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January 2012 News

January 31, 2012
Congressman Carter Calls for Post Office Closings Review

Do federal workers get paid more than private ones?
According to a new study, the answer is yes. But there are a few factors that level the field. -

The synergy of losses: How much will downsizing really save?
Save the Post Office -

IRS decision costs the Postal Service millions
Federal Times -

Postmaster arrested on charges of sexual assault, battery -

Postmaster in 'shock' over unexpected post office closure -

Six Years Ago… the Goleta Post Office Massacre
Santa Barbara View -

- Mail set ablaze at Rockingham Post Office
- USPS Raises Postage Rates; Titan List & Mailing Services, Inc. Discusses Ways to Cut Costs on a Direct Mail Campaign

January 30, 2012
United States Postal Service Cut 50 Full-Time OU Employees -

Mail Handlers Union Warns Members of Dangers In Changing to Carrier Craft -

CBO Report on S.1789 Could Kill Postal Reform in the Senate
Courier Express and Postal Observer - The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) cost estimate on S. 1789, the 21st Century Postal Service Act of 2011, most likely killed Senate action on postal reform. -

OIG: U.S. Mail: A Perpetual Duty -

Contract post offices, closing faster than they open
Save the Post Office -

A Surprise Leader in the Print-Media Bankruptcy Sweepstakes
Dead Tree Edition -

US Postal Service 'Unsustainable' Situation, Leader Says -

January 29, 2012
Senate Postpones Consideration of Postal Bill


Former Postal Inspector Convicted in Federal Court of Perjury and Obstruction of Justice -

Temple residents fight to keep post office open -

Congress can, should fix USPS -

January 28, 2012
Congressman Hinchey calls for a moratorium on the closing studies

Save the Post Office -

No Change in OWCP Procedures for Physical Therapy Authorizations
Please scroll to the bottom of this article for this ALERT from OWCP regarding Align Networks (chosen by USPS for treatment of injured employees). -

Why Mail Matters: Political Attack ads Can be Tougher
Courier Express and Postal Observer -

USPS, NALC & Mail Handlers' Negotiations - Burrus Journal -

January 27, 2012
Postal Service, NAPUS and League Agree to Postmaster Pay Talks Extension

USPS Launches Express Mail Flat Rate Box -

APWU Says Members Must Take Action Now Because Senate Will Soon Vote On Postal Bill -

NALC: Thanks to you and your brothers and sisters across the country, S. 1789 will not be brought to the Senate floor next week. -

The Challenge of Good Legislative Execution
Gene Del Polito -

Former postal worker to serve 6 years for using Davenport house to store cocaine, marijuana -

Former postal worker gets probation in painkiller theft -

PMG Will Respond to Issa Comments On CNBC's Squawk Box This Morning At 8 ET - link leads to video -

Diet pensions on the menu? -

USPS offers commercial mailers a free ounce for promo inserts -

- Moonshine Leak Prompted Jensen Beach Post Office Evacuation

January 26, 2012
Postal employee, 4 others indicted in $590K theft of Treasury checks

APWU Discourages Members from Participating In 'Align Networks' -

Postal Service’s Overfunding of Pension Plans Grows to $13 Billion -

Video shows mail carrier allegedly stealing prescription medicine -

USPS Says Letter Carrier Positions Are Available -

How the USPS is Using Its Flexibility Under the APWU Contract -

Ex-Postal Employee Pleads Guilty to Attacking Postmaster -

A former contractor for the US Postal Service was sentenced to federal prison Wednesday for stealing more than $30000 -

PRC unveils new rules for handling post office closing appeals
Federal Times -

Netflix CEO: DVD subscribers to decline now and forever - Also see Netflix Decides to Ditch Video Game Rentals -

- GAO Report: FEDERAL EMPLOYEES' COMPENSATION ACT - Preliminary Observations on Fraud-Prevention Controls

January 25, 2012
Senate Poised to Consider Postal Bill

It appears likely that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) will call up S. 1789, the Lieberman-Collins-Carper Brown postal relief bill sometime next week. -

