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June 2011 News

June 30, 2011
Catalogers Applaud PMG’s View on Exigent Rates

Postal worker an apparent suicide -

The Postmaster General talks about privatization and real estate
Save The Post Office -

Mail Delivery Halted By Dive-Bombing Birds

Alabama postal worker charged with stealing mail

Jacksonville postal worker given probation for stealing gift cards

June 29, 2011
APWU: Postal Jobs, Pay, Benefits Threatened by Congress -

USPS to test repowered gas and diesel delivery trucks -

Postmaster General Patrick Donohoe on tour to build support for Postal Service changes - Washington Post -

Postal Pension Halt a 'Willful' Breach of Law, Issa Says -

East Texas mailbox bomber gets more than 7 years in prison for blowing up collection boxes -

Issa Introduces Postal Bill, Without Widely-Supported Provision
NAPUS Newsletter (PDF) -


Special Mail Processing of 'Hot' Publications To End Friday
Dead Tree Edition -

Postal Service spent thousands on pro sports tickets, auditors say - Also see USPS Employees Expense Sports Tickets -

USPS Now Selling Most-Requested Holiday Gift -

Postal Service Announces Nonbargaining Employees Promotional Salary Increase Policy Change - NAPUS -

Ross questions USPS public hearing process -

June 28, 2011
USPS Asked Congressman Sanford Bishop, and Congress, For Action
(PDF) -

PMG: USPS Needs Congress's Help -

The truth about the Postal Service
NALC Pres. Rolando for the Bellingham Herald -

Postal Service needs comprehensive reforms
Op-Ed piece written by Issa for Washington Examiner -

Amid Pension Cuts at USPS, Issa Introduces Postal Reform Act
Auction Bytes -

Rep. Steve King Trying To Save Sioux City's Mail Processing Center -

"Postal Reform Act" would also reform USPS contracting -

Yet Another Unworkable Postal Bill
Big Fat Marketing Blog -

June 27, 2011
USPS: Return $82 billion to sender -

Loma Linda postal workers file religious discrimination charges -

Lawmakers work to prevent need for U.S. Postal Service bailout -

Is Privatization Worse for Labor than the Issa/Ross bill?
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer - Also from CEP see A Creditor's Plan for The Postal Service -

Ex-postal worker charged with violating probation -

Turn Email Over to the US Postal Service -

YouTube - Milwaukee Postal Employee Uses UbiDuo For Work

June 26, 2011
US postal ratepayers funding non-postal law enforcement, says audit
- Post and Parcel -

Fox Investigates: Camden Post Office
Did the Camden postal service fail to quickly deliver important mail to residents of a city neighborhood just to save money? video -

PMG Donahoe the Eternal Optimist -

Postal Employees Keep Pace with Technology -

Postal Service crisis deepening -

Postal Employee Charged With Theft Of Mail -

Iowa mayors join forces to fight post office closures -

Man accused of biting postal worker -

June 25, 2011
Postal Service "Overpayment" - Myth v. Fact

Congressman Ross -

Postal employee charged with stealing money meant for charities -

June 24, 2011
Issa Introduces Postal Reform Act

Also see: USPS Responds to Issa Postal Reform Bill | Washington Post | Letter to Issa from postal employee | the Bill (PDF) -

Columbus, GA police: U.S. postal employee robbed -

June 23, 2011
Postal Workers Alarmed About Their Retirement: 'Sheer Chaos' Over Account Cut, Worker Says
- ABC News -


Lawmakers say USPS cost-cutting plan is insufficient -

Brothers used post office credit card to run up $21000 in charges -

One Drinking Mailman Resigns, Another Asks For Disability Retirement -

Letter Carrier Tackles Accused Burglar in Wilkes-Barre -

PRC’s Goldway on FSS, The ACD filing and Catalog Elasticity -

Virginia firm wins $155.8M contract to manage Memphis postal center -

OIG: U.S. Postal Service’s collection of rental income (PDF) -

June 22, 2011
Representative Ross Indicates that Issa/Ross Bill will have no Change in Retiree Payments
- Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

NALC reacts to USPS's FERS announcement -


Also see: Issa Warns of New Bailout as Postal Service Suspends Pension Contributions and APWU President: ‘We Will Take Every Step Necessary To Ensure Retirement Benefits Are Protected’ | U.S. Postal Service to Stop Paying Into Worker Pension Fund - Also Federal News Radio -

Sen. Carper Statement on USPS Decision to Suspend Federal Employees Retirement Systems Payments -

