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July 31, 2009
- USPS Station/Branches Identified For Full Study
- Testimony from Subcommittee Hearing on USPS
Click here to watch a video of this hearing -
- USPS: 677 Facilities Face Closure, Consolidation -
- Lawmakers Get Conflicting Advice On Fixing US Postal Service -
- Florida RCA admits to stealing mail
- Three Atlanta post offices on list for possible closure
- D-Day Coming in September

July 30, 2009
- Postal Service to review 1,000 post offices for closure -
- Senate panel blocks Postal bonuses -

And from the Washington Post see: At Postal Service, A Plan for Survival and Lawmakers to weigh postal overhaul  and - NY Times: Increasing Postal Deficits Intensify Talks on Solution  -

- NALC: Rolando Cautions Congress Against Harmful Changes by Postal Service
- GAO: Mail Delivery Efficiency Has Improved, but Additional Actions Needed to Achieve Further Gains (PDF 9.03 mb) Read Summary -

Also from the GAO see:
U.S. POSTAL SERVICE Broad Restructuring Needed to Address Deteriorating Finances -
- Burrus: Postal Decision-Makers Are Off the Mark
Read testimony -

- APWU: Union Calls for Campaign To Defeat Anti-Postal Worker Senate Bill
- PRC Review of Retiree Health Benefit Fund Liability as Calculated by Office of Personnel Management and U.S.P.S. OIG
- Senate panel OKs whistleblower bill, delays vote on USPS aid -
- Time: Officials: Postal Service Is 'Troubled' -
- The Central Nervous System of Mail Delivery -
- Rep. Kildee peeved that Flint might lose postal mark, jobs
- Postal Service investigates vandalism at Burton post office; 40 tires slashed on mail trucks
- APWU Slams Postal Service on BMC Name Change
- Former postal employee indicted
- Feds' word carries weight on postal scales
- Union Pres.: Closures Would Betray Post Office's Service

July 29, 2009
- PostCom reports - "The following amendments were adopted to S. 1507 Postal Service Retiree Health Benefits Funding Reform Act of 2009 on July 29, 2009 at the Senate Committee on Homeland Security & Government Affairs bill mark-up business meeting: See adopted amendments -
- NALC: Mark-up of S. 1507 adds 'poison pill' amendment - Also see: APWU: Amendment to Senate Bill Hurts Workers -
- Police shoot pit bull after it bites mailman -
- Mail Carrier Could Be Behind Hit And Run Accident
- APWU Urges Legislators To Reject Amendments to Senate Bill - Read Suggested Amendments -
- Bailout in the Mail -
- NALC: Postal relief bill goes to Senate mark up after White House meeting
- Postal Service says as many as 30 mail sorting jobs leaving Flint for Pontiac
- Singing postal workers from Richmond lose in semifinals -
- GAO adds Postal Service to list of high-risk programs
- Brother (a letter carrier) of Minneapolis police chief is arrested in St. Paul
- Postal Service in crisis
- Quincy fights move of postal jobs to Springfield
- Route change will separate long-time letter carrier from 'extended family'

July 28, 2009
- Postal Worker Files FEC Complaint for Illegal Union PAC Money Laundering Scheme -
- Postal Service Joins 'High Risk' List -
- GAO: Restructuring the U.S. Postal Service to Achieve Sustainable Financial Viability
- Senate committee will tackle Postal Service financial woes -
- APWU: Quick Action Expected On Senate Bill to Ease USPS Financial Crisis
- Health Care Reform & Your Health Plan
- Williamstown man pleads guilty to postage meter counterfeiting
- Postal Worker Injured In Crash

July 27, 2009
- OIG Blog: To Award or Not to Award: What’s the Postal Service to Do? Should the Postal Service be allowed to freely award employees for a job well done? -
- Post Office and Retail Postal Facility Closures: Overview and Issues for Congress -
- NALC receives fiscal update on USPS operations -
- Confessions of a Former Station Manager Part IV
The 5 types of bad supervisors from Guy Norenberg.
- FERS Flu Cure Yet to Come -
- Anthrax case: Seeking an ending - Also see US on verge of closing anthrax probe after 8 years -
- U.S. Postal Service may shut down as many as 40 Brooklyn retail offices
- Woman accused of stealing 78 gift cards while working at post office
- Postal Service's Future: Mail Change Marches On
- 11 Suspicious Letters With White Powder Sent to N.J. Government Offices
- Corbett named CFO of Postal Service

