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February 29, 2008
- Reforms deliver freedom to compete, transparency, postal officials say - Federal Times - See Related Article Next -
- GAO: POSTAL REFORM LAW - Early Transition Is Promising, but Challenges to Successful Implementation Remain | Highlights Only -
- Hidden Fees: Comcast Will Charge You $2 To Stop Sending You Junk Mail - Also see Postal Spam Protection
- APWU Requests Investigation Of Private Contractors’ Use of USPS Property
- APWU: Anti-Subcontracting Measure Attracting Support
- USPS VP of Public Affairs Responds to Columnist's Opinions -
- USPS suspends deliveries in some Saginaw neighborhoods
- Dogs hold mail carrier 'hostage'
- RIDGEFIELD POST OFFICE: Why does it look like a pig sty?
- Photos lost in the mail in 1952 returned to sender's family

February 28, 2008
- Fed-up family apprehends mailbox-vandal suspects -
- GAO Says OWCP Doesn't Monitor or Track FECA Overpayments As Well As They Should - Read Highlights Only
- Tennessee postal employee hurt by snow blower
- Problem with mailing gift cards through USPS
- APWU Continues the ‘Family’ Tradition
- Pitney Bowes spent $1.4M lobbying in '07
- Don't Blame LMU if Your Mail's in Timbuktu
- Postal carriers honored for safety, service

February 27, 2008
- Sick Leave: The Math & The Morality? -
- Retired postal worker gives $2.2 million to Guilford College
- Door To Door Booze For Norwegian Postal Service
- Postmaster’s conviction reversed

February 26, 2008
- EPA Cites USPS and 5 Other Federal Agencies for Underground Fuel Leaks -
- Return Post Office to Cabinet - Opinion -
- OPM makes it easier to retire | OPM launches electronic retirement system -
- New USPS Chief Information Officer was Senior VP at Halliburton -
- THE PEOPLE SPEAK: Other city employees face danger, hardship -
- Mail carrier wins 'prime' recognition
- Verizon designs IP network for Postal Service

February 25, 2008
- U.S. Postal Service Undercharged Countries for Mail -
- Sick Leave: Insurance or Entitlement?
  Mike Causey: Federal News Radio
- Strange Behavior from Carrier in Dorchester - Video
- Protecting older workers - Retaliation against those who file discrimination claims should not be allowed

February 24, 2008
- Bryant post office critics say safety is top priority
- 2-cent postal error costs woman $85 in late fees
- Mail volume down Business slowing down at post office
- Postal Employee Robbed At Gunpoint -
- Rural Carrier: Keeping an eye out for community is part of the job
- Mailman tells why he destroyed trees -
- Review: GPS Letter Logger
- Postal Service thanks residents

February 23, 2008
- Schodack wants mail ZIPs, routes adjusted
- Canada Letter Carriers Strike Over Forced Overtime -
- Mail routes disrupted by canines loose in area - Enid, OK
- OPM launches system to speed annuity checks
- Post Office Reopens In Storm-Ravaged Community
- No shoveling and salting, No mail

February 22, 2008
- MSPB Orders USPS to Reinstate Carrier -
- Potter names three VPs, one acting VP
- He Has This Job Licked, Says Postal Chairman
- APWU: Latest CPI Increase Means $479 Annual Pay Hike -
- Former postal clerk indicted
- Growing Problem Down Under - Mike Causey: Fed News Radio
- Sheriff’s department recovers stolen mail

February 21, 2008
 - APWU: Some Custodial Employees To Receive Arbitration Payment This Week -
- Proposed FMLA Regulations Threaten Medical Privacy
- Postage Rate Increase Continues Disturbing Trends
- Will Snail Mail Survive? -
- Probe: Clinton mailing wasn't intentionally delayed -
- USPS to honor black employees at event -
- NALC: Second contract COLA: $458
- APWU Sec-Treasurer Admits Stealing Cash from Union
- Bottle bomb explodes in Durham mailbox
- Postal Service Help for Prattville Tornado Victims
- USPS Grants ecoEnvelopes First Ever Approval for Reusable Envelopes

February 20, 2008
- USPS: Service Member Family and Medical Leave -
- USPS Age Discrimination Suit
See: United States Court of Appeals and Public Workers' Shield Against Reprisal for Bias Claims Pondered -

