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January 2006 Postal News

Tuesday - January 31, 2006
- USPS Mourns Loss of 5 Santa Barbra Postal Employee Shooting Victims
The Inspection Service has released the names of the five postal employees killed during last evening’s shooting inside the Santa Barbara Processing and Distribution Center. The shooter, a former employee, whose identity is being withheld until her family is notified, is the sixth fatality. See Photo for victims names.

Also from USPS see: Santa Barbara Update: Deputy PMG en route to California | Joint Statement of USPS Union and Management Association Leadership | Statement from the Postmaster General on California shootings. From News Sources: Ex-postal employee kills five, commits suicide at mail plant | Six Dead in Calif. Post Office Shooting

- Six Dead in Calif. Post Office Shooting

Monday - January 30, 2006
War of Words
- DoD may outsource mail delivery
- Postal overhaul sponsors optimistic about Senate action
- Privatization will hurt postal workers, consumers
- Hold for Pickup Goes on Hold to Study Test Results
- More Delivery Problems
- McCausland, Iowa Mail Woes  See Photo
- US Postal Service Launches Campaign Against Fraud
- Postal supervisor defends service
- To 1/2 and !/2 Not

Saturday - January 28, 2006
Deeper Investigation Sought Into Late Mail
- Harkin bill forces postal service review
- Postal Smack Down

Friday - January 27, 2006
USPS: We're Sorry--but...
Also see: Postal overhaul bill held up in Senate | USPS: Rates Could Jump 20% Under Reform

- City’s cost of living to blame, USPS says
- Alleged Netflix thief in court CO
Postal Complaints Rolling In ; General Questions Limit Hot Line Access
- Manzullo to challenge postal leaders on Rockford move
- E-town mail facility could close KY
Modernization Bills Fatally Flawed, Postal Officials Say
Business Owner Accused Of Dumping Mailings
- Hey, Hottie! What's Your Zip Code

Thursday - January 26, 2006
- Postal Service Goes on Offensive in Fight With Senators Over
  System to Set Mail Rates

Also see:
> City and Rural Letter Carriers Support Postal Reform Legislation
> USPS Issues Audio News Release Regarding Postal Reform Bill
> USPS Shares Facts With Media and A Busy Day for Postal Reform
> Postal Service Lobbies Against Reform Bill
> Putting pressure on Postal Service may deliver some reforms
> Blame Congress, not workers, for increase in postal rates
> Any thoughts on the USPS postal reform media blitz?

- Just what does this Postal Reform Bill Say? Well, Read It Here

- Reasons for New Mexico Postal Service Changes Disputed
- Missouri Introduces Do-Not-Mail Bill
- Mailer Groups Pleased at Reported Senate Postal Bill Action

Wednesday - January 25, 2006
USPS Board Opposes Changes to Postal Reform Bill
Also see:
> Post Office Management Opposes Reform Bill
> USPS “Officially” Opposes Senate Reform Bill

- Postal Reform Legislation Could Dramatically Boost Stamp Prices
- PRC broadens authority to approve services
- Larger cities have more postal service problems
- Federal workers should worry less, be thankful

Tuesday - January 24, 2006
US postal service: Complaint hot lines up and running
Malibu Experiences Late Mail Deliveries
- Letter carriers are given a 6 p.m. delivery deadline See Photo
- 10 Year Old Charged in BB gun shooting of letter carrier
- OPM Ousts Postmasters Benefit Plan From Health Insurance Program
- Postal car stolen, used in crimes
- Mailed meth leads to 3 arrests
- Still a First-Class Service
- Postal job no obstacle
- Mail Could Be Slow With Possible Changes In Aberdeen

Monday - January 23, 2006
Postal Service? Hah!
- Senate May Act on Postal Reform This Week
- Commission struggles to define 'postal service'
- $10,000 reward offered for post office robber AL
- McCausland rallies to save post office
- Darrington enforces mail rules
- Cops seek Hilldale post office robber WI