July 26, 2009
- Republicans, Blue Dog Democrats, industry blast public option for mail -
- Quincy, IL mail center won't close, some operations may move
- Post offices in White Plains and Mount Vernon may close

July 25. 2009
- Sen. Carper Introduces Bill To Ease Financial Strain On The Post Office
Also read more from NAPS and NAPUS
- So Long, Snail Shells and For 'Snail Mail,' a Rapid Demise -
- The Kiplinger Letter says "Are we headed to a high-tech e-postal service? It’s at least a fair bet"
- Could the USPS Turn a jobless recovery into a job full recovery? -
- City post office to drop Sunday hours
- Postal Inspection Service investigates Indiana postal employee

July 24. 2009
- Credit for Unused Sick Leave For FERS Employees? Amendment Dies Again in Senate
Also see APWU: FERS Sick-Leave Credit Removed from Senate Bill -
- Postal Officials Ponder Emergency Rate Increases -
- Postal Service Announces Waiving the ASP Requirement for Impacted Employees -
- Mail distribution, processing to shift to Dulles facility
- Trends force postal cuts
- OIG: USPS Could Overfund Retiree Health Care Liability by $13.2 Billion - Also see A few billion here and there -
- CBO estimates that enacting H.R. 22 would result in on-budget costs of about $5 billion and off-budget savings of $2.5 billion
- Cash for Clunkers - Also see Is 'Cash for Clunkers' for Chumps?
Just thought you may want to know. PEN Ed

July 23. 2009
- Neighbor lets dog out to stop mail delivery for neighborhood, woman says -
- New Developments in Federal Disability Retirement -
- Mail Carrier Pleads Guilty To Mail Fraud
- Postmaster admits to stealing
- New postal routes will affect delivery times, postal carriers -
- U.S. Postal Service Opens First Green Roof
- Greensburg Police Investigating Postal Service Vandalism Spree

July 22. 2009
- Saving the 6th Day -
- Lousy economy has a bright side: Less junk mail -
- Tough economy hits USPS’ bottom line
- Postal surveys won't be mailed -
- Postal inspectors targeting business mailers -
- 7 Minn. post offices to close; others to trim services
- Mistake on Hawaii's New Stamp
- Thousands of Union Member Jobs Under Fire by Schwarzenegger

July 21. 2009
- USPS hopes to implement 5-day delivery by FY 2011 -
- Workers campaign to save Dallas Main Post Office; officials say it's not being phased out -
- Postal service axing 18 routes in the Colorado Springs
- OIG: Brainstorm Ideas Part 2
- Postal Service Considers Closing 5 Las Vegas Stations -
- 46 Pounds of Wacky Weed Sent via Priority Mail
- Selection Revised for EAS Employees
- Postal Service Makes Woman Cry
- Tidal Wave Running A Little Late
- What is the EAP?

July 20. 2009
- Health Premiums Could Slam Retirees
- Plainview, TX postal employee under investigation for throwing mail away -
- Postal Service eyes closing thousands of branches

July 19. 2009
- Fewer people and businesses are going the postal route
- Little town makes big stink over mailbox
- USPS officials sometimes just don’t seem to get it -

July 18. 2009
- Postal Worker Accused In Drug Deals -
- White House pressured to fix postal budget crisis -
- List of Companies Lobbying the Postal Rate Commission -
- Fired Olympia APWU President Clint Burelson Makes a Triumphant Return to Post Office
- Neither snow nor rain nor recession nor technology?
- Sacramento postal worker accused of stealing gift cards
- Calif. postal worker sentenced for opening mail
- Maine town fights phase-out of curbside mailbox
- Sculptor Sues Postal Service Over Stamp With Photo Of His Sculpture

July 17. 2009
- The disappearing USPS union letter -
- 155 post office employees in Cleveland assigned to new jobs, some up to 330 miles away -
- PMG briefs employee organizations on the USPS’s current situation -
- Postal workers picket post office
- Court finds that postal employee did not use excessive military leave
- The United States Postal Service Swears It's Not Shutting Down the Dallas Main Post Office
- NM leaders upset over postal meeting
- Trolley Square P.O. Back on Chopping Block
- U.S. Postal Service not working with Jackson to fight crime

