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February 2007 POSTAL NEWS
Wednesday - February 28, 2007
- Anti-Junk Mail Bill To Be Shredded
- Thieves Rob Mail Carrier In South Bay
- Suspected mailer of inoperable bombs perplexes investigators
- USPS drops plans to close 9 mail processing centers Federal Times
Ex-mail carrier pleads guilty
- Feces Mailed To Central Fla. Commissioner
- USPS talks about CASS/DPV
- Petition grows in support of injured carrier's cause

Tuesday - February 27, 2007
- Postal Service investigates complaint of dumped mail
- NEW POSTAL LAW: Taxes on competitive products
- APWU Prevails, Commission Limits Postage Increase
- The bright side to postal rate increase
Potter: Move Update will be required for Standard Mail
Talx verifies deal with US Postal Service
- Royal Mail sparks anger with call for 6p rise in stamp price
- Publication Costs Will Rise Due To New Postal Rates

Monday - February 26, 2007
- APWU: Union Launches Ambitious Organizing Campaign
- PRC recommends 7.6 percent rate increase
   Read PRC 1 and PRC 2  -
- Federal Times: Rural letter carriers reject contract -
Postal regulators back 'forever' stamp
- Bomb Threat at Florida Post Office
- The Lid is in The Mail

Sunday - February 25, 2007
UPS is Leader in Parking Tickets

Saturday - February 24, 2007
- Postal Employee Retired on Mental Disability Sentenced to 15 Yrs
- Sick Of Junk Mail? We Can Help - Also see: Legislators have introduced a do-not-mail list -
Gorham police probe mailbox bomb -
Letter carrier robbed -

Friday - February 23, 2007
- Effort for Injured Postal Worker - Over 28K Sign Petition for Home Makeover: The extraordinary success of a grass roots effort to recommend that ABC's "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" show assist a former Westville resident, and postal worker, who lost her legs and sight in a horrific Ventnor accident last July has astounded the woman who initiated the idea. Read and Sign Petition -

- USPS and PRC Summit Information
USPS prepares mailers for new postal law effects
- PRC to announce recommended decision on postal rate hike

Thursday - February 22, 2007
- Remote Control Mail - "We'll Forward Mail - Postal Mail - To Any Computer, Anywhere!"
- DM News - Do Not Tax Postage Fight
- Post Office Workers Accused Of Stealing Gift Cards
- Potter: Move Update will be required for Standard Mail
- Mailbox delivers wrong message to Portsmouth motorists
- Snail mail, still the champion of our hearts Denmark
Mail carrier sentenced to a year in prison for mail theft

Wednesday - February 21, 2007
- Top House - Senate Leaders Back NALC On 'Contracting Out' (PDF)  -
- Nine Minutes Late! "You're Out of Here!" -
- USPS 'Break-Even' Mandate Abolished
- 15th Annual Letter Carriers Food Drive Set for May 12
- Former postal employee convicted in crossbow killing faces
  eligible for parole
- Union to Hold ‘Round Robin’ Contract Conferences
- Elderly Woman Won't Tie Up Dog, Cut Off By USPS -
- 'Mailbox Memories' to open at Historic Upshur Museum
- APWU: Raises Implemented Feb. 3
- Mail Handlers Raises Implemented Feb. 3
- DMers watching do-not-mail bills closely

Tuesday - February 20, 2007
- The Aurora, Colorado Daily Sun Says Carriers Should Provide Better Service for Less -
- Former PMG Henderson Demoted at Netflix -
- Post office reopens after mercury spill: Nobody hurt MT
- Upshur history museum exhibit honors US postal service
- Northside neighborhood in dispute with post office CO
The check really was in the mail
Postal Service Issues International Polar Year 2007-2008 Stamps
Letter carrier and sister win $1 million in lottery
- Public interaction the highlight for mail carrier

Monday - February 19, 2007
Man demanding Social Security check slugs mail carrier in
  Delray Beach, FL

- Protection of mail sent to Juárez still unclear
- The Strange Story of Postal Reform -

Sunday - February 18, 2007
- Senate passes bill to put Ford’s name on Vail post office

Saturday - February 17, 2007
- USPS truck driver dies in crash near Lincoln
Doggone it! Rottweiler holds up mail delivery
- Two held in botched robbery, post office blaze
- Great News for PEN Members and Guests
PEN has secured another merchant discount for our members and guests. Please click here to read more.

