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Rural Carrier Transfer Requests

Mutual Transfers Gateway

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Date: 04/26/11
From: St Augustine FL
To: Dallas, TX or surrounding area
Name: Yon Helton
Route Type: 48K
Pay Grade: Grade 4
Hours: 7:30 AM to finish route
Off: Saturday
Email: yhh955@msn.com
Phone: 904-495-1373
Comments: beautiful city and great co-worker.

Date: 4-17-11
From: Meridian, Idaho
To: Anywhere in Northern Idaho
Name: Mike Hoffman
Route Type: 45K
Pay Grade: Step 12
Comments: This route has an LLV. I would like to trade around June of 2012 but will consider any time, thanks! Please call with any questions.

Date: 4/13/2011
From: Indiana-Madison
To: Georgia-Lagrange area
Name: Melissa Burnette
Route Type: 43J
Pay Grade:
Hours: 7:30-3:00
Off: every other Saturday
Email: MBurnette67@yahoo.com
Phone: (812)599-1686
Comments: Small town in southern Indiana on Ohio River! IN/KY. About 1hour to Indianapolis, IN or Louisville,KY. Great office with 6 rural routes. All offers considered

Date: 04-02-11
From: Cape Coral, FL.
To: Pittsburgh, PA
Name: Collette Gribbin
Route Type: 43K
Pay Grade:
Hours: 0730 am until finished
Off: Thursday
Email: Tiggerppms@aol.com
Phone: 239-839-2166
Comments: Route has an LLV , most routes in the office have a vehicle. Would like to get back home to be with my children and grandchild and extended family.

Date: 3/31/2011
From: Boyce/Winchester, VA
To: Tidewater, VA, NorthEast NC
Name: Scott Sinclair
Route Type: 44H 66mi
Pay Grade: Rural
Seniority: 7/21/07
Hours: 8:00 until ~2 pm
Email: bzpapa@comcast.net
Phone: 540-664-2339
Comments: Would like to trade the mountains for the beach to be near grandchildren. Small office, LLV use, beautiful route thru horse country by the Shenandoah River.

Date: 3/28/2011
From: Houston Texas
To: Iowa/Illinois Quad City area
Name: Suzanne Harris
Route Type: 45K
Pay Grade: rural
Seniority: 7 years
Hours: 7:30 or 8:00 to when done
Off: Saturday
Email: acharris347@sbcglobal.net
Phone: 319-750-4640
Comments: Friendly office, 50plus rural routes. This route is curbline and 7 NDCBUs. I have to move to follow my husbands job.

Date: 03-27-11
From: Platteville, WI
To: Hurley, WI (within 30 miles or so)
Name: Andy Cullen
Route Type: K43
Pay Grade: step 3
Seniority: 5 years
Hours: 7 a.m. to finish
Off: Saturday
Email: acullen@centurytel.net
Phone: 608-732-7484
Comments: Office has four routes, all growing. Good coworkers, management, and sub.

Date: 3/24/11
From: Leander, TX
To: Eastern Oklahoma (Tulsa), Western Arkansas, or Tennessee
Name: Todd Maitlen
Route Type: 42K
Pay Grade:
Seniority: 12/19/2009
Hours: 7:00am till finished
Off: Thursday
Email: thmait67@yahoo.com
Phone: 512-968-7645
Comments: Located just north of Austin, office has 21 rural routes. Great people, great weather, close to lakes and the hill country, tons of things to do around here.

Date: 3/21/11
From: Atlantic Beach, Fl
To: Brunswick, GA
Name: Rosemary Still
Route Type: 43K
Pay Grade: Step 2
Seniority: 8/20/2005
Hours: 7:30 a.m. to completion
Off: Monday
Phone: 1-904-845-8089
Comments: Good people in office. Route is half NDCBU half curbside, in up scaled neighborhood. Route is in Jacksonville, Florida. Postal Vehicle assigned to route. Route to trade must have vehicle!

Date: 03/14/2011
From: Redmond, Oregon
To: Oregon or Washington
Name: Tina Batson
Route Type: 44K
Pay Grade:
Seniority: 2006
Hours: 7:00 am
Off: varies
Email: batson7241@msn.com
Phone: 541-416-0606
Comments: Trying to relocate Within an Hour of Longview Wa, or outside Portland.

Date: March 05 2011
From: Imlay City Mich 48444
To: Keystone Hts Fla
Name: Phil Orlowski
Route Type: 6 days w/LLV 45 miles
Pay Grade:
Hours: 7:30 AM /done
Email: philorlo@yahoo.com
Phone: 248 379 1102
Comments: Deliver to 90% of businesses thru heart of town & some rural N of town, transfer to approx 75 mile radius from Keystone Hts Florida

From: Asheboro NC
To: Jacksonville, FL
Name: Kendra Jenkins
Position: Rural Mail Carrier
Senioity:14 years
Hours:8:00 until finished
Off: Every Saturday
E-Mail: kndrjenkins@yahoo.com
Comment: Trying to move with my husband. Will take anything within an hour of Jacksonville

Date: March 3 2011
From: Canby Oregon
To: Virginia Beach
Name: Mary Maxson
Route Type: 43J
Pay Grade:
Hours: 7pm til ?
Off: Saturday
E-mail: marem1957@gmail.com
Phone: 503-421-5207
Comments: 7 rural routes from 40J to 44K, great postmaster, about 45 minutes from downtown Portland.

Date: 2/22/11
From: Upstate New York (Hammondsport)
To: Any warm locations considered prefer middle U.S.
Name: Matt Novak
Route Type: H 42
Pay Grade:
Seniority: 2 Years
Hours: 8 am til done
Off: none
Email: mnovak@frontier.com
Phone: 607-215-5740
Comments: Love it here and the people just need a change and don't want to do the cold thing anymore

Date: 02/15/2011
From: (Yelm, Washington) Near Olympia
To: Northern Idaho
Name: Mariah
Route Type: 42K
Pay Grade: 01
Hours: 7:00- When you finish the route
Off: usually around 2 p.m.
Email: mpoopoopoo@aol.com
Phone: 360-870-8856
Comments: I'm willing to look at anything in Northern Idaho or NW Montana

Date: 2-11-2011
From: Myrtle Beach SC
To: Spartanburg SC and surrounding areas
Name: Debbie
Route Type: 41 J
Pay Grade:
Seniority: 11-2009
Hours: 7:30 -?
Off: Every Other Monday
Email: debkayrice@aol.com
Comments Nice office 20 rural routes 15 with LLV'S

Date: January 29th,2011
From: Odessa, MO
To: Florida, all areas
Name: Sheryl Bert
Route Type: 46J with K option
Pay Grade:
Seniority: 2005
Hours: 7:30-2:00
Off: every other Saturday
Email: sherrys_sweets@yahoo.com
Phone: 816-217-5064
Comments: A community of 5K+ ppl. Parades, concerts and even a rodeo. 4 rural routes and 3 city routes. If you would like to move to the Midwest, call me.

Date: January 24, 2011
From: Mead (Spokane) WA
To: Hawaii
Name: Tui (2E)
Route Type: 41K
Pay Grade:
Seniority: 5 years
Hours: 7 to 3
Off: Every other Saturday and every Sunday
Email: Quiltingdonna@comcast.net
Phone: (509) 280-4862
Comments: Wanting to move home by transferring to Big Island Hawaii. 3 way trade a possiblity. Carrier from Kona wants to move to Florida. See ad in PEN transfer notices.

Date: January 18,2011
From: Loda, Illinois
To: Winston-Salem, North Carolina area
Name: Wayne Johnson
Route type: 43K
Pay Grade:
Seniority: 1 year
Hours: 7:30-finished aprox. 3PM
Off: every Saturday
Email: waynejohnson@illicom.net
Phone: home (217)386-2012 cell (217)781-0372
Comments: Would like to transfer to Winston-Salem area to be near friends. Loda is a small office located in east-central Illinois.

