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Saturday - June 30, 2007
USPS fined for "serious" asbestos violation at Oak Ridge facility
- Postal employee charged with grand larceny
- Dreaded words: 'It's in the mail'
- Gibbs, Missouri Post Office history
- Address Orientation on Letter-Size Mailpieces

Friday - June 29, 2007
-  NALC: Florida Pickets Against Contracting Out Successful

More On Contracting Pickets: New Jersey Press Release | Florida Press Release | Postal workers protest use of contract labor | Letter carriers picket Venice post office

- Indictment flawed in crash that cost postal worker legs, eyesight
- Postal workers, officials upset over USPS plan to consolidate
- Charges looming for Honea Path postal carrier
- Not-so special delivery
- Residents seek voice in meeting with USPS officials
- Some Oceanside residents protest new ZIP code
- UK: Postal workers strike

Thursday - June 28, 2007
- Postal Workers Say Contractors Threaten Job And
  Mail Security
- Postal Service Hires Permanent Employees

- Proof of your USPS employment or income
USPS has joined more than 1,500 companies using The Work Number, an automated service that allows you to quickly — and securely — provide proof of your employment or income. You benefit from having control of the process, since you authorize access to your information. The Work Number can be used anytime, anywhere and its available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To verify employment, just give the verifier your social security number and the Postal Service employer code — 12946 — and send them to www.theworknumber.com or have them call 1-800-367-5690.

- APWU: Union Web Site Now Features Membership Info

Wednesday - June 27, 2007
- Senators take up postal woes in Washington today
- Mail delivery in Honea Path a problem for years, not
  just months

- Surf City postmaster plans to resign...again -
- Postal Service deserves our stamp of approval
- Fort Myers, FL carriers to picket over outsourcing
  Also see: New Jersey Press Release | Florida Press Release
- Florida Company Pleads Guilty to Conspiring to Rig Bids at
  USPS Auction
- Don't fence us out! | Babylon taking Postal Service to court
- Council: Developers must pay for mailboxes
- Royal Mail may stop Saturday deliveries
- World's Largest Postage Stamp

Tuesday - June 26, 2007
NAPS Endorses Harkin Bill to Ban Contracting Out of Delivery -
- Study will reveal Postal Service's flawed process
- Postal Carrier Charged For Stealing Mail In TN -
- Royal Mail seeks five-day service
Postal Reform - The Silent Budget Breaker
- USPS considering closing KCK facility

Monday - June 25, 2007
- Carriers’ leaders debunk PMG -

Sunday - June 24, 2007
- Pay for doorstep delivery? -
- Postal Service investigation may concern federal Hatch Act -
- Post Office Protest Also see: Letter Carriers Picket Against Postal Contractors
- Return control to local postmasters
- Delivery of mail halted in error
- Emergency mail delivery in Philly -
- Postal’s Revenue Go Bye-Bye - NAPUS Newsletter
- Going Postal, Literary Style
- The postmaster in Pero
- For troops overseas, mail is what matters

Saturday - June 23, 2007
- Colorado postal worker ticketed for indecent exposure
- Honea Path, SC mail found at carrier's garage -
- More on Contract Carrier Picketing: Letter carriers to picket | Letter carriers to protest outsourcing
- Biohazard Detection System - Trenton APWU Update

Friday - June 22, 2007
- Florida postal workers protest outsourcing -
- Will political mail hit $1B in ’08 election?
- Postal Inspectors nab DVD thief
A clerk recently pleaded guilty in federal court after he was arrested for stealing DVD movies at the Houston P&DC. Inspectors observed the clerk, a 32-year employee, placing DVD movies into a plastic grocery bag. They took him into custody and recovered the grocery bag — containing 122 DVD movies still inside their mailing envelopes — from the clerk’s vehicle. The clerk admitted stealing DVD movies from the mail for about a year. A search of his residence yielded a total of 8,177 DVD movies worth more than $117,000. -
- The 'Inconvenient' Mail
- Man held in attack on mail carrier
- Stolen licenses, IDs uncovered in post office
- Postal workers plan largest union
- Mockingbird stalks mail carrier
- Man caught on tape stealing mail