We Already Have A Veterans Job Corps -- It's Called the Postal Service -

OPM: Fixing retirement backlog 'vitally important'
Federal News Radio -

Invisible Hands: The Businessmen's Campaign to Dismantle the Post Office -

Rep. Issa: US Post Office Needs to Cut 260,000 Jobs
The U.S. Postal Service needs to slash 260,000 jobs and end weekend delivery if it is to climb out of its "financially insolvent" condition, Rep. Darrell Issa said. - Also see Issa Says USPS is Committee’s Priority, And Should Cut 260,000 Employees -

2nd Ounce Free for First-Class Mail Automation and Presort Letter Mailers -

USPS Shoots for $1 billion in Annual Every Door Direct Mail Sales -

OIG Blog: Thinking Outside The Envelope -

Prosecutors: NJ postal worker took part in tax scheme -

- Hillsborough deputies accuse postal worker of possessing child porn

January 24, 2012
Misplaced Priorities: Environmentalists, Junk Mail and the Keystone Pipeline
- "...there has been no push by Democratic lawmakers or encouragement from the environmental left to create a “Do Not Mail” registry." -

Va. Rep. Gerry Connolly Offers Proposal To Help The US Postal Service Battle Deficit -

Man finds dumpster full of mail -

72-Year-Old Postal Employee Makes Shocking Confession -

A former postal worker who faked injuries to get disability benefits has been sentenced to seven months in prison. -

- Truck loaded with mail burns north of Waycross

January 23, 2012
Postal union talks reach impasse, arbitration likely

Federal Times -

Six Day Delivery and H.R. 2309
Courier Express and Postal Observer -

Federal employees owe $1.03 billion in unpaid taxes
WP reports that our elected officials are out to get tax evading federal and postal employees again for not paying their taxes - we contend that this effort should certainly include Timothy F. Geithner, our Secretary of the Treasury, who failed to pay his taxes for several years - and, this effort should also include any employee of our current government administration - including any Senator or Congressman. -

Congressman Higgins: mail facility closing violates policy act -

Making sense of the Post Office financial situation -

- Stamps.com Automatically Updated With New USPS Postage Rates
- Video of mail being stolen

January 22, 2012
Stamp prices go up as postal labor talks fail

Washington Post -

Former Postal Employee Sentenced for Mail Theft -

Occupy Rockford Raises Awareness Surrounding Mail Processing Center Closure -

Harsh penalty for hard work -

- Letter: Postal workers dedicated to providing security, good service

January 21, 2012
Latest Criminal Enforcement Actions Against Postal Union Officials

USPS declines to extend contract talks; NALC ‘disappointed’ - Also see USPS statement Labor Contract Negotiations with Two Major Unions Reach Impasse - Also see Mailhandler -

USPS-union talks expire for third time since November -

Former postmaster: Closing post offices not the way to save money
Huron Daily Tribune -

Senator Carper addresses U.S. Postal Service on future of Hares Corner Processing Facility -

- Postal Service Has 180 Job Openings In SC

January 20, 2012
Bipartisan majority in the House backs six-day mail delivery

The NALC has learned that 218 House members from both parties—a majority—have now signed on as co-sponsors of H.Res. 137, the measure introduced by Rep. Sam Graves (R-MO). -

USPS Celebrates Alabama’s 14th National Football Championship
PEN is proud of the University of Alabama and their win of their 14th national football championship. PEN calls Alabama home. -

Statement from Congressman Brian Higgins on William Street Mail Facility Job Posting - “The sign outside the William Street mail processing facility may say they deliver jobs but it seems to me these days the United States Postal Service is much better at delivering confusion and mixed messages." -

Carrier in Taylor, MI accused of taking cash from mail -

Guilty plea in post office murder -

Which of These 4 Print-Related Giants Is Headed for Bankruptcy? Cast Your Vote -

Gruesome Murder-Suicide In Kanawha County  - crime possibly committed by a postal employee -