Date: January 13, 2011
From: North Augusta, SC
To: Bloomington/Normal, IL
Name: Fonda Proctor
Route Type: 42K
Pay Grade:
Seniority: 11 years
Off: Saturday
Email: fproctor@atlanticbb.net
Phone: 803-292-1648
Comments: Looking to move anywhere in the area of Bloomington/Normal, IL

Date: 1/7/11
From: Berlin, NJ
To: Southern Nevada or Arizona
Name: Kevin Whisler
Route Type: 48J or 40K
Pay Grade:
Seniority: 2002
Hours: 7-3
Off: Monday
Email: k2whis@comcast.net
Comments: Looking to move out west sometime in the next 3 or 4 years. Great office, 7 rural routes, all with vehicles.

Date: 1/04/2011
From: Franklin, Tn.
To: Hollywood, Fl (Broward County)
Name: Rhonda Williams
Route Type: 44K
Pay Grade:
Seniority: 4 years
Hours:7:30 Until finished (aprox. 3:00)
Off: Every Tuesday
Email: Rhondawilliams615@yahoo.com
Phone: 615-545-5738
Comments: Franklin is just outside of Nashville, beautiful area with growth potential. LLV route.

Date: January 04, 2011
From: Colorado Springs, CO
To: El Paso, TX or surrounding area
Name: Tanya
Route Type: 46K
Pay Grade: 00/C
Seniority: 05/29/2004
Hours: 8:00-Finished
Off: Wednesday
Email: tanya.mack@ymail.com
Phone: 719-237-6208
Comments: A Great route with a LLV. 36 miles long. I'm looking to be closer to family and I will consider anything surrounding Killeen!
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Date: 1/3/11
From: Kailua-Kona Hawaii
To: Florida
Name: Robin Ebert
Route Type: 44K
Pay Grade:
Hours: 8.33
Off: Tue
Email: rvduncan863@msn.com
Comments: LLV and a 385 $ COLA every payday. Like west coast Florida, small towns, will consider all from New Orleans to Miami, and any where along I-10. Lets talk, Aloha!!

Date: 1/3/2011
From: Marshall, Missouri
To: Central Illinois
Name: Bob Cooper
Route Type:41 J
Pay Grade:
Seniority: 25+ Years
Hours: 7:00 - Done(2:30-4:00)
Off: Every Other Saturday
Email: rgcooper@myturbonet.com
Phone: (660)815-2339
Comments: 5 Routes in Marshall, 2 or 3 due to retire within 2 years. Need to get back to aging parents!

Date: 1-03-2011
From: San Luis Obispo, Ca
To: Or., Portland and surrounding area (90 miles)
Name: Jewel
Position: 43h w/ LLV
Seniority: 2007
Hours: 8am
Off: 2pm
Email: jewels4112000@yahoo.com
Comments: Located on Ca. central coast halfway between L.A and San Francisco. Big office has many city routes 5 reg. rural routes.

Date: 01/02/2011
From: Mesa, AZ
To: Seattle, WA or FL
Name: Nathan Clelland
Route Type: 46J
Pay Grade: 4
Seniority: 05/14/2000
Hours: 8:00am
Off: Saturday
Email: harquahalas@cox.net
Phone: 480-600-1450
Comments: Looking to move to Seattle or close to this Summer (2011) or next. Also interested in Florida for 3-way trade.
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Date: 12-12-10
From: Bella Vista/Bentonville, AR
To: Within about 50 miles of Hot Springs, AR area
Name: Carla Hayes
Route Type: Rural Rt.
Pay Grade:0
Hours:7:30 till
Off: Thur
Email: gunnersoma@yahoo.com
Phone: 870-866-3553
Comments: Northwest Arkansas is great but I have a new grandson near Hot Springs and would like to be closer to him. 37 Rts. and 1 Aux.

Date: 12/05/2010
From: Wilsonville, AL
To: Tallassee, AL
Name: Janice Morgan
Route Type: K46
Pay Grade: 12
Seniority: 06/1990
Hours: 7:00-4:00
Off: Saturday
Email: jloliver121@yahoo.com
Phone: 205-706-9902
Comments: Rt 1; 580 boxes; 65 miles; box factor 2.52. Wanting Rt within 30 miles of Tallassee. Great Rt and terriffic PM!

Date: 12/2/2010
From: Bowling Green Ohio
To: Tennessee
Name:Jill Wills
Route Type: J
Pay Grade: 12
Seniority: 12/16/1989
Hours: 7:30 - 4:00
Off: every other Saturday
Email: doggywills@aol.com
Phone: 419-601-0621
Comments: Found a carrier in Tennessee to transfer to Dallas/Fort Worth need someone to transfer to Bowling Green it is 25-30 miles south of Toledo from the Dallas area.

Date: 11/28/2010
From: Madison Heights, VA
To: SC, GA, NC coastal area
Name: Cindy
Route Type: 43K
Pay Grade:
Hours: 7:30 til finished 2:30-3:30 average
Off: Saturdays
Email: lovesokra@yahoo.com
Phone: 4349079071
Comments: Am tired of the foothills/mountains. From the south, want to go back. Any snow-free location considered, coastal a plus. Prefer SC. aging parents. 2 LLVs, 9 routes.

Date: 11/23/10
From: Greenacres, Fl (Palm Beach County)
To: WA, OR, CA, MN, or MA
Name: Ruben
Route Type:
Pay Grade:
Seniority: 7/1/05
Hours 7:30AM
Off: Sunday
Email: earthlingsoft@live.com
Comments: All routes have LLV's. Will consider other locations than the ones listed above.

Date: November 21, 2010
From: Rockwall, Texas 75087- 30 miles east of Dallas
To: Northwestern Oklahoma
Name: Janet Riddle
Route Type: 41J
Pay Grade: 12
Seniority: 17 years, 11 years as regular
Hours: 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM
Off: Every other Saturday
Email: janetlriddle@gmail.com
Phone: 214-507-5397
Comments: Rockwall is a great city to live and work, but looking to relocate closer to family. 30 Regular routes, 2 auxiliary, Most with LLVs.

Date: November 19, 2010
From: Acton, MA - 20 miles west Boston
To: NC,SC,GA, Northern FL
Name: Rod Huot
Route Type: 43K
Pay Grade: 2 or 3
Seniority: 7 yrs
Hours: 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Off: Friday
Email: huey.drewby@verizon.net
Phone: 1978-239-5703
Comments: 11 Routes. All K Routes. All with LLV's. Smallest Route is a 42K. Serious inquiries only. Looking to transfer next June 2011. Willing to drop to a 42J.

Date: 11/19/2010
From: Scottsdale, AZ
To: Tucson, AZ
Name: Joe
Route Type: 45H
Pay Grade:
Hours: 8:30 till done
Email: jrvanselow@msn.com
Phone: (224) 456-3040
Comments: Scottsdale is an amazing place to work and live but I need to be closer to family. Will take any route in Tucson!

Date: 11/04/2010
From: Cypress, Texas ( NW of Houston)
To: Huntsville, Tx., Onalaska, or any office Near There
Name: Sharon
Route Type: 44J
Pay Grade:
Hours: 8:30 - 5:00
Off: Every Other Monday
Email: sharonwszolek@att.net
Phone: 832-603-9258
Comments: Building A House in Point Blank, Texas --Retirees Please consider Me

Date: 11-03-10
From: North Idaho ( Hayden)
To: Arizona
Name: Debbie
Route Type: 45H
Pay Grade:
Hours: 7:30 til done
Email: debbiepongrac@live.com
Comments: will take anything with an LLV.12 rts in office 10 LLV's

Date: October 28, 2010
From: Voorhees New Jersey
To: Anywhere in Southern Oregon
Name: Donald Burke
Route Type: R 43
Pay Grade:H01
Hours: M-F 7am till about 4
Off: Sat, and Sun
Email: Becksdad136@gmail.com
Phone: 856 357 7683
Comments: Voorhees Nj is located twenty minutes to Philadelphia and forty-five minute to the Jersey shore and Atlantic City!!

