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June 2010

June 30, 2010
PRC: USPS Overcharged by $50 Billion Plus for CSRS Benefits -

Helping out a Postal employee in a time of need
Federal News Radio -

Double shooting kills U.S. Postal Service district manager for Alabama - Also see 1 dead in domestic dispute -

Taking “Stock” of Bernstock
Big Fat Marketing Blog -

USPS launches online change of address campaign -

U.S. Postal Service Named Most Trusted Government Agency - Also see U.S. Postal Service Tops Ponemon Institute List of Most Trusted Federal Agencies -

Bernstock update: Postal sole-source contracting rules tightened - Federal Times Blog - Also see Ex-Postal Service official violated policies - Federal Eye -

Judge Stops Cigarette Mail Ban
Federal District Judge Richard Arcara temporarily ordered a new law that disallows cigarettes to be shipped via the mail to be placed on hold, the Associated Press reports. -

Former Letter Carrier Charged with Theft -

Ex-postal worker pleads to fraud -

April Post Office 'robbery' didn't happen -

June 29, 2010
OIG: Former postal marketing exec, R. Bernstock, misused staff, contractors - Federal Times
The U.S. Postal Service's former top marketing executive repeatedly used government staff -- and at least two business associates he hired with sole-source contracts -- to manage his personal finances and outside business interests, according to a new report. Read report on Bernstock -

OSHA Fines USPS for Safety Violations at Eagan, MN P&DC - Total 2010 OSHA fines now exceed $2.6 million. -

Postal workers busted for buying and selling drugs -

Richmond USPS Workers Forced To Transfer Or Quit
"We're very different than other businesses. We don't fire people," said USPS spokesperson Augustine Ruiz. "We don't lay people off. What we do is move them where there is work available and find a position for them." -

Year later, postal workers are still using Porta-Johns
The toilets work properly except when it rains, said Carl Walton, spokesman for the Greensboro district of the U.S. Postal Service. -

Union: Postal facility could lose 55 jobs -

Working For USPS May Be Dangerous To Your Health -

OSHA proposes $430,000 in fines against US Postal Service for electrical hazards at Scarborough, Maine, mail processing facility -

OSHA proposes $77,500 in fines against US Postal Service for electrical hazards at Portland, Ore., mail processing facility -

Funding retiree healthcare in the Private Sector
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

ABM Position on USPS' Elimination of Saturday Delivery
American Business Media's final position on the elimination of Saturday delivery, in answer, expresses concern that the proposal could be the first of several such service reductions, if sweeping changes to the Postal Service’s basic operations are not made. -

OIG Blog: Stamp Vending Machines -

Nation’s Oldest Postal Employee Retires June 30
95 year–old mail handler has not missed a day of work in 37 years -

New Postal Service boss for D.C. region named
Timothy C. Haney, former manager of a U.S. Postal Service facility in the District where two workers died during the 2001 anthrax attacks, will become head of mail operations for the national capital region. -

WBEN asks its readers "Should The Post Office Stamp Out Saturday Delivery?"
Article provides two audio interviews. -

June 28, 2010
Postal Service finds $75 B dollar overpayment
Michael Thompson, Director of Capital Investments for the Postal Service Office of Inspector General, joins Federal Drive with details about how that money adds up, and the impact it will have on their bottom line. -

Local NALC Officers Investigated For Possible Embezzlement -

Post office protesters hit the street
The battle to save the Bloomfield Hills post office branch spilled onto the street Thursday afternoon. Postal employees carried signs protesting the closing as passing cars on Long Lake Road honked their horns in support. -

OSHA fines USPS nearly $800,000 for exposing workers to electrical hazards at three facilities -

Outgoing postal sorting ships to Memphis this week -

Buffalo: Saturday mail delivery topic of public hearing today - Also see - Save our Postal Service! -- Southern Oregon 5-Day, No Way Picket July 1st -

