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February 2011 News

February 28, 2011
Not all post offices should pay their way

USPS Seeks Adult Signature Service, Seeks New Competitive Product -

Mail carrier nominated as postal hero -

February 27, 2011
Cost-Benefit Analysis Provides First Attempt to Measure Economic Impact of Closing a Rural Post Office
- Postal Journal -

USPS Enhancing Parcel Competitiveness with Product Reclassification and New Extra Service - Postal Affairs Blog -

Somerville postman delivers big role in ‘The Fighter’ -

February 26, 2011
APWU: The Battle in Wisconsin: ‘Are We Next?

February A Record Month For USPS Consolidations
Dead Tree Edition -

Post Offices Should Keep Downtown Presence -

Postcom tells us "United States Court of Appeals For The District Of Columbia Circuit has ordered that the oral argument on the postal rate exigency case is scheduled for March 15, 2011, at 9:30 A.M. Petitioners and respondents will be given 15 minutes." -

Did newspapers burst the Postal Service’s bubble wrap? -

Venerable West Indianapolis post office closes, a victim of the Internet age -

Choosing a Road for the Postal Service in the Digital Age
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

February 25, 2011
From innovation to Monty Python: An interview with the U.S. Postal Service's inspector general
- Washington Post - 

Rockford postal role may shrink after consolidation study
Also see Union Members React to Possible P.O. Cuts -

Postal worker in jail for stealing mail
He was caught due to a stolen car at his home - Also see Fishers postal worker charged with post-office theft  -

‘B.S.’ called at Postal Service public hearing -

Tenn. man indicted in fatal post office shooting
Hats off to our postal workers

February 24, 2011
Standing strong together

NALC - Also see ‘Bailout’ bingo -

APWU: Rank-and-File Bargaining Committee to Meet
But There is No Tentative Agreement, Union Says -

There's light at end of the USPS budget tunnel
Fed. News Radio - Audiocast interview with CFO Joe Corbett -

FSS Is Halfway There


A postal retail associate suspected of spitting his own feces on a police officer was placed on unpaid leave Wednesday -

Is USPS On Obama’s Mind?
Big Fat Marketing Blog -

Postal service honors deputy D.A. for prosecution of former worker -

February 23, 2011
‘Business as Usual’ Isn’t Good Enough, Guffey Tells National Officers -

Negotiating with the APWU is a Smart Business Decision
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

Postal Problem: Huntsville, AL Hammered By Mail Delays -

Cash-Starved Postal Service May Buy Time With Obama Quick Fix
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

USPS pension puzzle
Federal Times -

Local postal workers go beyond call to service
USPS Goes Live With New Teradata Capabilities

February 22, 2011
For Most Publishers, Snail-Mail Editions Still Beat Apps
Dead Tree Edition -

Pay for Performance: Fair and Balanced or Subject to Manipulation? OIG Blog (link corrected) -

Closing Hickory facility will cost Postal Service more -

Postal contractor from Evergreen, AL accused of stealing veterans' medicine from mail -

Picket planned at Butterfield Station Post Office

February 21, 2011
Will You Ever Be Able To Retire?

When it comes to being able to retire, federal and postal workers are in better shape than most Americans. -

USPS Faces Greater Downsizing Or Huge Price Hikes -

Postal Service '100 percent behind bypass mail' -

Postal worker reflects on 41 years, fun and anthrax survival -

February 20, 2011
Tweets from Congressman Dennis Ross and Possible Implications for Postal Unions - Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

Rural Post offices on notice in digital age -

Postal Service in Delaware: Overdue mail -

One hour of terror in West Dallas
After stealing $185 from Hernandez and his colleague, police said the suspects headed towards the U.S. Post Office on Interstate 30, where a 58-year-old postal worker loading mail was pistol-whipped and robbed. -

Tuscaloosa, AL files restraining order in US District Court to keep post office from closing -

USPS closing Lufkin processing center

February 19, 2011
Federal fraud: Healthy workers took disability

NAPUS Asks PRC Chairman to Order USPS to Cease and Desist From Unlawful Actions -

NALC: Collins' bill is a good start, but it needs work -

Obama’s Budget and the Postal Service
Nat. League of Postmasters -

NAPUS newsletter "The Budget is “like a Box of Chocolate, You Never Know What You’re Gonna Get” (PDF) -

