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July 2014 News

July 14, 2014
The Truth About Saturday Delivery
- Delivering for America via PEN

Video: Linn's Monday Morning Brief - July 14, 2014 - PEN

Fact-checking the postmaster general - NALC via PEN

Florida Letter Carrier Saves Stroke Victim - PEN

Postal Service Privatization Brings Staples Boycott - Public News Service

USPS Must Ensure Reassigned Employees are Qualified for New Positions - Fedweek

Nominations of Hon. James C. Miller III, Stephen Crawford, David M. Bennett, and Victoria Reggie Kennedy to be Governors, U.S. Postal Service - Senate.gov

AFT Delegates Adopt 'Don't Buy Staples' Resolution, Rally in Support of U.S. Postal Workers - APWU

Confirmation Hearing US Postal Service Governors - will air today at 3 P.M. on C-SPAN

Concerns over mail sorting operation move - Times Standard

July 13, 2014
The USPS, a bypass and a little history
- The Bismarck Tribune

Postal carrier helps elderly woman who fell - Newark Advocate


Post office workers honored with Memorial Room - Del Rio News-Herald

Door-to-door uptown mail delivery returns in Lake Placid - News-Sun

July 12, 2014
USPS sets the record straight - Postal Service isnít going away

Postal Employee Removed from Federal Service For Hatch Act Violations - PEN - See related: Double standard? Pro-Obama IRS worker suspended, postal employee fired for political violation

Maintenance Craft Settles Dispute on Custodial Staffing; Will Convert More Than 3,150 PSEs - PEN

NAPUS: Six-Day Delivery Remains the Center of Attention, Senate to Hear USPS Board of Governor Nominees - PEN

USPS responds to Wall Street Journal letters to the editor - PEN

Issa's Last Ditch Effort to Eliminate Saturday Mail Delivery Falls Short - GovExec.com

A postal worker based out of Ahwahnee, CA was killed in a head-on collision while driving home from work in North Fork Thursday night.

State investigating noose found in Worcester post office - Fox Boston

July 09, 2014
Postal Service shoots itself in the foot
- The Times Leader

Rolando: How low will he, the PMG, go? - PEN

Feds tell Postal Service to give more public access to mural in Somerville's Union Square post office - Somerville - Wicked Local

What if Google ran the post office? - Roanoke Times

Teachers union urges boycott of Framingham-based Staples

July 08, 2014
USPS suit one of top 10 most expensive discrimination settlements of 2013

AFL-CIO Dubs Staples and USPS ĎLow-Wage Villainsí - PEN

Former Reagan Budget Director Could Return to Postal Board - Direct Marketing News

A Modest Proposal - A Plea for Predictability - Postal Affairs Blog

Rating the U.S. Postal Service on Customer Satisfaction - Postal Affairs Blog

Postlandia - The Pennsylvania Gazette
Article written by Evan Kalish writer of the Going Postal Blog

The Privatization of Greece's Postal Service Is Underway - Businessweek

Video: San Antonio postal customers locked out of their mail - PEN

Video: Woman angry postal worker threw package, damaged it - PEN

Rating the U.S. Postal Service on Customer Satisfaction - eCommerce Bytes

The Fate Of Rural Post Offices - KHAS TV

National Newspaper Association criticizes future USPS cutbacks - Dateline

July 07, 2014
AFSCME, UNITE HERE Join ĎDonít Buy Staplesí Movement
- APWU News via PEN

Amazon quietly rolls out Sunday delivery in Seattle and Portland; Coming soon to Bay Area, Boston and more cities - GeekWire

PRC Reviews USPS FY 2013 Performance Goals and FY 2014 Plan - PRC news via PEN

Rural Carrier saves mail after LLV catches fire - PEN

Updated Information on the July 8th LAC Posting for Impacted Postmasters - PEN

Video: Rooftop fire shuts down south Vegas post office - PEN

Updated POStPlan FAQs and Incentive Payment FAQs - PEN

Video: Linns Stamp News Brief for Monday July 7 - PEN

IG: Postal Service could make hundreds of millions of dollars as 3D printing rises in popularity - Fierce Government

If It Prints, It Ships: 3D Printing and the Postal Service - Also see: Have you ever used a 3D printer? - Office of Inspector General

Welcome to PubLetters; you canít spell Drink without ďInkĒ

While Amazon Dreams Of Drones And Phones, Google Attacks With Trucks And Bucks - Forbes

Why Postal Service Banking Is a Bad Idea - US News and World Report

Postal Service has spent $190,000 on unopened office - The Times Tribune

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More Postal News

July 06, 2014
The Case of the Never-Ending Case: Bill Moore vs. the U.S. Government
- At the center of the drama, which has now dragged on for 25 years, is an agency that prides itself on being boring in its routine: the U.S. Postal Service. - Huff Post