- Postal Service Tries HBO Tie-In -
- Opinion: 3 Problems with the United States Postal Service -
- Premium Forwarding Service - Federal Register
- New Web-based Driver Observation Training Course for Postmasters, Managers, and Supervisors
- Washington signs the Postal Act: Feb. 20, 1792
- Aromas post office may get the boot
- Forever stamp OK, but not perpetual price hikes
- Postal facility's move from St. Paul to Eagan stalls again over plan for traffic light
- Decision costs UPS $2.9M in overpaid GST
- Report due on next Indio post office
- Henrico, VA: 'There is no such place'

February 19, 2008
- Phony postman a scam, police say
- Australia Welcomes Fatter Postal Workers
Mail-processing center evacuated -

- Gerlach wrong to bar press from post office meeting
- Will Hemet agree to post office location this time?
- The evolution of mail: Postal agencies look to technology
- MSPB Regulations Revisions: A Couple of Issues Worth Watching
- FYI: Questions & Answers On Stimulus Checks - IRS Rebates

February 18, 2008
- Problem postmaster is back in Queens -
- Postal Service Sees Simplicity in 31 Digits
- A stack of issues for postal board chief -
- Lost in the mail

February 17, 2008
- Neither wind nor...mail sometimes - Boston neighbors say delivery erratic -
- Postal Regulatory Commission Universal Service Obligation and Monopoly Study

February 16, 2008
- Mail Handlers: New Wage Scales Effective Today See Updated Mail Handler Wage Charts
- NPMHU Files a National Level Grievance on Weighing the Mail -
- NAPUS Unveils 2008 Legislative Agenda - Newsletter
- FTC: Accounting for Laws That Apply Differently to the USPS and Its Private Competitors -
- Postcards from Hell's Kitchen: Snail Mail Prices -
- Some things are forever
- Mailboxes An Issue for Residents

February 15, 2008
Ohio Letter Carrier Dies After Being Struck By Car -
- APWU: USPS Notifies Union of Payroll Glitch -
- 8000 pieces of mail scattered along the streets of downtown Louisville -
- Stamp prices to increase every year
- Investigation continues in postal theft -  Selma, AL


More Postal News
February 14, 2008
- Postal employee involved in coke ring
- Postal patrons address the lack of mail delivery -
- APWU: Ask The President - Can you elaborate on the need for change in our union? -
- Fiscal Year 2007 Financial Report of the United States Government
- HBO and the US Postal Service Celebrate the Power of the Letter
- America Supports You: Postal Service Offers Discount
- With one-cent rate hike coming, Forever stamps popular
- Is the Post Office the Future's Recycling Center?
- Yakima, WA man indicted in post office theft

February 13, 2008
- Postal worker pleads guilty to fraudulent jury service
Also see:  Jury Ruse Defrauds Postal Service -
- USPS pays $66 million in Wisconsin for 2007 overtime -
- APWU: Mailers' Advice: Thanks, But No Thanks Recent Article from Postal Points -
- Postal Service Rate Increases Too Easy
- Postal Service raising mail fraud awareness

February 12, 2008
- Waxman wants ZIP change information - Congressman seeking 'real story' on Postal Service's reasons
- Postal Carriers Deliver Freezing Rain or Shine
- Enhanced 911 address changes interrupt rural mail delivery
- USPS 2007 Annual Report -
- Regarding USPS Raising Rates -
  - Postal Service Debt-free, But Still Raising Rates?
  - Postal Service Rate Increases Too Easy
- Package that went everywhere finally delivered

February 11, 2008
- Stamps Increasing by One Cent to 42 Cents on May 12
- Post office’s not-so-special delivery
- Harassing mailings gain postal attention
- Newgistics Acquires Cornerstone, Unveils First Postal-Based Solution for Forward and Reverse Shipping
- Found on The Net:
New Orleans:
World’s largest mail truck - When fire consumed a mail truck Jan. 23 on Interstate 10, the U.S. Postal Service 18-wheeler immediately became a candidate for the Guinness Book of World Records for carrying the most pounds per square inch in the world. If you think you lost any mail in it, call 589-1420 or (800) 275-8777. They’ll tell you they can’t help you. Given the U.S. Postal Service will not reveal its delivery complaints, it’s easy to imagine every gripe within a 30-mile radius or a 30-day period on either side of the crash will be answered: It burned up. We’re on at least the fourth New Orleans postmaster post-Katrina. Let’s hope this one is equal to the task. -

