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September 2007 POSTAL NEWS - PEN Inside News Page

October 31, 2007
- Former contract carrier pleads guilty to destroying Indian artifacts -
- Postal clerk loses bid for injunction
- Get paid for unused sick leave?
  See related story: Use It and Abuse It  -
- Congressman wants space set aside in post offices for photos of military personnel  -

- Postal officials seek those behind explosive device in Michigan
- Publications want lower postal rates

October 30, 2007
- APWU: USPS Could Lose Millions in Proposed Deal
- NALC and USPS agree to extend negotiation period for local implementation
- New Postal Service Rules Delivered Ahead of Schedule
- Inmate sues MCI, Postal Service for better rates
- Editorial: U.S. Postal Service delivers for who?
- USPS Stolen Laptop Held Hawaii Employee Information
- Will Increased Postal Rates Put Mailers out of Business?
- Stamping Out Detroit Postmark Irks `Michigan Metro' Residents
- Postmark is small price for greater efficiency

October 29, 2007
- Wildfire Victims Express Appreciation for Mail Service
- Open Season Information
- Mail for Most Relocated San Diego District Post Offices Back in Communities on Monday, October 29
- Biggest loss in mail move may be city's postmark  
- Postal Saving note is no good

October 28, 2007
- Royal Mail Security In Shambles -
- Detroit Postal workers resist facility consolidation
- More on town rallying behind postal clerk

October 27, 2007
Granite State – Latest Do-Not-Mail Battleground
- Reasons vary for late mail deliveries in Baton Rouge
- Mailmen Take Hard Line To Dog Bites
- Waterbury residents fight to keep postal clerk  -
- Canton, OH mayor fights postal change

October 26, 2007
Does MSPB Order Supersede Union Agreement?
Read the Court Opinion -
- Canton, OH postal jobs could move
- Postal workers protest reduced hours -
- NALC Health Plan relaxes requirements for California wildfire victims
- 'Snail mail' a 3rd-class term to postal worker
- Postal Inspectors Warn: Don't Get Burned by Charity Scams Claiming to Assist Fire Victims
- Commemorative Stamps Keep America in Stitches
- USPIS Presents: Work@Home Scams: They Just Don't Pay!

October 25, 2007
- Beware Buddies Bearing Buyouts -
- Mail Missing From Stolen Mail Truck -
- Assistance for postal employees
Postal employees can apply for assistance and make donations through the Postal Employees’ Relief Fund at: www.postalrelief.com
- How California fire victims can pick up their mail
- I.D. Systems Delivers for the United States Postal Service
- Going Postal For Tulo

October 24, 2007
- USPS California wildfires update
- Mailman pleads guilty to sexual abuse of 86-year-old
- Post office aims to leave yesterday's image behind
- Postal workers picket over cut hours

October 20, 2007
Paso Robles Post Office forced to strip wall of local soldiers' photos -
- Blind Man Says Postal Clerk Didn't Help Him -
- MISC Deduction on Your Earnings Statement -
- 'It's not a place to post things or make displays'
- Vanished gem + postal mix-up = $673 gone
- Slowed down by the Postal Service
- Keep the USPS posted

October 19, 2007
- Former postmaster pleads not guilty to felony theft -
- Former postmaster is sentenced for drug transactions -
Top Secret: Postal Service situation continued ...  -
- USPS Executives say "To increase efficiency USPS should: manage sick leave and overtime better, better utilize transportation and maximize use of non-career employees. -

- Pickets hope to stop Postal Service plan
- Postal carrier rescues child struck by truck
- From dogs to catalogs, mail carriers deliver original view of neighborhoods
- Postal workers back Edwards
- America Voted and the U.S. Postal Service Will Deliver

October 18, 2007
- What does the U.S. Postal Service have to hide? -
- Boston cops: Postal worker got punchy -
- Camas lobbies leaders for return of its post office
- Postal service woman and her wolf deliver into the wild
- Post Office Closing Signals Small Town Trend
- In the face of changes, Postal Service cuts back

October 17, 2007
- Residents bear brunt of mail dispute -
- Appeals court rejects Jewish postal worker's bias claim -
- Rural Carrier Guarantee Period
- Santa Ana District Manager Speaks Out
- Is That a Gap Or a Hump?
- Owner of dog that bit mailman seeking haven
- We need a box that tells when it is full of mail - Opinion

October 16, 2007
- USPS Loses FOIA Appeal -
- Federal Times: Cracking down on premium-class travel
- Youngstown, OH Faces Loss of Important Service
- Military postal service gearing up for approaching holiday season
- Canada Post to spend $1.7B on modernization
- Number of mail thefts in Lubbock, TX on the rise
- DMA president John Greco yesterday called on all direct marketers to begin putting opt-out notices in all their mailings.