Date: September 26, 2010
From: Tallahassee, FL
To: Long Island, NY
Name: Norvon Jones
Route Type: J
Pay Grade:
Off: Saturday
Email: kaylajay1126@yahoo.com
Phone: 850-528-6819
Comments: Trying to move closer to my wifes family, they are having some medical issues.

Date: 09/24/2010
From: Lavergne,TN (just outside Nashville)
To: Dallas/Ft. Worth area
Name: Terry Fisher
Route Type: 48 k (will be adjusted to 43 or 44 k
Pay Grade:
Hours: 7:30 till done
Off: Saturday
Email: cowboyup697@aol.com
Comments: 17 routes 1 aux All routes have LLV's - Have a 3way if anyone wants to go to the Austin, TX area (Leander)
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Date: Sept 13,2010
From: Mason,Ohio
To: NH (within 10miles)
Name: Joann Wyatt
Route Type: 40K
Pay Grade:
Seniority: 24yrs
Hours: 8am till
Off: Wed
Email: threejrwyatts@yahoo.com
Phone: 513-225-9094
Comments: All routes LLV's. Need to be near parents (old)

Date: 9/12/10
From: Cocoa Fla.
To: tavares/leesburg/mt.dora
Name:kevin palin
Route Type:42k
Pay Grade:
Hours: 7:30 - 5 p
Off: Sat.
Email: Zcanoedude@gmail.com
Phone: 321-795-9233
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Date: 9/10/10
From: Tampa, FL
To: Missoula, MT
Name: Carmen Flejtuch
Route Type: H36
Pay Grade:
Seniority: Aug, 2010
Hours: 36
Off: na
Email: centaur4651@hotmail.com
Phone: 813-382-9230
Comments: I want to go home to Montana.

Date: 9/8/10
From: Jacksonville,Florida
To: Hickory,North Carolina
Name: Samantha Latimer
Route Type: 44j
Pay Grade:3
Seniority: may 2003
Hours:8:00 to 3:00
Off: sat.
Phone: 904-424-5339
Comments: wanting to transfer to somewhere within 1 hour of Hickory

Date: 8/27/2010
From: Mio, Michigan
To: 50 mile radius around Adrian, Michigan
Name: Jason Nota
Route Type: 40K
Pay Grade: Step 12
Seniority: 11/95
Hours: 0815-1615
Off: Saturday- Sunday
Email: jlnota@yahoo.com
Phone: 989-745-3751
Comments: If you like coming "up north" to hunt, fish, camp, ride the ATV trails this is your chance to live where you play.
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From: Alpharetta Ga.
To: southeast Fl.(anywhere)
Name: Kathy Trapp
Route Type: 40K
Pay Grade: 12
Hours:8:30- until
Email: kateyes3691@yahoo.com
Comments: all routes have crv's

Date: 08/22/10
From: Maple Grove, Minnesota (MN)
To: Boise, Idaho (ID)
Name: Jason Richardson
Route Type: 43J
Pay Grade:
Seniority: 16/31
Hours: 7:30 until done
Off: Every other Saturday
Email: richardsonjason@yahoo.com
Phone: 763-202-9270
Comments: All routes have LLV's. Northwest Suburb of Minneapolis - 15 miles from downtown

Date: 08/21/2010
From: Phoenix (Surprise)
To: Albuquerque( Rio Rancho)
Name: Erik Eskew
Route Type: 41J
Pay Grade: B
Seniority: 02/01/2007
Hours: Start 730am to about 12pm
Off: Every Other Saturday
Email: Kireraven@gmail.com
Phone: 505-720-1290
Comments: All NBUs Great station, LLV, Very Inexpensive Housing. Need to be closer to family

Date: 8/14/2010
From: Manassas, Virginia
To: All locations considered
Name: Brad
Route Type: 43J
Pay Grade:
Hours: 7:30-1:30
Off: Every other Saturday and all Sundays
Email: bradinmanassas@gmail.com
Comments: All routes have LLVs

Date: 8/9/10
From: Las Vegas, Nevada
To: East San Diego County areas preferred, will consider San Diego too
Name: Heather Luis
Route Type: 42 J
Pay Grade: 12
Seniority: 1/03
Hours: 7:30AM
Email: feather222000@yahoo.com
Comments: My husband is working/transferred to Santa Ysabel, just East of Ramona and Poway... we want to move our family somewhere as close by there as possible.

Date: 08/01/10
From: Vero Beach, Fl
To: South Carolina
Name: Debbie
Seniority :06/97
Email: elsiemurt@yahoo.com
Comments: Summerville, Charleston or near Greenville (anywhere near these considered)

Date: 8/1/10
From: Leander TX
To: Any town (prefer smaller) San Antonio/South and East
Name: Tama Sloat
Route Type: 45K
Pay Grade: 5
Seniority: 6/01
Hours: 7:30 until done (usually 3:00)
Off: Thursdays
Email: tamarkjohn316@live.com
Phone: 512-354-6200
Comments: Leander is a nice office w/20 routes. Tons of growth.

Date: 7/30/10
From: West Palm Beach, Fl 33437
To: Anywhere in S. California will be considered
Name: Anthony Marmorale
Route Type: 44J
Pay Grade: 12
Seniority: 2/92
Hours: 7:30- 3:30
Off: Mon.
Email: ajmarmorale@gmail.com
Phone: 561-699-4952
Comments: 40 routes with LLVs. Friendly office, convenient location, close to beaches. Housing prices cheap. Must move to be with family.

Date: 07/22/10
From: Shingle Springs, CA
To: 25 miles Colchester Vicinity, CT
Name: Donald Allen
Route Type: rural
Pay Grade: 44H
Seniority: 4 years
Hours: 7:30-around 2
Off: work 6 days
Email: allen.familyca@yahoo.com
Comments: Family is moving to CT June 2011, posting early. Shingle Springs is an hour and a half from Lake Tahoe and San Fransisco. Located in the foothills. LLV provided.

Date: 07/22/10
From: San Diego, CA
To: Anywhere will be considered
Name: Ryan Jonathan
Route Type:
Pay Grade:
Seniority: 10/04
Hours: 7-3
Off: Sat
Email: socalbeaches@hotmail.com
Comments: Looking for a nice town with affordable housing. We have nice beaches - excellent weather and usps provided vehicles!

Date: 7-14-10
From: New Port Richey, Fl
To: Daytona, Fl and surrounding areas
Name: Mick
Route Type: 43H
Pay Grade:
Hours: 8:30 until around 2 pm
Off: work 6 days
Email: mickeykirmss@yahoo.com
Phone: 727-505-3602
Comments: Large office, two buildings - main and an annex - 68 rural routes. All except 2 have LLV's. Need to move, please help. Wife is in Daytona. Great office and co-workers.

Date: 7/7/2010
From: Forked River, New Jersey
To: KY, IN, GA, NC, SC, Ark, VA or FL
Name: Mike
Route Type: 44J
Pay Grade:
Email: ruralnj@gmail.com
Phone: 732-948-8879
Comments: Looking to transfer as soon as possible, Great office, Great postmaster, Great area! Route is growing. Please Call 732-948-8879 or email ruralnj@gmail.com Thank you!

