. Postal Service in Crisis: Proposals to Prevent a Shutdown -

USPS Woes Threaten Workers' Comp -

August 30, 2011
The NALC will be joining several other unions and the San Diego-Imperial Counties Labor Council to personally protest Rep. Darrell Issa's failure to represent working families and his continuing attacks to destroy the United States Postal Service. -

DPMG Tells USPS Stakeholders We Are Not Going Away -

APWU: Locations Announced For 740 New Jobs In the Motor Vehicle Craft -

Fund to aid injured postal workers at risk if USPS defaults -

Down and Out at the Post Office
NY Times Editorial -

Ninth NALC Contract COLA Totals $978 Annually -

Memorial erected for postal supervisor who died in Hurricane Irene -

Woman admits worker’s comp fraud, was selling sex toys on eBay -

OIG: Nationwide Facility Optimization Audit Report (PDF) -

August 29, 2011
Post office near Tampa airport evacuated after workers become ill

The first floor of the post office near Tampa International Airport has been evacuated this morning following the illness of two Postal Service employees who were exposed to an unknown substance. Also see Postal workers complain of sickness after handling mail. -

Postal Service paying fewer workers to do nothing
Washington Post - Also see from Time see Success at the Post Office: Fewer Workers Are Paid to Do Nothing and Politico -

The Postal Service Means Business
Save the Post Office -

Going Postal
USPS makes money. So why are they going broke? -

Former Postal Service official accused of misconduct
Washington Post -

Feds get second conviction in Detroit postal probe -

CSC Wins Two U.S. Postal Service Logistics Contracts Worth $83.2 Million -

August 28, 2011
Rolando Tells PMG That The Idea Of USPS Lobbying Congress To Violate A Contract Is Staggering

Mail Service Updates - USPS

Postmasters, lawmakers discuss possible post office closures - Tempers flare at meeting -

Letter: Postal carriers crucial -

Ask Your Government: Can a postal worker carry a gun in his car at work? -

Alabama letter carrier robbed -

Teens nearly airmail postal worker with bomb -

Pleasing Mr. Postman - Boston.com -

August 27, 2011
Congressman King Says USPS Is Trying to "Run Out The Clock"

USPS Says No Excessing for Failure to Bid on NTFT Jobs
The USPS has instructed Area Labor Relations Managers that employees may not be excessed because they fail to bid on Non-Traditional Full-Time (NTFT) duty assignments. -

How Bad Is the Postal Service's Financial Position?
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

First-Class Mail Gets Slower: The Declining USPS Service Standards
Don Cheney via Save The Post Office -

A former Festus, MO postmaster, Teresa Tremusini, was sentenced Friday to two years in federal prison for her role in a $3.9 million scam. -

Hours some USPS workers are paid to do nothing: Now under 1 million
Federal Times -

Theft in Progress: Your Post Office! -

Letter Carriers -- an archaic term?
Your Postal Blog -

Moved Left No Address Update Requirement Rescinded
Postal Affairs Blog

August 26, 2011

What Postal Service can’t win from labor unions it hopes to get from Congress
Washington Post -

USPS Monthly Financial Data for July (PDF) -

USPS Meets with Sioux City and State Leaders -

APWU: Thousands of Part-Timers To Be Converted August 27 -

Is USPS Underestimating the Number of Layoffs Its Downsizing Plan Would Require?
Dead Tree Edition -

Post office cites safety concerns for mail carriers, stops delivery service to neighborhood -

Post Office Closings: List and Map
Save the Post Office -

USPS Finance: Fiscal Year 2011 Closing Guidance: Message from the Controller -

August 25, 2011
PMG's proposal would "greatly reduce" health coverage for postal workers and retirees

Federal Times -

Former Senior Executive For U.S. Postal Service Pleads Guilty To Bribery, Offered Contracts in Return For Payments -