June 27, 2010
Postal employee is 1 of 40 charged during major drug sweep -

Postal theft just might prove profitable -

SEC halts alleged $34M Ponzi scheme targeting federal employees -

June 26, 2010
Former Marysville, CA Postal Supervisor Pleads Guilty To Thefts -


Postmasters Call For Pension and Health Care Funding Accuracy - NAPUS Newsletter -

Former Dallas Mail Handler Sentenced to 5 Years In Prison -

Should we be self sustaining?
Your Postal Blog -

USPS Preliminary Financial Information - May 2010
PRC: Net Loss $642 Million -

GAO Report: Mail Processing Network Initiatives Progressing, and Guidance for Consolidating Area Mail Processing Operations Being Followed -

Rep Michael Honda Calls for More Asian American-Themed Stamps -

June 25, 2010
USPS shouldn't be forced to pre-fund retiree benefits
Letter to the Editor of the Washington Post by Tom Kiley: senior adviser at the Economic Policy Institute. -

Mailers plan coalition to fight postal rate increase
DM News -

Local APWU Officers Investigated by DOL for Possible Embezzlement -

NALC: Cutting Saturdays would be a 'blunder' -

US Postal Service or US Postal Business?
Guy Nohrenberg -

Post Offices Deliver Internet in Remote Areas -

June 24, 2010
Postal unions offer alternative to five-day schedule
Federal News Radio -

APWU: Sen. Coburn Tries to Pull a Fast One -

OSHA proposes $77,500 in fines against US Postal Service for electrical hazards at Portland, OR -

TX Postal Worker Stole 150 Credit Cards From Mail -

A chance for Congress to acknowledge its role in postal crisis - Washington Post - ...as Congress looks for ways to pull the USPS from its financial sinkhole, lawmakers also should look in the mirror. Programs approved by this august body have helped push the Postal Service to the brink of financial disaster. -

Carper recommends "major changes" for Postal Service -

Man who oversaw postal plant where 2 workers died of anthrax may run D.C. region and Potential new Postal Service boss tied to anthrax scare worries workers - Washington Post -

85 SF Employees Forced to Choose Between Relocation and Losing Their Jobs (video) -

NYC Postal Workers Rally to Keep Saturday Mail Service -

Rural mail customers decry potential loss of Saturday mail delivery -

Amazon opposes plan to end Saturday U.S. mail delivery -

Burrus: USPS Can and Must Expand the Services It Offers - Burrus Capital Hill Comments (PDF) - Rolando Capital Hill Comments (PDF) -


June 23, 2010
USPS will see pushback from industry, unions on delivery day reduction - GovExec.com -

Having Their Say: Customer and Employee Views on the Future of the U.S. Postal Service
Read testimony from Senator Thomas R. Carper and two panels consisting of 14 panelist...including APWU and NALC Presidents. - Postcom has posted a summary of the comments made. -

Major online retailers split on plan to cut Saturday mail
Washington Post -

Netflix Backs U.S. Postal Service Saturday Delivery Cut -

Postal service five-day mail plan: “Recipe for business failure” - Nat. Newspaper Assoc. - Also see SD residents testify against cutting Saturday mail and PCMA: Disrupting Mail Delivery Schedule Could Negatively Impact Consumers Relying on Home Delivery of Prescription Drugs -

Rural carriers gain automated bidding -

Postal Service Employee Abuse Spur Call for Citizen Action Group -

Six accused of stealing $18.6 million from postal service -

Postal Service desperate for good ideas to end run of bad news -

June 22, 2010
Funeral for carrier killed by lightning begins with long line of mail trucks - Also see Postal workers say goodbye to mail carrier killed by lightning strike -

OIG: Management Advisory Report – Civil Service Retirement System Overpayment by the Postal Service (PDF) -

House and Senate Joint Hearing to Discuss USPS Future Financial Viability -

PRC Job Open - Salary $95,000 - $140,000 -

Click-N-Ship Labels: Is USPS alienating customers, just to keep delivery scores up? -

Chrysler lobbied members of Congress on a measure that would REQUIRE the US Postal Service to buy electric vehicles -

