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December 31, 2007
- For the Postal Service, 'twas a shining moment
- Nothing prevents local post office from ensuring that residents get those special Christmas packages - postal supervisor works off the clock -
- Ghostwriting for Santa Claus
- Norton's bid for new post office nixed

December 30, 2007
- Neither Rain Nor Snow. But Impatient New Yorkers?
- This 'Opinion' Is Not Worth Publishing, but...
A postal employee in this city wrote a Letter to the Editor of their local newspaper - please click link to read. We do not believe, not for one minute, that the vast majority of letter carriers would say the things this person states was said. This person wants to the paper, and its' readers, to believe his statement... "So, why do the mail carriers accept cash and gift cards when they know they are not allowed? Well, at the post offices where I have worked, they all state they deserve the cash and expect cash gifts. They then give special treatment to customers who tip graciously." We do not and encourage you to submit an e-mail to this papers editor disagreeing with this persons letter.
- Post office loss is another blow to Port Huron

December 29, 2007
- NALC: Some Strains - Some Progress -
- DMA digs in for no-mail fight
- Bullet holes being investigated at Murdock’s postal building
- Postman pulls a slow one on Santa’s helpers

December 28, 2007
- UPDATE: Pair admits killing Washington (postal employee) family -
- Former postal worker pleads guilty to embezzling pills
- Mail from Congress isn't cheap
- Mailman robbed on city’s East Side
- The Future of Delivering Movies
   Also see: Wal-Mart cancels movie download service
- Festive envelope held offensive message
- Unionists brainstorm on international organizing

December 27, 2007
- Postal employee and family murdered
- Court Refuses to Overturn Demotion of Carrier Supervisor -
- APWU: House ‘Mail Network Protection Act’ Gains Seven Co-Sponsors Prior to Holiday Break
- Settlement Agreement Spawns New Round of Appeals
- Holiday rush, understaffing mean long lines, safety woes at post office -
- Lafayette P.O. shut over 'risk'
- Addressing a problem: Postal patrons laud performance in Conyngham office
- Thieves Steal Holiday Mail From Gated Community

December 26, 2007
- Manistee steams over orders to move mailboxes -
- Postal workers who volunteer for Christmas day duty say they get a special joy out of it - Also see: Postal Worker Enjoys 'Best Day' For Delivery | 'Just doing my job' on Christmas morning  -
- Postal Management Says "Do As I Say, Not As I Do" -
- Opinions regarding the pros and cons of federal-postal unions making political endorsements
- Providing a lifeline to the outside world

December 25, 2007
- Reward offered in kidnapping of postal worker
- $10,000 reward offered for tips in mailbag thefts -
- Neighbors Find Out First-Hand About Mail Thieves
- A busy Christmas Eve keeps those Postal Service Santas and elves hopping
- Carriers share Santa's late hours

December 24, 2007
- Surveillance Photos Of Postal Robbery Suspect Released -
- Postal workers out of network with local coverage
- Retailers Want Their Catalogs in Your Mailbox Whether You Do or Not
- E-Greetings Gain Ground at Businesses This Season

December 23, 2007
- Unions Biggest Problem is Outsourcing -
- Postal workers wrap up busiest week of the year
- Letter carrier finds choice of career delivers every day
- Letter carrier released from hospital after pit bull attack
- People travel from afar for Bethlehem postmark
- Teamsters Applaud IRS Ruling Against FedEx Ground – Company Fined $319 Million In What Hoffa Calls An Illegal Scam

December 22, 2007
- MOU for Rural Carriers Regarding DPS Flats
- 2 teens beat, rob letter carrier -
- Postal Service Updates Plan to Reflect New Law and New Technologies -
- FedEx May Pay $319 Million in Taxes Over Contractors

- Postal Service offers reward for fires at mail collection boxes

December 21, 2007
- Theft of Union Funds by NALC and APWU Officers During 2007 -
- Postal worker attacked; undisclosed amount of money stolen from U.S. Postal Service -
- Spending Bill Includes Rider That Blocks 7 Consolidations
- Letter carrier bears witness to catastrophe
- Contract Mail Carrier Sentenced -
- Postal Reform Marks One Year Milestone
- Man pleads to scheme targeting post offices
- Postal service shows a commitment to honesty
- GAO Report: Recycling - USPS and Mailing Industry
- Delegate in touch with U.S. Postal Service about delays of mail to the islands

