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March 31, 2009
- Judge: Unions’ Privacy Lawsuit May Proceed -
- Post office woes
- VER Extended for Rural Carriers

March 30, 2009
- APWU: Bill to Limit Postal Subcontracting Introduced in House -
- APWU Urges Locals with DBCS Machines to File OSHA Complaints -  Click Here for Letter -
- OIG: Southwest Area Cost USPS $9 Million by Using FedEx -
- PRC Chairman Dan Blair On The Fiscal Stability of U.S. Postal Service - Video
- PMG Speaks to NAPS at annual LTS
- National League of Postmasters President Charley Mapa's summary of the Testimony before the Subcommittee on Federal Workforce, Postal Service & the District of Columbia
- NALC TE Questions and Answers (PDF) -
- The shrinking post office

March 29, 2009
- March Madness on Capitol Hill – Postal Style -

March 28, 2009
- NAPS Urges USPS to Cut Top Management Ranks -

- Question At AZCentral.com
I am a mail carrier with the U.S. Postal Service. We are harassed on a daily basis to "pick up the pace." While we are being prodded to "save the company," our six top dogs in Washington have given themselves huge bonuses during a year in which the Postal Service lost $2.8 billion....What do you think of that? -

March 27, 2009
- APWU: USPS Releases VERA Info, Fails to Notify Union
Also see: Postal Service’s Economic Crisis Requires Swift Congressional Action -


March 26, 2009
- Potter Says Reducing Delivery To Five Days Could Save USPS $3.5 Billion Annually  -

- USPS - The Biggest Loser? -

- Postmaster defends compensation, wants help on deficits | Also see: Should Potter get a bonus? | Video: Postmaster General Dodges CNN Reporter’s Question On Relocation Costs  -

March 25, 2009
- GAO Study: U.S. Postal Service: Escalating Financial Problems Require Major Cost Reductions to Limit Losses
View: Highlights Page - Full Report -

- Read Testimony from Today's Postal Oversight Hearing - Watch postal oversight hearing on video (Well, it seems HQ had this video removed - imagine that) -

- Call for Help: Postal chief says agency crashing -
- U.S. Postal Service Details Economic Viability Strategy
- USPS National VER Offering - Early Out Information -

March 24, 2009
- Will Proposed S.F. Anti-Junk Mail Measure Be Death Knell of Post Office? Environmental Group Says USPS Is Already Dead. -

March 23, 2009
- NALC: Early retirement offer will cover city carriers
See The Postal Record report on last year’s VER here, and the initial USPS announcement here. -

- Potter to face Congress over compensation Wednesday -

- USPS Annual Tables, FY 2008
On March 16, 2009 USPS submitted to the PRC their report Total Factor Productivity, USPS Annual Tables, FY 2008 (this is an Excel document). This report will show you everything you want to know about what USPS spent on what in 2008. A couple of the items listed are: Relocation Costs: 13.3 million - Transportation of Household Effects: 11.2 million - Travel: 216.3 million - Miscellaneous Judgments: 80.6 million. -

March 22, 2009
Would you like to know how much your station manager, supervisor, postmaster, co-worker, etc earns per year and the their hire date? Well, look no further - your search ends here. -
- Alternate-day mail is the way to go -
Now that the Postal Service is experiencing financial difficulties, which of the following would you most like to see done? Poll results: Cut back on services: 57% - Provide government funding: 27% - Raise stamp prices significantly: 14% - No opinion: 3% -
- Federal Times: Postal Service Cuts More Than 1400 Jobs -
Also see:
APWU: USPS Announces New VER, Management Reductions
More from Federal Times
- Postmaster General Earns His Compensation -

March 21, 2009
USPS: 6 Districts to Close - Abolish 1400 Supervisor and Management Jobs at 400 Facilities - Offering VER to 150,000 Employees and much more - click here -

March 20, 2009
- APWU: Dispute Filed Over USPS Failure to Create Bargaining Unit Jobs at Greensboro HRSSC - Read Dispute
- USPS Seeks Contractor to take over Change of Addresses
- Supervisor Busted For Stealing $1K of Gas From USPS Trucks -
- Pay Protection for Federal and Postal Employees
- Flying through his route -
- APWU: Disputes Over Contract Postal Units Filed, Appealed to Arbitration | Click here for a copy of the dispute, the appeal and the parties' 15-Day Statements.