Sunday - January 22, 2006
Mail Troubles Prompt New Promotions
- Purple Heart stamp value to be updated

Saturday - January 21, 2006
NAPUS: Staffing, Long Lines, Late Mail Delivery, OT
- Ask APWU President Burrus
- Federal health plans overcharged government, audit says Fed. Times
- Deceased postal worker sat hours on a Q train
- Postal official: Better service coming to NM
- Purple Heart Stamp to be Reissued

Friday - January 20, 2006
USPS Replaces New Mexico Postal Management
AZ Mail Carrier Detained by Border Patrol -   See Photo
- Mail Handler's Body Goes Unnoticed For Hours After He Dies On Subway
- USPS Seeks to Extend Repositionable Note Test
- White Paper: Difficult to Attach Value Pricing to RPNs
- Court: Royal Mail Owes Bulk Mailers $87 Million

Postal Bulletin Updates
> ELM Revision: Acceptable Reasons and Instructions for LWOP
> Handbook Revision: Handbook F-15, Travel and Relocation

Thursday - January 19, 2006
Netflix Names Former PMG as Chief Operations Officer
NALC: Management Assures NALC Of Supervisors’ Restrictions In
Making Changes to DOIS  
- Postal Service Meeting Set for Feb. 2
- Council Eyes Postal Woes, Adopts Guiding Principles CA
- City postmaster faces DUII case after wreck
- Iowa Senate backs keeping mail processing in Sioux City
- Thieves snatch four Postal Service mail boxes in Palm Springs
- Local Couple Busted For Getting Pot In The Mail
- Letter carrier honored for quick action at fire

Wednesday - January 18, 2006
Return To Sender The Chicagoist
If you are sick and tired of revving up your shredder on a regular basis, then maybe you need to get behind State Representative Careen Gordon’s bill to limit unsolicited mail, which, aside from being incredibly annoying, results in identity theft and consumer fraud, especially among the elderly. However, you can supposedly opt out of receiving catalogs now via a link on the United States Postal Service webpage. However, Chicagoist did this a while ago and we are still getting about 17 Victoria’s Secret catalogs a week.
Also see: New Bill Would Ban Junk Mail

- Postal Workers' Pay Did Not Cause Stamp Rate Increase
  APWU President Burrus to Christian Science Monitor
In his Jan. 6 Opinion piece, "Instead of raising stamp rates, the USPS should cut costs," Sam Ryan claims that postal workers earn "substantially more than their private sector counterparts," when, in fact, FedEx and UPS employees earn more than the workers we at the American Postal Workers Union represent. Though many postal clerks, truck drivers, mechanics, and computer and electronic technicians are highly skilled, on average they earn far less than the $65,000 Mr. Ryan implied. Editor's Note: PostCom has posted a version of this letter which includes much more detail written by Burrus

- USPS Delivers High-Tech Communications Alternative for Deaf
and Hard-of-Hearing Employees

Tuesday - January 17, 2006
Postal workers prepare for important visit
- Updated: Law Lets Businesses Add Images to Stamps
- High Fuel Costs Spur (USPS) Conservation
- Study could result in Waco mail centers moving
- Treasury check envelopes get new look LiteBlue
- Canada Post won't deliver; Sex party sues

Monday - January 16, 2006
Dead Letter Office
- Bulk Mail Outnumbers 1st Class - Carriers Outnumber Clerks
Managers Outnumber Coffee Cups
- Fired Denison Postal Worker Gets Job Back
- Off The Record: Rising costs, declining service likely result
  of efficiency survey
- Canada Post's plan for expanded monopoly denounced by mail association

Sunday - January 15, 2006
Saving the Post Office
- Neighbors fed up: Noise at Corte Madera Post Office

January 14, 2006
Postal Officials Say They'll Sort Out Delivery Problems
- A lick of sense would spare poor postal clerks