Neighbor shoots police officer’s dog after it attacks Jacksonville, FL mailman -

Springfield postal worker arrested for stealing money from greeting cards -

More To Paper Mail Than Discount Promotion -

Businesses plead for Saturday mail service -

Over 2,800 mailmen bitten by dogs in US -

June 21, 2010
APWU: Burrus to Testify On Future of Postal Service -

Court says Jeunes use of profanity is a violation of the USPS zero tolerance policy. -

Why the First Mile Matters
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

OIG blog: Give Customers What They Really Want -

Postal “Storm” Ahead For Catalogers? -

Nominees for Top 5 Worst Government Services
PEN Ed: I just happened across this article and thought I would share it with you. The author seems to know absolutely nothing about what the postal service does or how it operates. -

CVS, Medco Oppose Postal Cuts, Citing Drug Delays, Higher Costs -

Bernstock Gone But Not, Um, Quite Gone
Dead Tree Edition - More than two weeks after Robert F. Bernstock left the U.S. Postal Service under a cloud of scandal, a USPS Web site still lists him as a key executive. - Update: That Was Quick! -

June 20, 2010
D.C. postal exec, Susan Plonkey, shares sales strategies -

Senators ask for field hearings in Hawaii and Alaska on proposal to reduce mail delivery to five days a week -

June 19, 2010
Postal Worker Planned Attack Against Supervisor: Cops
NBC - New York - Also see NY Daily News - Discussions -

Congress needs to let the Postal Service reduce its costs
Washington Post -

Today on Blog Talk Radio: USA Postal workers are getting sick. Why ? The Health risk of the job...
LET'S TALK RADIO - SATURDAY, June 19, 2010, 8:30 AM: Clifton Bradley, Underground Railroad TV and Sandra Sutton talk about the health risk and working at the United States Post Office - An in-depth interview dealing with the cause and effect of workplace safety. Come and join us on Let's Talk Radio !!! (347) 215 8679. Call in and voice your opinion !!! 6/19/2010 - 8:30 AM -

Postmaster Relief and Rural Carrier Associate Positions Available in Green Bay, WI -

Mail carrier's family wants answers in fatal dog attack -

Postal union leader questions ‘company’ motive for consolidation -

June 18, 2010
Smartest Postal TSP Investors Are Letter Carriers -

Mail handler stabs boss with scissors at Kennedy Airport
An enraged postal worker snapped and stabbed his boss with a pair of scissors at Kennedy Airport on Thursday, sources said. Also see: Mail Sorter Charged With Stabbing Supervisor At JFK Mail Facility (photo) - JFK Postal Worker Plays Into Stereotypes -

Cost-effectiveness an issue for Postal Service vehicle repairs -

Full Service IMb and Piece Tracking-False Claims and Confusion - Postal Affairs Blog

New Orleans Carrier Honored -

Having Their Say: Customer and Employee Views on the Future of the U.S. Postal Service

"This Week In Postal" - New Podcast

June 17, 2010
Seven Louisiana Postal Workers Charged With Mail Crimes -

Ex-postmaster pleads not guilty to stealing -

How Smart Post Makes FedEx More Profitable
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

Two postal employees found dead of gunshot wounds in Port Charlotte home -

Judge sets bail for letter carrier accused of fatally shooting wife -

USPS To Give Publishers a Break on Ride-Alongs
Dead Tree Edition -

Broken mail trucks cost the Postal Service millions
The wheels are literally falling off at the Postal Service and it's getting more expensive to fix them, according to a new report by the agency's auditors. - See OIG Audit Delivery Vehicle Replacement Strategy -

Missing Mail Adds Up to Big Problems for Dozens of People -

APWU: Preparation for Contract Negotiations - Rank & File Bargaining Panel Meets -

June 16, 2010
GAO: Mail Processing Network Initiatives Progressing, and Guidance for Consolidating Area Mail Processing Operations Being Followed - Read Full Report (PDF) - Read Highlights Page (PDF) -

Maryland Postmaster targeted by complaints -

Keep the promise of six-day mail delivery
By: Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, U.S. House of Representatives -