Date: 5/20/2010
From: Phoenix Area (Laveen, AZ)
To: Sedona Area
Name: Tim Wiley
Route Type: 44J
Pay Grade:
Hours: 8:00 AM until done (between 12p-2p)
Off: Every other Sat
Email: timwiley82@hotmail.com
Phone: 623-332-2410
Comments: Small, friendly office with 13 routes and 12 LLV's. Office located at 51st ave and Dobbins, which is 10 mins. south of i-10 and 51st Ave

Date: May 15 2010
From: Junction City (Eugene area) OR
To: San Diego,California area / Tampa, Florida area
Name: Gina
Route Type: 42H
Pay Grade:
Hours: 7:30 until done (average finish time is 1:30 pm)
Email: dagikijaemis@comcast.net
Phone: 541-953-4236
Comments: Small office with 5 Rural Routes.15 minutes north of Eugene. Rural Routes have no LLV's. Willing to sell 2008 Jeep Wrangler if transferring to office with LLV's.

Date: 05/13/10
From: Indianapolis/Greenwood, IN
To: Evansville, IN and surrounding areas
Name: Shannon
Route Type: Rural with LLV
Pay Grade:
Hours: 43J and growing
Off: every other Saturday
Email: shughes0104@att.net

Date: 5/11/2010
From: Hollis Center ME
To: Greenville/Spartenburg SC
Name: kathleen Crocker
Route Type: 43J
Pay Grade:
Hours: 7:45-end
Off: every other sat.
Email: 1954smta@roadrunner.com
Phone: 207-205-4078
Comments: need asap husband got new job !! already there i need to go. small office great people. please call if interested

Date: May 9, 2010
From: Winter Haven, Fl (Central Florida)
To: Miami, Fl
Name: Jing Wu
Route Type: Rural Route/k
Pay Grade:
Seniority: 2003
Off: Saturday
Email: jj03031955@yahoo.com
Phone: 863-293-7097
Comments: Would like to be closer to family in Miami.

Date: May 3,2010
From: Tampa, Florida
To: McAllen, Texas
Name: Marta Santos
Route Type: j46
Pay Grade:
Hours: 46
Off: Every Other Saturday
Email: pirinchita1504@hotmail.com
Phone: 813-802-1632
Comments: Need to go to McAllen with family. Will consider any transfers within 1:00 hour of McAllen area. Open to 2 or 3 or anyway transfers.
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Date: 4/16/10
From: Las Vegas, Nevada
To: Salem, Oregon or Mid Willamette Area in Oregon
Name: Craig Anderson
Route Type: 45K route
Pay Grade:
Hours: 7:00am - 2:30
Off: Saturday's
Email: bhaneman1@hotmail.com
Phone: 702-672-5064
Comments: All CBU routes are with LLV. I am getting married this June, she lives in Albany, Oregon plus my children live in Oregon. Please contact me if you are interested.

Date: 4/15/2010
From: Omaha, AR
To: Jacksonville, IL
Name: Kari Sotuyo
Route Type: 44K with high option
Pay Grade:
Hours: 7am-3:30pm
Off: Saturday
Email: ksotuyo@yahoo.com
Phone: 870-426-9125
Comments: Great small town, small office, great Postmaster. Only 1 other route in the office.

From: Gainesville, Georgia
To: Gastonia/Charlotte surrounding area N.C.
Name: Kasey Brady
Route Type: 40K with high option
Pay Grade:
Hours: starting at 7:30 AM or later
Off: Saturdays
Email: brookskdb@bellsouth.net
Phone: 678-936-1900
Comments: Newly married want to be with husband who works for Duke Power. Gainesville is a big office located on Lake Lanier, near mountains and Atlanta.

Date: 03/29/2010
From: Upper Marlboro, MD
To: Ohio
Name: Mary Poole
Route Type: 44J
Pay Grade:
Hours: start time is 8:00am or earlier.
Off: every other Wednesday
Email: msmmpoole@yahoo.com
Phone: 240-764-7317
Comments: Want to transfer after August 1, 2010. Also may consider eastern Indiana, southeastern Michigan, western Pennsylvania, north or northwest West Virginia, and northwestern Kentucky. Need LLV for trade.

Date: March 30, 2010
From: Woodcross, Utah
To: Hawaii or Ogden UT and surrounding area
Name: Elisha Shibuya
Route Type: 44 J
Pay Grade:
Email: suttonmxmom@aol.com
Phone: 801-682-2154
Comments: All mounted curbside deliveries, LLV assigned to route, great office just want to be closer to home

Date: 3/20/2010
From: Central Massachusetts
To: North Carolina or Down East Maine, Bangor Area
Name: R. Huot
Route Type:40H
Pay Grade:
Seniority: 6 years
Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 1:30p.m.
Off: Sunday
Email: huey.drewby@verizon.net
Phone: 1-978-248-9896
Comments:Love of South or Maine to get closer to Wifes Family

Date: 3/20/2010
From: Silverdale, WA
To: Albuquerque, NM or Austin, TX areas
Name: Tim
Route Type: 43J
Pay Grade:
Hours: 7:15
Off: 2-2:30
Email: ncfltx59@hotmail.com
Comments: Good office. All rural, dps, all LLVs. I would need LLV to trade.

Date: 3/19/10
From: Marcellus (Syracuse) NY
To: Anywhere South of PA (not middle of nowhere)
Name: Matthew Crandall
Route Type: L(i think) 6days a week just over 40 hours
Pay Grade:
Seniority: I get the route this April
Hours: 7:30 till done (I can get done between 11 and 12 on most days)
Off: work 6 days a week
Email: Postalemployed@gmail.com
Comments: Im trying to move somewhere warmer, 3 rural routes in office(2city) open to anything near any sorta city(20min drive)

Date: 03/13/10
From: Davidsonville, MD
To: South of Virginia/Try me
Name: Steve Wheatley
Route Type: 46J
Seniority: 2006
Pay Grade:
Hours: 8:43
Off: Every other Saturday
E-mail: stevewheatley16@yahoo.com
Phone: 410-228-8548
Comments: Nice farmland landscape. Great co-workers in 7 route office. DPS and LLV.

Date: 03/04/2010
From: Prior Lake, Minnesota
To: Dallas Ft. Worth area
Name: Cynthia Bigby
Route Type: 44J
Pay Grade:
Seniority: 1992
Hours: 44
Off: Every Other Saturday
Email: cindybigby@hotmail.com
Phone: 612-281-0752
Comments: Small Lake town feel just 20 min south of the Twin Cities, Willing to look at any area in North Texas as well as Central Texas.

Date: 3-2-2010
From: Scottsdale Az. (near Phoenix)
To: Wildwood, O'Fallon, St. Peters Mo.
Name: Michael Howard
Route Type: 42 H
Pay Grade:
Hours: 9 till done
Off: 6 day route
Email: m.howard41@cox.net
Phone: 480-365-8109
Comments: Would also consider Atlanta Ga., Knoxville Tn., Columbia Sc.

Date: 03/10
From: Princeton, MN
To: Inner ring of NW suburbs (Champlin, Minnetonka, Maple Grove,Otsega,Rodgers,etc)
Name: Megan Roach
Route Type: 43J
Pay Grade: 5
Hours: 7:30 'til done
Email: meganelaine4@hotmail.com
Phone: 612-390-4911
Comments:I live in Maple Grove,MN and work in Princeton. I'm a single mom and my Kids are happy here and I just need to work closer to home.

Date: 2/15/10
From: Santa Fe, New Mexico
To: Tampa, Florida
Name: David Brady
Route Type: 45H
Pay Grade:
Hours: 7:30
Off: 2;30
Email: bravedady@hotmail.com
Phone: 805 710-9080
Comments: Needing to transfer to Tampa area from the Land Of Enchantment due to wifeís medical issues. Office has 35 routes most with llvs, Great Postmaster. Maybe a 3-way?

Date: 02/02/2010
From: Smyrna , Tn
To: East Tennessee
Name: Sheila Filyaw
Route Type: 45K
Pay Grade:
Seniority: 6 yrs
Hours: 7:30 am until complete
Off: Saturday
Email: sfilyaw@comcast.net
Phone: 615-275-8148
Comments: I am needing to go home to east Tennessee to be with my family

Date: 02-01-10
From: Austin, Tx area (Pflugerville office)
To: North dallas/ Plano / surrounding areas
Name: Karen
Route Type: 41K
Pay Grade:
Hours:7:30- done
Phone: 512-554-9514
Comments: Looking to move to Plano. Husband has transfered, daughter and I need to too!