More Postal News
July 16. 2009
The following story and link to the letter mentioned has been removed by APWU - why? We do not know. Have no fear, Federal Times saved a scanned copy here > scanned copy
- Postal Unions Seek White House Intervention
The presidents of the four major postal unions have asked the White House to address the “deepening crisis” facing the Postal Service, asserting that “the Obama administration must intervene now to avoid both a political and economic train wreck.” Read Letter -

- The PRC has initiated a case to address allegations of undue discrimination and other issues raised by GameFly, Inc -
- OIG Reviews Estimates of Postal Service’s Liability for Retiree Health Care Benefits
- Clarification on Use of APWU FMLA Forms
- Donahoe Says FSS Will Improve Delivery -
- Mail carrier charged in 2 more sex assaults-
- "Can I buy Europe on pump 4?"
- New Castle Postal Employees Presents USPS With a Petition Including 14,000 Signatures
- Congressman Space Demands Answers From Postal Service
- AZ: Deadline fast approaching for USPS street mail delivery surveys
- Money Orders and Imprinting Machine Missing After Ucon Post Office Burglary
- Postal employee harmonizers get big TV break
- Better the Second Time Around?
- Inaction in the Senate

July 15. 2009
- Reminder: USPS Class Action Lawsuit -
- Sentencing pushed back for former Mt. Pleasant postal worker -
- Former postal employee indicted for suspicion of stealing mail
- USPS prepares for five-day delivery  -
- APWU: Changes and Challenges -
- USPS to Otisfield, MN - we're taking your only collection box - Otisfield to USPS - NO YOUR NOT!
- USPS revenues: Falling faster than expected
- Mail carrier saves three from fire -
- Round one to residents in mailbox dispute
- NALC: H.R. 22 moves forward -
- USPS Set to Shut Freehold Downtown Station
- Customers bemoan possibility of losing postal service outlets

July 14. 2009
- Can This Life Ring Save the Postal Service? -
- USPS Never Told Congress They Would Have Trouble Making Payroll -
- The Best and Worst Jobs  -
- The List Just Keeps Growing: Three post offices may be closed | Postal Service considers closing 16 branch offices in Cleveland area due to decline in use
- Mail carrier will spend 2 years on probation for stealing money -
- Bridgeport Postal Clerk Pleads Guilty
- Post Office Critic Answered
- Will Postal Rates Decrease Next Year?
- USPS goes open-source with tracking system
- Neither Rain, Nor Sleet, Nor Big Scary Dogs

July 13. 2009
- Swiss Postal Service Is Moving Some Mail Online  -
- Terrain is toughest part of Pittsburgh letter carriers' jobs
- CSRS Retiree? Where Is Your Stimulus Payment? The Check May Not Be in the Mail -
- Learn from Postal Service -
- Postman launches program to encourage letter writing
- Missed Opportunities

July 12. 2009
- Bailing the Mail
- Feds Should Be Smarter About Closing Post Offices -
- U.S. Postal Service affected by 'snail mail' image, changing lifestyles - Feeling the squeeze -
- Gay pride display fails to get postal stamp of approval -
- Secrets of the post office
- Our View: Postal Service is lacking service
- Will West Duluth post office be stamped out?
- Two Rochester post offices are on list of possible closures

July 11. 2009
- NAPUS Newsletter
House Committee OKs Emergency Postal Relief Bill for House Vote | NAPUS “Intervenes” in Facility Consolidation Initiative | Al Franken Makes Sixty. Also see: List of Co-Sponsors for HR 22 (doc file)
- Postal Rate Commission Initiates Docket to Review USPS Retail Network Optimization Plan
- Signs of The Times: Will West Duluth post office be stamped out? | Central Ogden post office may close | Black Eagle post office may close | Union Gap Post Office may be closed | Cost cuts on tap for local mail deliveries -
- Severe Weather Topples Mail Truck

July 10. 2009
- House panel votes relief for Postal Service
Also see APWU: House Committee Approves HR 22 -
- NALC: USPS pushing ahead on five-day delivery study -
- The End of The Postal Service?
- Mail carrier attacked by dog for third time -
- Area Mail Processing Plans: APWU Locals Fight Back
- USPS Going Green - shipping the first of 6,500 new alternative-fuel delivery vehicles -
- Mail Carrier's Reunion With Baby Turns Emotional -
- Bad News Continues: Mail distribution center in Pembroke Pines to lose major role | Postal Service eyes Columbus consolidation
- Surf City officials want their mailboxes back -