December 20, 2007
- Senate bill would delay postal service consolidations
- APWU Seeks Support for ‘Mail Network Protection Act’ -
- Question to Burrus: Does APWU Remember NAFTA and GATT When Endorsing Presidential Candidates? -
- Employee arrested for distributing prescription painkillers to his co-workers
- 2008 Pay Periods and Holidays
- Revised Publication 164, Compensation, Relocation, and Reinstatement Policies for Career Employees in Transition, Is Now Available
- A day in the life: US Postal Service carrier
- General Dynamics Robotic Systems to provide components of USPS' new Flats Sequencing System
- You better watch out. You better not cry. You better shovel your walk, mail carrier Richard Boron is telling you why
- The grinches are back, and this time they’ve taken over the U.S. Postal Service
- U.S. Postal Service Pressures

December 19, 2007
- Good Cop/Bad Cop - right here in the USPS
  Revisited - NALC President's Message -
- APWU: Christmas Eve ‘Holiday’ Update -
- Sick leave plan falls short, manager groups say -
- Chins Up, Washingtonians. The Postmark's Back
- All Post Offices Open Christmas Eve, Many Closing Early
- USPS consolidates HR systems
- Postal pedal power

December 18, 2007
- USPS Says: Postal Service Hi-Tech Human Resources Transformation a Success -
- Labor Dept. Accused of Union Sabotage
- Mike Causey Again on Unions Endorsing Political Candidates
  What do you think?
- Postal Service offers Danburians help after mail truck fire
- Postal workers turn into holiday elves for harried customers
- DELAWARE: Post offices set for Christmas mail mayhem
- Dedicated delivery: Snow, holiday season make loads heavy for mail carriers
- Postal van and mail go up in flames

December 17, 2007
- FERS Flu Part Deux -
- When leaders malign civil servants, trust erodes -
- 'Tis the Season for E-vites
- And USPS Says: ’Tis the Season For Mailing
- Mail delivery isn't an option, it's a requirement -

December 16, 2007
- Still Choosing the Mailbox Over the In-Box
- Homeless get mail with general delivery
- The claim is in the mail -
- Rent increase forces USPS  to close Columbus City facility

More Postal News
December 15, 2007
- Carrier indicted in keeping of mail
- Opinion: Post Office seems to have a new motto -
- Patrons won't put their stamp of approval on elimination of postal vending machines -
- USPS Ready for Busiest Mailing and Delivery Days
- Postal Training Center opens doors to families, storm crews
- Postal Service must improve
- Of Interest: German parliament approved letter-carrier minimum wage

December 14, 2007
- Community Opposes Federally-Funded Crime Zone -
- And The Next President Is . . .  -
- Mail truck goes up in flames in Southeast
- New post office coming to Greenville, TX
- US Postal Service takes on the integrators

December 13, 2007
- Former postal worker sentenced in identity theft case
- Accused post office employee speaks out -
- 2007 Embezzlement of Union Funds -
- Classmates mourn teen killed by mail truck
- BOG Approves NSA With Bank of America
- Improper credit card use by contract driver leads to sentence
- Now-ex Fort Worth postal worker gets prison over theft
- Liberty permanently closes post office
- AmericanGreetings.com Launches Line of Paper Photo Cards for the Holidays
- Editorial: A Christmas grinch
- Police target drugs dealt in the mail

December 12, 2007
- Rep. Lynch Seeks Support for ‘Mail Network Protection Act’
- Union Requests Day Off for Postal Workers on Dec. 24 -
- Postal employee accused of hiding, delaying 18,000 pieces of mail -
- Court Affirms Demotion of Carrier Supervisor -
- Boy, 14, struck by mail truck in Pike Creek dies
- Probe opened into bag of stolen mail
- Letter carrier provides free lawn mowing
- Local Thieves Hit Jackpot -- in Your Mailbox

