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September 2010

September 30, 2010
PRC Denies USPS Exigent Rate Increase

PRC to USPS: The Commission finds that the Postal Service has failed to meet its burden under the law and the Commission is unanimous in denying its request for an exigent rate increase. -


Postmaster General on PRC Denying A Rate Increase -

NALC: GOP hostility kills prefunding legislation, aided and abetted by misguided USPS priorities -

Eight people indicted in Birmingham, AL on mail theft charges - 5 of them postal employees - A federal grand jury
indicted eight people, five postal employees, two employees of postal contract centers, and one man not affiliated with the Postal Service with stealing, delaying or destroying mail. -

Postal Service could survive volume decreases with significant price hikes: study - DM News -

Congress declines to bail out Postal Service
GovExec.com -

Also see Federal Times: No bailout for Postal Service in draft CR -

Postal Service close to going broke
Washington Post -

Sen. Carper Introduces Pension Correction Legislation, Which Includes USPS Wish List and Time Runs Out on Short Term Postal Fix - NAPUS -

OIG Study: Postal Service is financially sustainable down to volumes of 100 billion per year -

Also from OIG: Impact of Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act Price Caps -

The Postal Service Should Default on its Retiree Healthcare Obligation - Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

DEA: Mail workers in Puerto Rico trafficked drugs
Seven U.S. Postal Service workers have been indicted on charges they sent thousands of pounds of marijuana through the mail to Puerto Rico while shipping cocaine and heroin to the U.S. mainland, federal authorities said Wednesday.-

Want to cut wasteful spending? Privatize the postal service - New York Post -

OIG: A Lower Volume Postal Service? -

PRC Decision to Come Tomorrow at 11am
Postal Affairs Blog -

September 29, 2010
What if the Postal Service runs out of money?
Washington Post - Also see Watchdog report on Postal Service (Video)  -

Former Elgin, OK postmaster pleads guilty -

Fake United States Postal Service Emails Distribute Trojan Downloader

Gig Harbor, WA mailman charged with opening letters -

FYI: Full Time U.S. Postal Positions in Houston -

September 28, 2010
Postmaster accused of sex-trafficking denied release on bond -

Let them Eat Cake... The USPS version..
RuralInfo.net -

USPS employee saves two kids after carjacking -

Mail Carrier Says Attacking Dogs Keeping Her From Doing Her Job -

OIG Blog: Making “Sorry We Missed You” a Thing of the Past -

IRS to stop mailing income tax forms -

APWU: Congressman’s Call for Concessions Should Drive Postal Workers to the Polls - PEN Ed. PEN recommends voting your conscience - not what any other person or organization tells or advises you. -

Postal Service executives get extra perks
GovExec.com -

Closing USPS offices could save $894m, states audit -

Bon Air, VA mail carrier found guilty of obstruction of mail -

Postal Service sees $1.6B August net loss
DM News -

September 27, 2010
Don’t Blame ‘Overpaid Postal Workers' for Rising Periodicals Costs - Dead Tree Edition -

Senator Collins Requested IG Audit That Finds Postal Service has More than $800 Million in Unnecessary Costs -

Also see: Audit: Ex-Postal Service workers return as private contractors, make more money - Washington Post and Ex-postal executives return for high-pay contracts - Washington Times -

So you want a union? Well, let me tell you ... -

Scripted or Encrypted
by R. Williams, Jr - postal employee -

September 26, 2010
A Closer Look at Bernstock and The Deals USPS Allowed to Take Place (PDF) -

Post office accused of making special deal for political fliers -

USPS Notifies NRLCA: All Rural Carriers Entitled to Remedy Ordered by Arbitrator Bloch in DPS Review II Have Been Paid -

Video: LA mail carrier throws mail in a ditch! -

September 25, 2010
Carper legislation includes a number of provisions that the NALC cannot support -

Burrus Letter to Washington Times: Don't politicize the Postal Service -

Arrested Nevada postmaster Dennis Henry files motion to set bond - The US Attorney also states "the defendant has (also) been stalking, threatening, and sexually harassing another female he worked with in his position as Post Master General." The unidentified female has filed an EOC complaint with the appropriate federal agency on more than one occasion. -

