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March 2006 Postal News

Friday - March 31, 2006
Congress Should Privatize the Postal Service
- Let the Olympia Postmark Go
- USPS Seeks NSA to Boost First Class Use
- DM News' Deliver: Postal Reform, Better Address Quality
  Will Bring Opportunities for Mailers
- USPS Prepares to Facilitate Absentee Ballot Delivery in New Orleans
- Postal Service: Call off the dogs, seriously
- Glade Park closes its post offices CO
- Another letter with suspicious powder found; no hazard

Thursday - March 30, 2006
Postal Service Will Take Another Look at Job Application of War Vet
- Sioux City Postal Study Continues
- USPS offers $10,000 for info in shooting of postal employee
- Abramoff Gets Nearly 6 Years in Prison
- Anti-War Postage Stamp Gains Momentum
- DM News' Deliver: Undeliverable as Addressed Costs

Wednesday - March 29, 2006
NALC Pressing USPS on DOIS Flaws, Abuses (PDF)
More Articles from the April Postal Record
- Chemicals, undelivered mail discovered after backyard fire
- Postal Rate Commission Rejects USPS Proposal for Expedited Schedule
- Postal employee denies mail theft
- Some Mailers Complaining (Quietly) of Slow USPS Service
- Solution To Mail Problems?
- Man with news of suicide finds family dead Sister was postal employee
- City wins concessions on postal decision
- In rain, sleet, snow, ‘Iron Man’ delivers

- JCAM 2005 Published:
NALC and the Postal Service have published a new 2005 Joint Contract Administration Manual. The manual is now available here.

Tuesday - March 28, 2006
Former postal employee nabbed for allegedly threatening judge's family
- Postmaster halts curbside mailbox push
- USPS to Exhibit New Mail Sorting, Tracking Technology to
Benefit Advertisers, Mailers
- APWU: Union Legislators to Support Public Input on USPS Consolidation
- Who says we can't do the job?
- Deliver: Four Carriers, Four Directions: What Services are DHL,
FedEx, UPS and USPS Working On?
- There'll be 36 fewer places to mail letter in Jersey City
- SuperLetter.com, Inc. Gets the Mail Through to US Marines in Iraq

Saturday - March 25, 2006
Why (And How) The Postal Service Must Bring Costs Under Control

Friday - March 24, 2006
Post office recruiting part-time mail carriers
- Unions, Managers Team on Postal Reform

- ‘He’s an angel’
Letter Carrier Branch 120 President Joseph Murone in Paterson, N.J., was walking his route one morning just before 6 a.m. when he saw a fire erupt from a home. He ran up the steps and started pounding on the door, right in the face of the fire. “I was doing everything I could to wake people up — yelling and screaming and banging on the windows,” he said. It worked. Waleska Morales, her sister-in-law and three children woke up and escaped. “I’m starting to believe he’s an angel,” Morales said of Murone. “I mean, what’s a mailman doing around at that hour anyway?”

- Hawaii Lawmaker Introduces Do-Not-Mail Resolution
- USPS BOG Approves Parcel Return Service, Repositionable Notes
- Movie Filming at Post Office Causes Hostage Crisis in Fernandina Beach
- New stamps to honor baseball's big bats
- Post offices get Five Star rank
- Bug powder forces mail center evacuation
- Trial date for former postal employee in mail theft case

Thursday - March 23, 2006
Fit Enough to Deliver Your Mail?
- Bloody Mail Investigated
- After Katrina Devastation USPS Installs NDCBU's in NO
- Postal crew protests plan to transfer Tumwater duties
- Yonkers man who hit mailman accused of hate crime
- PMG Potter and Others address NAPUS Legislative Conference
- USPS' Parcel Return Service is Here to Stay
- The Little Post Office That Could
  Also see: USPS Plans Do Not Include Elimination Of Hawleyville PO
- The mail must go through – except to his house
- Once again US Postal eyes closing Bemis site

