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June 30, 2008
- Asbestos Discovered After Carrier Shift -
- Alabama Postal Employees Indicted for Mail Theft
USPS: Key organizational changes
- Complaints of ZIP code change fall on deaf ears

June 29, 2008
- Sacramento Window Clerk Accused Of Stealing Thousands
- Proposed 2009 Canada Post Rate Increase
- A heroic letter carrier

June 28, 2008
- So Long, Saturday Mail Delivery? -
- Justice Dept. to pay scientist $5.8 million in anthrax lawsuit -
- “Do Not Mail” a Hot Potato
- AFL-CIO endorses Obama; NALC abstains pending convention vote
- Rural mail carrier may have saved child's life
- Dozens protest E. Haven post office move
- Mail Service Updates - Also see: Postal Service Needs a Proper Address to Deliver Mail From FEMA

June 27, 2008
- USPS ‘Network Plan’ Would Adversely Affect Postal Workers, Service
- House Appropriations Committee approves study on ending Saturday mail delivery -
- Bay City, MI Postal Service makes a 'moving' request to city residents: no mailboxes on porches, please
- Arrest made in shooting of mailman
- Postal pains in Clinton, NC -
- Retired Alabama Carrier Named in Discrimination Suit
- At U.S. Sen. Harkin's urging, Postal Service grants Windsor Heights own zip code
- Ethanol Postal Trucks Not Working Out In SF

June 26, 2008
- Mail Carrier Charged With Breach of Trust
- Mail carrier admits thefts from mail
- APWU: AFL-CIO to Endorse Obama for President
- USPS Seeks EEO Investigators -
DM News: PRC seeks comment on updated USPS service performance measurement plan
Mail carrier killed in crash mourned

June 25, 2008
- Postal Service Introduces Cartoon Characters to Warn Children to “Stay Away from the Truck”  - See Video -
- Teen Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Mail Carrier
- Postal Service worker killed in Silver Lake collision -
- Alabama's State Stamp Begins New Postal Service Series
- Detroit Mayor to Meet with Postal Employees
- GA. Collection box vandalized and all the mail inside stolen
- Popular Santa Cruz letter carrier moving to Florida
- Twice-A-Day Postal Service
- Federal Register: Administrative Practice and Procedure, Postal Service

June 24, 2008
- Mail carrier killed in Texas
- A ZIP-Code Screen For Catalog Customers
- Gas Prices Draining Post Office Fuel Budget -
- ASK!: US postal trucks don't need license plates
- DM News: USPS submits network plan to Congress
- Verizon Business Wins $16.4 Million Postal Service Contract
- APWU: Six More U.S. Representatives Co-Sponsor Mail Network Protection Act

June 23, 2008
- On-Line Data delivers when it comes to mail -
- Postal work was a 'family' thing for Ida Maltry: A Life Story

June 22, 2008
- School Bus Driver Drops Off Autistic Boy At Wrong Address - Postal Carrier Notifies Family -
- RFD changed mail service forever
- Ex Trinidad postal worker indicted: Federal indictment claims woman opened mail, stole money from letter
- Combative canines

June 21, 2008
- USPS Recorded Revenues of $74,778 Million during the Fiscal Year Ended September 2007, an Increase Of 2.9% Over 2006 -
- APWU: Union to Re-Run Two NBA Races -
- Strong named to commission on postal reforms
- Mail Delivery as Economic Bellwether
- New USPS Notice Left and Return Guidelines

June 20, 2008
- Former head of San Mateo postal workers' union sentenced to prison
- Policy on personal items annoys town postman -
- Delivering mail adds extra effort in a flood
- Postal service warns of liquid explosives in mailboxes
- USPS Network Plan Submitted to Congress
- Amazing Postal Service -
'Mailbox bombs' spur USPS to warn people of potential injury
- State law requires pit bulls be confined

June 19, 2008
- APWU: Constitution Committee Reviews Convention Resolutions
- The Postal Monopoly and the First Amendment “Right to Receive” Ideas -
- Rep. Hodes has seized on mail privileges
- Postal Service Hold Prices As Costs Climb
- Postal service offering reward for details about IL vandalism
- Postal Service Governor Ellen Williams Appointed to New Term

June 18, 2008
- Former Absecon postmaster sentenced to five months in prison for stamp fraud scheme
- Former Carrier - Turned 'Not Guilty' Former Carrier - Turned Public Defender Dies at 55
- Dog Pushes Open Window, Attacks Mail Carrier
- Spartanburg, SC Police: Mailman Dumped Mail In Trash -
- Letter carrier helps rescue man from house fire
- Mail carrier in three-vehicle accident on 234
- Mail Vandalism

June 17, 2008
- NALC: ‘Contracting Out’ Moratorium Extended To September 30 -
- Mail Found in Trash: Spartanburg Postal Worker Being Investigated
- Postal Service feeling the pressure of rising oil prices
- When “Guaranteed Overnight” doesn’t mean “Guaranteed Overnight” - USPS contractor charged with workers' comp fraud
- Canada: Relief postman charged with stealing mail in Saskatoon