Dozens of ex-postal officials got generous no-bid deals, report says - Washington Post
Dozens of former top executives and hundreds of former employees have returned to the agency in recent years as private contractors, sometimes making double the salaries they made as full-time workers, according to a new watchdog report. -

Also see: Federal Times: IG report: Noncompetitive contracts, exec perks at USPS -

OPM to PRC Chairman - OPM does not have the authority to reallocate CSRS funding (PDF) -

No deal yet on USPS retiree health payment
Federal Times -

USPS Preliminary Financial Information - August 2010 -

September 24, 2010
Senator Carper's Bill: D.O.A
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

Also see: Carper bill allows USPS to recoup billions | Postal reform bill introduced in Senate -

Postal Service fine without taxpayers
NALC Rolando via Washington Times -

The Postal Service simply must downsize
Charleston Daily -

Carper plan would help stabilize US Postal Service
Delaware Online -

OIG Report Says USPS Can Consolidate Much More (PDF) - "...adapting best practices from other organizations could assist the Postal Service with identifying new ideas and processes. For example, in January 2010, United Parcel Service announced it would reduce its U.S. regions from five to three and its districts from 46 to 20, eliminating 1,800 management and administrative jobs. -

Congressman Gohmert letter blasts USPS for study on Lufkin processing plant -

Which Way will PRC Rule in Exigent Postal Rate Case? -

Shreveport, LA man wanted for allegedly shooting Postal Worker turns himself in -

NH postal workers, pooling for 15 years, win big -

September 23, 2010
Sen. Carper Introduces Comprehensive Postal Service Act - Read Carper Bill (PDF) - This Act may be cited as the ‘‘Postal Operations Sustainment and Transformation Act of 2010’’ or the ‘‘POST Act of 2010’’. PEN Ed Note: Regarding arbitration and labor disputes make certain to read line (3)(B)...In rendering a decision under this paragraph, the arbitration board shall consider such relevant factors as ‘‘(i) the financial condition of the Postal Service;... -

Also see: Postmaster General Hails Carper Legislation -

Postal Service reform bill to be unveiled
Washington Post - Sen. Thomas R. Carper (D-Del.), a longtime supporter of postal leadership, on Thursday will unveil a postal reform bill designed to give the Postal Service more flexibility on major operational and financial decisions without congressional approval. Also see: Postal Service reform bill set for release -

Rate hikes won't help Postal Service
SEN. SUSAN COLLINS tells Politico "So what is the Postal Service now using as justification for the proposed increases? It is citing the “continued movement toward electronic alternatives” and a weak economy — neither unexpected nor extraordinary reasons." -

Ensuring America Is Provided the Postal Service to Which It is Entitled - NAPUS -

Ohio Postal Clerk Charged With Theft of Mail -

THE PEOPLE SPEAK: Military a harder job than postal service -  Opinion in response to Writer ignorant of US Postal Service : MuskogeePhoenix.com -

Federal pay called into question -- again
GovExec.com -

GOP's Pledge to America - CNN Politics
Read The Pledge Draft Here -

GAO: OSHA failing to protect whistleblowers -

September 22, 2010
USPS Out Of Regular Mail, Only Fancy Mail Left -

Struggling Postal Service Seeks Wage Concessions -

Oregon, Washington Secretaries Of State Oppose Cuts To Saturday Mail Delivery -

Busting myths about the U.S. Postal Service -

The NALC responds to recent media attacks -

Ex-postmaster pleads guilty to stealing -


Do-nothing Democrats
Washington Post Op-Ed
"We always name post offices," Hoyer replied with irritation. "It's a worthwhile endeavor to do that, and people really do appreciate it, particularly when it's their name and their community." -

September 21, 2010
What Conservatives Think of Postal Workers
Watch video on YouTube -

American Reporter -

APWU to Participate In National Rally for Jobs, Change -

Anyone for three-day-a-week mail service?
Federal Times -

Also see OIG Blog: 5-Day Delivery? What About 3-Day? -

The Post Office wants your money to protect its monopoly - By Rep. Darrell Issa - The Washington Times -