Senate bill would reimburse US Postal Service -

PostCom: House Oversight and Government Reform committee report on HR2309 (PDF) -

eBay Warns Sellers to Prepare for USPS Postage Rate Changes -

Collins says Postal Service situation is 'dire' -

- Elderly woman rescued from fire thanks to quick actions of letter carrier
- Oshkosh man who took mail carrier hostage get 15 years in prison
- Man accuses post office of losing expensive baseball card collection, jewelry

January 19, 2012
Sen. Susan Collins: US Postal Service cannot be allowed to fail

Statement on Postal Service Asking PRC to Accelerate Review of Network and Service Standard Changes -

U.S. Postal Service cuts could slow Oregon's mail voting in November -

Postal Workers Have the Right To Speak Out Against Facility Closures -

A post office worth preserving
Save the Post Office -

Careless mailman caught on tape - video -

Ex-mail carrier sentenced for fraud -

Dillons to end Postal Service contract -

Man Accused of Breaking in to Post Office -

Sheriff's Office continuing to ask for tips regarding postal manager's beating -

- US Postal Service Worker Robbed At Gunpoint, DC Police Looking For Suspect -
- Blame 'inventor' Al Gore for Postal Service woes

January 18, 2012
Portland area postal workers rally to save jobs, Saturday delivery

Mailman accused of stealing money from greeting cards -

USPS delivers magazine to Coral Gables home 36 years late -

Postal cuts: 5 Montana libraries forming next-day delivery courier system -


Postal Service Self Sufficiency, Financial Viability and the Business Model
Courier Express and Postal Observer - author says "Therefore, it is time for postal service stakeholders, and in particular its labor unions to develop an acceptable path toward privatization." -

OPM sends Congress its plan to fix retirement services
Washington Post -

Peekskill Man Charged in Assault of Postal Worker -

Springfield Mail Sorting Center Under the Axe -

- Ending the 'franking privilege' could help save the postal service
- Postal workers aren't 'mules,' Mr. Johnston

January 17, 2012
USPS Says It's nobody's business

OIG: What Else Could Postal Carriers Do? -

Updates to Express Mail refund policy begin on January 22 -

IG: USPS plant consolidations were justified
Federal Times -

Under Siege: The Outlook for Print Media Is Even Worse Than We Thought, Expert Says -- But Publishers May Prosper - Dead Tree Edition -

The Fair Political Practices Commission v. the U.S. Postal Service -

- Postal Service sued after worker causes collision
- Candy-eating raccoons leave mess
- Police say man raided post office in pursuit of bath salt delivery

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More Postal News

January 16, 2012
Postal Services on Holidays

Courier Express and Postal Observer -

Post Office Closings in 2011: Lists, maps, the whole mess
Save the Post Office -

To Avoid Collapse The Post Office Should Deliver Health Care And Other Services - Forbes -

Mailboxes go digital with Zumbox -

January 15, 2012
A savings account at the post office?


USPS changes to slow bill payments
Hartford Business Journal -

Competing bills aim to fix Postal Service
Springfield News-Leader -

Administrative waste a likely cause for postal service woes -

CT mail industry backs postal service cutbacks -

US Postal Service receives no subsidies to operate
The Tennessean -

January 14, 2012
SUV Rear Ends Postal Vehicle, Pinning Carrier Between SUV and Postal Vehicle

Bangor post office suddenly shut down due to mold problems -

Congressman Higgins Requests Meeting with Postmaster General
Frustrated by the lack of data to justify closings and drastic job cuts in Western New York, the Congressman is asking the U.S. Postmaster General for a meeting to discuss the issue. -

Rep. Barletta to USPS: Reopen Shickshinny post office -

N.D. delegation urges officials to reconsider Postal Service closures -

MOST FOREIGN POSTAL SERVICES ARE PROFITABLE; THE U.S. POSTAL SERVICE LAGS (PDF) - Institute for Research on the Economics of Taxation -