Postal worker robbed, truck stolen -

Postal service hurt by congressional mandate, not mail delivery -

Former Kansas Postmaster Indicted On Embezzlement Charges -

King can’t get no respect: The USPS stonewalls to run out the consolidation clock
Save The Post Office -

Ex-postal worker gets 45 years for 2008 rape -

Postal Service tells postmasters not to sell against newspapers -

August 24, 2011
The U.S. Postal Service: Common Questions About Post Office Closures
Congressional Research Service -

OUR OPINION: USPS stonewalling, secrecy continues
Lack of U.S. Postal Service cooperation with our local and congressional leaders over the planned closing of Sioux City's Mail Distribution and Processing Center continues to baffle us. -

Attorney says postal worker was coerced -

Temporary carrier accused of removing gift cards from mail -

U.S. Postal Service: Is the Budget More Important Than Employees Exposed to TB? -

Would a USPS health-care plan really work?
Washington Post -

Croton Dad Sues USPS Over Shift Change -

Consolidation: USPS Refuses Information Requests -

APWU: Welcome, Postal Support Employees -

USPS Network Realignment

August 23, 2011
Slower mail could save USPS $1.5B

Washington Post -

PMG caves, DMA wins, USA loses: USPS withdraws its request for a rate increase
Save the Post Office -

Postal Employees Need a New Plan
Courier Express -

Postal Service health benefits decision could have wide impact
Washington Post -

USPS Deficit: Five Problems Plaguing America's Postal Service - Also see U.S. Postal Service Braced for Massive Cuts -

Paintball Gunmen Shoot Philly Mailman -


San Diego To Train Mail Carriers To Deliver Anti-Bioterror Drugs -

Postal Service is still competitive -

August 22, 2011
How To Save The Postal Service Before It's Too Late
Save The Post Office -

Observers are leery of Postal Service plan to opt out of federal health and retirement programs -

An Albuquerque woman who pleaded guilty to embezzling money from the U.S. Postal Service has been sentenced to two months in prison followed by three years of supervised release and ordered to pay $97,025.44 in restitution to the Postal Service. -

APWU: Save USPS, Stop Layoffs, Support H.R. 1351 -

USPS broke by August 2012, No. 2 official predicts
Federal Times -

USPS Starts Negotiations With NALC - Mail Handler Negotiations Start August 30 -

Factbox: U.S. Post Office's troubled financial past -

Small town residents wonder 'How will we get mail?' -

PRC Proposes Improved Rules For Appealing Post Office Closings -

OIG: Cost of Service Standards Redacted (PDF)
"As the Postal Service, the postal community, and policymakers explore how to cut postal costs, adjusting service standards should be considered. The following paper estimates the Postal Service could save up to $1.5 billion by relaxing service standards by 1 day. -

August 21, 2011
US Postal Service bled dry by federal politics

Opinion -

Two can play that game: The PRC changes the rules for appeals
Save The Post Office -

USPS lobbies Congress to - slash 120,000 jobs - reduce benefits - gut bargaining rights as contract talks begin -

The Postal Service is a Global News Story
Courier Express and Postal Observer - Also Courier Express see USPS Taking Market Share in Parcel Delivery -

USPS hopes Congress delivers overhaul package -

Postal service needs help
Boston Herald -

Editorial: Postal system slow to embrace change -

August 20, 2011
Congressman King Suggests USPS Is Stalling On The Release of Information Requested Weeks Ago

Deliverance - The U.S. Postal Service must make massive changes if it is going to survive - Slate -

Let’s Talk: How the Postal Service Values Its Employees
Save the Post Office -

NALC to defend members, America’s Postal Service in 2011 contract talks -

Edmond Post Office massacre: Marking 25 years -

The Looming Postal Service Jobs Fiasco -

August 19, 2011
USPS Network Realignment - Mailing and Fulfillment Service Association

via Postal Affairs Blog -

Rule changes would streamline appeals for proposed post office closings
Washington Post -

