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November 2011 News

November 30, 2011
Advertising on Postal Vehicles "Could Raise $360M a Year"

USPS begins new year with $139 million loss
BtoB Magazine -

Postal Service email would raise too many doubts -

2 postal employees plead guilty to taking drugs intended for veterans
Lexington Herald Leader -

San Jose Post office on lockdown after masked man leaves package -

Postal worker from Wallingford, charged in theft of mail from North Branford -

North Queens: USPS plans to cut 700 jobs in Whitestone, save $31M
Queens Chronicle -

November 29, 2011
On Falling Mail Volumes, A Tale of Two Stories

Save the Post Office -

Why Congress can't save the Postal Service

Editorial: Postal gun ban should be tossed
Denver Post -

Indiana Postal  Employees Fear Possible Job Loss
Indiana Public Media -

Johnson City, TN postal employees protest proposed move to Knox, gather petition
Kingsport Times News -

OIG Report: Alaska Bypass: Beyond Its Original Purpose (PDF)
Also see Bypass mail needs big changes, inspector general says  -

Association of United States Postal Lessors Advises Lessors NOT to Pay CBRE Commission Fees -

Evaluation of Post Office Discontinuance Accounting Procedures
OIG Audit Projects -

Union leader urges community support for 207 U.S. Postal Service mail processing jobs that could get cut in Saginaw -

US Postal Service By The Numbers (Infographic)

November 28, 2011
OIG: Can the Postal Service Afford Alaska Bypass?

38 postal execs earn more than Cabinet members
Also see Washington Post Salaries of top Postal Service executives revealed -

Audit finds central Va. mail center had nation's highest volume of delayed mail -

Colorado couple's lawsuit over post office gun ban is allowed to proceed
Denver Post -

November 27, 2011
Week in Review: The discontinuing continues

Save the Post Office -

Dear Santa, Please send the Post Office a miracle
Save the Post Office -

On USPS Privatization, George Will Strikes Out
Dead Tree Edition - Also see George Will Is Confused by Numbers at the Post Office -

Mail facility belongs in New Orleans
NOLA.com guest column by N.O. Mayor Mitch Landrieu -

November 26, 2011
The New York Times Editorial: How many things can you get wrong in 300 words?

Save the Post Office -

Congress is well along the path toward fixing the Postal Service
Washington Post - Also at WP see another useless opinion Privatize the nation's mail delivery Washington Post -

Postal big rig flips in Palo Alto -

Postal Service offers good service, low costs
Mandate foisted onto Postal Service at root of its problems -

Postal Service Pins Hope on Holiday Packages, Shipping Growth -

November 25, 2011
The Terrorist at the Post Office

Occupy Post Office -

Overhauling the Post Office for the 21st Century
New York Times -

November 24, 2011
Donahoe says bills 'do not come close' to saving the USPS

Federal News Radio -

Time to end the Postal Service
PEN Ed: On this day of giving thanks...lets all give thanks that not all of us are as naive as this writer. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL PEN READERS! -

Cost-effectiveness of potential FEHBP reforms questioned
USPS Chief Human Resources Officer Anthony Vegliante argues that a USPS-specific program would address employees' unique needs more effectively than FEHBP - PEN ED: they cannot favorably manage our postal service - tell me, how could they manage health care for employees and retirees? -

The Best Postal System Money Can Buy -

Can you deliver mail in the dark?
NALC Branch 1100 -

Mailman describes what he saw during a quadruple shooting

November 23, 2011
OSHA Orders USPS Trucking Contractor To Reinstate Whistleblower

USPS Warns Missing Mail Bins Could Mean Big Fines Or Jail Time -

Congress must act quickly to stem Postal Service losses, PMG says -

Joliet postal worker stole mailed credit cards -

Postal officials think they'll save $900,000 shifting Staten Island mail processing operations to Brooklyn -

E-mail, Retirement, Health Benefits Hurt USPS Bottom Line -

Hundreds Protest Possible Postal Center Closure -

Volkswagen eT: Electric Postal Vehicle for 2020?

November 22, 2011
Postal Service Hires Evercore for Restructuring Advice

Rolando holds press conference at National Press Club -

Postal Service Announces Shipping Prices for 2012 -

No check in mail for U.S. Postal Service debt woes -

OIG: eMailbox and eLockbox: Opportunities for the Postal Service
Read White Paper (PDF) -

November 21, 2011
Postmaster General urges Congress to to reevaluate current postal reform bills

USPS Negotiations Continue Past Deadline With NALC and NPMHU
Also see NALC and Mail Handlers -

Sen. Sanders’ Bill Addresses USPS Crisis -

US postal chief says overhaul bills inadequate
Also see Postmaster general: Bills to fix Postal Service 'do not come close' -