October 15, 2007
- APWU Launches Ad Campaign Against Consolidation in Michigan
- Postal worker who disappeared faces charges

- New ELM - Issue 18
  PEN Editor: Please access and read the following in the new ELM-18. Some of the rules may surprise you.
ELM: 665 Postal Service Standards of Conduct

Make certain to read:
- 665.14 Reporting Violations: All allegations of violations of Postal Service laws or misconduct by Postal Service employees, including mail theft, must be reported immediately to the Office of Inspector General.
- 665.6 Disciplinary Action: Postal officials may take appropriate disciplinary measures to correct violations of the regulations referred to in (ELM) 665. -

- MetroGroup to close Rutland bulk mailing plant

More Postal News
October 14, 2007
USPS: Correct Your Employee Tax Deductions or Else -
- EMA for Rural Routes - Reduced -
- Manhattan: You’ve Got Mail

October 13, 2007
Post office worker gets 2 years for stealing money orders
- Contract carrier's new vehicle forces mailbox change
- USPS shouldn't let one company abuse zip codes as marketing tool
- Detroit - City postmark could get ax
- Port Huron Gets No Respect from Postal Service
- South Side post office faces possible closure
- Mystery of the Vatican's postal system continues
- APWU: Union Officers Elected

October 12, 2007
- NYPD: Noose found near ground zero post office
- APWU: It's Official! Election Results Certified - To access a PDF copy of the election results Click Here -
- Postal Service Won't Deliver the Mail - Montgomery, AL -
- Post office to deliver mail to woman's door -

October 11, 2007
USPS Selects Surveillance Company to Combat Workers' Comp Fraud -
- NALC: 2007 Penalty Overtime Exclusion
- USPS proposes addressing standards for FSS
- Changes in Temporary Mail Forwarding Policy
- Inquiring minds want to know why the post office can't have a clock in it's lobby or What is up with the United States Postal Service?
- It's only junk mail, but it's art to Anne
- Post Office Insider Says Problems Persist At Las Cruces Post Offices
- Post office site to remain in Port Huron
- A first-class lesson in civil rights

October 10, 2007
- Young, Potter Sign Five-Year National Agreement Covering 222,000 Letter Carriers in All 50 States
 Also see: Contract Implementation Dates Set
- Postal Clerk's Sentence Detailed
- Happy ending - door-to-door delivery resumed -
- The Future of the Postal Service - an MP3 file
- Man purchases $300k in postage - his mail was delivered but his checks for postage bounced
- 'We're going to make this happen:' Fruitland residents agree to rebuild post office

October 9, 2007
- Postal worker killed by gunman buried Monday
- Delivery and Postal Unit Volume Information
- What to Do If Postage Goes Up Again
- In Internet age, postman gives job relevance, a heart
- How About An $820 Tax Break???
- Britons fear postal strike will slow business

October 8, 2007
Target mailers so they do not become junk
- Top 4 Postal Unions Information -
- Postal boxes getting rarer
- Missing Social Security checks found
- Japan Starts Privatization of Postal System

October 7, 2007
- FedEx Contractor Model Illegal
- Post office clerk goes postal, online
- Postal Service starts crackdown on e-mail scams
- Del Polito on Postal - Worry, Be Happy

October 6, 2007
Postal Service fined $10,000 for cutting down trees
APWU: Unofficial Election Results Posted
- Postal service pulls out of San Juan Capistrano
- Postmaster delivers on his dream
- The Future of the Postal Service
- Postal Worker Still Waiting for Justice

October 5, 2007
- Letter Carrier Shot and Killed Delivering Mail
  Read Statement by NALC Pres.
- Your Daily Work Life - USPS Piece Count Recording System
- Mr. Postman Letter Carrier Toddler Costume  -
By the way - if it appeals to you, you can also purchase the sexy carrier costume. View Here -
- USPS: New Standards for Mailing Lithium Batteries
- Workers strike disrupts postal service UK
Martin City Post Office closes door
- USPS sells out on zip code

October 4, 2007
- As Post Office Moves, So Do Box Addresses, Many Complain
- Eagan / City tells USPS to complete road
- APWU: Union Election Results to Be Posted on Web Site
- Postal station closes after audit
- Postal Inspectors Warn: Watch Out for Scams

October 3, 2007
- Millions Wasted on Gov't Travel - Also see:   Pricey plane tickets for government officials usually unjustified  - USPS permits members of its governing board to fly first class anywhere. Also see GAO report here -
- Union (APWU) wants anthrax answers
- Stupak calls for updated equipment at post office
- CIO INSIGHT Interviews Retiring USPS CIO/CTO
- USPS extends Move Updates to include standard mail
- Post-office shutdown will get a second look
- Feds receive complaint about Forest Grove Post Office
- Postal Service to launch check fraud alert campaign

October 2, 2007
- Sky Is No Limit as Verizon Deploys $25 Million Satellite Network for U.S. Postal Service
- Japan sets up world largest bank to privatize postal service | Wariness greets start of postal privatization
- Spacenet to hook Postal Service up with broadband
- Man sentenced for defrauding banks and passing counterfeit postal money orders
- Too much 'You've got mail!'

October 1, 2007
- UNI Supports NALC’s Fight Against Outsourcing -
Do Not Send Junk Mail to My House List -
- UPS, Teamsters Agree on New Five-Year Contract
- Microsoft Technology Innovation Helps Bring Postal Industry Into the Electronic Age
- Loose change won't buy a stamp anymore

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