FedEx Earnings and SmartPost and Parcel Select
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

Private Sector Mailing Industry Reacts to Postal Service’s Cash Conservation Plan (PDF) via Postcom -

Metro Washington Airports Authority expected to pick former postmaster general as next leader -

Congressman King Asks Postal Service to Suspend Decision to Close Sioux City Processing Facility -

Postal Service: Idaho move won't cause delays -

Huffing man tried to jump in postman's truck

June 21, 2011
Voluntary Early Retirement to be offered to carriers and clerks in select locations
in San Francisco District -

An End to the Postal Service's Wall Street Journal Subsidy?
Dead Tree Edition -

Pawlenty’s Really Bad Answers -

OPM launches effort to improve feds' image -

OUR OPINION: What's with all the Postal Service secrecy? -

Westchester Letter Carrier Out To Change Americans With Disabilities Act -

More Information on USPS Trademarks -

Canada Post lockout forces search for alternatives -

Woman crashes through post office, causes $250000 in damages

June 20, 2011
Post office maintenance worker shared child porn, authorities say

US Postal Service isn't lobbying for a bailout
Chris Crutchfield: Alaska state chairman for the National Association of Letter Carriers -

What do USPS Trademark Applications Tell About the Future?
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

OIG Blog: Should the Postal Service Offer Volume Incentives to E-Retailers? -

Postal service struggles are a sign of times -

Detroit Postal Employee Changes Not Guilty Plea -

June19, 2011
Little information, large reward a year after slaying of Hayward postal worker

Express ZIP Line being tested at local post office -

Whittier psychologist charged with bilking nearly $1 million from government -  Also charged with mail fraud and making false statements are two former postal workers, Lois L. Washington, 47, of Inglewood and Cetric T. Fletcher, 51, of Long Beach. -

Letter: Postal services greatly changed -

Jetpack mailmen: yet another way the future let us down -

Little sympathy for Canada postal workers -

Postal Service misdirects Measure A mailers; delivered after election -

A federal judge's decision not to stop the closure of an Akron post office has left some area residents unhappy.

Post Office Mystery

June18, 2011
Postal authorities close Sioux City distribution center
- Also Congressman King reacts to Postal Service decision  -

Former Alabama APWU President Indicted for Embezzlement -

NALC: How misleading is the Miami Herald's Glenn Garvin commentary on the USPS? Let's count the ways. -

USPS needs “incubation space” to address digital challenge -

Donahoe: USPS finances are like Greece -

USPS notifies 1,700 employees their jobs will be cut -

Postal Service to Suspend Accepting Mail to Canada This Weekend -

June17, 2011
Guffey Asks, Who’s the ‘We?’

Battle over Mail Delivery at Residential Hotels Stuck in Court -

APWU and Mailing Groups Urge Legislators to Support H.R. 1351 -

US Sen. Murray's office evacuated due to envelope -

Part 3: Will the Post Office Survive?
Burrus Journal -

Google Reveals What It Would Do If It Was Running the Struggling US Postal Service -

New Every Door Direct Mail Retail Shipment Option Using Priority Mail - Postal Affairs Blog

June16, 2011
GAO: Dire Financial Outlook and Changing Mail Use Require Network Restructuring
(PDF) - USPS urgently needs to restructure its networks and operations as its financial condition and outlook are reaching a crisis. -

Hete focuses on USPS' labor costs
Joe Hete, president and CEO of Air Transport Services Group, Inc. says USPS should "...restructure labor costs to match the organization’s current level of operations." -

OUR VIEW: Saturday mail must stay intact -

Yes, End the Postal Service Also see Editorial: Rain or shine, snow or sleet, but not at any cost -

Bald Eagles Attack Post Office Patrons

Man pleads guilty to assaulting postal worker -

Flat Rock postal worker accused of stealing Vicodin through mail -

Canada Post locks out workers -

Ex-postal worker admits to stealing $78000 in money orders

Dead Tree Edition says this could be good news for USPS - Anti-Greenwash Group To Challenge E-Billing Claims in the U.S. -

June 15, 2011
ACMA Head: Don’t Rule Out Exigent Postal Rate Hike -

Postal Infrastructure: How Much Can We Afford?
Witness testimony for today's hearing regarding postal infrastructure can be read at this link. Testimony from Cliff Guffey may also be found. -

NALC Wants Mailmen To Thwart Terror Attacks -

NALC joins rally in opposition to the Ryan budget proposal -

Mail industry calls on Congress to give USPS time to right-size -

Bothell mailman stole gift cards, gets probation -

Prince George postal worker pleads guilty to stealing funds -

Future Of The USPS? Royal Mail Prepares Massive Layoff Of 20,000 Postal Workers -