Duluth postal station worker pleads guilty -

Former Forksville, PA postmaster pleads guilty to stealing money -

Letter carrier killed by lightning in Ferguson - Also see Only other mail carrier to be struck by lightning talks to News Channel 5 -

2 Alabama postal workers get probation for stealing mail, 3rd pleads guilty to taking cash -

Postal carrier in Fruitport Township discovers homemade bottle bomb in mailbox -

June 15, 2010
USPS COO Pat Donahoe Says Employees Should Focus On Reducing Workhours - PEN Editor: I believe he is incorrect -

USPS employee charged with delay of newspapers by a postal employee -

Postal worker admits stealing money, lying about robbery -

Mail-Stealing Mail Worker Sent to Jail -

Postal supervisor falsified Time and Attendance (TACs) Records
A review of time records led OIG to further investigate three CFS unit supervisors, including Jerry White, who had received an inordinate amount of overtime compensation due to TACS entries in excess of their daily authorized eight-hour schedule. -

OSHA cites another postal facility - this time Baton Rouge, LA -

Update: Body found at trash center identified as that of female clerk - Body Of Hayward Postal Worker Found In Trash - Also see video Missing Postal Worker's Body Found At Dump - Postal Employee Death Ruled Homicide -

OIG: Audit Project: Early Distribution of Employee Paychecks -

Federal government to phase out paper checks by 2013 -

Time is Running Out for FEHBP Dependents -

APWU: Members Participate in National AFL-CIO Young Workers Summit -

OIG Blog: Reducing the Number of Prices -

June 14, 2010
Witness List Scheduled to Testify at the Chicago Field Hearing on Five Day Delivery -

Postal Service needs makeover, not to be shunted aside as obsolete -

USPS Board of Governors Chairman Stresses Need for Flexibility and Speed -

June 13, 2010
Mail it in, post office tells 9 - Labor dispute allowed employees to get paid for doing nothing
A group of Postal Service employees in Columbus spent five days in late May and early June being paid to do no work. A supervisor told them to stay in an area of the processing and distribution center near Port Columbus. The nine men played cards and took naps. One of them brought in coloring books, and they had a contest to see who could make the prettiest picture. -

With days, jobs are numbered: Rural carriers say they depend on Saturday mail -

June 12, 2010
Mail Carrier Dies After Dog Attack - Also see Oceanside Mail Carrier Killed In Possible Dog Attack -

USPS’s Susan Plonkey on Fixing the Postal Service -

Whitehouse Withdraws Nomination of Paul S. Miller to USPS Board of Governors -

June 11, 2010
PostCom states: H. Res. 173, a resolution that expresses "the sense of the House of Representatives that the United States Postal Service should take all appropriate measures to ensure the continuation of its 6-day mail delivery service" now has 209 co-sponsors. This is a clear sign that the Postal Service will not win congressional approval for reducing the number of days of mail service from six to five. [And that's the name of that tune.] -

Dangerous Territory
Postal Affairs Blog -

USPS Board of Governors To Hold Closed Meeting -

Capital area chief Lane leaves Postal Service after assault allegation
The top U.S. Postal Service official for the Washington region is out of a job after an incident last week in Sterling involving a postal worker. - Also see Washington region Postal Service boss out of a job after incident in Sterling  -

Former Postal Employee Pleads Guilty to Theft - Must Pay $134,416.27 In Restitution -

Postman, Convicted Child Molester Resigns -

Former Maine Mailman Gets Probation In Mail Thefts -

June 10, 2010
Comments To PRC Favors 5 Day or LESS Delivery
Rick Owens - PEN -

Mr. President: How About a Little of that Change We Can Believe in? - Eric L. Wattree -

OSHA fines US Postal Service nearly $300,000 -

Comments to PRC Favor 5-Day Delivery
Dead Tree Edition -

June 09, 2010
OSHA fines US Postal Service nearly $500,000 -

Minneapolis Post Office Workers Want AEDs -

Postal worker shot; suspect dead after chase
A postal worker was chased and shot in the downtown area of Monroe, LA near Miro and South Grand Street Tuesday afternoon reportedly by a suspect who caused a wreck, fired at police and later died in a ditch off U.S. 165 North. -