Wednesday - March 22, 2006
U.S. Court of Appeals Affirms USPS Removal of Former Oakland
District Manager (PDF) Read More About This Case 
- Memorandum on New City/Rural Route Disputes
Snail Mail Losing its Clout
- Some responsibilities moving from Inspection Service to OIG
- Canada: Postal Workers Deliver Ultimatum over Transparency

Tuesday - March 21, 2006
Workers Not Buying Postal Service's Plan For Bronx
Also see: Follow-Up: Bronx Postal Workers Rally Against Rerouting Study
- Iraq war veteran fit for combat, but not mail delivery
- Two accused of W. Side attack on letter carrier Chicago
- Postal Service problems continue to perplex New Orleans
- USPS in market for payroll tax reporting system
- Rural post offices deliver more than mail

Monday - March 20, 2006
Houston mail carrier forced to strip at gunpoint
- USPS seeks to outsource janitorial services nationwide (.doc file)
- Informational Picket to Protest Reduction of Mail Service
- 'Phishing' Scheme Targets Thrift Savings Plan Holders
- Canada Post: Try 'Operation Honesty'
- Out of sorts at PO plan
- Parcel Consolidators Rush to Fill Void After APX Files for Chapter 11
- In Alabama hamlets, the post office delivers more than the mail
- USPS adds international feature to Mailing Online
- Recycling tech trash via green-friendly mail

Saturday - March 18, 2006
- Postal Service may allow stamps with advertising
- Last founding member of New Orleans' Preservation Hall Jazz Band
and Former Letter Carrier Dies
- Traveling mail dog leaves his stamp on postal history
Also see  Story at the National Postal Museum
- Residents unhappy with mailbox relocations
- Crescent Lake residents plead for their post office

Friday - March 17, 2006
All Postal Unions - Management and PM Assoc. Send Letter to
Sen. Susan Collins Regarding Postal Reform
from PostCom
In a letter to Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee chairman Susan Collins, NALC president William Young, APWU president William Burrus, as well as presidents of supervisor and postmaster organizations contacted Senator Collins asking for: Repeal of the CSRS Escrow Fund - Return CSRS Military Pension Obligation to the U.S. Treasury - USPS Rate Setting Exigency Flexibility - Support of USPS Banking Authority and to Maintain Market Dominant Placement of Single-piece Parcels.

- Hawaii Introduces 3 Resolutions Against Unsolicited Commercial Mail.
- Postal case nets former postal employee house arrest VA
- Sources: APX Logistics to File for Chapter 11  
- PostCom notes: During the week of March 20, over 1,000 postmasters will ascend Capitol Hill to urge Congress to support postal reform, which safeguards postal services for all Americans and ensures a viable U.S. Postal Service.

- The Postal Rate Commission has posted on its site the Postal Service's Periodic Reports/Data Reports for Docket No. IM2006-1.

- NetPost Mailing Online Goes International
- A call for improved postal service FL
- Crescent Lake residents plead for their post office OR

Thursday - March 16, 2006
Mail delivery practices unchanged after Supreme Court ruling
- Postal worker pleads guilty to mail theft
- Union Rips Canada Post on Secrecy
- Calabasas goes postal over mail delays CA
- Post office may need to address this  
- New Postal Machines Prompt BPM Rule
- Mailboxes returned to sender
- USPS knew for year lease was over
- Group Publishes Address Quality Best Practices for addressing quality.
- Write Grandma a What?

Wednesday - March 15, 2006
27 Clerk Craft Employees Have Job Offers Withdrawn
- Can you sue the US Postal Service?  
- Postal workers haunted by memories of terrible night
- Federal death sentence for affirmed for murder of PMR
- You've got mail, Dividing Creek
- Certified E-mail – Is it Good News or Bad for Your In-Box?
- Mail carriers honor coworker

Tuesday - March 14, 2006
- Postal Service's Future Depends on Ability to Adapt
- Consumer Watch: Postal Service Frustrates Systems Expert
- Lawmakers stress openness in postal decision
- Police Find Piles Of Stolen Mail In Frisco Home
- Judge tosses gun suit in case involving murdered letter carrier
- USPS BOG to Meet
- Wanted: Scholarship on Postal History
  Also see: http://www.usps.com/postalhistory/moroney.htm
- Residents want no postal changes
- Gasoline thefts at Paso Robles Post Office puzzling