June 16, 2008
- Might Postal Reform need reform itself in near future?
- The Mailman Should Goethe -

June 15, 2008
- Dad was mailman to remember
- Petrol prices pinching post office -
- Viewpoints: United States Postal Service
- Post offices will remain open... for the time being
- Flood victims can pick up mail at post office
- New postal complex could speed up mail


More Postal News
June 14, 2008
- Mystery surrounds postal worker deaths
- NALC Invites Obama to Convention -
- APWU: Dispute Filed Over USPS Failure to Provide Notification of Subcontracting to Locals - Read Dispute -

June 13, 2008
- More charges delay fraud trial for former postal employee -
- Middlebury mail carrier indicted in undelivered mail case -
- Letter Carriers Instructed to Return from Streets
- Former Postmaster Gets Probation For Embezzlement -
- APWU: Union Campaign Against Violent Stereotype Greeted with Silence by Postal Management -
- Rock on: Rushmore to grace postal stamp again
- POM Revision: Express Mail Next Day Service
- Revised USPS EEO Policy
- Wal-Mart adds a new aisle – The Postal Service

June 12, 2008
- Mail carrier attacked
- Teamsters Wins Over APWU In Vote -
- Animal cruelty or business as usual?
- Postal worker sues over falling into hole delivering mail
- Ex-mail carrier gets probation for not delivering mail
- USPS Will Attempt to Maintain Regular Mail Delivery
- Hegarty Testifies: Focus on USPS After Postal Reform
- 37 years, 4 months, 19 days late and 82 miles off course

June 11, 2008
- NALC: Obama invited to Boston convention for endorsement vote -
- High gas prices deliver postal woes -
- Texas pair stole then sold postal gasoline
- Viewpoint: Stupidity of the U.S. Mail
Nevada's Postal Service Ranked Most Reliable

June 10, 2008
- Union vote tonight for 400 DHL workers
- Pit bull owner faces lesser charges in mail carrier attack -
- USPS OIG Semiannual Report to Congress -
- Catalog opt-out programs spark debate
- USPS Shows Benefits Of Digital Signage On Driving Self-Service Adoption
- Impasse over mail facility resolved
- A smaller carbon footprint? - Federal Times

June 9, 2008
- Postal worker charged in jewelry theft at work
- Blue mailboxes are still a rarity along streets of New Orleans -
- Should We Close Local Post Offices On Saturdays? -
- Remembering fondly my father, the mailman
- California man faces prison for mail box ‘fishing’
- Japan Looking To Go Green With Electric Postal Cars
- Postal center plans biohazard drill

June 8, 2008
- First Official Missile Mail -
- Universal Postal Service and the Postal Monopoly -
- Why did you become a mail carrier? -

June 7, 2008
- DHL deal with UPS faces scrutiny from APWU -
- USPS: Address Facing Standards for Presort Bundles on Pallets
Painted mailboxes decorate Quantico
- APWU: Mail Network Protection Act Gains Six More Co-Sponsors
- Mail Finally in Great Falls
- Postmaster apologizes for unnecessary PO box rules
- Postal Service technology can be helpful

June 6, 2008
- A mail-strom in Kensington -
- The healthcare bill you don't know about at the Postal Service
- Mailman Gets Stuck in Water
- Dispute with Postal Service goes to Congress
- Church Still Fighting To Operate Postal Station
- After facing adversity, rural carrier receives award

June 5, 2008
- Inspectors find 21,000 pieces of undelivered mail at Middlebury letter carrier's home -
- Former Westmoreland County mail carrier indicted
- Former Panama City, FL Postal Employee Arrested
- Mail Carrier Recovering After Being Attacked By Pit Bulls -
- Clerk Work Returned to Clerk Craft - Court Order
- Letter carrier punched in face in Reading
- Mail Carrier Rescued From Rising Flood Waters
- Stolen Mail Delivered to Middlebury Residents (update)
- Deutsche Post Can't Stop Rivals Using `Post' Names
- APWU Celebrates Obama’s Win

June 4, 2008
- Ask Burrus: Management Code of Conduct? -
- Post office won't help you vote
- Going postal over rate hikes
- Santa letters arrive a little late
- U.S. Postal Service Awards Rivermine Telecom Expense Management Contract

June 3, 2008
- APWU Testimony Kicks Off Controversy
- U.S. Military: Mail Must Always Go Through -
- GAO: USPS Can Improve Recycling
- Food Drive Sets Record
Dog bites a concern for US Postal Service
- Polish Postal Service Brought To Standstill By Strike

June 2, 2008
- Sour Economy Stems Tide Of Direct Mail Solicitations -
- Tenn. mail in a Texas box -
- PRC approves Life Line Screening NSA
- Air park workers plan fight-back campaign - APWU Involved
- First-class service Postmaster loves every aspect of his job
- Royal Mail hits a 17 year low on its postal service
- Mailers work to 'green' their marketing
- Tuskegee airman Leon 'Woodie' Spears dies - He was a retired postal employee

June 1, 2008
- Mailman pleads guilty in loan-sharking case
- Moore to oppose Postal Service's move to Oak Creek
- Neighborhood says farewell to postman

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