- Postal Bulletin: Effective February 15, 2007 USPS contest awards may not exceed $500.00. Also see:  New Veterans' Recruitment
Appointment Program

- Postal Service motto proves more a guide than a rule
- Scores of mailboxes take a beating from snowplows
- Public hears plans for Aurora post office move NY

Friday - February 16, 2007
- ‘Employee Free Choice Act’ Events Set Nationwide for Feb. 19-23
- Name post offices after fallen soldiers -
- Snake prankster receives probation
- GAO Study Says USPS Needs Improved Tracking and Monitoring of Fuel Consumption: The full report may be read here. -
- Postal managers recognized for their outstanding service OR
- Letter: Christmas mail delivered belatedly

Thursday - February 15, 2007
- Postal Employee Threatened to Kill and Rape Supervisors Family -
- Calabasas delivers stern warning on mail service CA

- Postal Inspectors Offering $100,000 Reward
Also see:  Mail Bomb Was Meant For Janus Investment Firm Two Pipe Bombs, One Huge Threat -- Beware of 'The Bishop'

- Mail Handlers and USPS Agree on Effective Dates
- No-junk-mail bill would exempt some small businesses, non-profit groups, and political organizations
- Window clerk files age discrimination suit against USPS
- Mail must go through - or over - carrier collides with bike rider
Mail carriers may shun homes with snowy walks
- How to Prepare for USPS® Changes in 2007

Wednesday - February 14, 2007
- NALC Publishes Guide Regarding Limited Duty Employees
NALC has published a guide to help injured workers and their representatives challenge the Postal Service's withdrawal or failure to provide Limited Duty. The Guide to NRP (National Reassessment Process) is available online. -

More Postal News
- Has the NALC and USPS Agreed to a Contract?
The RAP Session information has been removed from the homepage of the NALC and 'rumors' are that a contract has been agreed to - makes one wonder doesn't it? -

- Social Security: Half A Loaf, If You're Lucky
Mike Causey, of Federal News Radio, addresses the Social Security Fairness Act of 2007 - all CSRS postal employees should have an interest in this legislation. Please read this article. -

- Mailboxes deliver novel styling
- Crashes Pile Up On Indiana's Icy Roads - 2 Postal Trucks Jackknife on Black Ice

Tuesday - February 13, 2007
- Post office survivor addresses tragic past -
- Letter carriers honored for efforts in aiding injured women
- NAPUS: FY 2008 Budget Targets FEHBP - PDF
- Postal Service seeks Bank of America NSA
- Mail bags loaded with love
- Pitney Bowes’ Group 1 Software Introduces Address Quality Hub
- Take Canada Post private

Monday - February 12, 2007
- Follow the Money - The Ultimate Day in Being Micro-Managed -
- Pay Unrelated to Performance Workers Say -
- APWU: USPS Abandons Nine More AMP Studies -
- Labor Board Files Complaint Against DHL
- USPS attributes Q1 loss to reform

- US postal service warns financial firms of threats letter bomber
- US Postal Service to Rebid Contract Option Award
- Bill to Create a 'Do Not Mail' List Faces USPS Opposition
  Also see: Bill Would Create 'No Junk Mail' List -
- Will reform let USPS charge by season, day? -
- Nonprofit Federation Asks USPS for One Year Before Increases
- USPS's Shape-Based Pricing To Dramatically Alter Rate Structure