USPS defends use of suburbanites to sample rural opinion about ending Saturday mail delivery -

On-line Sales Share of Retail Sales Hits New High
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

Check out this site: SAVE THE POST OFFICE

Discounts on Car Rentals Available to Union Members

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More Postal News

June14, 2011
GA ID Theft Suspect Says She Had Help Inside Post Office -

Akron taking postal service to court -

The future of Canada Post -

June13, 2011
Guffey to Testify on USPS Network Before House Subcommittee

SC Postal Manager Pleads Guilty To Mail Theft
Also see Jacksonville, FL Postal Supervisor Pleads Guilty to Mail Theft -

USPS Files Motion to Dismiss Complaint Filed by Postmaster Organizations and Former Postmasters (PDF) -

OIG: Barriers to Retail Network Optimization (PDF) -

USPS Report Stands Firmly Behind 5-Day Delivery -

Lobbying the Postal Service Is a Multimillion-Dollar Business
Dead Tree Edition -

Q&A with United Parcel Service boss Scott Davis
Clearly, there's a role for the post office and they are facing tough challenges. First of all, the post office is a competitor of ours and a customer of ours and we have a pretty good relationship. -

Video: Canada Post strike hits 10 more locales -

June12, 2011
Starting now: Fairer pension payouts for new retirees

Federal Times -

PRC Says USPS May Be Engaged In a Nationwide Change In Service Without Prior Notification to The Commission (PDF) -

Three armed robbers hold up Lakewood post office -

Thieves cash in on snail mail even as less of it is delivered each year -

Postal Service: Customers will decide post office fate -

June11, 2011
Letter carrier accused of embezzlement applies for diversion
A Silver City letter carrier who allegedly embezzled more than $5,000 from the National Association of Letter Carriers Union local 1509 when she was the union's treasurer, waived her right to a preliminary hearing Friday in Silver City Magistrate Court and has applied for pre-prosecution diversion, which, if approved, will dismiss the case against her. -

Postal worker stabbed in downtown Portland -

Minneapolis Postal Workers Protest For AEDs -

Postal Worker Reportedly Robbed at Gunpoint for Mail Skeleton Keys -

Videos from the 2011 National Postal Forum -


Postal Worker Embezzlement -

USPS In Birmingham, AL Hiring Postal Support Employees (PSE)

June10, 2011
USPS Meets with Management Association Leaders to discuss the APWU Agreement and PMR/PSE Issues

PRC: Semiannual Report to Congress (PDF) -

Postal inspectors raid Anaheim business -

Lottery winner's fortune frozen in Mich. murder case
Freddie Young is a 62 year old postal employee. -

66% Say Private Sector Employees Work Harder Than Government Workers -

Pawlenty Promises Massive Cuts In The "Technological Dinosaur" Postal Service -

Florida Postal Worker Pleads Guilty To Stealing Mail - Also see Former Billings postal worker sentenced for mail theft and Postal employee charged with attempting to steal mail with cash and checks meant for charities -

Senator Charles Grassley Meets With U.S. Postmaster General

VSE Corp. wins US Postal Service vehicle contract

Palm Springs postal worker suspected of mail theft -

June 9, 2011
What can Google do for snail mail

Is there a Future for the Postal Service in the Digital Age?
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

Federal employees, retirees rattled by move to cut health benefits -

Truck Driver Pleads Guilty to Stealing Hundreds of Thousands Through Unauthorized Use of USPS Fuel Charge Cards -

Tim Pawlenty: Does He Want to Shut the Postal Service Down?
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

OIG Blog: Should Postal Service employees be required to repay training if they resign before a specified period of time following their training? -

USPS Monthly Financial Data for April (PDF) -

NAPUS President’s Update
The management organizations received a briefing today at Postal Headquarters, which included answering questions about the newly established Postal Support Employee (PSE) position. -

OIG: Conflicts of Interest: Facility Leases and Contract Delivery Services (PDF) - OIG Conclusion: Our audit determined the Postal Service entered into leases that resulted in financial conflicts. We identified 1,202 of 24,582 total leased properties that were obtained from current or former Postal Service employees with an annual rent value of $8.2 million. Also see IG questions USPS leases to current and former employees  -

Government Use of the Postal System: A Valuable USO Component (PDF) -


Calgary, Edmonton hit by rotating postal worker strikes -

Discovery underway in mailman dog attack suit -

USPS Labeling Lists Move Issues
Postal Affairs Blog

June 8, 2011
USPS reform may be on the way, but is it too late?