January 13, 2006
Postal CSRS Escrow 101
- Mail carrier attack nets probation
- USPS Unveils AMBER Alert New Social Awareness Postage Stamp
- Readers Chime In With Post Office Woes
- Bush Makes BOG Recess Appointment
- USPS Changes Sack Rules for Periodicals
- ‘Snail mail’ a vanishing art form
- Carrier indicted for theft of DVDs
  Also see: Mail carrier may have stolen hundreds of DVD
- One man's battle with junk mail
- USPS Poised to Close McCausland, IA Facility
- Beaumont's postal center to fill up to 400 jobs

- Let's Blame it On Lazy Carriers - PEN Editor
We keep hearing that if USPS could just get the carrier craft to work the USPS would have many budget problems solved. Post offices/stations would practically run themselves. Automation in recent years has caused the USPS compliment (PDF) to see the carrier craft now out-number the clerk craft in number of employees. USPS states that they are expecting to finish 2006 $2 billion in the red - well, most all carriers believe that the biggest reason for this projection is the fact that 2006 will see negotiations start for the NALC contract.
Potter Eyes 2006 Cautiously

- Nat. Leg. of Postmasters Addresses Possible USPS Savings
It is truly “the year of delivery.” If we were able to get the city carriers to work at just standard office time, that is 18/8, we would save $224 million a year. If we were able to get them to work at demonstrated performance, or their base, that number would increase our savings to $563 million. Another $227 million could be saved if we were able to hold the carriers to evaluated street time.

January 12, 2006
Court Comes Down Hard on USPS Manager
See Donoghue v. United States Postal Service.

- Inquiry Seeks to Stamp Out Mailbox Mishaps, Late Delivery
- Postal clerk accused of gift card theft
- Mail is bent, rifled for gift cards, cash
- Hunt is on for bomber
- More Federal Technology Work Expected to Go Private
- Clerk Craft Upgrades Will Have Ripple Effect APWU
- Postal Service delivers good news to Flint Michigan
- Post office is safe, air test results show
- Pines didn't ask for ZIP code change
- DHL Plans Large NYC Center for May

January 11, 2006
- PMG Potter: Sequenced (DPS) flats coming in April
- Magazines Bribe, Too!  
- Burrus Update: Even the USPS Doesn’t Blame This One on Us
- $224M mail center set for Pontiac
- New Law Allows Businesses to Use Images on Stamps
- Post office complaints continue to pile up
- Centralia center on USPS list for study
- A post on the post
- Lack of local listing hurts postal service
- Coram Man Accused of Robbing Post Office
- Pair charged with raiding mailboxes in Ban Buren Co.

January 10, 2006
- Fed. Times: CFO says '2006 Will Be Challenging' for Postal Service
- Dog attacks Whittier mail carrier CA
- US: Lobbyist's Work for Publishers of Magazines Under Scrutiny
- Council to lobby for retention of mail processing center
- Current NAPUS Newsletter - PDF
- Mailers rail at rate hike
- Higher postal rates receive mixed reviews
- Dissatisfied postal customers put in their 2 cents
- Going postal over the fact that nobody keeps 2-cent stamps around
- Letter-carrier publishes novel
- Letter carrier the cause of heartburn in Milpitas

January 9, 2006
Burrus: After 14 Years of Struggle, An Important Accomplishment
Political Scandal Touches DM World 
> Jack Abramoff and Postal Rate Increases Editorial
> Lobbyist's Work for Publishers of Magazines Under Scrutiny

- 2-Cent Stamp Increase Is Only Temporary Fix for Postal Woes
- Post office risks ending up in dead-mail room
- Postal Rates Rise 5.4 Percent - See rates and fees
- Cop car fatally strikes postal supervisor
- Congress Eyes Data Security, Postal Reform, Remote Sales Tax
- Bill-Me Marketers Seek Cost Cuts in Collection
- Town struggles for postal identity
- Postage increase follows $1.4 billion USPS profit in 2005

January 7, 2006
- REC Site Dispute Resolved
The settlement [PDF], dated Dec. 21, 2005, requires that the USPS “cease and desist” from the practice, and awarded payment to affected PTFs not to exceed a total of $500,000.