- Stage, not ponies, ran mail here
- Broomes Island Post Office Will Remain Open after Years of Uncertainty
- If You Drive for USPS, You Must Have a State Driver's License

February 10, 2008
- Mail Handlers file national level grievance on (not) weighing the mail - - Businesses pay for weekends off
- Postal service identifies three cities for new offices
- Lightening the load for mail carrier

February 09, 2008
- Hey, Mr. Postman, Have You Got a Letter for HBO?
- Postal Service seeks to detain TelAmerica's incoming mail
- Keep the apologies. Just give Cathy Variano her mail -
- Neighbors Complain About Postal Problems In Northeast El Paso
- You've (not) got mail
- Opinion: Response to postal service letter had misinformation

February 08, 2008
- Rain, sleet, heat ... not dogs: Postal Service refuses to deliver mail because of canine threat -
- Grand jury indicts postal worker; theft alleged
- Post Offices Expand e-Services
- Mail Handlers: NEW WAGE SCALES EFFECTIVE ON 02/16/08
- Mail delivery will continue in Carova Beach
- Panel hears pros and cons of junk mail
- Cowpies and Sick Leave -  Mike Causey: Federal Report
- Fixing Mail, Helping the Environment, Improving Public Safety ... A No-Brainer Proposal

February 07, 2008
- Sick Leave: Use, Abuse or Lose
  Mike Causey - Federal News Radio -
- APWU: Upgrades Reflected in March 7 Paycheck
Also from APWU:
- Union Presidents, USPS Officials Discuss Postal Service’s Future
- APWU Members Can Access, Update Personal Information Online

- Attempted Robbery of Baltimore Carrier
- Postal officials to post big appearance at disability access meeting
- Dakotas Top Nation in Mail Service
- Postage error on United Water mailing
- Harkin, Grassley join Boswell with W.Hts. ZIP code bill
- Is your W-2 missing from your mailbox this week?
- USPS Tracker 0.4

February 06, 2008
- USPS delivers big to one postal worker - $67,595 in overtime -
- GPS Letter Logger Named Invention of the Month by Popular Science- Postal Service trying to adapt to new age
- Postal worker punched in face while delivering mail -
- Couple ran up $45,000 on post office’s card -
- Council reaches mailbox impasse -
- First-Time Military Discount for New, Large Flat-Rate Box
- USPS: Employee Entitlement to Service member FMLA

February 05, 2008
- Alabama postal employee sentenced in post office incident
- Copy of Lawsuit NALC Filed Against USPS and OIG
- Letter Carrier Saves Charlotte Woman After Spotting Box Stuffed With Mail -
- First-Class and Standard Mail Down in Q1 2008 -
- “Miller-Time” Comes to an End - NAPUS Newsletter
- Virtual Hold Technology Installs Solution for APWU Health Plan

February 04, 2008
- Commentary: Postal Service readies for Sarbanes-Oxley Act Federal Times -
- Postal Service accuses carrier of taking money -
- Fascinating Eighth Circuit case on restitution - USPS janitorial supervisor steals, and sells, BMG CDs and DVDs discarded at USPS -
- Junk mail bill finds little support from legislators
- Postal Agencies Respond to Mail Decline
- Letter: Postal service complaint included misunderstandings
- MTAC concerns include USPS drop in mail volume
- Killeen to revisit mailbox issue

February 03, 2008
- An open letter to the downtown Truckee post office -
- Employee Drinks On The Job - Postmaster Gets Transferred
"Drinking, Driving, and Delivering the Mail" in Milwaukee has apparently led to the transfer of the postmaster there. -
- Postal agencies look to technology to replace business disappearing to technology -

February 02, 2008
- Meridian postal worker gets 8 months for threatening boss -
- Mail found at carrier's home
- DHL's future prompts APWU meeting with Governor

February 01, 2008
- APWU: Anti-Subcontracting Bill Picking Up ‘Co-Sponsors’
- "Drinking, Driving, and Delivering the Mail" -
- Garfield County postal worker accused of stealing drugs from mail
- Canadian website promotes red dots to stop junk mail
Ex-postal worker accused of theft appears in court
Mail service slowly improving in Chicago
- McCausland, Iowa: Town has only few months to find new post office
- Alan Kessler Elected Chairman, Postal Service Board of Governors

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