Washington Post - Editorial Board Opinion -

Injured Postal Worker Fights For Medical Benefits -

Adventist Postal Carriers Claim Religious Discrimination -

USPS Points to My Macy's E-Commerce-Catalog Strategy -

The APWU Contract Takes Effect
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

June 7, 2011
Pawlenty Calls for Privatization of the Postal Service

Courier, Express, and Postal Observer - Also see Tim Pawlenty’s failing Google Test - Washington Post -

The Google Test: Does the Postal Service Pass?
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

APWU Says Recent Headlines Predict The Demise Of USPS -

Turnover at the Postal Regulatory Commission
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -


Postal Service Offers Age Verified Delivery Service -

GOP plan would slash 200,000 to 300,000 federal jobs -

June 6, 2011
Update: It's Official: Postal Service Has More Older Workers Than Any Fortune 500 Company
- Dead Tree Edition -

Post offices fade along with Minnesota's small towns -

Postal Service cuts warranted -

Settlement reached in suit between city of Topeka and letter carrier -

Postal union wants Canadians to tell post office to stop demanding concessions -

June 5, 2011
Burrus Says USPS Should Offer A Healthy Retirement Incentive

Letter Carrier Food Drive Was A Success -

Rural Carrier Associate charged with opening and stealing mail -

USPS Workforce Has More Gray Hairs Than the Fortune 500
Dead Tree Edition -

Senior mail carrier should make way for those younger
Opinion from Alabama Live reader -

Why postal workers deserve more pay
Canada Post Shop Steward -

June 4, 2011
Former TX postal workers indicted

Two former U.S. Postal Service letter carriers from the Dallas area have been indicted, in unrelated cases, on charges of stealing government funds by filing false and fraudulent claims with the Office of Workers’ Compensation Program. -

NAPUS: This past week, many PMR’s in EAS-15 & 16 offices received a notice that their current positions would be terminated on August 23, 2011, but they would be given a special opportunity to apply for the newly created Postal Support Employee (PSE) position.

Uncle Sam is using more snail mail -

USPS worker charged with attempting to steal mail -

No jail likely for thieving Seattle mailman -

June 3, 2011
Feds propose closing 11 rural Colo. post offices

A U.S. Court of Appeals has upheld the conviction of a Mount Pleasant woman, a USPS bulk mail technician, who was found guilty of bilking the U.S. Postal Service out of more than $428,000. -

Postal Service’s Carbon Footprint Shrinks -

APWU: Voter Participation Contest - And the Winners Are… -

Price tag of official time spent on union activities grows
GovExec.com -

Dogsled mail in Alaska

FBI Investigating Letter Sent To Michigan Gov's Office

June 2, 2011
Former Elgin Postmaster to Serve 37 Months in Prison For Embezzlement from Postal Service and Tax Fraud


Postal Supervisor Suspended on Accusations of Theft -

A U.S. Postal Service supervisor in Birmingham, AL plead guilty Wednesday to conspiring to defraud the agency of more than $300,000 in a billing kick-back scheme -

Former APWU president in Huntsville, AL indicted on embezzling charge -

Guffey Encourages Postal Veterans To Spread the Word About New Job Opportunities -

Postal Service considers closing 11 post offices in Colorado and nine in Wyoming -

Burrus Asks "Will The Post Office Survive?" -

USPS Mobile App Reaches Nearly 1 Million Downloads

Mobile barcode promotion, USPS FAQs Clarified - aka, What a Tangled Web - Postal Affairs Blog -

Williamsburg Residents Riled Up Over New Zip Code

June 1, 2011
Editorial: Why the U.S. Postal Service needs to be reformed

Michigan Live -

Junk Journalism and the Bogus Postal Statistic
Dead Tree Edition -

Parascript to provide 191 OCR units to automatically locate and recognize destination addresses on parcels and bundled mail, and output finalized address information -

For Feds the End is Near, Isn't It?
Federal News Radio -

USPS searches for more advertising mail
DM News -

Impact of Postal Service job cuts varies by organization
Federal Times - Lest anyone forget, May 31st was the last day on the job for some U.S. Postal Service administrative employees who agreed to leave or retire early in return for a $20,000 buyout. -

Time for a postal BRAC?Also see Welcome to the silly season
Postcom -

Postal Service sends out 2,400 RIF notices

Postal worker accused of unlawfully opening packages


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