California political watchdog agency sues US Postal Service
Fresno Bee -

Judge delivers prison sentence for Turlock postal worker on multiple convictions of workers’ compensation and mail fraud -

Dog bites mail carrier, who sues its owner -

January 13, 2012
APWU Warns Members to Beware of Risks in USPS Campaign For Voluntary Transfers to Letter Carrier

Postmaster Pay Talks Continue -

FPPC sues United States Postal Service over records request
Sacramento Bee -

Could Email Save Snail Mail, Or Is The Internet Too Reliant on the USPS? -

The US Postal Service Is Borrowing Taxpayer Money At An Interest Rate Of 0.14% -

Postal Service Sued in Dispute Over Campaign Mailers
Businessweek -

The Check’s in the Mail - for Two More Days -

Post offices reach end of the road in US -

Former Pasadena mail carrier gets 97-month sentence for receipt of child pornography -

January 12, 2012
Retirement Incentives at the USPS

Courier Express and Postal Observer - "...all other Federal agencies can offer incentives up to $25,000 while the Postal Service is limited to a $20,000 maximum incentive." -

At crammed forum on possible postal cuts, Collins says ‘proposal could create a death spiral’ -

New Postal Service App for iPhone Scans Shipping Labels for Package Tracking on the Go -

The OIG wants your opinion
Save the Post Office - The OIG wants to hear your opinion regarding the Postal Service's plan to close 3,652 post offices. -

Crowd dismisses claim of postal finance woes - Legislators pledge to support unions -

Snail Mail’s Slow Death by Government Intrusion -

Mail clerk admits to embezzling funds -

Myth, Reality, and the U.S. Postal Service -

Rep. Elijah Cummings via Fed. News Radio: "...as we are about to address the postal issues, [Issa] is saying that he wants to make sure that over 130,000 of them [postal employees] are let go without any kind of benefits exiting package." -

Retiree Health Benefits Causing Financial Strain on Employers
USPS has made headlines over the past year as economic woes have forced it to announce plans to close facilities, change delivery schedules and eliminate jobs. -

Lawmakers have postal workers backs in Wallingford, CT -

January 11, 2012
Thrown Overboard: Publishers Feel Abandoned by the U.S. Postal Service

Dead Tree Edition -

Our View: Postal problems make us sick -

Can an MIT professor save the USPS? -

Residents rally to protest possible Gary Post Office closure -

Portland postal workers rally against cuts -

January 10, 2012
Hundreds of Postal Workers and Allies March in Oregon

Save the Post Office -

"This Post Office will not be closed in vain"
Save the Post Office -

Measuring the Impact of Network Optimization
Courier Express and Postal Observer -

Postal Service Selects Verizon as a Prime Contractor to Help Manage Advanced Communications Platform -

Who failed, Amazon or the USPS?
Courier Express and Postal Observer -

Congressman Ross Urges Postal Service to Explore Other Cost Cutting Alternatives -

Former postal worker gets probation for drug package theft -

Man Pretending To Be Mail Carrier Robs Greenville, NC Family -

Proposed cuts worry Erie region businesses that lean heavily on Postal Service -

What's in your mailbox?
USA TODAY - share your thoughts - see reporters email address at article.

January 09, 2012

Leagle.com - ...Postal Service contends that it fired Coleman because she told her psychiatrist she was having thoughts of killing her supervisor... -

Mass Appeals at the PRC -

US Senator Dick Durbin Discusses USPS Consolidation and Unemployment in Centralia -

Postal Worker Gets Prison Sentence for Worker's Comp Fraud -

Mail expected to slow as Postal Service deals with losses -

Complaint Box | Addressee Deceased
NY Times -

USPS allows large direct mail customers to pay postage after dispatch
BizReport -

January 08, 2012
Proposed post office closures shortsighted

Statesman Journal -

"Vive la United States Postal Service!" -

PRC Federal Register Notice: This document informs the public that an appeal of the closing of the Alexander, Kansas post office has been filed. -