Mail carrier fought off knife-wielding robber

Mailhandlers Extension of Bargaining Reflects Uncertainty of Postal Reform
Courier Express and Postal Observer -

Could Forever Stamps Become Worthless? What Bankruptcy Might Mean for USPS -

A failure to deliver solutions to Postal Service’s problems
Washington Post -

Mail discount is critical for nonprofits -

TX postal workers decry proposal on consolidation -

November 20, 2011
NAPUS: A Tale of Two Postal Bills and National Study Affirms Strong Support of Post Offices
(PDF) -

How Many People Use the Post Office? Does the Postal Service Even Know?
Save the Post Office -

November 19, 2011

What Killed the Postal Service? PAEA Looks Suspiciously Guilty
Courier Express and Postal Observer -

NALC Says Contract Negotiations Near Deadline -

Rep. Nick Rahall - "In many areas of my district, there is no cell phone service, no Blackberries, no Internet. Residents and businesses depend on their post office for basic communications, for sending letters, paying bills, receiving medication. -

USPS Delivery Failure Notification eMail Scam -

Tensions boil at post office, leading to hostile work environment and mail dumping allegations -

Former Asheville postal worker sentenced to probation on disability fraud charges -

Fairbanks postal contractor is accused of hiding more than 100 articles of undelivered mail in a storage locker

November 18, 2011
GAO Says Action Is Needed to Maximize Cost-Saving Potential of Alternatives to Post Offices

What does it take to save a post office? Looking at Appeals on Closings
Save the Post Office - Also see Things fall apart, the center cannot hold: Time tells the story -

Thurgood Marshall, Jr. Elected Chairman of USPS Board of Governors -

How the US Postal Service Fell Apart

LA Times Circulars Wind Up in USPS Trash -

Would barring ban on layoffs save Postal Service?
FederalNewsRadio.com -

Readers talk back on postal workers, pay issues
Washington Post -

USPS job review program has brought slew of complaints
Federal Times -

Miss. postal workers charged with mail theft
Jackson Clarion Ledger -

The Postal Service Is Losing $50 Million Every Year Because It Can't Keep Track Plastic Bins -

November 17, 2011
Another Florida postal worker attacked, robbed
Also see Robber beats mail carrier, steals keys  -

GAO: USPS needs a retail network revamp
The Hill -

New Orleans area Postal Service workers fear being set adrift in sea of red ink -

USPS Says Attorney Fees, Back Pay, or Wages Will Be Reported As Taxable Income -

Cash-strapped U.S. Postal Service still owes retired postmaster -

Postmasters Not Happy With Proposed Pay Package -

Postal workers deliver a message -

APWU Says Watch Your Mail and Tell Your Legislator To Vote No On H.R. 2309 -

Fact vs. fiction -

USPS Reminds Employees That The Percentages Used to Tax Supplemental Wages Are Different From The Normal Taxation Percentages -

Tester pushes for more accountability from Postmaster General -

New leaders for the U.S. Postal Service's Board of Governors
Federal Times -

Penalty Overtime Exclusion

November 16, 2011
APWU Asks Are Those Posted Duty Assignments Desirable?

Should Postal Employees Delay Retirement?
Courier Express and Postal Observer -

OPM: Problem of late pension payments getting worse
Federal Times -

Post office 'hit list' riles small town's residents
Montgomery Advertiser -

Postal Inspectors Search for Mailroom Thief -

Postal Reform Critical to U.S. Companies -

Suspect sought in USPS worker assault

USPS to run out of cash in 2012, even without federal payments
Post and Parcel - Also from P&P see USPS records $5.6bn loss, thanks to deferred healthcare payment -

NALC President Rolando Regarding USPS Losses -

Issa: Postal Service’s $5.1 billion loss shows action needed now -

After $5.1 Billion Loss, Postal Service Predicts Weaker 2012
New York Times -

Postal Service will resume FERS retirement contributions next month
GovExec.com -

November 15, 2011
Postal Service Ends Fiscal Year With $5.1 Billion Loss

Also see Washington Post and Federal Times -

Post office near default? Losses mount to $5.1B
Federal News Radio - In the event of a shutdown, private companies such as FedEx and UPS could handle a small portion of the material the post office moves, but they do not go everywhere. -

U.S. Postal Service Said to Weigh Hiring Restructuring Advisers -

Negotiating Early Retirement Incentives
Courier Express and Postal Observer -

7 Reasons the Jury Is Still Out on Flats Sequencing -

Postal Employee Saves Co-Worker's Life - Video -

Binding the Nation Together – as long as it’s profitable…
Let’s be clear. We are talking about a very poor community that needs the USPS as no other community does -

PostCom tells us "The U.S. Department of Justice has ruled that it is not in favor of USPS stopping FERS payments. USPS must pay balance and begin biweekly payment starting early December 2011." -

Another post office closing: It's the same old story, don't you know?
Save the Post Office -

U.S. Postal supervisor admits taking bribes from vehicle-maintenance contractor -

Piles Of Mail Found In State Forest, USPS Investigates
Hartford Courant -

Lagging economy US postal chief's "biggest fear" -

November 14, 2011
Offering eMailboxes to Consumers: An Opportunity for the Postal Service?