Date: 1-19-2010
From: Iowa City, Iowa
To: Oregon, Washington, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Wisconsin
Name: Dan Wilson
Route Type: 43k
Pay Grade:
Hours: 0730-1530
Off: Mondays
Email: dannywilsonis@gmail.com
Phone: 319-621-4326
Comments: Beautiful, great place to live, raise family, University of Iowa Hawkeyes! Good office, growth, great co-workers! 80 mi x 5d/wk half gravel half hard surface.

Date: 1/16/10
From: Stuart, Florida
To: South or Central Maine
Name: Michael Mistler
Route Type: K46 with LLV
Pay Grade:
Hours: 8am to finish
Off: rotating schedule off fri.,sat and sun everyother week
Email: n44lf@yahoo.com
Phone: 772-971-4088 or 207 373 0633
Comments: great office all rural routes have LLV's, route is still growing, would like something within 1 hr. of Brunswick Maine

Date: 01/16/10
From: Pahrump, NV
To: Southern California
Name: Juline Jones
Route Type: 42 K (own vehicle)
Pay Grade:
Seniority: 10 years
Hours: 830 to 430
Off: Saturday or Monday
Email: jcatjones@aol.com
Phone: 775-751-3892
Comments: Great all rural office! Over 20 regular routes. About one hour to Las Vegas! I am willing to sell my RHD '04 Jeep Wrangler also, if you have LLVs there.

Date: Jan 8, 2010
From: Waco TX
To: Athens TX, Canton TX, Fairfield TX area
Name: Marlyn Bland
Route Type: 40k
Pay Grade: 40k
Seniority: 19 yrs
Hours: 7:30-3:00 often earlier
Off: Saturdays, can change if u want
Email: m26barn@aol.com
Phone: 254-723-7319
Comments: waco has 26 reg rts and growing. Great place to live, lots to do. Convenient to DFW and Austin 3-ways possible with Temple TX

Date: 01/05/10
From: Paso Robles, CA
To: Phoenix, AZ
Name: Chris Morgan
Route Type: 43k
Pay Grade:
Seniority: 00/01
Hours: 6:45 until finished
Off: Saturdays
Email: daniellem1416@hotmail.com
Phone: 805-239-2066
Comments: Paso Robles is located on the central coast and about 4 hrs. from San Francisco and L.A. 7 regular rts. all with llv's and Saturdays off. please help me and make this happen!!!!

Date: 01/02/10
From: Mt. Juliet, TN (just east of Nashville)
To: Livingston, TN/Overton County or Cumberland Plateau area of TN
Name: Jeff West
Route Type: 45K with an LLV
Pay Grade:
Hours: 7:30am to finish
Off: Saturday & Sunday
Email: jawestd18@yahoo.com
Phone: 615-202-7599
Comments: Great office, great people, thirty rural routes. My dream is to return to my family roots. Looking to purchase land near the old home place before anymore time slips away.

Date: 12/30/09
From: Gig Harbor, WA
To: Southeast, ID
Name: Brenda Sizemore
Route Type: 44H
Off: Sundays
Email: brendilou@hotmail.com
Comments: Small coastal town on Puget Sound with mild NorthWest weather; 25 RR's, LLV's: Family in Burley, Idaho. Employees have a healthy camaraderie and anyone should feel welcome in this office.

Date: December 28, 2009
From: Gray, Maine
To: Prefer North Carolina but am considering many eastern locations
Name: Brandon
Route Type: 40K
Pay Grade:
Hours: M-F
Off: Saturday and Sunday
Email: maine21409@hotmail.com
Phone: 207-272-2441
Comments: Gray is a great office with great people. Looking for a great town further south. Used to live south and my wife is from there.

From: palm harbor fl
To: phoenix az & surrounding areas
Name: Doug kennedy
Route Type:45h
Pay Grade:
Hours:730 to completion of route
Phone: 727-647-1532
Comments: very nice office to work in on the west coast of fla.20 min. to tampa 15 min. to clearwater beach great area lookin to move to west coast

Date: 12/2/2009
From: ft myers/cape coral fl
To: harris county/waverly hall ga
Name: fred brown
Position: 46J (high option/no vehicle)
Seniority: 1989
Hours: 8:00-3:00 (approx)
Off: monday
Email: fdb@comcast.net
Comments:21 mile, curbside residential in cape coral. bid any of 5 offices, most routes have llv's. 3 way, housing/vehicle swap possible. sun, waterfront, growth!

Date: 11/27/2009
From: Palm Coast, FL (northeast)
To: Central NC
Name: Louise Abrantes
Route Type: 46K
Pay Grade: 6
Seniority: 22
Hours: 8Am to finish
Off: Monday
Email: dabrantes@cfl.rr.com
Phone: 386-503-0412
Comments: Looking to move closer to children who are in SC/VA area.

Date: 11/20/2009
From:Portland, OR (Canby)
To: AZ (Mesa, Queen Creek, Apache Junction, Gilbert)
Name: Diane Vidmar
Route Type: 41J
Pay Grade:
Hours: Start 7:00am
Off: Alternate Saturdays
Email: lilykindsaints@gmail.com
Phone: 503.810.7799
Comments: Need to move closer to family in AZ. Canby is a small, relaxed office. 7 rural routes, LLV's, no H routes. Wonderful atmosphere!

Date: 11/11/2009
From: Concord North Carolina / 10 miles north of Charlotte
To: Anywhere between Little River S.C. and Georgetown S.C.
Name: Carol Haire
Route Type: 45 K growing route
Pay Grade: 00/B
Seniority: 10/2007
Hours: 07:30 to completion of route
Off: I chose Monday but Saturday is available as well
Email: srevecarol@myway.com
Phone: 704-433-6899
Comments: Husband is retireing and we need to relocate as soon as possible. I am looking for a mutual swap and I am able to transfer at anytime.

Date: 11/05/09
From: Brookeville MD. 20833 (central MD)
To: Grantsville MD. 21536 (any western MD areas considered)
Name: Kevin
Position: Rural Carrier
Hours: 7:45 to Finish
Off: every other Saturday
Email: kevin@blackberrypreserve.com
Phone: 240-442-4052
Comments: 6 route office 2 H, 4 J. Looking for a route closer to home west of Hagerstown or surrounding PA and WV areas. Great office with little snow.

Date: 10/30/2009
From: Morrow, OH 45152
To: Akron, Alliance, Canton, Wooster or surrounding areas.
Name: George
Route Type: K40 or J44
Pay Grade:
Seniority: 8 years
Hours: 7:45-2:45
Off: every other Saturday
Email: zeplin23@msn.com
Comments: Looking to move closer to 44646 code ASAP. Morrow is a good office with 5 rural and one city, has vehicle. Approx. 700 deliveries/3 hour street time.

Date: 11/01/09
From: Langhorne, PA
To: Phoenix, AZ (anywhere in east valley)
Name: Joan Cintron
Route Type: 42H
Pay Grade:
Hours: 7:15 until Finish
Off: N/A
Email: PARural@comcast.net
Phone: 267-799-6443
Comments: Urban office with 8 rural routes. All routes have vehicles. Located approx 30 minutes north of Philadelphia.

Date: October 25, 2009
From: LaGrange GA
To: 100 mile radius of Boone NC
Name: Bob Myhand
Route Type: 44K
Pay Grade:
Hours: 7 a.m til finish
Off: Saturdays
Email: wrmyhand@yahoo.com
Phone: 706-884-0234
Comments: Need to be near aging parents. LaGrange is friendly office w/good mgmt; 12 Reg. Rural Routes(none are H). Good subs. One LLV, all others personal vehicle.

