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May 05, 2015
Government Says Company Part-Owned by Senator Feinstein's (D-CA) Husband Abuses Post Office Contract
- The Intercept

Civil rights groups pushing USPS on pregnant postal workers’ rights - Post & Parcel

What's the future of last-mile delivery? – DC Velocity

In rural North Dakota, mail service is spotty, and federal jobs go begging - The Washington Post

Video: Brown recluse spiders force Fisherville, KY Post Office to close temporarily - PEN

“Employee-centric flexibility” will boost postal productivity, says think tank paper - Post & Parcel

2 elderly women in convertible crash through post office window in Hoover, AL - AL.com

The rise of postal voting (and what it means) - Conservative Home

Motorcycle collides with postal van in Burlington - Greensboro News & Record

May 04, 2015
Northwest Lawmakers Speak Out Against Consolidations

Video: Food Drive Is This Saturday - May 9th - PEN

USPS: Meeting held to discuss future of delivery - PEN

Postal Employee Who Stole Package Of Rare Coins, Other Mail, Gets Probation - The Chattanoogan

6 iconic jobs that are going out of fashion - postal employees are on this list - Yahoo Finance

IG: Postal Service losing more than $20M because of inefficient fleet management - Fierce Government

Indiana postal employee killed in crash while delivering Amazon packages - Fox 59

Postmaster General and CFO Host Web Call on U.S. Postal Service Quarter 2 Financial Results - Globe Newswire

Vandals break into an estimated 120 post office boxes in 29 Palms - KESQ-TV

Domestic Mailing Services Products Price Change - Intelisent Postal Affairs Blog

In rural North Dakota, mail service is spotty and federal jobs go begging - The Washington Post

Has First Class Mail's Plummet Stabilized? - DM News

Postmasters: Reporting requirements on the e1260 - PEN

Does the Postal Service Have Too Many CCAs? - Dead Tree Edition

In N. Dakota, Postal Service's problem is more mail, not less - Reading Eagle

U.S. postmaster general speaks at chamber luncheon - Standard Speaker

Getting Closer to Seamless Acceptance - Office of Inspector General

Management Advisory - Government Mail (PDF) - Office of Inspector General

End User Data Loss Prevention (PDF) - Office of Inspector General

Vehicle Maintenance Facility Efficiency Nationwide – Capping Report (PDF) - Office of Inspector General - The OIG says their recommendations could save USPS 431,129 workhours at a cost of over $21.8 million annually.

May 03, 2015
Postal Service urged to end deal with real estate broker
- The Hill

Legal standoff over postal scale inspection is stalled - Evansville Courier and Press

May 02, 2015
Video: Dayton postal carrier accused of stealing mail, gift cards

PMG offers update on new vehicles, other projects - PEN

Berkeley post office worthy of passion, protest - Contra Costa Times

APWU: May Day Celebration - APWU news via PEN

Senate Opposes USPS Service Cuts - APWU news via PEN

Postmaster general returns home to address Schuylkill Chamber of Commerce - Republican Herald

Deutsche Post workers strike; delivery of parcels hit - The Economic Times

May 01, 2015
Video: Missing mail? Virginia carriers admit to trashing thousands of letters

Fenton Township. MI Postal Employee Commits Suicide - WHMI

U.S. Postal worker from Detroit wins $1 million Lottery, promptly retires - MLive

Washington Post: A coalition of civil rights organizations is pushing the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) to provide greater workplace accommodations, such as light duty, for pregnant employees. (scroll down)

Postal Service defends sale, rental deals - Philly.com

PRC Chief Tells What Will Keep the Postal Service Going - Direct Marketing News

Japan Postal Workers Team with Apple, IBM to Monitor the Elderly - Mac Observer

April 30, 2015
OIG recommends terminating the USPS-CBRE contract and refers cases for criminal investigation
- Save the Post Office

Video: How did gyrocopter breach DC airspace? It blended in with the birds - PEN

APWU President Comments On Questionable Sales of USPS Historic Post Offices - PEN

USPS allows real estate contractor to work both sides of the deal, IG says - Fierce Government

Video: Residents On Alert For Package Thieves In North Raleigh - PEN

Video: Son Let Dad, 90 - a retired postal employee, Rot to Death - PEN

Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive is Saturday, May 9 - PEN

Postal workers' 'swift completion' of rounds hits a bump - The Bulletin

Woman destroyed mailbox with SUV, fell asleep - Sun Sentinel

National Day of Action Set for Thursday, May 14 - APWU

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ISIS claim responsibility for shooting at Texas Muhammad cartoon contest - Fox News 5/05/15

Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina Announces Presidential Campaign With a Jab at Hillary Clinton: 'She Clearly Is Not Trustworthy' - ABC News 5/05/15

Baltimore cops arrest armed man near protest center - NY Daily News 5/04/15

Hillary Clinton Refuses Benghazi Committee Request to Testify Twice - The Blaze 5/04/15

Liberals, conservatives unite vs. NSA spying - Politico 5/04/15

U.S. government employers in spotlight this week - Post and Courier 5/04/15

GoFundMe yanks crowd funding campaign for Baltimore cops - Washington Times 5/03/15

Undefeated Floyd Mayweather decisions Manny Pacquiao - CNN 5/03/15

Florida man's amputated leg thrown in trash by hospital instead of being properly incinerated - his name tag was still on the leg: lawsuit - NY Daily News 5/03/15

Investigator: IRS takes 'significant actions' to stop agents from targeting political groups - A 2013 audit found that agents were singling out groups with "tea party" or "patriot" in the name. They also singled out groups that talked about "limiting/expanding government, educating on the Constitution and Bill of Rights, social economic reform/movement," the audit said. US News 5/02/15

What a Bernie Sanders Presidency Would Mean for the Federal Workforce - Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., unceremoniously launched his long-shot bid for the presidency on Thursday, becoming the first official opponent to Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries. As a self-described Socialist-Democrat, Sanders is a staunch advocate for increasing the role of government. - GovExec.com 5/02/15

House passes budget without federal benefit cuts - Federal Times 5/02/15

6-year-old meat reportedly served to Tennessee students - Fox News 5/01/15

Congress should investigate the war on government whistleblowers - The Hill

Larry Flynt of Hustler Magazine Endorses Clinton for President - USA Today 5/01/15

Nearly half of Obamacare exchanges are struggling over their future - Washington Post 5/01/15

Prisoner in van said Freddie Gray was ‘trying to injure himself,’ document says - Washington Post 4/30/15 - Also see: Video: Freddie Gray may have intentionally tried to injure self in police van

Univ. of Florida closes fraternity over abuse of wounded vets - Fox News 4/29/15

Thousands of new Lerner emails found - The Hill

Federal Life Insurance Options While Employed - FedSmith

Mount Everest Base Camp: Take a Look at Avalanche Devastation - NBC News 4/29/15

Video: Baltimore mayor says on Saturday that she instructed police to give protestors "space to destroy." - NBC News 4/28/15

Baltimore riots: 'One of our darkest days as a city' - CNN Videos 4/28/15

Aftermath: Baltimore cleans up, seeks order after night of rioting - Fox News 4/28/15

The Baltimore offices of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services will be closing early today. The Social Security Administration also will be evacuating its Baltimore headquarters. Federal News Radio 4/28/15

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