Apple Valley, CA postal worker sexually batters woman
A postal carrier was arrested Monday after he allegedly sexually battered a woman while delivering a package to her home. -

Northeast Philly carrier charged with hoarding mail
A former postal worker from Northeast Philadelphia, accused of stashing thousands of pieces of mail in his garage, was charged Monday with willfully obstructing the mail, authorities said. David Blauser, 42, worked for the U.S. Postal Service for 14 years. He disappeared without warning April 23, leaving behind his wife, his sons, and his job carrying letters in Bustleton. -

Honey, They Shrunk Our FSA!
Federal News Radio -

Cape Girardeau postal workers picket to save Saturday delivery -

September 20, 2010
Could FedEx be Beating USPS and UPS in Expanding the use of its Retail Network?
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

APWU: It’s Your Union – VOTE! -

Also see: Contract Negotiations Underway -

Fight Against e-CBM Violations Continues
Electronic condition based maintenance (E-CBM) is the latest incarnation of the Postal Service’s preventive maintenance program, and, unfortunately, contractual violations continue. -

THE STORY BEHIND POSTAL SERVICE’S UNOFFICIAL MOTTO - Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds. -

The Real Forever Stamp
Ronald Williams, Jr.

Uncle Sam's Spare Tire
Federal News Radio -

September 19, 2010
Confessions of a Former Postal Station Manager -

The Fight to Keep 6-Day Mail Delivery -

Step 4 (rural carriers) settlement on Delivery Unit Relocation “DUR” -

Silverdale Post Office Truck Driver Tied Up, Robbed; Three Suspects Sought -

Marlborough mailman risks life on the job -

Opinion: This postal road leads to nowhere -

Opinion: No need to cut postal delivery to five days -

September 18, 2010
NAPUS Attorney Tells Postmasters To Be Careful With Facebook -

Postal Service considers 'Critical Mail' product
DM News -

Just 19 Days to Stop Postal Rate Hikes
Affordable Mail Alliance -

OIG: The Effects of the Flats Sequencing System on Delivery Operations – Columbus District (PDF) - The five Columbus District delivery units1 reviewed improved delivery operations during FSS full production. These units cut operating costs by $546,252 and reduced city carrier office hours, manual distribution clerk workhours, and city carrier routes. -

September 17, 2010
USPS sued for more than $1 million after truck hits vehicle -

Postal Service challenges OSHA citations at Portsmouth facility -

TN postal worker accused of stealing gift cards, medicine from mail -

Office of Management and Budget director nominee Jack Lew listened noncommittally to a plea from Sen. Susan Collins to explore the question of whether the U.S. Postal Service has overpaid into the Civil Service Retirement System on behalf of employees who also worked for the old Post Office Department, abolished in 1971. A study released in June by the Postal Regulatory Commission estimated the size of the overpayment at $50 billion to $55 billion. -

FEHBP Premiums, Co-Pays Going Up
Federal News Radio -

FedEx Earnings - Implications for the USPS
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

September 16, 2010
Senator Lisa Murkowski Says No To 5-Day Delivery

Also Listen: PRC September 16, 2010 Hearing - Murkowski Audiocast (MP3) -

Post office manager gets probation for robbery claim -

Man who issued post office bomb threat wants to defend himself in court -

Postmaster General Addresses Need for Fundamental Change - “The Postal Service must have the ability to manage its business, and to adapt quickly to the needs of our customers and the marketplace,” said Potter. “And our business model must change to reflect the reality of a volatile economy and a communications marketplace that has been undergoing a transformation as profound as anything that has ever come before.” -

Hours, pay may change for local letter carriers, postal workers -

Ex-Postal Employee Sentenced to 18 Months in Prison -

Oshkosh Postal Workers Get Unanimous Support of City Leaders -

Keep a closer eye on the Post Office -

September 15, 2010
Hatch Act Applies To All Postal Employees Including Telecommuters -