Former postal employee from receives probation for workers comp fraud -

Sen. Begich Meets with Postmaster General Donahoe to Discuss Alaska Issues -

Feds probing officer-mailman altercation -

Former Fort Worth mail handlers union leader accused of defrauding postal workers -

APWU Stands in Solidarity with Embattled Workers -

February 18, 2011
Republican Congressman Dennis Ross Regarding The Postal Service

Government Bailout Talk Has Been Around For Quite Sometime and Not Just From Fox News - see Courier, Express, and Postal Observer for Tracking the "Bailout" Talk -

Letter: Postal Service needs fewer supervisors, more workers -

Postal disservice -

Suspect confesses in Henning post office murders - Also see  Feds probe ties between shootout, USPS slayings -

Dog owner admits misdemeanor in scuffle with mail carrier -

Postal Service unveils greeting cards with prepaid postage - Also see Hallmark and the post office say you won't have to hunt for a stamp -

Postal Service processing may move from Frederick to Baltimore
Explosives Found in Mailboxes

February 17, 2011
The "Bailout" Talk Has Begun. Or Has It?

Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

GOP senator renews push for postal reform
GovExec.com -

USPS Makes GAO High Risk List Again
In 2009 USPS was added to the GAO’s HIGH RISK list. USPS has achieved that honor once again. -

USPS gets short-term relief from Obama’s 2012 budget, but some call it a bailout -

Is Your Job an Endangered Species?
Wall Street Journal (FYI) - Librarians can't find 36,000 results in 0.14 seconds, as Google can. And a snappily dressed postal worker can't instantly deliver a 140-character tweet from a plane at 36,000 feet. -

GAO: Foreign Posts’ Strategies Could Inform U.S. Postal Service’s Efforts to Modernize (PDF) - USPS is facing similar challenges as other industrialized nations’ posts. For example, USPS has a brick and mortar retail infrastructure it cannot afford to maintain. However, USPS currently manages more retail outlets— approximately 32,500—than all of the foreign posts we reviewed combined. In addition, USPS has twice as many delivery points as any foreign post we studied—USPS delivers to 151 million homes, businesses, and post office boxes. Read Just Highlights - Read summary -


No penalties for poop delivery -

Maine postal worker charged with theft of drugs

February 16, 2011
What do House Republicans Think About Budget Changes Relating to the Postal Service? - Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

APWU: White House Budget ‘Recognizes Seriousness’ of USPS Crisis -

Senator Collins' Bill Would Help USPS Adapt to Digital Age
“The Postal Service is at a crossroads,” said Senator Collins. “It must embrace fundamental change. The Postal Service must take actions to reduce overhead costs, curb no-bid purchasing, bring workforce benefit structure into line, and better serve customers to expand volume. -

Americans Want to Keep Postal Service Public But Cut Delivery to Five Days - Rasmussen Reports -

National Association of Postal Supervisors Applauds Administration’s Budget Proposal -

Scientific review reaches no conclusion on source of anthrax -

Trenton Area APWU v. USPS -

Postal worker, surgeon help give girl new ear
Trial ends over postal worker assault

February 15, 2011
Obama Hints At Changes To Postal Service Workforce

Dead Tree Edition -

Delivery Unit Optimization Update
National League of Postmasters - ...DUO will receive saved grade for two years and indefinite saved salary thereafter provided they adhere to the following... -

Budget Provides Relief for USPS
The Administration recognizes the enormous value of the Postal Service to the Nation’s commerce and communications, as well as the urgent need for reform to ensure the future viability of USPS. - Also see Washington Post Postal Service on tap for $11B break in 2012 budget  -

Senator Carper Responds to Postal Reform Proposals in the President's 2012 Budget - "I hope my colleagues and the Administration will join me in pushing for this much needed reform so we can prevent the Postal Service from going broke by the end of the year.” -

Also see NALC: Proposed budget preserves six-day mail delivery and offers postal relief -

Statement of Joseph Corbett, Chief Financial Officer United States Postal Service - The Postal Service is encouraged by the President’s recognition of the Postal Service’s financial situation. We look forward to working with the Administration and Congress in the coming year on CSRS and FERS over-funding, the retiree health benefit pre-funding requirement, delivery flexibility and retail access. -

APWU Opposes Plans To Remove Bullet-Proof Glass at Some Retail Facilities -

Obama budget proposes $11B break for Postal Service
Federal Times - Also see Budget would provide short-term relief from USPS financial woes  -

F.Y.I.: The Postal salary database at Asbury Park Press has been updated.