Date: 10/24/2009
From: San Diego, California
To: Washington State or Texas
Name: Johnny Quichocho
Route Type: 43K
Pay Grade:
Seniority: 09/28/2000
Hours: 6:30/7am
Off: Friday but you have a choice
Email: jgq888@hotmail.com
Phone: 619-807-1268
Comments: Office has all LLV's. Route is a 1/3 business and rest residential. Half NCBU and half Curbside. It' a beautiful route 12 miles to and from office.

Date: 10/23/09
From: Simi Valley Ca.
To: Colorado Springs Co.
Name: Chrisy McCullough
Position: Rural Carrier
Hours: 7am or 8am til done
Off: every other Sat
Email: itsaparty@sbcglobal.net
Phone: 805 577-7682
Comments: Nice office 13 rural routes 2 aux routes, all have LLVís, hour from beaches and hour from Disneyland hour north of Los Angles.

Date: 9/28/09
From: Randleman NC 27317
To: Kokomo IN or Beckley WV areas
Name: Eric Galbreth
Route Type: 44J
Pay Grade: Step 12
Seniority: 04/97
Hours: 7:30-3:30
Off: Every other Saturday
Email: ecgalbreth@yahoo.com
Phone: 336-653-9334
Comments: Randleman is a small office(9 rural routes & 3 city routes) in central NC, 15 minutes south of Greensboro.

Date: 9/24/09
From: Delray Beach, Florida 33446
To:Allentown, Pa and surrounding Lehigh Valley area
Name:Patricia Miller
Route Type: rural carrier
Pay Grade:
Seniority: 4/06
Hours: 7:30 to completion of route
Email: hurricane1175@att.net
Phone: 610-509-1305 (cell) 954-753-0812 (home)
Comments: great south Florida office with 16 rural routes.

Date: 09/20/09
From: Princeton, WV
To: Anywhere btwn Wilmington, NC to Surfside Beach, SC
Name: Vincent E. Gerber
Position: Rural Carrier
Seniority: Rt is a 45J
Hours: 0730 - route completion
Off: every other Saturday
Email: vgerber@frontiernet.net
Phone: call anytime (304) 921-0963
Comments: I do not want to leave this area but wife is being transferred to Ocean Isle, NC. I have a great office,postmaster and route. We are a VPP worksite.

Date: 9-04-09
From: Leesburg, Fl
To: Daytona Beach, Palm Coast, Port Orange or surrounding area.
Name: Sharon Wilson
Route Type: 48k
Pay Grade:
Hours: 8:00am
Off: Saturday
Email: sew@usa2net.net
Phone: 352 978-0330
Comments: Will consider any area in the beaches. My office has 28 rural and 3 aux. routes. Half of the routes are LLV/EMA.
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From: Mineola, Texas
To: Eastern Washington
Name: Victoria
Route Type: 41K
Pay Grade:Step 12
Seniority: March 20, 1993
Hours: 6:30a.m. to finish (2:30p.m.)
Off: Sat/Sun
Email: kayakkid1004@aol.com
Phone: (903)440-0045
Comments: Nice area. 73 mile route, 6 rural, 1 aux. plus 3 city. Looking for a simuliar route close to Spokane or Tri-city area if possible.

Date: 9/2/2009
From: Covington, LA 70433-9998
To: Portland,Oregon, Las Vegas, NV, Northern CA
Name: Barbara Golden
Route Type: 44k
Pay Grade:
Off: Saturday
Email: babsgold24@yahoo.com
Phone: 985-640-3108
Comments: Great office, good people. Must provide own vehicle. Will consider anything within 50 miles of each area. Ready for a change. Covington is 30 north of New Orleans.

Date: 8/07/09
From: carrollton (dallas) tx
To: tampa or central florida
Name: yon rice
Route Type: 45j
Pay Grade:
Seniority: 2002
Hours: 7:00 till finish
Email: yhh955@msn.com
Phone: 469-688-9357
Comments: most of route have a LLV and very nice offine

Date: 8/4/2009
From: Oxford, MS
To: Huntsville, AL
Name: Cathleen McDaniel
Route Type: 42K
Pay Grade:
Off: Saturday
Email: bmcdaniel@radiancetech.com
Phone: 662-801-2455
Comments: Office in beautiful retirement community of Oxford, MS. Home of Ole Miss. Husband transferred Huntsville, AL. Office has 15 rural routes and 7 city routes. Personal vehicle required.

Date: 8-1-09
From: Sandwich, IL
To: East Central, Illinois
Name: Cathy Campbell
Route Type: 43K
Pay Grade:
Hours: 8.5
Off: 60548 (Sandwich, IL)
Email: cathy_campbell@juno.com
Phone: 630-551-5282
Comments: LLV provided. Seeking mutual transfer to rural route in East central Illinois. Need to move to join husband relocating to East central Illinois.

Date: 7/28/2009
From: Murfreesboro,tn
To: Tampa or within 45 min
Name: jason mcguire
Route Type: 46 k day off sat
Pay Grade:step 1
Seniority: 01/2005 or2004
Hours: 8am
Off: when finished
Email: jayrufus68@yahoo.com
Phone: (615) 6538138 or (615)7657860
Comments: It has a main office on Memorial BLVD. Station office on Church Street. Total routes between both offices is 55+. Reasons for moving closer to family and sick mother.

Date: 7 / 28 / 09
From: Cranberry Twp. PA , 30 minutes north of Pittsburgh, PA
To: St. Petersburgh area or within 1 hour drive any direction
Name: Cindy
Route Type: 43J
Pay Grade:
Hours: 8 to finish
Off: Saturday
Email: Totallypostal84@aol.com
Comments: Compact route, single family homes with some townhouses and 1/4 mile light business. LLV assigned. Have family situation and need to relocate immediately. Was 46K before economic downturn. Friendly office.

Date: 7-06-2009
From: Colorado Springs, CO
To: Anywhere near Tucson, AZ (Casa Grande, San Manuel, Chandler, Eloy,)
Name: Joe Vanselow
Route Type: 44H
Pay Grade:
Hours: 7:30 till finished
Email: jrvanselow@msn.com
Phone: (224)456-3040
Comments: Need to get to family in Tucson yesterday and will consider ANY transfers within 1.5 hours of Tucson area. I'm open to 3, 4, or any way transfers!!!

Date: 06-30-2009
From: Savannah, ga.
To: within 50 miles of warner robins,ga
Name: Leah Mccullough
Route Type: 41 k
Pay Grade:
Seniority: step 1
Hours: 7:30- 4:50
Off: Sat.
Email: leah@hands-on-aviation.com
Phone: 912-429-5584
Comments: husband is looking to take job in Warner Robins.He has been traveling for 3yrs and wants to settle down to permenat job, can anyone help us out

Date: 6-28-2009
From: Aylett, Virginia
To: Maine south of Augusta
Name: Lisa M Niles
Route Type: 43K
Pay Grade:
Hours: 7:30 to finish
Off: Saturday
Email: molly259.1@netzero.com
Phone: 804-338=8646
Comments: Want to relocate back to Maine. Aylett is a small town 25 miles northeast of Richmond. Has 4 routes. all rural.

Date: 06/23/09
From: supply/holden beach, nc
To: lee, wake, chatham, harnett county area
Name: andy
Route Type: 41k
Pay Grade:
Hours: 745-
Off: saturdays
Email: adguy9577@yahoo.com
Comments: 9 full time routes. near beach. looking to transfer closer to family

Date: 06-21-2009
From: Chandler Arizona
To: Norman Ok or 25 miles
Name: Clinton
Route Type: Rural
Pay Grade:
Hours:44 J
Off: 2nd Friday
Email: clintz323@gmail.com
Phone: 520-431-5505
Comments: email preferred.ready for transfer yesterday

Date: 5/26/09
From: Hiawassee,Georgia
To: southern Kentucky,western Virginia,Tennessee
Name: Jeffery Youngblood
Route Type: 41K
Pay Grade:
Hours: 8:15 a.m.-finished
Off: Saturdays
Email: jkyoungblood@windstream.net
Comments: Hiawassee is a beautiful area in the northeast Georgia Mountains, me and my wife are just looking for a change.