APWU: OIG Says Workshare Audit Will Include Union’s Views -

OSHA cites 2 Philadelphia Postal Service sites -

Philadelphia man arrested for Limerick Post Office and two Turkey Hill robberies -

June 08, 2010
Dallas Field Hearing Transcript (PDF) -

CATO Still Believes Your Pay Is Too High and That USPS Should Be Privatized -

OIG Audit: Audit Report – Facilities Optimization: Controls Over the Selling of Assets (PDF) -

June 07, 2010
OIG Blog: Scaling Back Hours, Not Post Offices -

Arbitrator Jacobs: Carrier Supervisor and USPS Violate Joint Statement on Violence - Supervisor Handed Strict Limitations (PDF) -

NALC: Stop USPS from Making Big Mistake -

Memphis Congressman Says He Will Fight To Save 6 Day Delivery -

Also see: Memphian hopes to deliver message to U.S. Postal Service -

Postal Service newcomers feel pain of racial slurs in Iowa -

June 06, 2010
Postal Service Chooses "Un-Intelligent" Mail
Dead Tree Edition -


Tina Hollins, a postal worker in the Chicago area, pleads guilty to being a courier for drug dealer -

Postal Employee Wrongfully Convicted Gets Record Payout From City -

Laid Off Postal Employee Arrested After 5-Mile Shooting Spree - Also see Going postal -- the violence continues -

June 05, 2010
Postmasters Call Upon Congress to Pass Postal Retirement Accuracy Bill - NAPUS -

The Tea-Bagging Cracker at the Post Office -

June 04, 2010
USPS Cited for Fourth Set of Safety Violations
Fines Now Exceed One Million Dollars -

The Postal Limbo Rock
Rag Content - "Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack go under limbo stick" - Jack, as in Jack Potter -

Case against ex-mailman from Weymouth is continued -


FMLA: Incomplete Certification is not a "Negative Certification" -

Jury awards letter carrier $224,000 in slip and fall accident -

Direct mail volume up 16% in Q1 as insurance leads comeback -

June 03, 2010
Fight to Save Saturday Service Approaches Important Milestone -

Worker Arrested in Robbery of Northeast Houston Post Office - Also see Letter carrier accused of stealing $15,000 -

Ex-mail carrier gets probation for embezzlement
"You served this country with four years in the military," Judge Blackburn said. "It's your 'get-out-of-jail-free' card — you only get to play it once." -

PMR pleads guilty to cashing more than $41,000 worth of money orders -

2010 Census: Will the Post Office Deliver? -

Houston mailman faces prison for stealing hundreds of Netflix movies -

USPS, postal workers, happy medication and absolute craziness – its a wonder that anyone actually receives their mail! - Report Your Complaint -

by postal commentator Gene Del Polito -

June 02, 2010
OIG: Audit Project Pages? - You CANNOT Be Serious! -

Physical Mail Still Preferred by Many -

No adverse action in postal worker’s case -

Congress members protest mail facility closure -

Postal Service charges are absolute disgrace
The public has grown accustomed to charges of unethical business practices against Wall Street, but not the U.S. Postal Service. -

Same-sex partners of federal workers (including postal employees) can start applying for benefits next month -

June 01, 2010
The People, the Scam, and the Mainstream Media
Beneath The Spin - Eric L. Wattree
First, let's dispose of the myth. The postal service isn't failing due to competition; the postal service has competition due to its managerial failures. FedEx and UPS owe their very existence to post office incompetence. -

APWU: Decision of Federal District Court on AMS Work
Click here for a copy of the decision -

Advent of the iPad: Apple will take a bite out of direct mail volumes -

OIG Blog: Looking at the Bigger Picture -

Pay Freeze as Union Recruiting Tool
Federal News Radio -

Sick leave is a job benefit not a privilege -

Custom Search

June 26, 2010
- Postal Worker Picks up Suspected Pipe Bomb
- Ohio Postman loses shirt, then finds thief

