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January 31, 2009
- Potter Video - Postal Service Looks For Flexibility -
- Postal changes could have widespread impact
- Postal service, big shots making plenty | Postal cuts not all about money
- Birmingham, AL Mayor supports 5-day postal week -
- In Search Of The Perfect Mail Stream
- Effort launched to save W-B post office
- Money crunch costs Houston two post offices
- Less Mail?

January 30, 2009
- Five-Day Mail Delivery? Not So Fast. -
- Reaction mixed to 5-day mail delivery
Also see reaction video here -
- Experts See Dim Future for U.S. Postal Service -
- NALC's Young Says "There are no plans to eliminate six-day mail delivery" -
- Reactions varied on plan to cut USPS service by one day
- Two ex-postal workers sentenced
- PA man convicted for threat on carrier
- Local postal workers see delivery cuts as harmful
- A price increase and a cut in service?
- Stop Postal Service losses

January 29, 2009
- Potter Says Possible 5 Day Delivery?
Also see: Key Points - PostCom | PRC Chairman Dan G. Blair's Comments | The Impact of the Economic Crisis on USPS | GAO: Deteriorating Postal Finances Require Aggressive Actions to Reduce Costs | Senators balk at proposal to cut back mail delivery days  -

lso see:
NALC President William H. Young says Five-day delivery not the best economic solution -
- Postmaster General's Testimony Offers Little Insight -

  APWU's Burrus
Postal Service seeks end to Saturday delivery requirement
Federal Times  -
- Postmaster General: Mail days may need to be cut
Associated Press
- A Second Day Off for the Postal Service?
Washington Post

- Blaming the Post Office's Problems on the Media
- Bush Pardons Postal Employee
- Postal worker saves mail when his truck catches fire
Post office set to raise rates while cutting service
- Granite Falls man charged in sexual assault of postal carrier

- Idaho postal worker saves elderly woman

January 28, 2009
- Post office supervisor pleads guilty
- Oklahoma City letter carrier remains critical after falling on her head in driveway
- Union, Postal Service differ on cutting job hours
- Ross-Simons VP Makes New Appeal to USPS

- 12000 in Lexington don't get their mail

January 27, 2009
- PMG Potter to Address Worsening USPS Finances Wednesday -
- Most postal workers refuse anthrax vaccine -
- APWU opposes move -
- No Parking Anytime: Mail boxes going the way of, well, snail mail
- Post office delivering satisfaction to city businesses
- Thanks father, mail carriers
- AG warns of personalized photo stamps
- Layoffs, Layoffs, Layoffs -

January 26, 2009
- Postal service to offer same-day delivery of The Detroit News
- Don't Dismiss The Power of a Letter
- St. Louis inmate's 'legal mail' disgusts court clerk

January 25, 2009
- Mail changes to Industry, CA?
- Cutting Corners, Other USPS Plans
- Revisited: Monopoly – It Is Not Just a Game -
- Will the USPS Ask for a Second Postage Increase?
- Postal Service examining its city routes

January 24, 2009
- Significant Changes Expected; Sacrifices Must Be Shared, Burrus Says -
- DMA, coalition of publishers and associations, urge postal relief
- Ex-postal worker indicted for murder
- APWU Local Collects 8,000 Signatures In Support of Consolidation Fight in Florida
- The Post Office Stole My Woot! Shirt! and follow-up Woot! Replaces Shirt Stolen By The U.S. Post Office
- Turkey terror in Rockport: Post Office suspends some deliveries after birds' attacks on carriers
- Pitney Bowes has announced the opening of a new sorting facility in Corona, CA

- Postal workers union heads to court to try to prevent Bridgeport jobs from moving to Stamford
- USPS Sees Drop in Volume
- It's curtains for the window envelope

