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Pay Administration Information for Postal Employees

Bargaining Unit Employees - Rate Schedule Codes
Effective as of November 29, 2003
Source: USPS ELM - See Postal Bulletin for Updates

Schedule Code
Salary Schedule Salary
Range ELM
Mail Equipment Shops/Material Distribution Center MESC-1
G Postal Nurses PNS Grade 1 422.5
K Operating Services Division OSD Grades 1-9 422.7
M Mail Handlers MH Grades 4-6 422.3
N Information Technology/Accounting Service Centers IT/ASC Grades
Postal Service PS-1
Q City Carriers CC Grades 1-2 422.2
blank Rural Carrier blank blank 422.4
R Evaluated RC Hours
R Mileage RCS Miles 6-140 blank
R Substitute Rural Carrier RSCR 6-Day: Hours
5˝-Day: Hours
5-Day: Hours
B Rural Auxiliary RAUX Grade 5 422.4
B Rural Carrier Associate RCA blank blank
B Rural Carrier Relief RCR blank blank
T Tool and Die Shop TDS Grades 4-11 422.9
Y Postal Police Officers PPO Grade 6 422.8

Bargaining Unit Employee Classifications
Bargaining unit employees are categorized as follows:

a. Full-time employees - career annual rate employees who are assigned to work schedules of five 8-hour days in a service week.

b. Part-time employees - employees categorized as one of the following:

(1) Part-time regular employees - career hourly rate employees who are assigned to work regular schedules of less than 40 hours in a service week.

(2) Part-time flexible employees - career hourly rate employees who are available to work flexible hours as assigned by the Postal Service™ during the course of a service week.

c. Rural carriers - employees categorized as one of the following (although only regular rural carriers and rural carrier associates may be added to the rolls):

(1) Regular rural carriers - career annual rate employees assigned to established rural routes on the basis of triweekly, 5, 5 1/2, or 6 days in a service week.

(2) Rural carrier associates (RCAs) (hired on or after 04/11/87); rural carrier reliefs (hired between 7/21/81 and 11/12/86); or substitute rural carriers (hired prior to 7/21/81) - noncareer employees with an indefinite appointment are assigned as leave replacements on one to three established rural routes during the absence of the regular rural carriers. RCAs or substitute rural carriers also may be temporarily assigned (a) to vacant rural routes pending the selection of regular rural carriers, (b) to routes for which the regular carrier is on extended leave, (c) to auxiliary routes as auxiliary rural carriers, or (d) as auxiliary assistants.

(3) Auxiliary rural carriers (hired prior to 1981) - employees who serve auxiliary rural routes (those not designated as regular rural routes). Normally, such positions are filled by the temporary assignment of substitute rural carriers or rural carrier associates, or by rural carrier relief employees. However, if these are not available, qualified noncareer hourly rate employees may be appointed for a limited term.

Pay for Performance - PFP
Non-Bargaining Employees - EAS Pay Status

ELM 416
Pay for Performance Program

416.1 Policy
EAS employees are eligible for an annual pay for performance (PFP) salary increase and/or lump sum payment based on a fiscal year performance evaluation. These evaluations are conducted in accordance with established performance appraisal instructions. PFP adjustments are made in accordance with guidelines issued annually.

416.2 Eligibility Requirements

416.21 General
To be eligible for a PFP adjustment, an employee must have an appointment that is not time-limited and receive a performance rating warranting an adjustment as provided in the applicable PFP guidelines.

416.22 Management Association Officials
Employees who are placed on leave without pay (LWOP) to devote full-time service as elected national officers of a recognized management association are eligible to have their salary of record adjusted to reflect annual PFP increases as if they were continuing in a pay status. The effective date of an employee's adjustment is the same as it would be if the employee were in a pay status. The amount of such an adjustment is determined as follows:

a. The percentage increase is equal to the National Performance Assessment score (national rating).

b. The adjusted salary may not exceed the maximum of the range for the employee's grade.

c. The employee is not eligible for a PFP lump sum.

More Information

See the USPS ELM

Note: All information correct when posted. Please see the USPS ELM and Postal Bulletin for possible updates.


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