June 25, 2010
- Handbook EL-312 Revision: Supervisor Positions
- Postal Service IG report examines vehicle fleet
- Huntington, WV Could Lose Virginia Avenue Mail Processing Facility

June 24, 2010
- Differing perspectives on postal cuts
- Authorities Investigating 180 Cases Of Stolen Mail In Putnam County - Update: Missing Mail From Putnam County Post Office Found In Charleston
- Event to raise money for postal worker's family

June 23, 2010
- Postal employee injured in two-vehicle accident
- USPS: Through Rain, Snow, Sleet and Time

June 22, 2010
- Pony Express riders on tail end of 1,966 miles for 150th anniversary
- Judge denies county's bid to halt mail facility closure
- Postal truck fleet takes a hit from storms

June 21, 2010
- Hearing focuses on Saturday delivery
- Mail Carriers Protest Postal  5 Day Delivery Proposal

June 20, 2010
- Letter-writer criticizes proposal to cut Saturday mail delivery

June 19, 2010
- Woman arrested for DUI after crashing into postal truck
- Yuba County seeks injunction to block mail facility's closure

June 18, 2010
- Former Vermont postal official charged with obstructing mail -

June 17, 2010
- OIG: Assessment of Overall Plant Efficiency 2010
- Vigil Scheduled for Postal Worker Killed By Lightning
- Idaho postal worker accused of stealing mail

June 16, 2010
- National Newspaper Assoc. continues support for six-day mail delivery
- Fighting To Keep Mail On The Shore
- USPS worker swipes mail, gets 6 months jail
- Easton, MD postal service protesters move after complaint

June 15, 2010
- Young union activists quiz top leaders, plan networks -
- Envelopes with white powder sent to Northwest federal buildings
Miscommunication with post office cited for 12,500 late ballots
- Meeting On Easton Postal Facility Set
- Businesses prepare to respond to five-day mailing schedule

June 14, 2010
- Post office murals open to the public again after years in hiding
- Pony Express gallops through Utah

June 13, 2010
- Benefits Payable on Death of a Federal Employee

June 12, 2010
- Carrier injured when truck is struck, knocked over along route
- USPS and C-E Win Effie Award for Marketing Effectiveness

June 11, 2010
- National Envelope Company Bankruptcy
- UK: Postie stole mail to ‘save daughter from loan shark’
- Spanish Postal Workers Stage One-Day Strike

June 10, 2010
- Stolen loot leads to post office, Turkey Hill robbery suspect
- Destructive device used in mailbox explosion
- Dirty TX Post Office Gets Complaints

June 09, 2010
- Census 2020: Will it look the same?
- A not-so-excellent adventure at the post office

June 08, 2010
- UK carrier dumped her mail at recycling center
- Tampa tops in donations during Postal Service food drive

June 07, 2010
- Postal plan could bring overflow crowd to Bloomfield Hills meeting
- El Dorado Springs MO postmaster killed in single-engine plane crash

June 06, 2010
- Letter to Rep. G. Connolly from Postal Employee
- Sicomac Pharmacy in Wyckoff, New Jersey, Defrauds the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program
- Reward Doubled in Dutch Fork, SC Post Office Robbery

June 05, 2010
- Single mail hub hearing planned for Easton

June 04, 2010
- PMG Potter denies additional meetings regarding closure of Easton Mail Processing and Distribution Facility
- Postal Service set to enforce tobacco ban

June 03, 2010
- Federal Unions: Dynamos or Dinosaurs?
- Dog mauls postal worker

June 02, 2010
- Mail may be sent via Bedford Park - Postmark will no longer say "Aurora, IL"
- Passaic County worker charged with postal theft makes bail

June 01, 2010
- Record 77.1 Million pounds collected in letter carriers’ national food drive
- Audio: Postal Service works to deliver reforms
- Carrying over military time
- Missing and altered check incidents at post office slowed to a halt
- Bicyclist injured after crashing head-on into postal truck


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