Date: 05/22/09
From: Greenacres, Fl
To: Chesapeake Bay Area, VA, MD, DE & Seattle Area
Name: Reynaldo Pena
Route Type: 44H
Pay Grade:
Seniority: 1995
Hours 7:30AM
Off: Sunday
Email: reypena58@yahoo.com
Phone: 561-633-9916
Comments: Want to be closer to family & friends but not too close. Great weather, lots of outdoor activities.

Date: 05/17/09
From: Allegany, NY 14706
To: Within 30 miles of Cary, NC
Name: Lloyd
Route Type: 42K after last count
Pay Grade:
Hours: 0730-
Off: Sat/Sun
Email: ptphinfan@yahoo.com
Phone: 7165811827
Comments: Friendly office. Nice 65 mile route. No LLV. Hunting, fishing, skiing. 55 miles south of Buffalo. Son moved to Cary. We'd like to be near him and his.

Date: 5/15/2009
From: Tulare, CA
To: anywhere around Oregon area
Name: Connie Fuller
Route Type: High 44j Low 40K
Pay Grade: 8
Seniority: 3rd
Hours: 7:30am
Off: Mondays
Email: bluedisney3@hotmail.com
Phone: 559-331-5886
Comments: Want to move closer to family.

Date: May 11, 2009
From: Conifer, CO
To: Dunnellon/Ocala/Gainesville, Florida
Name: Dennis Bruns
Route Type: Rural carrier
Pay Grade:
Email: arielbruns@yahoo.com
Phone: 303.941.2523
Comments: Moving from beautiful Conifer, Colorado. It's gorgeous but Im moving to be near my family in Dunnellon, Florida

Date: 04/21/09
From: flanders nj
To: south carolina north carolina florida virgina
Name: mark
Route Type: 43k
Pay Grade:
Hours: 700 am
Off: 230pm
Email: amchotline@live.com
Phone: 4842418600
Comments: looking to move down south please help

Date: 04/18/09
From: Summerfield, Fl
To: Ky, Northern Ga, Tn, Western NC and SC
Name: Dawn Schwingel
Route Type: 42J
Pay Grade: A
Hours: 8:30-done (can be changed)
Off: Tuesday (can be changed)
Email: d_a_schwingel@yahoo.com
Phone: 352-216-2392
Comments: Great office in a high growth area. Retirement communities abound. 1 1/2 hours from east and west coasts, 45 min south of Gainesville, 1 hr NW of Orlando. Great Management

Date: 04/6/09
From: Estero, FL
To: West Palm Beach Area/Lake Worth
Name: Dawn Schombs
Route Type: J
Pay Grade: 3
Seniority: 5/94
Hours: 47.11
Off: Sat
Email: flgirl31@hotmail.com
Phone: 2392187394
Comments: Any where close to an hour from Lake Worth area.

Date: 4/2/09
From: Auburn, CA
To: Southern Idaho
Name: Donna Squier
Route Type: 41J
Pay Grade:
Hours: start 7:30
Email: donna@munch.org
Comments: 100 miles from Reno, 2 hours to ocean, all routes have LLVs, all paved roads, 3-way ok.

Date: 3-25-09
From: Holland, MI
To: anywhere in Virginia, Maryland, and Northern NC
Name: Greg Troehler
Route Type: 46H
Pay Grade:
Hours: 7:30 until done (normally 1:00-2:00 PM)
Off: H route, but possible high/low
Email: agreatepisode@aol.com
Comments: Next route in line for LLV; all paved roads, moving to be close to wife's family

Date: 3/18/2009
From: socorro,tx (just below el paso,tx
To: ? arizona, southern cali.
Name: johnny
Route Type: 42k or 46j
Pay Grade:
Hours: changing to 8am till done
Off: every other w/j46
Email: johnnysjammin@hotmail.com

Date: 03/12/09
From: Middlefield, Ohio
To: Albany, NY or surrounding areas
Name: Eileen Fier
Route Type: 45K
Pay Grade:
Hours: 6:30 til done
Off: saturdays
Email: suzeiger02@yahoo.com
Comments: nice route in town of Amish country...all paved roads..no LLV

Date: 03-12-09
From: Ogden, Utah
To: California
Name: Ron Phillips
Route Type: 44K
Pay Grade:
Hours: 7 to 3
Off: Thurs
Email: iamthedadthatswhy@hotmail.com
Phone: 801-648-6785
Comments: Clearfield near Layton 25 min to SLC. Want near family. Great office low crime w/lots of families and greatest snow on earth! 3&4 way offers accepted!

Date: 2008-03-05
From: Dallas Texas Area
To: Georgia/North Alabama/Tennessee
Name: Shawn Springer
Route Type: 45k
Pay Grade: 3
Seniority: 5 years regular carrier
Hours: 8:15-Til 3PM
Off: Saturday
Email: springers@sbcglobal.net
Phone: (817)793-8854
Comments: Need to move to be closer to family and such.

Date: 3/03/09
From: Arlington tx
To: austin tx or surrounding areas
Name: PJ
Route Type: 40k
Pay Grade: 12
Seniority: 23
Email: pjames869@sbcglobal.net
Phone: 817-991-4132
Comments: will consider any transfer am ready for a change.

Date: 2/24/09
From: Frewsburg, NY (WNY)
To: Wherever (Would like Dayton, OH area)
Name: Aaron
Route Type:40K
Pay Grade: A
Hours: 7:30
Off: Sat.
Email: indio_222@yahoo.com
Phone: 716-569-3504
Comments: Frewsburg is a 2-route office located hour and half south of buffalo and 45 mins. east of erie, pa.

Date: 02/18/2009
From: fort myers, FL
To: southern OH, Tenn, or KY
Name:Sheena Santiago
Route Type: 41K
Pay Grade:
Hours: 730 am usually done around 230
Off: off day wed
Email: sparkle13131@yahoo.com
Phone: 954 249 0803
Comments: great area and office. most rts have llvs.a lot of growth in the area.

Date: 02/15/09
From: Glenwood Springs Co.
To: West Coast
Name: Wendell
Route Type: 43K
Pay Grade: 1
Seniority: none
Hours: 7:30am
Off: 2:30pm
Email: wendelloc62@yahoo.com
Phone: (970) 928-0170
Comments: 3 Routes all 43K. Worlds Largest Healing Hot Springs. Great Economy. Free daily newspaper postindependent.com Right on the Colorado river.

Date: 1-29-09
From: San Diego, Ca.
To: Colorado Springs, Co.
Name: Noah J. Quintana
Route Type: 42k
Pay Grade:
Seniority: 16
Hours: 7:30am
Off: 1 to 3pm
Email: elobo26@yahoo.com
Phone: 858-472-0829
Comments: All routes have llvís. Easy delivery on all routes, most are under 25 miles and mostly new ndcbuís. Great chance to come to sunny San Diego.

Date: 1-23-09
From: Greensboro, NC
To: Morehead City, NC or surrounding area
Name: Renee
Route Type: 43K
Pay Grade:
Off: Saturday
Email: rkellam@bellsouth.net
Phone: (336) 643-5183
Comments: Fiance' transferred to Morehead City, NC need to move with him.

Date: 01/20/2009
From: Zephyrhills, Fl (Suncoast District)
To:Ohio or Virginia
Name: Brenda K
Route Type: 42K
Pay Grade: Step 12
Hours: 8:00A-Finished
Off: FRI
Email: skramba08@embarqmail.com
Comments: From Zephyrhills, Fl (near Tampa) to Ohio or Virginia. You will need POV, I have RHD Jeep. Call me, Let's discuss...