More Postal News
March 19, 2009
- Is The Postmaster General Overpaid? -
NALC's Young Responds to Wall Street Journal Article -
- New Threats to Postal Service
- Restoring the Financial Stability of the USPS: What Needs to be Done? -

March 18, 2009
- Mail carrier finished rounds after saving life
- Veteran Wins MSPB Case - Court Orders USPS to Reconstruct the Selection Process for the Sales Specialist Position Offered -

March 17, 2009
- NAPUS Action Guide for preventing the closing or consolidation of your post office
- PRC Goldway Compares USPS Woes to Banking Industry
- USPS Demotes Station Manager to Customer Service Mgr - Court Upholds Demotion
- Early outs, again? -

March 16, 2009
- Big Announcement Thursday? -

March 15, 2009
- Post office keeps its workers coming back -

March 14, 2009
- Online mail deletes paper but delivers new set of security concerns
- New Vehicle Could Deliver Savings To Postal Service -

March 13, 2009
- USPS Abandons Plan to Outsource; Management to Revamp BMC Network - APWU -
- NALC: What The #@&% Happened? -

March 12, 2009
- The USPS Still Matters
- Fat paycheck for PMG Potter

March 11, 2009
- Mailers Council Defends PMG Potters Pay  -
- Employee Opinion: Postal officials misinforming public -

March 10, 2009
- Refinancing USPS Retiree Health Benefits -
  See H.R. 22 Cosponsors -

- NALC : Brookfield Uniforms pledges to support Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) - Brookfield Letter - EFCA Fact Sheet

March 9, 2009
- Post Office Betrays Tenderloin; Buys Mansions from Executives -
- U.S. Postal Service changing to remain viable
- Alarming cost of false alarms, anthrax hoaxes

March 8, 2009
- Homicide at Clayton, CA Post Office investigated -
- Postmaster Says Postal Service must change -

March 7, 2009
- Watch Video Regarding Mansion USPS Bought -
Here' another video - same topic

- Colorado postal carrier faces federal investigation
Carrier Jason Muchow, Loveland, CO, has been accused of killing his former girlfriend’s cat (he allegedly strangled the cat to death) - he is also the subject of a federal investigation in connection with his job as a mail carrier for the U.S. Postal Service. -

March 6, 2009
- Postal Service draws criticism for $1.2 million home buy
At a time when the U.S. Postal Service says it is experiencing a financial crisis, it purchased a $1.2 million home from an employee so he could relocate, a CNN investigation has found. PEN Ed: what else is USPS trying to hide? More on USPS Buying Mansion -

- NALC: Budget won't raise carriers' benefit contributions - Also see Nat. League of Postmasters

March 5, 2009
- USPS Monday Morning Meeting - Read This! -
- More: Obama Budget Would Cut Postal Worker Benefits For $9.4 Billion Savings -
- NALC Pres. Young's Response to Obama Proposals To Cut Postal Employee Benefits -

March 4, 2009
- Postal Commentator Gene Del Polito says "There are many, many important things to which we need our Congress to attend. Scrutinizing the compensation provided to the chief executive officer of the nation's Postal Service isn't one of them." -

- Obama Blueprint Proposes Postal Employee Benefit Cuts -

March 3, 2009
- How is the Postal Service Doing? Check your mailbox -
- Privately owned Tucson post office has top U.S. sales -
- Postal Service says it will not build massive mail-processing center, for now

March 2, 2009
- Postal Service employee admits to stealing from agency
- Most readers wouldn't mind losing 1 mail day -
- Bogus Publishers Clearing House ads target the elderly

March 1, 2009
- Postal Service, museum in dispute over photos -
- Consolidation of NY Mail Processing Centers -

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