Still Debating Saturday Mail Delivery
ZD Net -

White House sends spending wish list to Congress
AP - Washington - The Obama administration is pushing a pre-election shopping list on its Democratic allies in Congress as they prepare must-pass legislation to prevent a government shutdown next month. ...including $5.7 billion to prevent shortfalls in the popular Pell Grant program and $5.5 billion the cash-strapped Postal Service. -

Postal worker hit by police cruiser in Pr. George's dies
Washington Post -

Oak Park cops call community meeting on murder of postal employee found dead in his garage -

USPS Contracts for GPS Device for Contract Carriers -

USPS shipping 55% off at Office Depot today only

September 14, 2010
PRC Upholds Linkage in First-Class Mail Discounts (PDF) -

Critical Mail - New USPS Product - PostCom tells us "The postal service developed a new product. It is called “Critical Mail”. It is less than the cost of Priority Mail but has all the attributes. Full Delivery Confirmation Tracking and 2-3 delivery. It is in test phase with full ramp up in January of 2011. -

Edina Postal Worker Says She Had Habit of Stealing Mail -

Magazine Readership Off Sharply Among Affluent -

Postal Service overpaid $6.8B to FERS pension fund
NALC Bulletin -

Cops: Man flashed Greensboro post office workers -

OIG Audit: Interim Status - Management of Delivery Point Sequencing Increases - City Delivery - The OIG invites you to post your comments regarding DPS. -

Also see: OIG Audit Projects You Can Comment On and Contribute To

Former TX Postal Employee Charged With Theft of Mail Matter -

September 13, 2010
Postal Service Begins Rural Letter Carrier Contract Negotiations -

Also see:
Postal Service starts negotiations with rural letter carriers and Facing Greatest Mail Volume Drop in History, Postal Service Begins Contract Negotiations with Rural Letter Carriers -

Postal Pundit Says Postal Unions Will Certainly Blast USPS Efforts To Reduce Labor Costs -

OIG: Congress Faces a Decision -

No Saturday mail delivery is a bad idea
Longmont Times-Call -

Alabama postal worker gets 5 years probation for dumping 371 pieces of mail -

Free USPS Carrier Pickup Now Available At 99.97 Percent of Delivery Addresses -

The Washington Post says on the Congressional to-do list there are "Two things to watch -- and neither involves ending Saturday mail delivery or closing post offices -- two no-go options in an election year. -

NY Postal Employee Charged With Workers Comp Fraud -

Increased competition in International Parcels
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

Got weird mail? Tell the Postal Service -

September 12, 2010
U.S. District Court Upholds Post Office Ban on Petitioning on Interior Postal Sidewalks -

Many hold onto a dying art - letter writing -

September 11, 2010
Days of Terror - A 9/11 Photo Gallery

MO Postmaster Dennis Henry suspended without pay in wake of indictment - The U.S. Postal Service told reporters from KOAM-TV Friday that Dennis Henry, postmaster in Nevada, MO, has been suspended indefinitely without pay in the wake of the news of his indictment, along with four other Missouri men, in connection with a commercial sex trafficking conspiracy case. -

The Nat. League of Postmasters tells us... "Draft legislative provisions are floating around the Senate that 1) eliminate the prohibition against closing, for financial reasons only, small rural post offices and 2) gut the statutory Post Office Closing Provisions that are designed to protect rural communities. -

Case against postal employee moves to higher court -

Postal Service consolidation uproots workers
GovExec.com -

APWU Ballots to be Mailed in Election of Union Officers -

Pushing the Envelope – with Envelopes – in a Digital World -

The National Association of Postmasters (NAPUS) has a newly redesigned website. Work is still in progress.

