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Mutual Transfers from PEN

September 05, 2013

PEN's servers for our mutual transfer postings and listings has been attacked by an outside hacker. We have taken steps to insure that the remainder of PEN is not compromised. In view of this problem we are suspending all mutual transfer postings and deleting our transfer forum. We apologize for this - we may, or may not, continue our forum in the future.

Thank you for understanding -
Rick Owens - PEN

February 18, 2012
PEN has designed a new mutual transfer section for our viewers. PEN Mutual Transfers. Posting is free of charge, but you must login or register. Please read posting instructions and rules BEFORE attempting to post.


  • Post only one transfer request. Multiple posts will be deleted - we determine multiple posts by your IP number and registration - not your name or posting content. Multiple posts may also lead to a ban from posting.
  • At the transfer posting site please read posting instructions for the section that you're interested in - carrier, clerk, etc.

We will be tweaking our transfer section in the coming days and weeks.

Thanks for using PEN!

Old (retired) Mutual Transfers
You may view our old listing of mutual transfers at the following links. If you have a transfer listed there please repost your transfer at our new transfer site HERE.




Mutual Transfer Posting Example

When posting make certain to enter your current work city/state and then the city/state you desire to transfer to in the SUBJECT line of your message.

In the message body please enter: Your name - Your current position - Your duty/work hours - Your off days (or rotating) - Your seniority date - brief comments - and your email and phone number. See example below.

Example Post:
Subject: New York, NY to Nashville. TN
My name is Pen Poster. I am a T-6 city letter carrier. My duty hours are 7:30am to 4:00pm. My seniority date is 12/2002. I need to transfer to the Nashville area to be near family. (add your email and phone number).

Click Here to Post or Read Mutual Transfers

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