Date: 1/20/2009
From: Windham, Maine
To: Cape Cod Falmouth, Massachusetts
Name: Douglas Silvia
Route Type: 41 K
Pay Grade:
Hours: 7:30 - 2 ish
Email: foursilvias@roadrunner.com
Phone: 207-647-8351
Comments: Small office 10 routes 9 K's 1 J. 6 LLVs. Relocate to Sebago Lake/Mountains Maine where you get more for your $.

From: Crystal Lake, Illinois
To: Southern Arizona or possibly Florida
Name: James Nitz
Route Type:45J
Pay Grade: Step 4
Seniority:8 years
Hours:7:15 till done
Off: Every other Saturday
Email: jnitz@sbcglobal.net
Comments: Convenient location near Chicago and Wisconsin. Nice route with an LLV.

Date: 1/17/09
From: Las Vegas, NV
To: St. George, UT or surrounding area
Name: Craig McCaslin
Route Type: 41H
Pay Grade:
Hours: 7:30 'till done, around 2pm
Off: Sunday
Email: recordjnky&aol.com
Phone: 702-642-8506 Home/ 702-378-4571 Cell
Comments: nice route, use LLV, Summerlin master planned community.

Date: Jan 12,2009
From: Trinity,NC
To Northern FL Panama City or Pensacola Beach
Name: Kathy Nichols
Route Type: 45h or 42J
Pay Grade: 12
Seniority: 12yrs
Hours: 750 6 days
Email: Irreplaceable65@yahoo.com
Phone: 3366883221
Comments: Need tranfer ASAP..GA MISS FL AL SC Anywhere considered from central NC great office pm and emloyees fast growing area.

Date: 1-11-09
From: Chisholm, Mn
To: Anywhere west..Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Washington, Alaska etc
Name: John
Route Type: 40K
Pay Grade:
Seniority: Only route in office
Hours: 715 till finished(around 3)
Off: Saturdays
Email: bigblue5953@yahoo.com
Phone: 218-929-7588
Comments: Nice route. Use own vehicle. About 94 miles with 400 or so boxes. nice office with One rural and four city routes.

Date: 1/8/09
From: Leander, TX (just north of austin)
To: Minneapolis, Mn
Name: Megan Plant
Route Type: 45K
Pay Grade:
Hours: 7:30 til done
Off: Saturdays
Email: meganelaine4@hotmail.com
Phone: (512)635-5507
Comments: Looking to land in the Northwest Suburbs (Maple Grove, Champlin, Coon Rapids, Blaine, or there abouts). A great office in a growing community. Central Texas is awesome!

Date: 1/05/09
From: Naples, Florida
To: Anywhere near Columbus, Georgia
Name: Holly Daffin
Route Type: 45K (seasonal)
Pay Grade:
Hours: 7:30 til done
Off: Fridays
Email: hollydaffin@hotmail.com
Phone: 706-566-7145
Comments: Naples is a GREAT city. P.O. is less than 2 miles from beach! Great office!

Date: 01/05/09
From: Parrish,FL
To: Florida Panhandle(Crestview,Pensacola Areas)
Name: Janet Turner
Route Type: 42K L
Pay Grade: A
Seniority: 9
Hours: 8AM til finish
Off: Monday
Email: kjfasano@yahoo.com
Phone: 9417447205
Comments: Need to be near sick grandmother ASAP.Great new office. Nice area.Close to everything.

Date: 12-27-08
From: Madison Wi 53719
To: Looking to see whats out there
Name: Mike Hicks
Route Type: H44
Pay Grade:
Hours: 700am-done
Off: Sun.
Email: Hicksy70@yahoo.com
Phone: 608-482-4819
Comments: I need a change looking for offers. Large office, most routes have llvís email me with any questions.

Date: 11/06/08
From: Kannapolis, North Carolina
To: Mississippi or Alabama
Name: Traci Duke
Route Type: 44H
Pay Grade:
Hours: 7:30 to finish
Off: Sunday
Email: SpeedeeRacer19@aol.com
Phone: 704-657-8388
Comments: 14 reg routes, 1 aux, some LLV's, need to move closer to family ASAP

Date: 10-28-2008
From: Dover, Delaware
To: north Georgia, southeast Tennessee
Name: Susan Cooksey
Route Type: 17 reg, 1 aux
Pay Grade:
Email: GaLostnDe@aol.com
Phone: 302-331-1566
Comments: Retirees, please help considering all routes north Georgia, South Carolina, northeast Alabama, southeast Tennessee! Dover is ~1.5 to 2.5 hrs from Baltimore, DC, Philly, New York, Ocean City, and Atlantic City .

Date: 10/24/08
From: Wetumpka, AL
To: Sumner County, TN and vicinity or Central North Alabama
Name: Duane Butler
Route Type: 45k non-L
Hours: 7 am report
Off: Sat, Sun
Email: emmaleeaj@aol.com
Phone: 334.358.6337
Comments: 17 Route Central Alabama office in Elmore County near Lakes Martin and Jordan. Growing community.

Date: Oct 23,2008
From: Mapleton,MN
To: Leesburg ,Fl or nearby Leesburg
Name: Scott Schutte
Route Type: 44j
Pay Grade: step 12
Seniority: 2 of 3
Hours: 7:00-to finish usually less than 8 hrs
Off: every other saturday
Email: schutte@myclearwave.net
Phone: 507-317-4989
Comments 3 route office,100 miles,330 families,full compliment of subs,great postmaster&clerk. Need to get to leesburg asap,fiance and family there now,retirees welcome.

Date: 10/21/08
From: Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
To: Iowa
Name: Simon Holt
Route Type: 30Aux
Pay Grade:
Hours: 7am to finish
Off: Sunday
Email: holtsb@yahoo.com
Phone: 215-527-8683
Comments: Need to be closer to family. Route will be 40+ hrs after spring count, 8 route office, 3 with LLVs, more promised. Close to Philadelphia, Baltimore, New York.

Date: 10/7/08
From: southern california
To: iowa city/cedar rapids area iowa
Name: charles hughes
Route Type: 42k
Pay Grade: 2
Seniority: 3 of 4
Hours: usually 5-7 hours/day
Off: tuesday
Email: chuck4233@cox.net
Phone: 949-709-0467
Comments: 42k route in upscale area 1 hour south of LA, no snow or rain, nice office, route has llv.

Date: 09/14/08
From: Pismo Beach, CA
To: Portland, Or (metro area)
Name: Maxine
Route Type: 43j
Pay Grade:
Hours: 0730
Off: 2 ish
Email: maxeen@att.net
Phone: 805-481-3756
Comments: great office and coworkers!!!! LLVs for all rts! Pismo Beach is located on California's central coast about half way between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Date: 9-13-08
From: brandon,fl.
To:new hampshire [along eastern border]
Name: donna erickson
Route Type: 48k
Pay Grade:
Seniority: 2004
Hours: 7 to whenever
Off: sat
Email: donnarunner1@tampabay.rr.com
Phone: 813-238-7441
Comments: must have llv. brandon has 4 reg routes w/llv's. it's near beautiful beaches + orlando is 1.5 hrs. away for fun at theme parks. would like to live closer to family.

Date: September 8, 2008
From: Orlando / Oviedo, Florida area (Central Florida)
To: Atlanta, GA suburbs (Snellville, Lawrenceville, Monroe, Winder, etc.)
Name: Mark Molon
Route Type: J46
Pay Grade:
Seniority: 1996
Hours: Can be J or H route
Off: You pick one day a week or every other week
Email: markmolon@yahoo.com
Phone: 407-353-6229 (cell)
Comments: Oviedo is small suburb of Orlando. Great Schools. Nice office / people. Mgmt very nice. 50+ rural route office. No city routes. Retirees or three way possible.

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