December 11, 2007
- GAO Reveals Data Reliability Problems within USPS -
- Milwaukee's crime may mute mail motto
- Union Action Averts Safety Hazard -
- Netflix envelopes anger Postmaster, Postal Service balks
- Liberty cuts contract with Postal Service
- Postal problems in northeast Houston
- You’ve been preapproved for more junk mail!
- Canada Post's monopoly grab
- Local Thieves Hit Jackpot -- in Your Mailbox

December 10, 2007
- Nintendo Wii stolen while with United States Postal Service -
- Amid complaints, Bloomfield to expand postal service
- Electronic Delivery of Employee Net-to-Bank Earning Statements
- Is God living at the United States Postal Service?

December 9, 2007
- Mailman Grinch Has Best Christmas Decorations -
Dallas Postal Employees Charged
- Netflix is facing the ire of the U.S. Postal Service: redesign your mailer or pay $0.17 more per envelope - Also see: Netflix Deals with Ultimatum from U.S. Postal Service -
- Special Delivery - Baby, It's Cold Out There
- Post office closing still controversial

December 8, 2007
- NYC Mailman Accused of Filching Cards -
- Postal Inspectors Apologize for Warning -
- USPS Commuter Program -
- Norton wants D.C. Postmark Restored
- ELM Revision: Work Clothes and Uniforms
- USPS Corrections to 2008 Guide to Benefits
- Mail, mail, go away

December 7, 2007
- Postal Service delivers 'no mail' notices -
- USPS should take 'service' out of its name -
- Dodging a $100000 Bullet - Mike Causey: Fed. News Radio
Don't send a card to a recovering soldier
  Also see: E-mail hoax could derail mail to troops
- Netflix's Postal Woes? Don't Go Postal
- Postal services haven’t improved

December 6, 2007
- Post Office surcharge could slash Netflix profit -
- Innovative website helps you locate benefit programs
- APWU: Mike Causey Applauds Postal Healthcare Coverage
- Over 1,000 Social Security checks late; USPS investigating
- 'Return to sender' won't work with junk mail, but flow can be slowed

- ADVO name will become Valassis in 2008
- Earlimart post office robbed
- Frank Sinatra Stamp Scheduled For Spring

December 5, 2007
- Postmaster's scheme to kill ex-wife alleged
- Judge dismisses race, gender bias suit vs. Postal Service
- It's Not Just The Uniform
- Mail service will be faster this year, Las Cruces postmaster says
- Mail Mess
- US Postal Service to Netflix: You're killing us on labor
- D.C.'s Identity Lost in the Mail
- Family loses home mail service

December 4, 2007
- USPS rate structure still unpredictable
- Postal Service is irrelevant today
The post office is irrelevant in today's world. It's just another form of welfare for its unskilled employees. -
- Eliminating Junk Mail
- Opening Santa’s Mail (and Answering It)

December 3, 2007
- Report on Universal Postal Service -
- Carrier Cleared in Hatch Act Violation
- Changes in postal rates surprise locals

December 2, 2007
- You’ve Got Mail...underground
Restoration Following Recovery from a Compensable Injury and FERS Disability Retirement: An Untenable Position
- GF mail carriers hang up bags, boots after long careers
- Marijuana found in Volusia mail sweep
- Port Salerno Post Office is speedy on delivery, but wishes it could do more
- Twin City's postal employees prepare gift bags for veterans at Mountain Home in Johnson City
- Is dead letter office the source of periodicals in jury waiting room?

December 1, 2007
- Lawrence, KS Mail Boxes Blown Up
- New Search Engine Finds Best Shipping Rates -
- Earnings statements for management employees go online
- USPS Seeks Beverage and Food Service Sources
BUT WAIT! Also read this from a PEN reader.
- Post Office adds defibrillator
- Postal vets earn Million Mile carrier award
- Board of Governors to Meet Dec. 10-11, 2007 in Washington, DC
- American Locker Announces Status Update on USPS Cluster Box Unit
- E-cards are cheap and easy, but taboo for many

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