Monday - March 13, 2006
- Teen On Motorbike Killed In Crash with Postal Truck
- Advertising to go postal
- Katrina Continues to Test Mail Deliveries
- Mail delivery outcry
- Mail Use Grows Despite Rate Increase
- PRC: Make Parcel Return Service Permanent
- UPS, DHL Streamline Sorting, Trim Delivery Time
- AKQA Wins USPS Interactive Work
- Senecas react to Schumer bill banning USPS shipment of cigarettes

Saturday - March 11, 2006
- Bomb blows up mailbox CO
Police are investigating a pipe bomb that exploded inside a mailbox Friday. The incident happened just after 11:30 a.m. when the bomb, made out of PVC piping, exploded. The explosion blew the mailbox off of its post.

- Bush - Clueless on Postal Reform?
  PostCom report:
As the Washington Post has noted, when he appeared to speak before the National Newspaper Association, President Bush got a question from the audience on postal reform. Here is the question and the President's response:

QUESTION: Postal reform, which has been going on in Congress for about 10 years, was really pushed forward by a commission that you appointed. And it was passed overwhelmingly by both houses and we have this bill going to conference in April or May.
QUESTION: There's some concern that the administration may want to oppose this bill or veto it; it's so-called not favorable to the federal budget. But there are things in that bill that are very important to the newspaper industry. And part of that is the funding that keeps rates fair because of some overpayment of military pensions that we don't think should be put on to the taxpayers, the ratepayers. So we would ask your support on behalf of us and Bonnie Mullins... (LAUGHTER) ... to support that bill as it's in the Congress, if it comes to your desk, sir.
BUSH: As you know, we did support postal reform. And as you accurately noted, we got the process started. And we look forward to working with Congress on an acceptable bill. Frankly, this issue hadn't made it to my desk prior to me arriving at this meeting. I'm mindful of the bill. I need to know more about the particulars before I make you a commitment one way or the other.

- Postal Carrier Delivers Life Back to Elderly Man
Veteran postal carrier Gene Kahl knew something wasn't right. He paused in front of a home on Kingsport Avenue Monday morning, a regular stop on his Warrington route. Newspapers had piled up. Mail was jammed inside the mailbox. Kahl studied the car parked in the driveway and drew a chalk line on a back tire. When the chalk was intact two days later, he knew it was time to check on the older couple who lived there.

- The National Association of Postmasters of the U.S. electronic governmental affairs newsletter is available on the NAPUS web site.

Friday - March 10, 2006
- Postal Service Deals with Mail Backups
- Senator, Spitzer target Postal Service on tobacco shipments
- APWU Board Acts to Fight Consolidation
- USPS Board of Governors: Governors receive $30,000 a year, plus $300 a day for meetings they attend, plus travel expenses. See news here: Go (scroll for story)

- More on Abramoff - Raw Story (scroll down for story)
- Suspect admits to armed robbery of registered mail
- 2 teens allegedly stole mail
- OPM chief urges new vision to recruit younger feds
- NAPUS: Work Service Credits Are Getting a Close Look

Thursday - March 9, 2006
- Plan To Reroute Mail From The Bronx To Manhattan Draws Union's Ire
- Theft of $362.54 proves costly for ex-postmaster CT
- Input on Postal Service Sought
- Post Office orders removal of memorial to 4 NJ shooting victims
- National Newspaper Award of Excellence Presented to Postal Employee
- Mail move doesn’t add up

Wednesday - March 8, 2006
- 25 postal workers sickened
- Returned Mail Solutions
- Post office fails to hire more workers
- Panel Rejects Proposal to Reinstate Alcoholic Lawyer
  Who Now Works in USPS Legal Dept.
- Byron postal worker indicted IL
- Still hacked off over Hack's Neck PO VA
- Congressman opposes postal facility move
- Indio sends postal plea to Washington DC
- Borough wants bypass mail changes slowed
- Proof That the Check Is in the Mail
- Post office officials respond to complaints
- DRAC wants to discuss Post Office conditions