January 23, 2009
- Revisiting The Anthrax Attacks Of 2001
- USPS Policy charging employees for non-work days did not violate USERRA
- Cher lobbying Postal Service for Bono stamp -
- USPS Says Lean Six Sigma Project Reduces DPS Processing -
- Revisited: Subcontracting Practices Contribute to USPS Woes -
- F.Y.I.: Executive Order -- Ethics Commitments by Executive Branch Personnel -
- The Greening of Expedited Packaging: A U.S. Postal Service and Supplier Collaboration
- Feds say mail carrier got too many discounts

January 22, 2009
- Man Sentenced for Assaulting Pregnant Mail Carrier
- Mental treatment ordered for former postal employee guilty of fraud
- New Family and Medical Leave Act regulations
- Arizona Postal Employee Pleads Guilty to Stealing Mail with Gift Cards
- Parcel shipping: USPS rate changes go into effect

January 21, 2009
- APWU President Burrus replying to a question from an APWU member from Nashville -
- Mail-hoarding carriers uncommon but embarrassing -
- Postal contractor steals cash and DVD's from mail
Postal service moving jobs out of downtown Bridgeport post office
Letter carriers want to correct 'injustice'
- Austin artist fashions junk-mail sculpture
- Postal Service redraws routes in tough times

January 20, 2009
- Postal Stimulus Initiative - NAPUS Newsletter
- Just Before Noon Today The Son of a Postal Carrier will announce "Ladies and gentlemen, the president-elect of the United States . . . Barack H. Obama."
- Pot, Postal Service -- A Bad Combination
- Postal workers conquer snow, ice and dangerous temperatures
- Woman turns junk mail into art
- Pensacola couple thanks their mail carrier for impetus to go to inauguration

January 19, 2009
- Don't Bail Out The Mail -
- Postal carrier helps out cats, dogs seen during routes -
- National League of Postmasters President Reports On NPA Issues Meeting At Postal Headquarters -
- Ira Shank, 76, crossed Hwy. 25 each morning to retrieve his mail and newspaper. Sunday it proved fatal.

January 18, 2009
- Letter carrier to be sentenced for mail theft -
- Don’t Knock the Post Office
Also see Matt says to lay off the post office -
- Opinion: Postal carriers won't walk on shoveled walks -

January 17, 2009
- Federal authorities release sketches of suspects in robbery at Fairfield, AL post office
- Ask President Burrus: Would you be able to address any of the rumors that are floating around the Postal Service? -
- Fewer pieces of mail means fewer routes for postal service
- APWU: Union Observance Limited to Madison Hotel at Inauguration
USPS, wrecker service workers among those braving the cold
- Oshkosh woman arrested for national mail scam

More Postal News
January 16, 2009
Click Here to Read Final Rule (PDF 12+ MB) -
- NALC: New FMLA Regulations | APWU Info -
- Post office says military vet owes $3,000 for time spent in service before he can retire  -
- Earth Class Mail to PRC
- US Postal Service Offering $10000 Reward
- A Very Special Investment Option for CSRS

January 15, 2009
- Update: Fired mail carrier will keep job, Postal Service says -
- $1M Bond Set for Former Carrier Accused of Murder
- Bring on the Rumors for USPS’ “Big Announcement” Friday -
- Thrift Savings Plan Fact Sheet
- Residents rail against postal changes
- Changes coming in how L.A. gets its mail
- Postal service comes through
- Postal service to move sorting work out of Canton to Akron
- Postage Rate "Cheat Sheet" for New Rates effective January 17, 2009

January 14, 2009
Police Investigate Stabbing Death Of Postal Worker
- APWU Takes Issue With Suggestions to E-Mail Greeting Cards
- Letter carrier loses job after going to shot fiancé's side -
- Residents say they can't refuse delivery -
- APWU Assists Veterans at ‘Winterhaven Stand Down’
Opinion: What has become of mail delivery?
- Generic US Post Office Logo
Storm of The Century Continues
Postal service seeks efficiency | USPS: Economy could affect mail delivery times | Less mail will bring changes to postal routes -