Must Reads for Managers: Federal Union Steward Guides - FedSmith - You may also want to check out Workforce morale can be sapped by unskilled managers at Fed Computer Week -

In addition to 28,000 postal employees owing back taxes 41 Obama White House aides owe the IRS $831,000 in back taxes -- and they're not alone -

Federal Times Postal News Digest -

September 10, 2010
Former postal employee jailed for workers' comp fraud -

Missouri postmaster and 4 other men accused of torturing, sexually abusing mentally disabled woman - Five Missouri men are accused of taking part in the sexual torture of a young woman allegedly kept as a sex slave by one of the men and forced to work as a stripper, prosecutors announced Thursday. The U.S. attorney's office said Dennis Henry, one of the 5 men accused, is the postmaster general in Nevada, Mo., city of about 8,400 people near the Kansas border. -

BMC in Kansas City Comes Under OSHA Scrutiny
OSHA has had its eye on the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) in recent months—most recently on the Bulk Mail Center in Kansas City, Kansas. The facility was cited for numerous serious and repeat violations carrying $191,000 in proposed penalties. -

Postal Service Charts Course for Sustainable Future -

Postal carrier killed in his garage
Chicago Daily Herald - Also see Mail carrier killed in garage of his Oak Park home -

GovExec says "According to IRS data, nearly 28,000 Postal Service workers owe more than $283 million in back taxes" -

Baton Rouge postal worker shot while delivering mail -

Former postal worker: I'm going to Disneyland, jail  -

TX Postal Employee Indicted -

September 09, 2010
USPS says "USPS has invested in technology to broaden employees’ access to HR and realized a savings of more than $150 million each year." -

OIG: Austin P&DC was not always properly color-coding or reporting delayed mail - PEN Ed: I believe this practice could be found most P&DC's and stations across the nation...maybe not all, but a large majority. -

Rasmussen poll says "75% Say Congress Should Cut Its Own Pay" Until Budget is Balanced and 54% believe that most federal workers are overpaid. -

A Decade of Postal Mismanagement Is Costing Publishers and Catalogs - Dead Tree Edition -

Benefits, Retirement on the Chopping Block?
Federal News Radio -

Audit of Priority Mail's ads: Doesn't 'fit'
Washington Times - U.S.P.S. ad costs may have been misreported -

U. S. Postal Inspection Service Reports Six Carrier Uniforms Stolen in Rock Hill, SC -

Unions want more - from taxpayers
Washington Times -

Mailbox access restricted to postage paid U.S. Mail -

September 08, 2010
Denounces USPS Attempts to 'Work the Refs'
American Postal Workers Union President William Burrus has denounced efforts by the Postal Service to influence the outcome of contract negotiations by issuing demands in public forums. -

Affordable Mail Alliance -

Man accused of exposing himself to postal workers, sheriff’s deputy -

The PRC will meet in CLOSED session at 10 a.m. on Thursday, September 9, 2010 to consider Deliberations and Decision in Docket R2010-4, (USPS) Rate Adjustment due to Extraordinary or Exceptional Circumstances. -

Hey, Postal Service: "What's the Big Deal?"
Affordable Mail Alliance - Underscoring the recklessness of the massive rate increase proposed by the United States Postal Service on July 6, American Postal Workers Union President William Burrus made clear on Friday that his Union does not believe the Service is currently in an unprecedented financial position. -

USPS and APWU await arbitration ruling in move to close distribution center in Logan Township -

Social Security, What's In It For Feds???
Federal News Radio - Federal and postal workers, and retirees, have a dog in this fight. -

OIG: Audit Projects You Can Contribute To
OIG is asking for your input on select audits - yes, your input. -

Postal Service Plans More Life for Vehicles -

Wednesday at Office Depot: Half Off USPS Shipping! -

September 07, 2010
GameFly takes a shot at Netflix via PRC
In response to comments submitted by NetFlix to the PRC last week GameFly says "Because the Postal Service refuses to offer comparable terms to GameFly (or any other DVD rental company), GameFly must pay $1.22 extra in postage per DVD round trip to similarly avoid automated letter processing. No amount of blame-the-victim rhetoric can change these facts. GameFly also said "The week before Labor Day is traditionally a time to indulge in a last bit of summer frivolity before returning to school or work in earnest. That is the only plausible explanation for the “Comments” filed by Netflix on August 30." -

Closing Post Offices or Cutting Hours
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

Morris Wilkinson, a 91-year-old Birmingham, AL letter carrier -

The Postal Service has a strong case for union concessions - Washington Post -

Letter carriers deliver their message -

Postal Service seeks bids for contract agents in AZ -

Not properly vetted?
Postal employee Shawn Carter won the election, but the Hatch Act won the battle. -