Tuesday - March 7, 2006
- APWU, USPS Reach Agreement On Displaced ‘Katrina’ Employees
- Mailman attacked on his route in E. Orange, NJ  
- Mail Delays Uncovered In Texas
- Group asks for support against post office proposal
- Pitney Bowes Subsidiary Scores Deal With La Poste
- UPS Cutting Transit Time for US Ground Packages

Monday - March 6, 2006
- On the trail of `snail mail' CA
- Fight to save post office is also fight to save town Iowa
- Singing the PO box blues CO
- Stanford researchers calculate the mathematics of terror
- USPS Tightens Rules for Bundles
- USPS: Catalog Forwarding Draws Big Response
- E-mail As Slow As Snail Mail

Sunday - March 5, 2006
Postal carrier shot while delivering mail

Saturday - March 4, 2006
How Not to Reform Government
- Lawyer fined, reprimanded in postal case
- Postal 'Security' Helps Terrorists
- 1,200 Social Security checks lost in mail

Friday - March 3, 2006
Report: Santa Barbara mass killer had descent into madness
- Detroit carrier says she kept mail
- Don't Let Junk Mail Weigh You Down
- Local post office plans to deliver better service
- President Nominates New BOG Members
- Postal Worker Honored With His Own Day
- Authorities Deliver Goods on Mass. Letter Carrier's Workers' Comp
- UPS Rebrands Overnight as UPS Freight
- US Postal Service Honors 79-Year-Old Postman

Thursday - March 2, 2006
Locate Sex Offenders in Your Area <just FYI>
- Inside LA's Mail Processing Center
- Mailers Face Some Changes To Stay in Step With the USPS  
- Postal service hobbled by computer problems
- Pitney Bowes CEO Expects Resolution on Postal Reform DM News
- New USPS Policy: Postal Service Policy on Sexual Orientation,
  Gender Identification, and Gender Stereotyping
- US Postal Service to Appear on Alexander Haig's World Business
  Review TV Series (as paid programming)
- Why You Should Care About Postal Reform DM News
- Valley postal workers to claim part of record Powerball payout PA
- US Postal Service Honors Scientists Who Defeated Polio
- Congress Knows Best
- First-class snail mail

Wednesday - March 1, 2006
- No mail is an island
  24-hour clock keeps USPS linked
"There are no islands in the Postal Service. All of our processes are linked. If you do one well, you’re going to do well in another, and another, and another.” That’s how Deputy PMG Pat Donahoe illustrates the importance of the 24-hour clock to our mail operations — to better manage our time, keep the mail moving and give our customers the service they depend on. Meeting commitments by deadline helps the next shift — or the next plant or Post Office further down the mailstream — meet its deadlines too. Key indicators to help us use the 24-hour clock are:

- All carriers back by 1800 (6 p.m.)
- Cancel 80% of collection mail by 2000 (8 p.m.)
- Process outgoing primary-sort mail by 2300 (11 p.m.)
- Process outgoing secondary-sort mail by 2400 (midnight)
- Clear MMP mail by 2400. Zero MMP at 2400 (midnight)
- Assign commercial/FedEx outgoing mail by 0230 (2:30 a.m.)
- Process all DPS 2nd-pass mail by 0700 (7 a.m.)
- Dispatch mail on time from plants to delivery units 0400-0900 (4-9 a.m.)
PEN Editor: Are these indicators being met in your area?