Save the Post Office Unleashes Its Secret Weapon -

The APWU initiated four Step 4 disputes on Aug. 17, 2011, protesting violations of the 2010-2015 Collective Bargaining Agreement -

OIG: Cost of Service Standards (PDF) -

Rules Applicable to Appeals of Post Office Closings (PDF) -

What Does Postal Service Insolvency Mean?
Courier Express and Postal Observer -

Postal Service commences talks with two unions -

Is benefits law dragging down the Postal Service? -

August 18, 2011
Postal Service may not pull out of TSP after all

Federal Times -

Postal Service plans to close about 300 mail processing plants
Federal Times -

Postal Service Faces Jury on Dropped Bribery Case -

USPS Expects FY 2011 Losses Bigger than Previously Announced
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

Louisiana Mail Carrier Held at Gunpoint, Mail Stolen -

Non-Traditional Full-Time (NTFT) Assignments Cannot Exceed The Number of Employees to be Converted - APWU -

Canada says goodbye letter carriers, hello “delivery agents” -

Buyouts: To Be Or Not To Be?
Federal News Radio -

August 17, 2011
Donahoe Says Postal Service Needs 5-Day Delivery

WP/Bloomberg - Video -

Postal Workers to USPS: Don’t Shred Our Contract -

USPS Will Not Seek Exigent Rate Increase
Dead Tree Edition -

Postal service has proven efficiency
The problem isn’t that the USPS is inefficient. It’s that it has less to do. -

Online Shopping on the Rise! What’s in it for the Postal Service?
OIG Blog -

Postal Service Job Cuts Would Be 'Tough,' Shaiken Says -

Postal Service will always be relevant -

August 16, 2011
The Perfect Storm: How everything is coming together to take the Postal Service apart
Save the Post Office - Patrick Donahoe may be the last of the Postmaster Generals. He will certainly go down in history as one of the worst. -

Also see: NYU Professor Steve Hutkins Fights To Save The Post Office -

Darrell Issa Uses Letters from Tea Party to Drum Up Support for Postal Bill
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

League of Postmasters Releases Statement on USPS Newsbreak Regarding Retirement and Health Benefit Proposal - The National league of Postmasters fully recognizes the gravity of the financial position the Postal Service finds itself in, but is extremely concerned about the Postal Service’s radical notion to abandon the Federal retirement system and the Federal Health Benefit Plan. -

Don't touch my junk: The bulk mail industry says hands off our profits
Save the Post Office -

Grand Rapids man charged with threatening to cut off head of letter carrier -

Potential job losses shift history for Postal Service
USA Today -

Post Office Woes Will Help UPS -

Sure, it's bleeding money, but give the postal service its due -

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More Postal News

August 15, 2011
Postal Service should redesign, not cut, to get out of the red
Opinion: Donald J. Hall Jr. - President/CEO Hallmark Cards -

Sen. Moran Asks Postmaster General to Justify Closing Rural Post Offices -

Congressman Ross is Working on Postal Bills -

Postal Service contractor charged with submitting false claims -

August 14, 2011
Postal service, long a gateway to middle class, is facing major job cuts

Washington Post -

Editorial: Postal Service out of options
Federal Times -

Ex-postal worker convicted of delaying mail delivery -


August 13, 2011
The Shock Doctrine: Why the Postal Service is scaring the hell out of us

Save The Post Office -

DMA Says Mailers Cannot Continue To Fund USPS Network and Employee Compliment -

Postal Service proposal to break contracts blasted by unions
Washington Post -

Soldier's mom's suit is dismissed
A Duluth woman sued the U.S. Postal Service after a returned letter said her son in Iraq was dead. He wasn't. -

USPS to Congress: Break Our Collective Bargaining Agreements
Mail Handlers -

PRC Issues Order Dismissing Complaint From Postmasters -

APWU president: 'We will do what's necessary'
Video - Washington Post -

Many Post Offices Face Uncertain Fates as Cuts Loom
PBS News Hour -

August 12, 2011
USPS Statement: USPS Exploring Additional Legislative Proposals
PEN Ed: You MUST read these USPS proposals...it seems HQ wants their own private company. -