The most insane law by Congress, ever? - Most Americans have never heard of the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2006. The mind-numbing title alone sounds like it could put a hardcore insomniac to sleep. The truth is, itís one of the most insane laws Congress ever enacted. - The Roanoke Times

Senator Hoeven Working to Keep Minot Area Processing Facility Operating - PEN

Do You Owe Back Taxes and Have a TSP Account? Be Forewarned - FedSmith

Another fight looms over Saturday mail delivery - The Hill

July 05, 2014
Video: Alabama USPS Worker Caught Throwing Packages Into Ravine

AFSCM applauds boycott of staples in support of postal workers? - Examiner - Also see: http://union-news.org/

Editorial: Congress fails to deliver on mail woes - Lima Ohio

July 04, 2014
USPS: Employee input sought for next generation of vehicles
- USPS news via PEN

Murkowski Gets FedEx to Rethink its Rural P.O. Box Policies - PEN

Video: Friends shocked, town in mourning following shooting at post office - PEN

USPS Employees Used Travel Cards for Grocery Shopping, Eating Out - GovExec.com

Video of Birmingham, AL postal worker throwing packages into a ravine leads to resignation - Looks like the person who filmed this video has chosen not to share it with the general public. - AL.com

Classroom Supplier Staples Provokes Ire of Teachers' Unions - Education Week Teacher - Also see: Teachers, postal workers weigh Staples boycott - USA Today

The Post Office Isnít Dead Yet - Counter Punch

Postal Service to close dozens of mail centers - The Hill

Do You Want To Pay for USPS Shipping With Cash Or Bitcoin? - Nextgov.com

July 03, 2014
Postal Service worker charged in sex assault case; LAPD seeks leads
- LA Times

Postmaster critically hurt in shooting at Carroll County, MO post office

How Big Data And The Internet Of Things Will Change The Postal Service - Forbes

Sen. Franken to Postal Service: Donít Close Mail Processing Centers in Minnesota - PEN

July 02, 2014
NALC: Distribution of campaign literature by e-mail

APWU: Arbitrator Rules: Excessed Employees Must Meet Minimum Qualifications Before Reassignment - PEN

APWU: Arbitrator Denies Union's Grievance Protesting PVS Conversion to Highway Contract Route - PEN

Neopost USA Receives Overwhelming Response from Americans Celebrating National Postal Worker Day - PEN

Lisa Bowes at Postal Affairs Blog Responds to USPS - PEN

Video: Postal Inspectors: New Site To Fight Mail Schemes - PEN

USPS Responds To Postal Affairs Blog Article
And, Postal Affairs' Lisa Bowes responds - PEN

Bipartisan privacy board says NSA Internet spying program is an effective tool - Fox News - not postal, just FYI

CSRS and The Windfall Elimination Provision - Fedweek - not postal, just FYI

The Supreme Court Just Dealt a Devastating Blow to Public Unions - National Journal

Postal IG Considers Ways Leverage "Last Mile" Delivery Network - FEDweek

Postal Worker's Bias Suit Picked Up by High Court - Courthouse News Service

USPS seeks e-commerce market share with Priority Mail price cut - Post & Parcel

Staples boycott grows - NW Labor Press

Salary Search for Federal Employees - Postal Employees - Federal Unions - and more - Feds Data Center

Why I still cling to the mailman - Christian Science Monitor

Letter finally makes it to Pittsfield 83 years late - Central Maine


July 01, 2014
USPS Files Notice With PRC To Change Priority Mail Rates

USPS takes steps to grow shipping business - PEN

Post Plan completion date extended - PEN

Postal Service offers postmasters early retirements ahead of RIFs - Federal Times

Penalties as a Revenue Stream, aka Spend a Buck to Save That Penny - Intelisent Postal Affairs Blog

USPS Network Rationalization Update - PEN

DMM Advisory - Rationalization of Our Network of Mail Processing Facilities - PEN - Also see: USPS ANNOUNCES PLANS TO RESUME PLANT CLOSINGS AND CONSOLIDATIONS - PEN

OIG: Monitoring of Government Travel Card Transactions (PDF)

Is Postal Reform Becoming One Big Clusterbox - DM News

July 1st Is National Postal Workers Day - Turn to 10 - Also see: Neopost USA Wants to Collect Short Tales For National Postal Workers Day - PEN

APWU to Launch Vigorous Campaign Against Plant Closures, Consolidations - PEN

How people in rural Alaska get their groceries: Courtesy USPS - The Washington Post

USPS to close up to 82 more processing plants in 2015 - Post & Parcel


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