- ADVO Introduces Nation's First New-Construction Mailing List
- Postal Service Announces New Stamps For Wedding Invitations
- NALC: Behind the numbers: A look at USPS financial performance PDF
- Potential Postal Service Reorganization Could Delay Local Delivery
- Elgin postal customers find their mail is missing IL
- USPS: January 2006 Financial and Operating Statements

Tuesday - February 28, 2006
- APWU Wins 5-Year Contract at Detroit MTESC
- Brookline Letter Carrier Convicted of Fraud, Reports U.S. Attorney MA
- USPS to Pay $6.5M in Back Wages to Pilots
- Mailman Rescues Little Girl
- Letter Carrier COLA | APWU COLA
- Postal service will conduct service audit at Sioux City
- Mail Theft Arrests Reaching All-Time High
- Mailers Question New Flats Sorting System
- Bin Laden to Run US Postal Service
- Twenty countries lose USPS International Economy Mail
- Counterfeit Postal Worker Keys Found In Man's Car
- Post Office Evacuated Because Of Leaky Substance

Monday - February 27, 2006
- Girl, 4, struck, killed by postal truck ID'd
- USPS opposes bill to restructure mail service
- USPS finds six ways to cut costs, not services
- The Mouse That Ate the Catalog
- Mailers Question Response If Flats Address Shifts
- Mailers Look to Sidestep Sales Tax on Postage

Sunday - February 26, 2006
- Residents deliver postal complaints CA
- Denny Belden, NALC President in Orlando, FL and PEN's own Editor of THE BELDEN FACTOR has submitted several new articles well worth your attention. Go here
- Postal Service Tracks Evacuees' Ebb and Flow
- Postal Service keeps it sealed, survey says
- Preserving the US Postal Service for the 21st Century Sen. S. Collins

Saturday - February 25, 2006
- Postal workers asked to relocate out of town, say not enough time given
- USPS detains journalist, keeping his videotape
- New NAPUS leader to take on short staffing
- Goleta is safe, says police chief
- Union: Change would slow delivery
- Residents offer a love letter to mail carrier

Friday - February 24, 2006
- Union victimizes postal victim's kin
- USPS: Late Mail Delivery is a Temporary Problem
- See GAO Report Filed 02/14/06 (PDF)
- PRC: USPS realignment plans
- Mail theft plaguing rural residents
- Federal Times: Supreme Court backs case against USPS
- 6 Months After Katrina: A Postal Worker's Struggle to Rebuild
- Postal truck, mail go up in flames
- U.S. Rep. Steve King tours mail processing center; urges
local input on reorganization plans
- DMA Allies With Postcom Against Do-Not-Mail Bills

Thursday - February 23, 2006
- Poor Attendance Can Result in Removal- And Withstand Court Review  
- USPS: We're Working on Fixing Service Problems 
- Justices Allow Postal Customers to Sue
More: Justices Curb Postal Service's Immunity From Lawsuits | High court: Injured woman can sue Postal Service

- USPS Headed for $1.8 Billion Loss This Year
- Reform May Be Decided by Summer, Postal Official Says
- Americans Say US Postal Service Most Trusted Agency
- Former Postal Worker, Infected in 2001, Still Feels Effects
- Demonstration at Senator Clinton's Talk in South Bronx
- Postmaster: Mail changes won't hurt Nashville service
- Former postal union leaders arrested

Monday - February 20, 2006
- Convicted postal employee retires with full benefits
- Debate Heats Up Over Mail Processing Study
- Postal Service says bill to fix finances is unworkable

Sunday - February 19, 2006
- LLV Destroyed by Fire NJ See Photo
- Mail carriers deliver in a crisis
- Postal Service to fill eight mail carrier jobs in Great Falls
- SF postal depot unveils new solar upgrade

Saturday - February 18, 2006
- New Jersey APWU officers arrested for embezzling over $400,000
- US Postal Service a no-show at meeting with Waterbury Mayor
- Substitute mail carrier saves day
- Relief in sight for erratic mail
- Post Office's Impending Closure Irks Residents

Friday - February 17, 2006
- The 'hidden tax' that's in the mail
- Postal Service to study US mail facilities
- Postal Service Outlines Plans for New Network
- New mail-sorting system draws criticism
- NAPUS Newsletter - Feb. 17, 2006
- US Postal Service Office completes investigation
- Mail truck catches fire
- Downtown businesses unhappy about mail service