OIG Blog -

Donahoe Says Forget Exigent Case; It's CPI
Multichannel Merchant -

Cain backs collective bargaining for public employees
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel -

USPS pension payments could finance early retirements -

1991 post office rampage still painful for workers
The Detroit News - See video -

November 13, 2011
Letter Carrier Defends USPS With Angry Congressman Walsh
- Video -

The Week in Review: Rallies, briefs, complaints, letters, and road trips
Save the Post Office -

Abuse of power: Bypass mail bill could violate US Constitution
Fairbanks Daily News-Miner -

Postal workers talk about impact of careers beyond delivering mail
Williamsport Sun-Gazette -

Ex-postal worker: didn't know about theft charge -

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More Postal News

November 12, 2011
Singing the Post Office Blues

Save the Post Office -

U.S. Postal Service Overhaul, Part 2
C-SPAN Video -

First trial in works in USPS corruption probe -

APWU member's complaint dropped in exchange for audit
Salt Lake Tribune -

November 11, 2011
"No other public or private business in America" except for the U.S. Postal Service must fund 100 percent of employee retirement and retirement health costs in advance -

USPS proposal to leave federal health benefits program questioned
GovExec.com -

Bad News Comes in Threes: How Congress, Industry, and Management Have Made a Mess Out of Things -

Former Hiltons postmaster indicted -

'Occupy Duluth' Marches against Postal Service Cut Plan -

PRC Chair Addresses Key Postal Issues In Q&A
Multichannel Merchant -

White House Office of Management and Budget Responds to Rural Letter Carriers Petition To Save 6 Day Delivery -

Senate Committee Grants NAPUS Requests -

Measure targeting workers comp benefits draws criticism -

USPS Going Ape Over Missing Pallets -

Thousands of veterans would lose jobs if Congress passes postal legislation
Workday Minnesota -

November 10, 2011
APWU: Senate Panel Approves Postal Legislation

APWU says the legislation would provide "Short-Term Relief and Long-Term Damage" -

APWU Says Mandatory Overtime to End Soon for Many -

Senators Look To Slash Benefits For Disabled Civil Servants -

Postal Service Submits Harsh Proposals at Mailhandler Bargaining Table -


USPS Issues Final Decision on Postmaster Pay Package for Fiscal Years 2011-2015 NAPUS -

NALC: A job-killing bill that will dismantle the Postal Service -

Senator Coburn Proposes to Allow Americans to Pay to Not Receive Mail -

Postal Service to customers: We want our stuff back! -

Moving toward the End-Game: A moratorium maybe, a Goldway dissent, a PMG promise
Save The Post Office -

Former Poulsbo post office worker gets seven days in jail for stealing mail

GAO: Federal Employees' Compensation Act: Preliminary Observations on Fraud-Prevention Controls

November 09, 2011
Senate committee approves funding shift for postal buyouts

Federal Times - A Senate panel overwhelmingly approved bipartisan legislation Wednesday that would allow the U.S. Postal Service to tap part of a pension fund surplus to pay for a massive employee buyout program. Also see Senate committee approves bipartisan Postal Service reform bill - Federal News Radio -

Notes from today's Senate hearing on postal reform
Postcom -

Former Senior Executive For U.S. Postal Service Sentenced To Two Years in Prison for Bribery -

New service stops junk mail before it's sent -

PostCom: Senator introduces amendment that would allow states to implement a 'do not mail' option (PDF) -

Senators Udall and Bennet Urge Senate Leadership to Consider Rural Communities in Postal Service Reforms -

Lagging economy U.S. postal chief's "biggest fear" -

Comparing UPS, FedEx, and USPS: Which is Best Now? -

November 08, 2011
Opposition To USPS Pursuing Exigent Rate Case

U.S. Postal Service ready to close New Orleans facility -


Postal Unions Honor Military Veterans and Oppose Destructive Bill in New TV Ad -

Preserving an American Institution
Sen. Susan Collins -

USPS Opens Website To Offer Excess Properties For Sale - Also see Federal Times -

Senate Committee To Vote on 21st Century Postal Service Act -

Criminal Enforcement Actions Against Postal Union Official -

Opinion: Two Sides to Every Postal Legislation Story
Jim Tierney for Multichannel Merchant -

TV commercial to honor NALC's veterans -

The Postal Service, the Economy, and the Federal Budget -

PMG to Announce Plans for Fixing the USPS's Finances at a National Press Club Luncheon on Nov. 21 -

