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June 30. 2009
- Number of Postal Employees Continues to Decline -
- Postal Unions Slam Saturday Mail Cut Plan -
- Rural carrier pleads not guilty to identity and mail theft
- Public speaks out against post office closure in Florida
- Quincy. IL City Council adopts resolution urging Postal Service not to close Quincy mail processing, distribution center
- Former Postal Worker Facing Prison Time
- Modern postal service could use Ben Franklin’s help
- U.S. Post Offices observing holiday early

June 29. 2009
- Ask Burrus: Will USPS Not Be Able to Make Payroll Soon? -
- OIG: What’s the Right Level of Financial Reporting?
- Stamped for extinction -
- APWU: Latest Consolidation List
- Postal Service may close some local post offices -
- Backcountry mail pilot helps preserve way of life

June 28. 2009
- More Theft By Union Officials
- Friends rally to keep popular Brookside mail clerk’s job -
- Mail Carrier Robbed At Gun Point
- Mail Carrier Finds Infant In Plastic Bag -
- MATV launches its online mail portal for Same-Day & Next-Day Mail delivery to any address in the U.S.

June 27. 2009
- Richmond, Va. APWU Official Indicted for Theft -
- Carwash company accused of bilking U.S. Postal Service of $1600 and discharging wastewater into the Lehigh River
- Postal Service loses $677 million in May as volume declines -
- PRC Job Opening: Commission Secretary and Chief Administrative Officer - Salary Range: $117,000‐ 153,000 -
- APWU: Drive for Sick-Leave Credit Gains New Life
- Santa Monica, CA locals react to possible loss of mail delivery
- Wyden, Merkley Urge Congress, Postal Service to Protect Oregon's Vote-by-Mail
- U.S. POSTAL SERVICE: It's outstanding and affordable
- Canada Post seeks 20% price increase by 2014

June 26. 2009
- Americans OK With Fewer Mail Days to Fix Postal Budget -
- APWU: Unions Rally for Healthcare, Now! -
- NAPUS: House Panel OKs Postal Relief Bill
- MSPB Sustains Supervisors Demotion -
- House Approves FERS Sick Leave Bill -
- Save Your Post Office! -
- Local (Florida) Postal Workers May Lose Jobs -
- Window clerk suspended for not helping customer complete over 100 custom forms -
- Postal Carrier's Embezzlement Stamped Out
- USPS: Health Savings Accounts

June 25. 2009
- Postal Service launches study on the elimination of Saturday delivery - - Let Post Office, Not ACORN, Take Census? -
- Key House Panel Passes HR 22
- Former postmaster sentenced in mail theft case -
- APWU request OIG investigation into AMP study
- NAPS: House Panel Approves Financial Relief for the Postal Service
- Complaints Fill Hearing About Federal Employees' Health Plan
- 21 postal jobs will stay in Mansfield

June 24. 2009
- NALC: Subcommittee Marks Up HR 22
- Utah Rep. Chaffetz suggests mail carriers conduct Census -
- USPS: Most Post Offices will close at 12 noon on Friday, July 3, 2009 -
- Privatize the Post Office -
- A 21st-Century Postal Service
- Troubled U.S. Postal Service looking to close offices -
- Postal Service May Boost Ride-Alongs -
- UK: Pot-smoking postman burned mail -
- Buchanan scores audit of post office plan
- Glens Falls mail sorting to relocate to Albany
- Postal inspectors investigate mail theft at Clemson
- Former postal worker sentenced
- Mail carriers go nuts for residents in a jam

June 23, 2009
NRP settlement clears path for hundreds of held grievances -
- HR 22 Markup Could Miss the Mark -
- Former postal worker, faces sentencing on fraud charges
- About WaPo’s postal editorial
- Fraud trial for postal worker begins
- Postal Service a forgotten issue
- Carrier pleads not guilty in theft of mail
- Mail trucks deliver without a license
- Contract carrier going to prison for stealing mail
- Family of hawks halts mail delivery in Liberty
- Business Meeting Notice
- Schumer opposes post office merger

June 22, 2009
- APWU on Five-Day Delivery: Don’t Do It! -
- Movement on H.R. 22 -
- APWU: No more face to face step 3 meetings
- OIG Reviews Estimates of Postal Service’s Liability for Retiree Health Care Benefits -
- OIG: Hollywood’s Take on the Postal Service -

- Too Big to Mail? -
- Postal Service chugs on
- Workers win some, lose some on Hill -
- Downsizing the post offices -
- Benefits: Are We There Yet?
- Postage hikes force firms to cut costs
- Kitten Dropped in Mailbox Adopted by Postal Worker
- PRC Adopts Final Rules on Confidentiality of Non-public Materials

June 21, 2009
- I've got the blue postal box blues -
- Marine gets a not-so-special delivery