Sunday - February 11, 2007
- Joint Statement from USPS and Postal Inspection Service Regarding Explosives Sent Through Mail
- Tempe residents uneasy about plainclothes mail carriers AZ
- PostCom has posted the latest issue of the National Assoc. of Postal Supervisors newsletter. This addresses the Rep. Stephanie Herseth bill that would halt USPS Involuntary Reassignment of Postal Employees with Veterans Status.
- Applying postal pressure
- Upstate NY snow: 8 feet and counting

Saturday - February 10, 2007
- APWU: What’s Up With That? Burrus Takes Stab at NALC
- 'Master Impostor' Sentenced To 303 Years
- Volunteer constable, postal employee, charged after drug probe
- Clinton urges USPS to re-establish Gabriels post office
- Postal Service won't move Glenwood Springs, Co Processing
- 2 (mailed) pipe bombs could be work of unknown suspect
  called 'The Bishop'

- Clifton seniors oppose mailbox removal NJ
Win a luxury trip thanks to the US Postal Service
- Former postal worker sentenced in mail theft case

Friday - February 9, 2007
- Postal carrier rescues woman lying in snow along his route
- OPM Races to Go Digital Ahead of Retirement Wave
- Letter carrier files suit against pit bull owner
- PRC begins shift to regulatory agency

Thursday - February 8, 2007
- NALC Opposes 'Do Not Mail' Bill -
- TV Station Goes Undercover: Identity Thieves Go Postal
- Letter carriers indicted in court
- A very special delivery
- Ex-postal worker gets probation for failing to deliver mail
- Post office closes after asbestos detected CO
- Mail Plane Crashes Near Alliance NE

Wednesday - February 7, 2007
- TRASHED: 200 pieces of mail -
- Texas Lawmaker Attempts Do Not Mail Legislation -
- APWU Ask President Burrus: Scheduling and OT Desired List
- FMLA Class Action from PostalFlame.org
- Postman Helps Rescue Elderly Woman
- Merit post office burglarized for third time TX
Jackson woman charged with stealing from post office MO
Where, oh, where are postage stamps?

Tuesday - February 6, 2007
- Trove of Daggett-bound mail recovered in desert CA
- Fanning The Fees
- New Jersey would be second in nation for paid family leave -
- Give some leeway to delivery drivers
- Post office access issue spurs anger
- One Post Office Serves City Of 76000
- Bitter cold snap brings frostbite danger - See Photo
- Rural Carriers Reject New Contract -

Monday - February 5, 2007
- APWU Revised: Raises Effective March 3; Other Changes Feb. 3
- Amputation delivers mailman from years of pain
- Mail Delivery To Resume For 2 Brooklyn Buildings
- Postal Service Again Honored as Most Trusted Government Agency
  Also see: Americans Love Goin' Postal
- Georgia female, a USPS employee, earns national recognition in a ‘man’s world’
- CEO sees postal reform implementation as company catalyst
- Newspaper gets 435 pieces of mail 8 years late

Sunday - February 4, 2007
- Driver flees after crashing into post office
- Retiring Postmaster looks back on unexpected career
- More about the Beatles in post office

Saturday - February 3, 2007
- APWU: Raises Take Effect March 3; Other Changes Feb. 3

Friday - February 2, 2007
- Driver hits downtown mailman
- Mail carrier ordered to repay stolen deposits
- PRC establishes IG office
- Agents investigate suspicious packages in Chicago and Kansas City
- Maryland Senator Trying To Save Maryland Postal Jobs
- Pomfret mailbox mermaid has her miffed
- ACLU seeks records on mail surveillance
- Former postal employee charged in ID theft

Thursday - February 1, 2007
- Burrus: Raises Add Up -
- USPS Truck Driver Talks About Surviving Plunge Off I-30 Bridge -
- Post Office Censors Josephine Baker Post Cards -
- Bomb mailed to firm’s facility
- Citrus mail ban leaves bitter taste for some

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