Thursday - June 21, 2007
A post-office version of health care
- Police Warn of Bogus Postal Inspectors
- It’s Final: No Reprieve on Postal Rate Hike -
- APWU: Unions Rally for Employee Free Choice Act
- Mailbox stolen from Tolleson, AZ post office
- Overturned Postal Truck Shuts Down Beltway

Wednesday - June 20, 2007
- Letter Carriers Set July 1 Picketing in New Jersey to
  Oppose 'Contracting Out' by Postal Service

  See NALC Press Release -

- National Association of Home Builders to PRC "People Have
  a Right to Have The Mail Delivered"
See related story: Postal service in Killeen under scrutiny
An ongoing dispute over the placement of mailboxes spilled over into debate at the Killeen City Council meeting Tuesday afternoon.
- APWU: NBA Percy Harrison Dies
- USPS Certifies Melissa Data with NCOA Link

Tuesday - June 19, 2007
- APWU: Senate to Consider Employee Free Choice Act -
- To the Letter - USPS runs on a tight schedule
- Lost fliers not funny to comedian
- Making Sense of the New USPS DPV Requirements

Monday - June 18, 2007
- Where's my mail?
- Letter carrier wants 'hopes and dreams' shot into space
- Thefts shakeup cove's post office, hours scaled back
- Why do I STILL get their mail?

Sunday - June 17, 2007
- You've Got Mail . . . a Block Away -
- Kissimmee postal van driver dies when vehicle overturns
- Mail workers carry on Dad’s example

Saturday - June 16, 2007
- Postmaster in Falun, KS pleads guilty to embezzlement
- When Going Postal Is A Good Thing
- Massive mail backlog found at Walter Reed Army Medical Center
- Ducks postmarks, envelopes to be offered by Postal Service
- Royal Mail workers brought Bridgwater's postal service to its knees Friday
- Postal Service to close Dresden office June 29
- Candidates Nominated For APWU Election of National Officers
- How victim snared ID thief

Friday - June 15, 2007
State prison inmate wrote anthrax letter from prison
- Chemical-Reaction Bombs Found In South Jersey Mailboxes
- USPS launches its first-ever infomercial this weekend
- Package Raises a Stink at Post Office
- Technology keeps reshaping Postal Service
- Postal Service offers reward for info on mailbox bombs
- Senate panel approves sealed domestic mail resolution - DM News

More Postal News
Thursday - June 14, 2007
- Man gets five years for postal worker's death
- PMG Potter Lobbies Congress Against Delivery Contracting
  - From PostCom
- Frisco, TX post office under investigation
- Ex-postal worker, girlfriend sentenced for stealing gift cards
- Committee Approves Sen. Collins Provision Reaffirming Protections
  of Sealed Mail

- Postal worker saves child's life
- Postal worker recognized for volunteer activities
- Mail-order marijuana leads to drug bust
- 10 years later, ex's mail still shows up

Wednesday - June 13, 2007
- Perth Amboy NALC Pres. to Address City Counsel Against Contracting Delivery
- Direct-ad opportunity knocks
- BOG schedules closed meeting
- From APWU: Zanesville AMP Study Terminated | Local, State Presidents Urged To Promote APWU Health Plan
- From NALC: Arbitration panel, schedule of hearings set for next year | Carriers swarm the Hill to crush contracting out

- Postal Service Wins White House Environmental Awards
- What's with Postal Service in Naples?
- Post office to undergo expansion project
- DM News webcast addresses postal rate increase

Tuesday - June 12, 2007
- Another Stab at Postal Reform, Postal Employees, and
  the Postal Service

Ontario mail carriers oppose outsourcing jobs
- Decision leaves older employees at risk for retaliation
- Postal Service settles bias suit
- From delivering mail to processing passports, 'baby, we
  do it all'
- Rural letter carriers, USPS head to arbitration

