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July 2011 News

July 31, 2011
What we’ll lose if we lose the post office

Washington Post -

APWU: USPS Identifies First 100 Sites To Utilize Non-Traditional Assignments -

Casey Pushes for Transparency in Post Office Closure Process -

Welcome to Ye Olde Village Poste Office
Save the Post Office - If you want to get a sense of what all those closures look like, check out the interactive map of the closing list presented on Tuesday. -

Give The Post Office A Break -

Blogging Mailman Fired for Being an ‘Injustice,’ Whatever That Means -

AL mail carrier continues route after breaking wrist

July 30, 2011
Senator Tester questions Postmaster General's salary amid post office closures

Postal Service apologizes for refusing Mexican voter ID -

Senator Carper: Postal Service Is Drowning -

Letter Carriers Join Rally on Debt Limit
NALC Activist Alert -

What Will the U.S. Postal Service Look Like in 10 Years?
GovTech.com -

Feds ready to declare death penalty decision in Henning postal killings -

Post office shutdowns could make the Appalachian trail tougher for hikers -

Postal Reform and the Debt Ceiling Vote
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

Number of Post Offices on Chopping Block Closer to 4,400 than 3,700
AuctionBytes.com -

Scheduled Extended Microstrategy Report Downtime - PostalOne
Postal Affairs Blog

July 29, 2011
Bronx mail workers enveloped in anger over federal closures

PRC Will Review USPS Post Office Closing Plans -

Also see: USPS Files Request for PRC Advisory Opinion on Post Office Closings -

Post office closings: Necessary but insufficient
Opinion by The Baltimore Sun - Our view: Closing low performing locations is a small step toward solvency, but bigger changes - like new labor contracts and fewer delivery days - are needed. -

APWU Vows to Fight to Keep Offices Open
“In most cases, Village Post Offices will not be able to provide the American people with the service they expect and deserve,” Guffey said. “The so-called ‘Village Post Offices’ are just a warm and fuzzy name for privatizing the USPS. -

NALC: Competitors Circle as Postal Service Considers Service Cutbacks -

Postal Service reduction proposals spark more questions than answers -

Postal Reform Act is imperfect, but needed
Washington Post -

Reassignment of ZIP Codes Between Memphis NDC and Dallas NDC
Postal Affairs Blog

July 28, 2011
Sioux City to USPS "Give Us a Break"
Long story short...USPS told Sioux City they plan to close their mail processing center - city officials requested, via FOIA, "...to see the feasibility study on which the closure decision was based" - USPS responded with a letter - one line in said letter reads "Computer Processing and Personnel Costs:" "System/database administrator time: $642,697 ($100/hour x 6,426.975 hours)." - total stated cost for information Sioux City desires? $830,943.16 -

House GOP Questions Postal Closings -

USPS Seeks Special January Rate Increases
Dead Tree Edition -

NAPUS Says USPS Commits to Finding Jobs For Postmasters Impacted By Post Office Closings -

Politics of Studying Closing Post Offices
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

OPM opposes Republican workers' comp plan
Federal Times -

OIG Blog: The High Cost of Low-Cost Mail -

Residents of rural areas oppose post office closures -

USPS Postal Bulletin Correction: 2011 Pay Dates and Leave Year

July 27, 2011
The Post Office List: Maps That Explain the Impact

Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

Mesa postal carrier left outgoing mail that couldn't be reached -

USPS Video: PMG Talks About Expanded Access -

Workers' comp reform bill would hurt injured feds, witnesses say -


Also see: Small Town Post Offices Threatened | Save The Post Office | USPS Study List | Expanded List of Offices Being Studied for the USPS Village Post Office Concept | Village Post Office Fact Sheet (PDF) | USPS FAQ's (PDF) | Converting Low Activity Post Offices Into Village Post Offices (PDF) -

On this day in 1775, the U.S. postal system is established by the Second Continental Congress, with Benjamin Franklin as its first postmaster general. -