The ‘Big Lie’ about postal ‘bankruptcy’ -

DUO RIF Notices, Health & Retirement Benefit Proposals, Layoffs and More from NAPUS -

Is the Postal Service's Proposal Constitutional?
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

Rolling Out Red’s: Meet your first Village Post Office
Save The Post Office -

Saving the great American post office
Philly.com - For one dollar, you can send a birthday card to your uncle in Alaska (3,370 miles from Philadelphia) and an anniversary card to your aunt in Hawaii (4,910 miles away), and the post office will give you back 12 cents change. Remember, we're talking actual greeting cards, filled out at your kitchen table and then physically moved many thousands of miles by real people, for 44 cents apiece. How on earth can the U.S. Postal Service make a profit on this transaction? It can't. But profit is not the mission of the post office. Its mission is to get your letter delivered in a timely fashion. -

Laying off postal workers won't be cheap
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer - USPS Layoffs Would Have Significant Costs -


Also see: NALC President Rolando denounces PMGs latest radical legislative proposals -

APWU Condemns USPS Proposals To Destroy Collective Bargaining and Crush Postal Workers - ..."USPS announcements that it would seek congressional support for legislation to eliminate protection against layoff from collective bargaining agreements; remove postal workers from the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHBP), and separate USPS employees from federal retirement programs." -

USPS aims to cut a third of workforce
Federal Times -

Related: Federal News Radio -

A Critique of Myth vs. Facts
Burrus Journal -

Man Says Postman Was Sleeping On The Job -

August 11, 2011
USPS proposes cutting 120,000 jobs, pulling out of health-care plan
Washington Post -

Post office makes a profit Congress won't let it keep

Internal Memo From The US Post Office Shows Exactly How NOT To Treat Your Customers -

Internal USPS NRP Letter No Cause for Celebration -

Postal Service: Out of cash next month
Federal News Radio -

Reducing postal service is not the answer

Analysis: U.S. mail aims to stamp out loss, deliver digital future -

USPS Monthly Financial Data for June (PDF) -

Q&A With PRC Chairman Ruth Goldway (PDF) -

Prosecutors Allege Bribery of U.S. Postal Service Official -

Woman Used Fake Checks to Buy Over $12000 in Stamps -

Girl Injured After Trying To Jump On Moving Postal Truck

August 10, 2011
OIG Report Says USPS Lowered Pay for Performance Scores For EAS Employees To Save Money

The Smartest Guys in the Room
Save the Post Office -

The Future of the Postal Service: An Analysis
Mailing Systems Technology -

W.Va. congressman joins mail carrier on route -

USPS Has Too Many Employees and Pays Them Too Much, Mailer Groups Say
Dead Tree Edition - See related article from 2010 USPS Has Too Many Supervisors And Too Many Employees, Congressman Says -

Congressional resistance to PO closing plan grows
Save the Post Office -

Former President Clinton aide in postal mess - Also see Major Scandal Brewing Among Clinton Associates, Former DNC Official -

USPS plan should be returned to sender
Washington Examiner -

Staten Island Postal Workers and Local Lawmakers Protest USPS Consolidation Plan -

US postal workers suspected of stealing prescription drugs -

Saylorsburg postal worker suffers chemical burns from soda-bottle bomb

August 09, 2011
PRC Docket No. N2011-1 and the Future of the Post Office

Save The Post Office

Arbitration Ahead for USPS, Rural Letter Carriers Union

U.S. postal workers accused of stealing prescription drugs

Smugglers Turning to Snail Mail to Ship Drugs

August 08, 2011
Is it time to start shuttering post offices?