Couple's non-existent address tricks mail carriers

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More Postal News

February 14, 2011
When is $600,000 more than $6,200,000?

Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

Will the Small-Town Post Office Go the Way of the Letter? -

Movement to Reinstate Mail Carriers Who Were Drinking On Job is Underway, And May Have Union Support -

When Will the (OSHA) Fines End?
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

What LSU's Actions tells Us About Retail Postal Services
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

Retirees Short-Checked
Just F.Y.I. -

Rural post offices put on notice in face of DIY digital age -

February 13, 2011
Story about Postal Service dispute riled many readers
- Also from the carrier in question see Thanks to so many for all the kindnesses -

USPS Pacific Area VP says Automated postal technology mischaracterized -

Postal Service to shut more offices; Looking to speed up new closings -

Will the mail stop coming? -

February 12, 2011
Congress Hears the Truth About Postal Service Finances
Dead Tree Edition - "Burdensome and flawed benefit payments have contributed to almost 90 percent of the $20 billion loss in the past 4 years," David C. Williams, Inspector General of the Postal Service, told the House Subcommittee on Financial Services and General Government. -

OIG Audit Report – Compliance With Travel Policies and Opportunities for Cost Savings (PDF) - Further, the Postal Service did not cancel 2,491 credit cards issued to former employees, including 53 employees listed as deceased in employee records. At the time of our audit, there was more than $37 million in open credit associated with cards of former employees. Also see: Sen. Carper Reacts to Report Detailing Postal Employee Abuse of Agency Credit Cards  -

See: USPS Manager of Media Relations Responds -

USPS As Victim - GovExec.com -

Postal Employee Charged With Stealing Money From Mail -

Lawmakers oppose ending Saturday mail despite austere climate -

Postal Worker Can Pursue Discrimination Lawsuit -

February 11, 2011
Senator Collins Introduces Bill To Terminate OWCP Payments -

Convicted merchant bilks postal service of $14M -

5-Day Delivery: Maybe the PRC's Decision Is In the Mail
Dead Tree Edition -

Truck Crashes Through Iowa Post Office, Traps Worker -

Postal Service processing may move from Frederick to Baltimore -

Neighborhood's front-door mail delivery stops after pit bull attacks postal worker -

USPS unveils new Reagan stamp

February 10, 2011
USPS Chief Financial Officer's presentation to the USPS Board of Governors
-  via Postcom -

Postal Service Begins 2011 with Loss in First Quarter
Excluding the cost of prefunding future retiree healthcare benefits and noncash adjustments to the workers’ compensation liability, the Postal Service would have had a net income of $226 million for the first quarter. -

USPS Current Form 8-K (PDF 3.95mb) -

Postal Service Loss Grows as First Class Mail Declines
Bloomberg - Also see U.S. Postal Service warns it may default  and USPS down $329 million so far in fiscal 2011 and Washington Post -

Postmaster Admits To Harassment Charges - Also see Bangor's postmaster cleared of luring, admits to summaries  -

OSHA cites US Postal Service in Nashville
...willful safety violation for allowing workers to use damaged and unrepaired dock levelers, carrying a penalty of $70,000. -

Neither Rain nor Snow nor Sleet … But Maybe Digital Mailboxes -

Three-year-old girl struck by mail vehicle

February 09, 2011
Mail Carrier Tries to Get Job Back After Helping Boy

USPS Considers Moving Some Huntsville, AL Operations To Birmingham -

USPS spokesman insists expenses must be cut -

Mail truck catches fire - Hundreds of residents lose mail in blaze -

Reward now $100K in Miami postal worker killing -

Mail Carriers Work No Matter What the Weather -

Woman Loses Custody of Dog She Tried to Mail -

February 08, 2011
Mailer Associations Ask Obama To "Direct OPM To Recalculate The Postal Service CSRS Retirement Funding Obligation"

Annuity Reduction: Connecting the Dots
Federal News Radio - Read OPM statement -

Can I Get That With No Carbon, Please? Carbon Neutral Delivery and the Postal Service - OIG Blog -