- Some Operations Consolidated As 'Network Realignment' Begins APWU
> Read USPS AMP Guide (PDF) - Read APWU AMP Guide (PDF)
> Consolidation List

- Going postal over mail service
- Turf Battle - PRC vs. USPS - NAPUS Newsletter (PDF)
- PMR's Get Pay Increase - National League of Postmasters
Postal Worker Denies Stealing Checks
- Postal workers want dust from flooring tested for asbestos

January 6, 2006
- PRC Ruling Defines 'Postal Service'
You may read this PRC rule by following either of these links: Order1449.pdf or Order1449.doc

- Instead of raising stamp rates, the USPS should cut costs
- Two postal workers suspected of stealing Netflix DVDs
- Supreme Court To Hear Case On Retaliatory Prosecution by USPS
- Mail slow, insurers grudging- if you're lucky New Orleans
- Hashknife Posse Prepares For 48th Annual Pony Express Ride
- Postman accused of stealing mail, check
- Direct mail millionaire who wants to be UK postmaster

January 5, 2006
- Life in prison for shooting mail carrier
- Aberdeen postal study doesn't involve public
- Postal union urges campaign to save center See Photo
More: Siouxlanders Crowd City Hall to Talk Mail

- Send It Off In A Letter To Yourself
- Red Bluff woman sentenced to prison had USPS parcel locker keys
- How I Closed Down the Falls Church Post Office
- USPS Net Income Stays Positive YTD Despite Escrow
- Postal Service Customers Put In Their Two-Cents Worth
- City panel wants to keep mail sorting here
- Customers protest closing of postal annex
- Raising postal rates was right
- Olympic Winter Games Honored on US Postage Stamp

January 4, 2006
- Board tackles mail delivery problems
- Abramoff Plea Has USPS Connection?
Abramoff Pleads Guilty to 3 Counts: Lobbyist to Testify About Lawmakers In Corruption Probe

- Thieves steal mail from 130 Phelan households See Photo
- Petro asks for delay in postmaster death-penalty case
- USPS romance novelist blushes at her own prose
- Barricade blocks access to Foothills post office
- ‘The best in all America’: Hairy legs, a caring heart help mail carrier earn
  top service award from Talking Book Library
- Postman's Last Route

January 3, 2006
- Consumers, Postal Workers Express Concerns About 'Consolidation'
Postal Service announcements of plans to consolidate “some operations” at mail processing facilities around the country have generated interest in the press, as well as among elected officials and consumers, and the reviews are almost universally unfavorable. The deterioration of customer service, the demise of historical postmarks, and the dislocation of citizens important to local economies are issues that seem to resonate with the media, legislators, and the public.
See APWU Consolidation List

- No drug subsidy for Postal Service
- Special delivery - carrier retiring after almost 40 years
- Cities broaden ZIP code fight
- No stamping of feet over increase
- Royal Mail postal monopoly in Britain ends

January 2, 2006
- USPS VP A. Jaffer Responds to - Times-Picayune News Story
"The Postal Service has maintained a presence in New Orleans throughout this
(Katrina) crisis. We were there two days after the hurricane providing Social Security checks to residents, and we delivered tens of thousands of relief checks to evacuees. When the Central Business District and French Quarter opened back up, we were right there with them providing deliveries to residents and businesses. Today, we are making house-to-house deliveries to the repopulated areas of the city, and are providing mail over the counter to residents. Every New Orleans resident has access to mail and mail services."

New Orleans Residents Respond to Jaffer Comments:
Full service? Not even close
- Sorting mail a lost art
- Change of address a mistake
- Postal disservice
- Be wary of postal transformation plan
- Early Outs Approved for Carriers Affected by Hurricane Katrina
- Stamp hike prompts man to track down 1936 letter
- Not going postal over misplaced packages — yet
- Jeffrey City loses postal services
- Mediation Board Won't Release UPS Pilots From Talks

January 1, 2006
- For Christmas, uncle gets 'time capsule' card

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