PMG to Meet With Management Associations Presidents

Postal Service tells Sioux City documents will cost $830,000 -

USPS targeting 3,653 post offices for closure; retailers would replace some
Washington Post -

Post-Office Closure List Sent
Wall Street Journal -

USPS Politics and You
Op-Ed by Ronald Williams, Jr. -

Police say western Pa. postal worker faked attack, robbery because he needed 'break from life' -

July 26, 2011
Senator Collins: Mailers should not pay for USPS problems -

The Postal Service Needs Relief from Congressional Mandates
USPS Deliver Magazine -

Post office in Ben Franklin's house may close -

Sen. Jon Tester: Save six-day delivery -

July 25, 2011
USPS Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe discusses the financial woes facing the U.S. Postal Service and the future of the agency
-  Fox Business Video -

Post Offices Pegged for Closure
The WSJ tells us that Tuesday, tomorrow, PMG Donahoe will release a list of "Some 3,653 post offices, mostly in small communities (are) targeted for possible closure this year..." - login requires subscription -

Daphne, AL postal worker admits to failing to file income tax returns for nearly a decade -

Burrus Says What Went Wrong?
from the Burrus Journal -

It's the end of the post office, and the national media didn't get the press release
Save The Post Office -

Postal clerks bear the brunt of USPS downsizing
Federal Times -

USPS.com Has a New Look Starting Today -  Also see NEW USPS WEBSITE READIES FOR DEBUT -

Faithful letter carrier built a post office -

Owney the mail service mascot gets makeover and his own stamp -

Postal Service bears unique financial burden
Rolando via USA Today -

Editorial: USPS Shows How Little City Valued -

July 24, 2011
National Association of Presort Mailers Hires Retired USPS Manager Robert Galaher as Executive Director

The Post Office Gets Its Day in Court
Save the Post Office -

Postal Worker who Began in 1948 Retires -

No known motive in Waldo post office slaying -

July 23, 2011
Report: USPS Can Save $4.5B with Curbside Delivery

Preparing for the Uproar and Debt Ceiling Blackmail
NAPUS Newsletter -

Jackson, MS Teen Says Postman Attacked Her -

72 year-old killed in Waldo post office - Also see Suspect Arrested In Murder Of Post Office Custodian -

Postal Service overhaul has broad support -

US Postal Service Honors Letter Carrier For Saving Family's Home From Fire -

July 22, 2011
On Tuesday, Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe will release a list of post offices to be studied for closing, as well as announce “a new concept” for possibly replacing them, postal officials said Wednesday. Washington Post -

USPS Plans to File an Advisory Opinion With the PRC Next Week
NAPUS - Yesterday, Postal Headquarters officials notified NAPUS leaders that the Postal Service would file a request for an advisory opinion with the Postal Regulatory Commission to study nearly 2,800 post offices for possible discontinuance. The service review list is expected to contain approximately 2,800 post offices and 700 stations. Postmasters will be briefed on July 25 and 26 and list of offices will be be provided to Postmasters at that time. -

Postal worker guilty of stealing veterans' pills -

What a smaller Postal Service will mean for you -

OUR VIEW: Daily mail delivery will be a thing of the past
The Journal-Standard -

Could the Deficit-Reduction Deal Limit Postal Pay Raises and Rate Increases? - Dead Tree Edition -

Former Las Vegas postal worker accused of stealing Netflix DVDs -

July 21, 2011
PRC Chairman Goldway dissents two times in two days

Save The Post Office -

Lawmakers Prepare to Overhaul Postal Service
NY Times -

Regulator says USPS could use taxpayer subsidy
Washington Post -

Issa Bill’s Hidden Agenda -

APWU: Enforcing the Collective Bargaining Agreement in Small Offices - The USPS has begun implementing several policies in small post offices that we believe violate the 2010-2015 Collective Bargaining Agreement. -

With Pensions Threatened, Postal Workers Union Goes on Offense
The Heritage Foundation -

AZ carrier arrested on weapons, domestic violence offenses -

Congress addressing Postal Service losses -

Postmaster General Promises to Gradually Stop Pestering Us With Mail - NY Magazine -