Rep. Jerry McNerney warns Postal Service about relocations - Also see Congressman tells Postal Service to not make a closing decision in secret  -

How Much Longer for Transaction Mail
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

Postal truck hits bus, hurting 7 people on board

Does the USPS Now Require SCAN Forms for Online Postage? -

Rural Mailboxes Taking Hits from Snow and Ice

February 07, 2011
Former USPS Mechanic Pleads Guilty To Using His Work Computer To Access Child Porn -

Time to fix the USPS -

Roadside rule leaves couple in postal cold -


Houston loses its 24/7 always open Post Office -

Indomitable spirit of letter carriers

February 06, 2011
‘Postal’ and ‘service’ don’t go together

Inforum - There is a value to small-town post offices that goes well beyond a profit-and-loss statement. -



Unacceptable - Postal service should scrap closure plan -

OPM Speaks Out: Why Your Tax Withholding Went Up and Your Federal Annuity Check Went Down -

We don't have to give up Saturday mail delivery -

Unbundling Postal Prices
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

Man receives package more than a decade after he ordered it

February 05, 2011
USPS changes salary rules for postmasters

For rural Va. town, post office delivers more than mail -

Ex-postal worker admits mail theft to support drug addiction - Also see Ex-postal worker accused of stealing 500 pieces of mail  -

US Postal Service employees predict winner of Super Bowl -

USPS Policy on Workplace Harassment -

Mail truck-attacking turkey evades capture

Postal workers in Romulus win Mega Millions jackpot -

February 04, 2011
NALC Does Not Support Senator Collins FECA Bill

Postal Mortem - NY Times -

NYC mail carrier pummeled with frozen snowballs  -

Moorhead woman campaigns to get new mail carrier
Wanted posters hang in post offices across the U.S. A Moorhead woman has flipped the idea on its head, hanging a poster reading “Not Wanted” on her door, announcing her ire with her regular postal carrier. -

Printer Praises Postal Plant Consolidations - Dead Tree Edition -

Please, please Mr. Postman, it's been a long time -

A Canada Post letter carrier has been charged with sexually assaulting an 11-year-old boy whom he allegedly hired to help deliver the mail -

Portsmouth postal officials lying to Maine residents - Op-Ed -

Congressman Rahall Questions U.S. Postal Service Action in Bluefield -

GA Mayor: We Will Fight Plan To Close Post Office -

The U.S. Postal Service and Six-Day Delivery: Issues for Congress -

U.S. Postal Trio Busted For On-The-Job Thefts - Also see Woman pleads guilty in federal court to theft of USPS funds -

Senator proposes reform of federal workers' compensation program - GovExec.com - Also see Sen. Collins tries to curb workers' comp abuses Fed. News Radio -

February 03, 2011
Fundamental Questions for the Future of the Postal Service

Post and Parcel tells us "President Obama is set to present a special Valentine’s Day gift to the US Postal Service this year, in the form of assistance in his latest Budget." -

APWU Urges Commission To Make Repeal of Pre-funding Mandate a Priority -


Postal Service 'AMPs' Up Facility Consolidations -

Expensive post office technology pointless without labor savings -

How to Stem the New Flood of Mailers as US Postal Service Eases Junk Mail Restrictions -

Yuma mail now delivered on foot to save costs -

From Reader's Digest: 13 Things Your Mail Carrier Won’t Tell You and 11 More Things Your Mail Carrier Won’t Tell You -

February 02, 2011
LEAGUE Office Receives Proposal to Revise Salary Protection Provisions in the ELM
- League of Postmasters -

USPS Consolidation Studies: Postal Service to study Portsmouth, NH, operations | Postal jobs under microscope | Postal service could close Augusta center -

Post office closings may affect rural North Dakotans -

Minneapolis woman accused of mailing puppy to Georgia -

Delivering to Empty Houses
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

February 01, 2011
We cannot allow US Postal Service to shrivel and die

Opinion at Sun Sentinel -

Love Is in the Mail at a Post Office Near You -

Veteran/USPS TE Wants Job Back -

When it comes to mail delivery, don't leave rural America behind -

Homosassa window clerk faces charges of defrauding patrons -

Mail carrier injuries - YouTube


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