January 13, 2009
- Stoughton City Council to examine options after Postal Service lost 6,500 newsletters
- GAO Report: U.S. Postal Service: Age and Disability Diversity in the Executive Service
- Mistrial in slaying of off-duty mail carrier -
- Plea date moved for ex-mail carrier -
US Postal Service’s new rates go into effect next week
- Changes At Post Office As People Mail Fewer Items

January 12, 2009
- Opinion: No mail on Saturdays -
- Mail drops, routes change

January 11, 2009
- Technology, availability alter how mail is sent, received -
- Ice a danger for Missoula mail carriers
- New York City Chinese-American Artist Creates 12 Stamp Series

January 10, 2009
- USPS Union Pleas, Charges, and Complaints by OLMS -
The storm of route changes by USPS is spreading like wildfire across the USA. Here are more indications: Economy Could Cause Changes in Postal Deliveries | As mail volume in Berks drops, postal officials, union to reroute carriers

- Borough fails to sway Postal Service on box fees
- Website charging for info on US Postal Service Jobs
- Post office feline sparks cat fight in small Alabama town
- After 50 years with postal service, Grahn still going strong
- Missing Social Security Checks A ‘Wake-Up Call’

January 09, 2009
- Changing Skyline: P.O. design doesn't deliver, either
- Postal Service to cut costs by consolidating delivery routes
- The USPS NGMPS Program -
- For the Post Office: Snow, Rain and Now Gloom of Recession -
- Postmaster Charged With Identity Theft -
- Mansfield post office again faces mail shift
- Cos Cob mail carriers return home
- USPS, Capital One dispute remains in discovery
- Getting the Gov't to pay a claim

January 08, 2009
- Declining Volume, Killing the Messenger, Excessive Discounts -

January 07, 2009
- Former postmaster gets jail for taking funds -
- Mail carrier to thief:: Take that, you dog -
- Man guilty in death of postal worker
- The Unofficial Guide to Flats Sequencing
- Goin' Postal CEO Goes Postal On Fire Marshal
- Postal Service Cuts Off SRO Tenants; Defies State and Local Law
- Secured Destruction of Undeliverable As Addressed Mail
- California mailman indicted for opening greeting cards
- Appeals Court Favors APWU In Latest Round of AMS Dispute -
- Mail carrier helps save wandering toddler
- APWU: Secretary-Treasurer Training Available Online
- Thieves target postal drop boxes in Texas
- Post office trying to return lost gift cards
- Postal carriers fight ice and snow

January 06, 2009
- Economic Woes Also Affecting Mail Delivery -
- Postal Service Sees Less Mail In Slumping Economy -
- Hundreds of gift cards “lost” at the post office
- Snow's gone, but FedEx and UPS package complaints remain

January 05, 2009
- The Year That Lays Ahead -
- Postal Service set for big shift
- The FERS is Flying

January 04, 2009
- Smoking mail brings out bomb squad
- Stamp's 'unknown musher' is quite well known, actually

January 03, 2009
- NALC: Route Adjustments Extended to February 20th -
- Vallejo postal route changes may mean new delivery times
- Maine’s Mail Marathon
- Asbestos threat closes U.S. Post Office near Westport in St. Louis County
- U.S. Postal Service Beefs Up RIBBS Website
- Alcohol issue addressed: Lingleville to keep post office

January 02, 2009
- Hearing Held In Postmaster’s Death
- USPS: Changes to the Rehabilitation Act

January 01, 2009
- PostalEASE Enrollment Period For FEHB, FSA Extended -
- Ex-mail carrier expected to plea to federal charge
- Video: Here's UPS...in a big hurry! -
- Postal customer states "I've spoken many times with postal officials, including the local postmaster. It's like listening to an endless recorded message."
- Postal Service pledges to remove 8,000 pounds of lead
- Carrier is 'a hard act to follow'

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