July 20, 2011
Postal Service Can No Longer Afford Money-Saving Tactics, Study Says
- Dead Tree Edition -

Related OIG Report: The Cost Structure of the Postal Service: Facts, Trends, and Policy Implications (PDF) -

PMG says days are numbered for Saturday mail delivery
Falling mail volume and soaring red ink may soon doom Saturday mail delivery and prompt three-day-a-week delivery within 15 years, Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe warns. Also see video Five questions for Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe -

Wyckoff postal clerk caught using customer's credit card, police say -

Fed. Register Notice to Revise Move Update Standards
Postal Affairs Blog -

USPS Will File a Request for an Advisory Opinion On a Nationwide Plan to Review Post Office Facilities for Closure -

July 19, 2011
The Clock is Ticking

Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

APWU Rejects Issa’s Call to Cancel Ad Campaign -

IG: Postal Service could sell buildings to pay obligations
Federal Times -

Phase Two of APWU Ad Campaign -

USPS: When It’s Critical -

Help Wanted: Math Teacher for the Postal Service
Save The Post Office -

Postal Service Offers Sneak Peek at 2012 Stamps -

Council for Citizens Against Government Waste Supports Issa’s Postal Reform Act -

Post Office Offers $19.45 an Hour for Rural Routes -

OIG Audit Project: Cost of Appeals for Closing Postal Service-Operated Retail -

July 18, 2011
Burrus Response to Congressman Issa’s Criticism Of APWU Ad

Postal Workers Rally for Cancer-Stricken Co-Worker -

Leveraging the post office
Save The Post Office -

Federal/Social Security COLA Stalling? -

July 17, 2011
Postal Service is a vital hub for America
W. B. Cook - Pres. NALC Branch 358 -

OIG: Mail Volume Measurement for City Delivery Carriers – Greater Indiana District (PDF) - ...management’s reliance on the Delivery Operations Information System (DOIS) cased mail volume data for these delivery units may result in management making incorrect daily operational decisions. -

July 16, 2011
Congressman King and Senators Want Postmaster General to Answer Sioux City Processing Center Questions

Federal workers ask for information on possible government shutdown - President Obama on Friday predicted “Armageddon” will result after Aug. 2 if the debt ceiling is not raised - and now, federal workers have written to the administration to find out who will be expendable once the government cannot pay its bills. -

Postal Employee Saves Co-Worker's Life -

Turkey Shot Dead After Attacking Mail Carrier -

Bulldog mauls mail carrier -

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More Postal News

July 15, 2011
Why is it so wrong to close a post office?

Save The Post Office - Also from this site see The plan is we have no plan: Postal Service claims it has no program to close a large number of post offices nationwide -

Twin Cities mail carrier's theft sentence includes saying sorry, home confinement -

Customers Affected by Missing Mail - ...She doesn't trust the Winter Haven post office -

Stolen Mailboxes Pose ID Theft Risk To Valley Postal Customers -

Upcoming NALC Ad (PDF)
To be placed in the Congressional Quarterly, The Hill and Roll Call. -

Post Office Organization and Administration: Establishment, Classification, and Discontinuance - posted in the Federal Register 7.14.11 - Also see Post and Parcel -

Six months into chairmanship, Issa isn’t what either side expected
Washington Post -

OIG: Leveraging Assets to Address Financial Obligations (PDF) -

Postal authorities on high alert after mailbox thefts

July 14, 2011
GAO Says Abuse of Benefits by Federal Employees Can Be Reported Anonymously

OIG Audit Report – Modes of Delivery
Converting existing door-to-door to curbside delivery could save the Postal Service more than $4.5 billion. If the Postal Service converted all delivery modes to centralized delivery, it could save an additional $5.1 billion. (PDF) -

Mail carrier: 'I thought I was going to die' -

NALC: Protect six-day delivery
The calls from NALC members across the country to their representatives helped delay—at least until tomorrow—the power grab by Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) to eliminate six-day mail delivery. -