July 09. 2009
- NALC Intensifies Effort To Save 6-Day Delivery -
- Bailing the Mail  -
- Replay: USPS: The Biggest Loser
- CMOs slash marketing budgets in 2009, direct mail takes hit

July 08. 2009
- Postal Sales Force Shift - Restructuring, RIF and VER
USPS has announced a potential reduction in force (RIF) and a new voluntary early retirement authority for Sales employees. -
- Postal workers weigh in on the possibility of five-day mail delivery -
- Congressman King Blasts Move to Memorialize Jackson in U.S. Postage Stamp -
- Delivered: U.S. Postal Service Workers Indicted on Drug Charges Amid Investigation -
- Lawmakers question plans of Postal Service to cut costs -
- Postman Sentenced For Stealing Mail, Gift Cards  - Also see Thieving postman gets year in prison
- Mailman accused of on-duty hit and run -
- 750 local postal employees sign petition to protest consolidation
- London Postal Workers Commence Three-Day Strike Over Job Cuts -

July 07. 2009
- Ex-postal worker pleads guilty to mail theft
Ask Burrus
In light of the reduction in the number of postal workers, I am requesting your staff to “explore the option” of offering a dues payment to start a union pension plan. -
- Workers lobby to save jobs and facilities in Jackson
- Few postal employees take latest early retirement offer -
- U.S. Postal Service: Stamped out?
- $50G reward for North Jersey post office bandit
- OIG Blog: Do you think India Post’s experience providing universal service has any lessons for the United States Postal Service?
- Mail Carrier Credited With Saving Man's Life

July 06. 2009
- Rolando Elevated to Letter Carriers’ Presidency
Also see: President Young retires, hands reins to Rolando -
- Does Federal Law Limit Post Office Consolidation? -
- Electronic Outreach Tests House Rules -
- Postal workers picketing in front of downtown Jackson post office

July 05. 2009
- Postal Worker 'Did What He Had To Do' In Bank Robbery Shooting -  See video - Also see: Postal carrier is good Samaritan twice in one day  -
- Postal union: Curbside delivery might eliminate jobs -

July 04. 2009
- A Michael Jackson Stamp? Maybe. Rev. Al Sharpton wants day of mourning, stamp | Also see Michael Jackson postage stamp sought by Rev. Al Sharpton to honor legacy -
- Packages missing, postal probe in progress
- The Facts and Fallacies of Online Shipping Costs

July 03. 2009
- Traffic Accident Claims Life Of Longtime Local Mail Carrier
- Former postmaster sentenced in theft -
- Peorian allegedly shot at Postal Service truck -
- Pierre's Hand Car Wash owner pleads guilty to defrauding Postal Service -
- Should the Post Office go to five-day mail delivery? -
- Karl Malden and The Post Office
- First-class carrier's move upsets Lititz

July 02. 2009
- Mail Carrier Shot As Robber Fled Bank
- USPS: Going Out of Business Sale -
  by Rick Owens - PEN
- Americans okay with 5-day -
- President of the National Association of Postmasters Comments on Royal Case
- Chicago letter carrier faces sexual assault charges
- Postal worker pleads guilty to tossing mail into dumpster -
- List Reveals Possible Post Office Closings In Connecticut -
- U.S. Postal Service targeting Jackson's delivery and distribution center for review; could result in closure
- Postal service must make tough choices to survive=
- Florida Editorial: Postal predicament
- Postal Pick-up Slip Lists Number for Sex Hotline
- Carrier pleads guilty to dumping mail

July 01. 2009
- APWU: Consolidating Stations -
- Gun-wielding post office robber kicks in back door, locks clerk in room
- Happy Anniversary - USPS ZIP Code
- Postal carrier's letter ignites complaints
- Carrier Robbed at Gunpoint in SC
- Dozens of Del. Post Offices to End Bulk Mail Service Tuesday
- What's your hurry? Grand Rapids-area post offices collect mail only once a day
- APWU: Rehab Act Expanded
- Ark-La-Tex post offices may close

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