Thursday - February 16, 2006
- USPS Briefs APWU on Plans to Realign Network
- Postal Service says union spreading misinformation  
- Former postal worker held in mail thefts
- Ronald Reagan Stamp to be Reissued
- Postal Service Committed to Improving Service in New Orleans
- Rockford postal study remains on hold
- USPS Custom Pub Serves Small Business

Wednesday - February 15, 2006
- Postal Expenses Continue to Rise
Read The Postalwatch Briefing (PDF)
- Jaffer Responds: USPS: Council doesn’t serve postal customers
- White House veto threat looms over postal bill negotiations
- US Postal Service Sends Comics to Educate
- Mail delivery in battered New Orleans should improve by spring
- USPS ponders national E-recycling, solicits industry partner
- No decision in postal study SD
- Rebuttal: USPS Objection to Postal Reform Legislation Is

Tuesday - February 14, 2006
- USPS Assigns Jurisdiction For ‘Enhanced’ AFSM-100 Machines
- Ask President Burrus
- Postman charged in accident
- Mail carriers worried over powder leak
- It's a busy time at Valentine post office
- Cheney Warned Over Missing Hunting Stamp

Monday - February 13, 2006
- National League of Postmasters President Regarding DOIS
- Disgraceful Slap at Postal Workers
- Six Slain Postal Workers Honored
- Temporary Mail Delivery Plan In Egan SD
- A Stranger In Your Queue
- DMA Calls for Quick Congressional Action on Postal Reform
- Chevron, US Postal Service Partner on Energy Upgrades at Mail Centers
- Mailman Sheds Weight, Obtains Age Waiver to Join Corps

Saturday - February 11, 2006
- Postal Reform Bill as Amended by Senate from PostCom
  Excerpts from this bill by PEN - Go here

  Senate approves postal reform bill
More: Senate Passage Sends Postal Reform to Conference | Postal overhaul bill finally passes Senate, heads to conference | NALC: Young Praises Senate Passage Of Postal Reform Legislation | NALC: Press Release | APWU: Senate Approves Postal Reform Bill | APWU: Conference Committee Will Decide Fate of Key Provisions | Akaka Named as Conferee to First Postal Reform Bill in 30 Years 

- APWU: Bush Budget Proposal Addresses Postal Reform 

Friday - February 10, 2006
- More on Postal Reform: PostCom Applauds Senate for Postal Reform Bill Passage | DMA Applauds Senate on Postal Reform Vote | Pitney Bowes Considers Senate Passage of Postal Reform Legislation a Positive Step

- White House Point Person for Postal Reform Resigns 
- Local Postal Employees Suspended
- Nighttime deliveries highlight postal woes
- Latest list of USPS facilities designated for consolidation or for an
  Area Mail Processing (AMP) feasibility study [updated 02/06/06]
- APWU Establishes Fund for Shooting Victims’ Families
- Chevron, US Postal Service Launch Unique Alternative Power System
- Postal Service to Cut Electric Bill, Improve Environment
- Royal Mail hit with hefty fine over missing post
- FedEx Makes Deal on Tobacco Shipments
- FedEx Bolsters Cigarette Restrictions
- Bill could stop movement of SC postal center
- Tracking Credit Card Offers in the Mail

Thursday - February 9, 2006
- Eyewitness accounts of tragedy  
- USPS Says DPS Flats Will Reduce Carrier Office Time
- Court reinstates lawsuit against postal service
- Letter Carrier Held Up In Dayton
- The Big Easy? Now It's Limbo Land
- Bill aims to help Postal Service compete
- Stamford postman's route starts and ends on memory lane
- Portal Gives Quick Access to Crucial USPS Forms
- USPS Proceeds on New Flats Sorting Technology
- Post Office honors employees, including 'heroic' carrier
- Postal Service considers processing Helena mail in Great Falls