September 06, 2010
OIG Blog: Pay for Performance
The Postal Service adopted an annual PFP program in 2003. PFP is the only source of annual pay adjustments for Postal Service non-bargaining employees. -

The OSHA Fines: A Canary in the Coal Mine
...recent actions by OSHA indicate that the financial challenges (for USPS) are beginning to impact the ability of the Postal Service to safely operate its facilities. OSHA has found sufficient common violations exist that it issued a complaint to the Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission to order USPS to correct electrical violations at 350 facilities. -

Workers' fight still right
Opinion by BRUCE CLARK Dubuque Local, American Postal Workers -

The Facts About Postal Rate Increases
The Affordable Mail Alliance (AMA) posted a section at their site listing some USPS rate and cost topics. One of these is:
"USPS is adequately addressing its workforce issues."
AMA's answer..."Not true. In 2009, USPS volume went down 13%, but labor costs only went down 1% and worker productivity also fell. That shortfall is now being borne by Postal Service customers." PEN Ed: What do you think? -

The Perpetual Post Office
PEN Ed: another so-called pundit without a clue. -

Bad Mystery Shopper Reports – What Is an Employer to Do? -

NRLCA files National Level Grievance on the National Reassessment Process (NRP) -

Contract Delivery Route Offers from USPS
FedBizOpps.gov -

September 05, 2010
Heat May Affect Your Mail Order Meds -

Netflix tells PRC that if GameFly gets its way "Such a decision would likely result in reduced DVD shipment growth from Netflix as well as accelerate the ultimate decline of DVD shipments as Netflix would shift more resource to the digital delivery of content." PRC PDF - This story also reported here Gamefly Files Motion To Postpone; Netflix Files Interesting Comment on Gamefly Intent  -

September 04, 2010
Florida postal workers not amused by "poop" cake their manager baked them -

OSHA Fines USPS For Safety Violations in Binghamton, NY - The most recent violations bring the Postal Service’s total OSHA fines to nearly $4.7 million. -

PRC Audit Report – Advertising Cost Reporting (PDF)
Conclusion - The Postal Service did not accurately report advertising costs to the PRC. -

OIG Management Advisory – Electronic Postmark Program License Fees -

September 03, 2010
Three Goofs: How USPS Undercut Its Case for Exigent Rate Increases - Dead Tree Edition -

Don't Allow the USPS to Continue Costly Business Practices -

Whether or not the Postal Service improves its efficiency, the proposed rate increase is simply not “necessary” under section 3622(d)(1)(E). Even the worst-case scenario offered by the Postal Service does not project that it will stop meeting payroll or delivering the mail before September 30, 2011. -

What Postal Workers Want: 'More'
GovExec.com - Here's what Burrus told GovExec's Emily Long about what his union is seeking in the negotiations: "More -- more control over activities at work, more money, better benefits -- we want more. We will try to fashion our proposals to reflect the entitlement to more." -

The New Face of the Union Movement: Government Employees - Heritage Foundation -

Unions and the U.S. Postal Service
National Review Online -

September 02, 2010
NALC Responds to PRC Comments Submitted by Sen. Collins and the Affordable Mail Alliance (PDF)
NALC takes no position on whether the Commission should grant USPS the rate increases it seeks. Our point is simply that the AMA and Senator Collins ignore the intent of Congress when they argue that the worst economic downturn in the postwar era, and the worst falloff in mail volume ever, cannot qualify as exigent circumstances under the PAEA. -

To All Postal Employees: It’s Time to Start Sending Time Thieves to Jail and Get the Unions Off their Butts -

Pitney Bowes spent $210000 in 2Q on lobbying
Mail processing company Pitney Bowes Inc. spent $210,000 in the second quarter to lobby the federal government on reforming the funding of health benefits for postal service retirees and other issues -

Coldspring, TX contract postal worker indicted for mail theft -

Postal Service Labor Negotiations: Heading Towards Arbitration - Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