June 20, 2009
- 31 New Jersey Sites May Close
- Troubled USPS eyes help from Congress -
- New Castle mail processing facility to remain open
- PostCom Wonders What Postal Employees Are Prepared to Do to Save USPS -
- NAPUS News Hotline
- APWU Endorses Trumka for AFL-CIO President

June 19, 2009
- Work Longer For a Smaller Benefit? -
- Did postal worker steal gift card? -
- Letter: U.S. Postal Service must make delivery system 'viable' -
- Obama’s choice as chief of protocol for the State Department did not file tax returns for 2005 and 2006 - blames USPS -
- Neighborhood still not getting mail over pit bull
- Postal clerk convicted of embezzlement, fraud
- DMM Revision: Extended Enrollment Period for the Standard Mail Saturation Mail Volume Incentive Program

June 18, 2009
- Part 2 – Incentive Pay and its Significance
I met with a long-time mentor of mine: the Honorable Carolyn Gallagher. Carolyn happens to be the Chairman of the Board of Governors for the United States Postal Service.  I asked her some very blunt questions about the news surrounding the compensation package that Mr. Potter had received as the Postmaster General. WOW!  I was more than just a little surprised by her answers. -

- TSP Changes Timetable
- City post offices face closure
- Deer flies through windshield of rural carrier

June 17, 2009
- Advertising Up While Volume Drops at Postal Service - Falling volume means USPS must find new business - see video -
- USPS Posts Phase II RIF-avoidance Vacancies
- Fewer Detroit post offices likely -
- Man held for trial in beating, robbery of postal carrier
- Cleveland: Man Accused Of Scamming Postal Service
- APWU VP: Fighting to Protect Our Jobs
- Bergen County Drunk Driving Crash Sends New Jersey Postal Employee to Hospital
- APWU Legislative: H.R. 22: Not a Bailout Bill
- Why General Motors Is Like the Postal Service
- BOARD OF GOVERNORS Will Meet Behind Closed Doors -
- Busy Huntsville, AL Post Office evacuated
- Letter carrier discovers abandoned kitten in street mailbox
- Stolen mail van found in flames
- Kurten Wins Battle to Keep Post Office
- Rurall carrier testifies at murder trial
- White House Honors Postal Service With Environmental Award
- Employers cut back wellness programs

June 16, 2009
- Gov't Made Federal Case Over $78 - Cost Thousands of $$$ -
- Stamp Vending Machine Complaints Rise -
- Inverted Stamps Expected To Sell For Millions
- Mail-Less Saturdays? -
- Pit bull stops mail delivery
- Chocophiles Go Postal

More Postal News
June 15, 2009
- To Cut or Not to Cut: That’s the Negotiating Question -
- USPS officials say 300 outlets closures nationwide likely  -
- FERS Employees Get Smoked In Senate -
- Post Office Looks to Scale Back - Also see: Fallen on Hard Times, Postal Service Looks to Cut Costs -
- 24/7 Wall Street Says USPS Has Been Dying For Years -
- Former postal employee indicted
- All lanes clear after mail truck bursts into flames on I-880 in Oakland
- APWU: Secretary-Treasurer Training Available Online

June 14, 2009
- City Attorney Takes Legal Action Against U.S. Postal Service -
- Contract Mail carrier admits stealing mail
- Letter takes 35 years to reach Sioux City woman -

June 13, 2009
- Problem Solver: Are you prepared for the biggest postal change in years? DM News -
- Post office for homeless wins reprieve to stay open
- USPS looking at consolidating facilities in Bridgeport, Stamford, New Haven
- Civic Association survey: Keep Palm Beach post office — but town shouldn't buy it

June 12, 2009
- Cops: Mail carriers delivered ‘ice’ through mud, sleet and snow Also see -  Mail Carrier Delivered Meth Concealed In Phone Books
- APWU, USPS Agree To Revamped Maintenance Selection System -
- Burrus: What’s Wrong …and What Can Be Done
- Bill advances with TSP reforms, but not sick leave fix - Also see FERS Flu Pandemic? -
- MSPB Determines Former Supervisor Should Be Paid PFP
- USPS: Deeper Discounts on Postal Service Products In a Lobby Near You
- Mailworks Plus closes shop, questions raised about mail

June 11, 2009
- Union Challenges USPS Interpretation of Layoff Memo -
- USPS Class Action Lawsuit
Also see Mail carriers file class action against USPS over labor violations -
- Another USPS Workplace Tragedy -
- Connecticut Could Lose 150 Small Postal Branches
- Cutbacks force changes in U.S. mail delivery times
- Teamsters: FedEx Launches Deceptive Campaign to Protect Special Deal in Congress -
- House Committee Approves Mail Balloting for All Federal Elections -
- Former western NY postal clerk gets probation for mail theft