Washington Post

USPS scraps executive 'bonuses' (or whatever they are)

Blogger Steve Hutkins (of Save the Post Office) fights Postal Service’s move to close 4,300 post offices

Why does the Postal Service want to destroy the Post Office?
Save The Post Office

PRC Conducting Study to Allow More Flexible Costing and Pricing

Postal worker injured in Braintree crash

August 07, 2011
Most post offices targeted for closure are in GOP districts

Bundles of mail tossed down drain

August 06, 2011
Postal governor resigns amid real estate scandal

Federal Times -

Senator Carper Statement on Most Recent U.S. Postal Service Financial Losses -

NAPUS: PMG Says Discontinuance Feasibility Study Will be Ongoing -

Sen. Tester: Save six-day delivery -

The Downsizing of the Postal Workforce Slows
Dead Tree Edition -

Heat 'brutal' for mail carriers -


Postal Service posts $3B loss, warns of default
USA Today -

Congressman Cohen Sends Letter to Postmaster General Urging Him to Keep Memphis Area Post Offices Open -

August 05, 2011
Postal Service Loss Continues in Third Quarter

Republican Congressman Tom Petri Asks Postal Service to Halt Move of Work from Oshkosh to Green Bay -

Postal Service plant's closing angers union leader -

PRC Attorney Advisor Associate Job in WASHINGTON, DC
Salary $80,417.00 to $135,002.00 -

PRC to Revisit 'Due to' Language in USPS Rate Increase Request -

APWU Files Unfair Labor Practice Charge Over USPS Refusal to Provide Information on Consolidations -

Preserving the U.S. Postal Service by Senator Susan Collins -

Senator Hagan Urges USPS to Seek Feedback from North Carolinians on Potential Post Office Closures -

Goodbye, Post Office, We Hardly Knew You -

APWU Says The Tea Party Is Building Support for Issa Bill -

NYC postal worker dodges death after being hit by truck -

AL contract postal worker gets probation for stealing prescription drugs meant for veterans -

Five questions for Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe
USA Today video -

PayPal and Foreign Languages Coming to the USPS Site -

USPS Bailout on the Horizon -

Jury Convicts Former Postal Worker of Delaying Mail -

August 04, 2011
Vigil in Modesto: Auction ends tomorrow, and whoever wins, we all lose

Save the Post Office -

Postal workers on edge after recent armed robberies -

Anthrax Response: Five US metropolitan areas will receive a total of $400,000 in grants from the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to incorporate US Postal Service (USPS) volunteers into plans to deliver antibiotics after an anthrax attack. -

Ex-Postal Worker Convicted Of Delaying Mail -

CityBeat's 'Mailman meme' story gets a local postal worker in trouble

ACLU confrontation with Gypsum post office resolved -

August 03, 2011
Worker sentenced for viewing child porn at Utica post office

Save the Post Office!
The Washington Post tells us about Steve Hutkins who owns and manages the Blog Save The Post Office -

U.S. Postal Service Needs Fewer Workers to Keep Delivering the Mail
Bloomberg Editorial -

Postal Worker Refuses To Deliver Mail Over Dog -

Woman honored for helping overheated letter carrier -

August 02, 2011
Robber Barons Plunder the Post Office

Save The Post Office -

PRC Issues Questions For USPS Regarding Their Closing Plans (PDF) -

GPS Tracking Device Tracks Stolen Mail Package to Postal Worker -

Audit finds Green Bay mail center insufficient for absorbing Oshkosh operation - but USPS says they will still move forward with the consolidation -

Destroying unions won't fix the Postal Service
Guffey via Washington Post -

Postal commission releases review schedule on post office closing plan
Federal Times -

OIG Blog: Make Way for www.—-.post -

Tennessee postal office fined for asbestos violations -

Sioux City Mail Processing Center Could Stay Open - Also see Postmaster: Sioux City can view study, offer counter-proposal -

Reply Rides Free
Postal Affairs Blog

Special Offer from Dell for Postal Employees
PEN Sponsor

August 01, 2011
Postal jewel heists Mailman arrested

PRC Seeking Comments on Prospective Mass Postal Closings -


Congress sets Postal Service up for failure -


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