Postal Service seeks key concessions as contract talks open with largest union -

APWU: OSHA Fines USPS For Safety Violations at Cincinnati BMC -

CA Postman Convicted of Stealing Mail -

Opinion: Myths about U.S. Postal Service need to be dispelled -

USPS not looking to move work from Bristol to Bluefield -

Saginaw postal workers picket five day delivery idea - Also see Saginaw postal official says moving work could eliminate 200 regional jobs -

September 01, 2010
US Postal Service Seeks to Pare Full-Time Workforce in Talks With Union
- Bloomberg - “Labor cost is a big piece of our success or not success because it affects prices,” Anthony Vegliante, the service’s chief human resources officer, told reporters in Washington, without discussing bargaining strategies. “We have to look forward and adjust things.” - Also see APWU Contract Negotiations Begin Today and Negotiations start for Postal Service and top unions -

Man Shot and Killed By Police During Baldwin, PA Standoff Was a Postal Employee -

TN postal employee resigns from County Commission After Reading Federal Hatch Act - Blount County Commissioner Shawn Carter Sr. has resigned after less than two hours in office. -

Marketing Mail in a Competitive Market
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -


“Exigent” postal rate increase would not extend mail delivery by a single day - Nat. Newspaper Assoc. -

Former postal worker confesses to stealing thousands of dollars worth of stamps -

Post Office seeks Phoenix retailers -

Full Service vs Basic Intelligent Mail
Postal Affairs Blog -

Cutting Saturdays would be a 'blunder'

Mail Carriers Deliver Despite Hot Temperatures
It may be hot, but mail carriers say they'd rather beat the heat than dodge the cold. -

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September 15, 2010
- Dependent Children Join FEHBP
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September 14, 2010
- NC Post Office Closing, Residents Upset
- FSS Deployment Information - Updated Aug 2010
- Chicks Die After Post Office Delivery

September 13, 2010
- Other View: Postal Service deal promising
- THE PEOPLE SPEAK — Writer ignorant of U.S. Postal Service

September 12, 2010
- Strategic Alliance: The United States Postal Service and Commercial Mailers

September 11, 2010
- PostCom: Listen to this week's review of postal news
- PostalOne! Unscheduled Hardware Maintenance - Postal Affairs Blog
- Royal Mail Going Private -
- Efficiency-study underway at post offices in Utah

September 10, 2010
- Whippany postal distribution center will stop handling mail later this month
- Congressman John Hall and Postal officials visit Bellvale Post Office
- YouTube: NALC President Fred Rolando at the MDA Telethon Sept. 6, 2010

September 09, 2010
- GameFly Decries Netflix’s Sideline Acrimony

September 08, 2010
- USPS delivers 5 pounds of pot to woman's home, lawmen arrest her
- Calling All Seniors – You’ve Got Mail!
- Postal worker suicide in Britain reveals human cost of closures

September 07, 2010
- Understanding discontinued service retirement

September 06, 2010
- Postage stamp may increase two cents
- Check Your TSP: Worst August for Stocks Since 2001
- Postal Service apologizes for 'poopy' cake

September 05, 2010
- U.S. Postal Service studying carrier changes across Waco, nation

September 04, 2010
- Former postal carrier found guilty of mail theft
- Some Interesting Facts About The United States Postal Service

September 03, 2010
- Postal service faces $8,000 in OSHA fines
- International Paper Co. spent $870,000 to lobby the federal government in the second quarter on funding for the postal service, forest sustainability and other issues
- Car crashes into Walnut Creek, CA Post Office
- APWU-USPS 2010 Contract Negotiations Opening Session, Sept. 1, 2010 - video
- Driver crashes into postal truck, flees
- Postal Service employee Susan Beliveau in critical condition day after Springfield Bradley Road crash

September 02, 2010
- Postmaster Admits To Stealing Stamps
- Bedbugs put stop on mail delivery
- KY mail carrier on probation after pleading guilty to not delivering mail

September 01, 2010
- APWU: Labor Day 2010
- 2 Young Men Rob Mail Carrier
- Storm prompts early delivery of Social Security checks
- VIDEO: Oshkosh Postal workers picket to protest consolidation




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