June 10, 2009
- APWU Assails Office of the Inspector General On Custodial Subcontracting Recommendations -
- Delivering Mail and Kissing The Customer Leads to Removal -
- USPS Says No NAPS Representation at HR Center - NAPS Says Wait Just a Minute
- Ex-postal worker pleads guilty to taking money orders
- Former casual mail handler pleads guilty to stealing mail
- Zumbox lines up partner to launch paperless postal service -
- Chicago: Old post office heading to auction block
- MN letter carrier indicted for stealing mail
- Postal Service Brings Augmented Reality Down to Earth

June 09, 2009
- Ouch! Mail Hurts
Working for USPS has historically proven to be bad for your old age. Read more here -
- APWU Responds to USPS Notice on Retail Operations
- Automation and the Life of the Letter Carrier -
- Postal Service study creates concerns about delivery
- Postal Service set to shed 296 community mailboxes -

June 08, 2009
- Court Favors APWU In Latest Round of AMS Dispute
- Paid Parental Leave: Everybody's For It... or Not
  Federal News Radio - Also see: Paid Parental Leave Bill for Federal Employees Passes in House of Representatives
- APWU: Vehicle Maintenance Estimated Repair Times Cannot Be Used for Discipline
- Woman pleads guilty to cashing dead mom's checks for 23 years
- When You Go - AKA Death and the Federal Employee

June 07, 2009
- Budget Rules Stymie Postal Relief Legislation – Déjà vu - NAPUS Newsletter -
- Threat to shutter N.Y. post offices is pushing the envelope - NY Daily News -
- USPS vs. UPS: A Book-Shipping Hint
- Cleveland Mail Carrier Attacked by Pit Bull
- Man appears in court in mail carrier case
- Bottle bombs, in mailboxes, cause quite a stir in Eudora

June 06, 2009
- USPS Retail and Delivery Units Being Considered For Consolidation Or Closure - Pacific Area - Western Area - So. West Area
- NALC President Young Will Retire July 3, 2009 -
- NALC Says They're "Unrelenting on Six-Day Delivery"
- Western Nassau AMP Consolidation Meeting Summary
- Congressman Hinchey Fights To Keep Mail Processing Center In Binghamton
- More Mailbox Bombs Found In NE Kansas
- House Provision Could Cost FedEx Millions, Stall Deliveries - Also see Teamsters: FedEx Threatens to 'Destroy' Members of Congress
- Bill Would Extend Federal Benefits to Domestic Partners
- ZIP code changes may hurt small firms
- UPS, FedEx Tops in Pilot Pay

June 05, 2009
- Postal Service Buyout Rumor (No. 63) -
- Burrus Calls on Labor Department to Reverse Bush FMLA Rules
- Recession, U.S. Postal Service downsizing may force closure of twenty post office branches in NYC -
- Man Sentenced to Nearly Four Years in Federal Prison for Sending Threatening White Powder-Laced Hoax Letters
- Summer Sale Approved With Flying Colors - Also see DMA Statement on USPS Summer Sale Approval | PRC approves the USPS summer sale
- Colorado post office plan on track?
- Mail Carrier Attacked By Dog
- Man with rifle frightens mail carrier
- Mail truck wrecks, blocks Alabama I-65

June 04, 2009
- Confronting A Disruptive Technology
By Joy Leong: Together with PRC Commissioner Ruth Goldway, Ms. Leong founded Women in Logistics and Delivery Services
- Industry mail processing center to remain open
- When it Rains, It Pours - Federal Retirement Reform Act of 2009
- True or False? Concerning Judge Sonia Sotomayor
- Mail carrier thwarts robbery of blind man in wheelchair in Clearwater
- NALC: 2009 JCAM Released
- USPS: Renewable Energy Project(s) - Solar
- Hanford Postal Truck Suffers Fire; Mail Damaged

June 03, 2009
- Ulysses Bradley pleads guilty to $190,000 in post office thefts -
Smoking Hot Bill -
- GameFly Says USPS Provides Preferential Treatment to Netflix and Blockbuster -
- Keeping it confidential: both during and after employment -
- Senior Prank, That Included 5100 USPS Priority Mail Boxes, Launches Federal Investigation -
- USPS Dual Casual Reports
- Letter Carriers’ Union Applauds McHugh Nomination -
- Post office employee accused of stealing mail
- Will e-trucks deliver your snail mail?
- Gang war affects Canada Post Deliveries

June 02, 2009
- Sen. Schumer renews call for Postal Service to sell New Rochelle site to Cappelli -
- Lebanon Man Sentenced For Threatening Mail Carrier -
- Dog chases Middleboro mailman away permanently
- Burned postal box on North Westnedge Avenue was mostly empty

June 01, 2009
- OIG: USPS Relocation Benefits Are Comparable But Costly -
- Postal Service explains what happened to Morristown candidate Tim Dougherty's campaign mailing -
- Postal decline worsens due to delivery flaws -

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