Postal worker allegedly threw mail in Dumpster at church -

Congress didn't do Postal Service any favors -

November 07, 2011
Return to Sender; No, Return to Congress: Reforms for the Failing

OIG Blog: How Far Does Your 44 Cents Go? -

Even when reported accurately, USPS figures are specious
SunHerald -

Creative thinking can keep letter carriers on their rounds
South Bend Tribune reader opinion -

Post Office Closes- Reportedly evacuated due to asbestos -

The mailman and his monsters -

November 06, 2011
Valpak advocates closing more post offices

Save the Post Office -

Will postal workers join the ranks of the unemployed? -

November 05, 2011
Dismantling the Public Realm: Post Offices for Sale

Save the Post Office -

Court: The National Labor Relations Board (PDF) found that USPS committed an unfair labor practice under section 8(a)(1) and (a)(5) by refusing to provide the National Postal Mailhandlers Union, Local 313, with the personal aptitude test scores of twenty-two USPS employees unless the Union first obtained their consent. -

Chemical spill shuts down post office

Package at Ranson post office contained cookies; 'pop' was from light fixture -

Unions don't like parts of the latest postal service rescue plan -

Car fire lands postal worker in jail
WSB Atlanta -

Postal Service Board of Governors to Meet Nov. 15

November 04, 2011
Federal union workers join Occupy protesters

Washington Post -

Postal Service Tells E-Mailing Businesses Paper Can’t Be Hacked -

Hallmark, DST, other KC companies rely heavily on U.S. Postal Service -

USPS far from dead letter, its chief says
Washington Times -

Feds arrest rural Calif. postmaster in theft case
San Jose Mercury News -

by postal commentator Gene Del Polito -

Five questions for Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe
USA Today video -

Observant mail carrier report leads to four theft arrests

From 11/03/2011 Postal Bulletin

November 03, 2011
US Postal Service - Things to do NOW

Written by Guy Nohrenberg - a California carrier. Please post your comments. -

Mail carrier arrested on theft charges in Peachtree City
WGCL Atlanta -

Postal worker who struck Dershowitz sis-in-law with truck charged
New York Post -

Senate Postal Quartet Introduce Postal Legislation

NAPUS Asks Senate Committee to Include a Moratorium on Post Office Closings and Consolidations as Part of S. 1789 -

Important Info in the USPS Optimization FAQs
Postal Affairs Blog -

SENATORS ANNOUNCE BIPARTISAN AGREEMENT TO SAVE POSTAL SERVICE FROM BANKRUPTCY - 21st CENTURY POSTAL SERVICE ACT OF 2011 - Would authorize USPS to offer buyouts to employees to help reduce its workforce. - Also see APWU and NALC  - The Hill -

Clarifying retirement incentives
Courier Express and Postal Observer -

Senate Bill: Indications of the Scale of Early Retirements Expected
Courier Express and Postal Observer -

NALC: It's the end of mail delivery to your door -

Poor Penmanship Spells Job Security for Post Office's Scribble Specialists
Wall Street Journal -

Postal Worker Charged With Animal Cruelty

The first RAOI post office closes, more Village Post Offices open, but where's the hoopla?
Save the Post Office -

Colby, Kansas postmaster under investigation by USPS -

Man sentenced for assaulting postal carrier -

Mine's Bigger Than Yours: Quad and Donnelley Squabble Over Co-Mail

November 02, 2011
Controversy Surrounds Commemoration Of Post Office Shooting Anniversary

CBS Detroit -

USPS revising plan for "Village Post Offices"
CNBC - The financially troubled U.S. Postal Service has determined that its plan to replace money-losing offices with retailers contracted to offer basic services will not work in many rural communities. -

86 Gulfport Postal Workers fear for their jobs -

Postal Service compromise in the works?
Washington Post - A bipartisan group of senators closely tracking the fate of the U.S. Postal Service is set to unveil legislation Wednesday that would overhaul the mail agency’s finances. - Also see Compromise postal bill coming in the Senate (Federal Times) -

Postal Service loses bid for slowdown on rate case appeal
Federal Times -

Ten years after anthrax, how safe is your mail?
Washington Post -

Funding Woes Force Many Changes In USPS Practices
NY1 -

Postal Service estimates millions in savings from proposed Indiana consolidations
Greenfield Daily Reporter -

November 01, 2011
Feds flee costliest health plans

Federal Times -

A new call for a moratorium on closures, and more post offices may close, not on any list
Save the Post Office -

eBay Urges Sellers to Sign Petition for Postal Reform Without Rate Hikes
Auctionbytes -

APWU, USPS Agree on New Position Description: Delivery/Sales Services and Distribution Associate -

PostCom tell us: "Word has it that Sens. Lieberman, Carper, Collins, and Brown will be proposing a bipartisan postal reform bill some time this week" -

Dog Struck By Mail Carrier, Witnesses Say Intentionally


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