USPS Publication of Final Rule on Retail Discontinuance Actions -

Postal Union Refuses to Pull Ad After Issa Calls Funding Claim 'Misleading' -

Latest Criminal Enforcement Actions Against Postal Union Officials -

Why Do Americans Hate Labor Unions?
Burrus Journal -

NAPUS: Postmaster Pay Talks Begin -

Seattle postal workers to picket over delivery changes -

July 13, 2011
Issa asks APWU to stop running ‘misleading ad’ about USPS financial situation -

Postal Unions Ask Congress To Protect Six-Day Delivery -

Is there a USPS "crisis" or isn't there? The Postal Service tries to have it both ways - Save The Post Office -

Dog-versus-carrier incident stalls mail delivery to block of homes in Vallejo -

Netflix to U.S. Post: Drop dead -

Lawmakers push to reform federal workers' compensation program -


New MTAC User Group #5-Addressing - Postal Affairs Blog

Postmaster Murder Trial To Move a Second Time -

Federal-Postal Coalition Asks President Obama to Reject Proposals that Would Harm Federal Workers -

OIG Blog: Masters of Innovation -

APWU: The USPS has begun implementing several policies in small post offices that we believe violate the 2010-2015 Collective Bargaining Agreement -

Bloomberg Businessweek Expanding Use of Alternative Delivery
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

How fast can you close a post office?
Save the Post Office -

Augusta employees concerned with post office move

July 12, 2011
Vandals slash 50 tires on postal trucks in Columbus, GA

APWU: OIG Audit Confirms Improper Deletion Of Employees’ Clock Rings -

OIG: Web-Based Application for the Discontinuance of Postal Service -Operated Retail Facilities (PDF) -

July 11, 2011
Man Who Robbed Whiteside Post Office, Took Clerk Hostage Gets Over 79 Years In Federal Prison

Postal union begins TV ad campaign
Federal Times - Also see APWU to Launch TV Ad Campaign -

National Association of Postmasters of the United States 2011 Legislative Agenda (PDF) Also from NAPUS see 2011 Briefing Book (PDF) -

STATEMENT BY NAPS PRESIDENT LOUIS ATKINS ON POSTAL REFORM LEGISLATION (PDF) - The sweeping legislation proposed by Congressman Darrell Issa (HR 2309) to overhaul the United States Postal Service is dangerously misguided. It is an attack upon the management authority of the Postal Service and its dedicated workforce. The legislation should be firmly rejected by the Congress. -

Debt deal may mean lower COLAs for retirees
Federal Times -

July 10, 2011
Congressional interference eating Postal Service profits

Rolando for SF Examiner -

Going Postal: Darrell Issa's War on the USPS -

Postal Service pushes changes: Dropping Saturday delivery considered to cut costs -

July 09, 2011
PMG Donahoe predicted nearly half of the roughly 32,000 postal facilities currently in the U.S. will be closed in the next six or seven years. “We have to look at our labor structure and figure out how to merge hard copy with digital.” - MultiChannel Merchant -

Letters: U.S. Postal Service
Readers at Sign On San Diego respond to Rolando rebuttal -

How to Privatize the Post Office: Piece by piece, step by step
from Save the Post Office -

Farewell to local post offices -

July 08, 2011
Misinformation obscures Postal Service's profitable work

Fredric Rolando Op-Ed for the Washington Examiner -

Postal workers to protest today in front of Rep. Chris Gibson's Saratoga Springs office -

Postal sorter saves time, replaces workers in West Sacramento -

CA postal worker hit by car while crossing the street -

Discrimination allegations on the rise, report shows
GovExec.com - Of the Cabinet-level and large federal agencies, the U.S. Postal Service was a significant contributor to the total number of discrimination complaints and investigations in fiscal 2010. -

NAPUS Leaders Attend Second Meeting with Postal Headquarters Officials on APWU Contract Issues -