Wednesday - February 8, 2006
- Senators Withdraw Hold on Postal Reform Bill - Legislation
Could Pass Today
- BOG Approves Approves Flat-Sequencing Technology 
- Postal service: delving into delivery delays
- New Mexico's gun laws much less strict
- FedEx makes deal on tobacco shipments
- $12K Reward Offered In Postal Truck Theft Case
- The Most Valuable Stamp in the World Returns to the US

Tuesday - February 7, 2006
- Former postal worker facing charges after allegedly making threats
- Brentwood Postal Workers Want Lawsuit Revived
Read about the Brentwood Anthrax Case at Judicial Watch
- Senators Keep Postal Reform Bill on Hold
- Bloomington-area Leaders Oppose Plan to Move Mail Processing
- Setting the record straight: Costs not the reason for price increase
- Melissa Data Releases Delivery Indicator for Parcel Shippers
- FedEx agrees to penalize companies that ship cigarettes
- Whether rain nor snow ...: Mail carriers carry on through weather

Monday - February 6, 2006
President’s 2007 Budget Discusses USPS
- Former PMG Nolan Asks for 'Time Out' On Postal Reform
Memorial funds established for Goleta victims
- Late Deliveries in West, Southwest Trouble Mailers
- No Backlog of Mail at Post Office
- Friends Say Goodbye to Postal Shooting Victim
- USPS 2006 - Benjamin Franklin doubtless would be proud

Sunday - February 5, 2006
New Orleans Mail Delivery Slowly Improving
Man pleads guilty to bank fraud, stealing mail
- Worried about the mail
- Goleta Rampage Funerals

Saturday - February 4, 2006
Police officials say Sanmarco executed her neighbor
- Postal Worker’s Writings Posited Conspiracy Theories
- More on shooting tragedy: Goleta’s deadly lesson | Funeral service draws hundreds | Offices shut down for workers' funerals | 911 tape provides chilling record of horrific night | "I kept thinking that she would come after us' | Gun used in killings traced to pawn shop | Killer believed postal workers plotted against her

- Postage Is Due for Companies Sending E-Mail
- Post office employee gets probation
- Editorial: Is The Term 'Going Postal' Really a Misnomer?
  An editorial by Rick Owens - PEN owner
- Leper colony stamps its mark
- Anthrax hoax traced to Asbury Park
- Former employee sues post office, cites harassment

Friday - February 3, 2006
Jenson v. Potter - Letter Carrier Wins Case
- Critics Blame Delivery Problems on Cutbacks and Consolidation
- Congress Seeks Data on LA Mail Delivery PDF
  Read This Letter (PDF)
- NM postal problems headed to Congress
- NJ Man Charged in Anthrax Mail Hoax
- Postal Service: Burlington postmark could soon be history
- Current NAPUS Newsletter PDF
- Postal carriers can walk on lawns if OK with customers

Thursday - February 2, 2006
Widow Wins Suit in Postal Worker Suicide
'Blame game' unfair, postal authority says 
- Postal Killer's Rampage Began With Ex-Neighbor's Slaying See Photos
Also see: Employees gather to mourn co-workers | Mass Murder Stuns Friends of Victims Note: Expressions of condolence can be sent to: Santa Barbara Post Office, P.O. Box 24006, Santa Barbara, CA 93121-4006.

- Emerging portrait: Spiral into insanity
- Postal service ‘goes postal’ about expression
- More on the posting tragedy: Counselors, extra security provided | Deaths in Calif. Shootings Rise to Eight | Unclear If Postal Killings Racially Motivated
- Government Checks Switch To White Envelopes
- Hashknife Posse Leaves Today On 48th Annual Pony Express Ride
- Restaurants receive mailed bomb threats

Wednesday - February 1, 2006
Sixth shooting victim dies
A postal worker's shooting spree
Mass Killer Had Been Put on Leave by Postal Center  See Photos
> APWU: Postal Workers Mourn Santa Barbara Shootings
> Joint Statement of USPS, Union, and Management
- Postal shooting a grim reminder of past
- Deliveries delayed in aftermath
- Detroit council backs off pit bull ban

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