Monday - June 11, 2007
- Frisco Postal Service To Be Investigated
- Young to Burrus: Which Side Are You On?
- Three Battle Creek postal carriers face felony charges
- Post office gripes? Please get in line
- OSHA Partnership Helps Reduce Ergonomic Injuries at USPS
- USPS decides not to pursue litigation - Cintas won't face charges
- PRC to hold field hearings on new postal law
- Purple Heart Stamps Being Reissued
- Union: New facility could ease postal problem
- The stamp of disapproval regarding Kensington post office
- Industry responds to UAA mail challenge
- Zanesville Post Office won't cut employees
- Nothing manmade is forever, postage included
- Postal Workers Back Strike Action - UK

Friday - June 8, 2007
- Postmaster Arrested For Selling Drugs On The Job -
- APWU: Agreement on Jurisdictional Disputes
- NRLCA AND USPS Reach Impasse-
- Hard to say goodbye when Mom's lost in the mail -
- They'll Never Complain About Slow Postal Service Again
- Frisco woman says gift cards were stolen from mail
- How "Average" Is Your TSP Account?
- 3996 Estimates Do Not Mean Exact! - new from The Belden Factor

Thursday - June 7, 2007
- APWU Sues USPS Advisory Committee For Conducting Policy-Making in Secret:  Read The Lawsuit  -
- USPS selected employer of the year: Postal Service employee also recognizedPEN Editor: I wonder if Careers & the disABLED is aware that USPS is the largest contributor of workers' compensation claimants handled by OWCP?! -
- ELM: Reporting Requirements for Sex Offenders
- DMA asks USPS to extend rate relief for flats
- From ink to paper, USPS purchases are getting greener
- Residents begin postal petition drive
- PO strike interrupts service for one hour in Ireland

Wednesday - June 6, 2007
- USPS defends temporary fix in Las Cruces, NM -
- What Would Happen If the Post Office Had Competition? -
- How Did A Baby Wind Up A Direct Marketing Target?

Tuesday - June 5, 2007
The US Postal Service's $61 million settlement -
- Senator: Temporary postal hires shortsighted
  Also see: New El Paso postal workers only temporary -
- Woman Accused Of Stealing Mail
- KTVO TV Delivery Test
- Gasoline prices cost rural carriers -
- Mail delivery resumes in Detroit neighborhood dogged by loose canines
- PRC’s decision worries postal software vendors
- Memphis Woman Missing Months of Mail
- NALC: Carriers Collect 70.7 Millions Pounds of Food
- US Postal Service Cracks Down On Cyber Scams
- Man living underground afraid of government, gas company, and postal service.

Monday - June 4, 2007
- Contract delivery of mail under fire -
- USPS is working hard to restore mail delivery in Chicago
- Trenton Area APWU Update - Travel Pay
- Climbing postal rates hinders ministry
- Tapping Your TSP - That's an option?

Sunday - June 3, 2007
USPS OIG: Chicago Mail Problems -
- US Postal Service Takes Steps To Ensure Safety
- Mailbox fire in St. Clair burns letters

Saturday - June 2, 2007
- 3 in Bayonne held in postal scam -
- Seek ? forever? Purple Heart stamp
- Postal Costs Hit Church Magazines

Friday - June 1, 2007
Glover Class Action: USPS Agrees to Largest Ever Disability Discrimination Settlement - $61 Million. For more information on this case: Settlement Info | and more info. -
- Chicago: Awful mail service starts at square 1 -
More Chicago Postal News:
- PMG Potter says a misguided management incentive plan led to problems with Chicago's mail delivery -
- Residents Sound Off About City's Poor Mail Service
- Post office feels the heat for slow service
- APWU: Union Asks Wachovia To Stop Running Misleading Ad
- Declining First Class mail volumes may snowball
- One price hike too many for this postal customer
- The Postal Service, Magazines, and Korea... huh?
- Booming Bellevue copes with mail mix-ups
- When dogs go postal
- Pass the Dignity and Respect Please! - employee petition

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