January 07, 2012
USPS paid FedEx $1.4 billion for airfreight in '10

Mail carrier helps woman who fell and couldn't get up (video) -

FedEx Seen Losing $400M in Next Postal Contract
Bloomberg -

USPS to offer credit billing to direct mailers
BtoB Magazine -

What’s Behind Postal Crisis? Privatization
Labor Notes -

Pushing the envelope -

Probation for Postal Employee That Tried Stealing Charity Checks -

- Police: Man struck, killed by US Postal Service truck while walking along freeway in Detroit

January 06, 2012
Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson Supports Postal Regulatory Commission Report on USPS Closures

USPS' changes could cost companies big
BtoB Magazine -

Postal reform bills could see action early this year
GovExec.com -

The Postman Always Writes Twice
Save the Post Office -

Obama fills NLRB positions -

Will Business Go Postal When Post Office Nixes Next-Day Delivery?
Business News Daily -

The Postal Regulatory Commission has an exciting employment opportunity for a highly motivated, highly skilled person with extensive and varied experience in consumer relations and communications. SALARY RANGE: $66,838–$120,539 -

January 05, 2012
A Fight for Post Offices and Towns’ Souls

NY Times -

U.S. Postal Service cuts could cost companies $100M a year, study says -

No Such Thing as a Free Ounce: Does 'Second Ounce Free' Make Sense for the Postal Service or Mailers? Dead Tree Edition -

Sheriff: Letter carrier stole mail, burglarized homes -

Officials upset at delay in closing Clearwater Beach post office
Tampabay.com - The US Postal Service's 11th-hour request to keep its Clearwater Beach post office open into May is hitting resistance from city leaders who are ready to see it leave. -

Postal Service's plan to close post offices hits roadbumps
FederalNewsRadio.com -

Postal Service vital to America's future -

Letter Carrier Delivers Couple From Burning Home
Postal Service Employees Outraged At Local Meeting

January 04, 2012
USPS acts to avoid customer privacy violations

Washington Times -

It's time for a new business model for the USPS
Lakeland Times - Charles J. Miller: USPS District Manager -

PRC Blasts USPS Retail Closure Plan -

Carlisle grad is working to save the US Postal Service
PennLive.com -

Congress created Postal Service mess; it can fix it -

Postal Workers Picket to Save Jobs at Springfield MO Facility -

Lesson from the U.S. Postal Service
Inc.com -

Carrier attacked by pit bull
Sen. Carper to host Postal Telephone Town Hall

January 03, 2012
On the Road: Postal Trucks as Vehicles of Discovery

Save the Post Office -

2300 Missing Surface Visibility Scanners?
Postal Affairs Blog -

Wrecking America's Postal Service -

Why Mail Matters: Santorum’s Rise Came Too Late for Direct Mail Attacks
Courier Express and Postal Observer -

USPS' Mess and NewPage's Saga: Dead Tree Edition's Best (and Worst) of 2011 -

Mark Twain and Congress’s Management of the USPS: Are They Criminals or Idiots? Courier Express and Postal Observer -

January 02, 2012
Postal workers’ plight viewed as personal

Columbus Dispatch -

500 jobs could be lost in downtown Youngstown if USPS closes processing center -

Postal Service's list of Philadelphia endangered sites goes from 14 to 1 -

Chicagoans protest possible post office closings -

Week in Review: Protests, dissents, and a fury that won’t go away -

January 01, 2012
New Orleans
Mayor, Mitch Landrieu, files 'notice of intervention' in plans to close Postal Service processing center - New Orleans Times-Picayune -

Marketers eye USPS' struggles with caution -

Dead Tree Edition: Most of the article is not about postal issues, but note the "John Adams Award" winners: “...2011 was the year that the mainstream media and general public started realizing how useless and damaging Congress' oversight of the allegedly independent U.S. Postal Service -

Papers feel the pinch: Postal Service cuts would disrupt weekly deliveries -

Firing postal workers is not solution -

Your Postal Blog: 105 Years of Happy
Mailbox Explosions Leave Residents On Edge
Congress too partisan to manage post office


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