Postal mail most effective in marketing to customers, study finds -

July 07, 2011
APWU to Launch TV Ad Campaign

Postal Service Outperforms Green Goals -

Rolando rebuttal: Postal service runs net profit -

Mangled mail problem not new, ex-postal worker says
USPS spokesperson states "...although select managers or administrators are authorized to speak to the press as part of their job responsibilities, let me emphasize that the Postal Service policy does not prohibit employees from speaking to the press." -

Letters From the Edge
GovExec.com - With revenues in freefall and a complex business mandate, Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe sets the path out of fiscal crisis. -

White House Using Twitter to Bully Critics
"...USPS is not broke, it earns over one billion a year, every year, and so …there you have it." -

Timeline announced for VER offered to carriers and clerks in select Pacific Area locations -

NAPUS and LEAGUE File a Response to the Postal Service’s Motion to Dismiss Postmaster Organization’s Complaint Over Proposed CFR Changes - All the documents can be found at the PRC. -

APWU: 2010-2015 Contract: Questions and Answers, Staffing Tool -

NAPS Obtains Clarification from USPS on Pay-for-Performance Freeze -

To save money, East Grand Forks post office will transfer employees to Grand Forks -

ELM Revision: Employee Assistance Program

Optional Procedure Mailers, Pay Attention
Postal Affairs Blog

July 06, 2011
CONGRESS: Issa presses on in the face of Democratic criticism

Alabama Postal Employee Indicted for Mail Theft and Delaying Mail -

Former Bangor postmaster retired after admitting to harassing women -

Groups urge leaders to reject proposals aimed at federal workforce - GovExec.com -

OIG Blog: A Future Mail Processing and Transportation -

July 05, 2011
NAPUS has been informed by Postal Headquarters
officials that Postmasters were not included in the recently announced freeze on Postal Service officer and executive compensation, as it relates to the Postal Service’s pay-for-performance program. -

Is it Cheaper to Offer Early Retirement?
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

6 Points Donahoe Left Out of His Bailout Rebuttal
Dead Tree Edition -  Also from Dead Tree see Donahoe's Answer to Postal Bailout Criticism -

Rural Alabama communities struggle with post office closures -

Will House GOP Wait For Pawlenty to Reform Post Office -

Charges Unlikely For Postal Truck Driver Who Killed Cyclist Marilyn Dershowitz -

OIG: Postal Service Core Strategy Linkage -

July 04, 2011
Editorial: Saturdays off

Man Charged In 1981 Murder of Postal Employee -

July 03, 2011
Retired Judge Marilyn Dershowitz, 68, died Saturday after being hit by a mail truck in New York City during an afternoon bike ride with her husband. -

Former Bangor postmaster Gregory Schlegel retired after his guilty plea, sentencing -

Retired veteran and postal worker flies Nazi flag in protest of Obama’s policies -

Sioux City officials blast Postal Service's cost analysis -

Pit Bull Attack Halts Mail Delivery To Paradise Hills Street -

July 02, 2011
Postal Service Expands Cash Conservation Initiatives

Statement of NALC President Fredric Rolando on U.S. Postal Service Response to PRC’s Ruling on 5-Day Delivery (PDF) -

More On The USPS Suspension of Employee Awards Spending for Nonbargaining Postal Employees -

Who's who in the Postal Service debate? You can’t tell the players without a scorecard -

USPS Monthly Financial Data for May (PDF) -

NALC: Deep disappointment in Pawlenty (PDF) -

Sioux Falls Postal Work To Run With The Bulls -


USPS conducting agency review
DM News -

New Management Instruction FM-131-2011-2, Closing the Financial Accountability of a Discontinued Post Office, Station, Branch, or Community Post Office

July 01, 2011
NALC Says Rep. Dennis Ross Misfires on the Myths and the Facts

Postal Service cancels execs' bonuses, performance awards
Federal Times -

Houston man gets 14 years in largest counterfeit postage loss in U.S. postal service history -

Editorial: USPS Error Gets Ross' Attention -

USPS in Midst of $100 Million Agency Review -

3 charged with Lyndon area burglaries; 1 tries to hold up mailman -

370 AL  post offices to close for holiday weekend

Residents come out to fight possible closure of post office


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