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March 2010

March 31, 2010
Postal or Federal Employee Pay and Benefits - Just Who Is Paid The Most? -

Ruth Goldway, Chairman PRC -

Netflix could be hurt by Postal Service financial struggles -

In announcing Saturday service cuts, Postal Service turns to e-mail -

End of Saturday mail service is only the beginning
Washington Post -


Patrick Donahoe, USPS COO: Delivering Morale Amid USPS Cuts -

PRC Invites Public Comment Regarding USPS Proposal to Eliminate Saturday Delivery - PEN Ed: This is YOUR chance to voice your opinion. -

The De-Automation of Periodicals Mail
Dead Tree Edition -

EDITORIAL: Cancel the post office
Washington Times
Bumbling agency will lose a quarter-trillion by decade's end -

Lawyer says dad (a letter carrier) remorseful after son's slaying -

March 30, 2010
Postal Service Files 5-Day Delivery Plan With PRC - Also see Ensuring a Viable Postal Service for America – How Five-Day Delivery is Part of the Solution -

Newsweek tells everyone "but the average postal employee still makes $83,000 in salary and benefits a year, placing postal workers among the highest-paid government employees." - PEN Ed: Anyone have any info regarding the average federal employees yearly salary WITH benefits? -

Postal employee released from hospital after being trapped under dock lift -

Surprise. Younger customers want six-day delivery more than their parents -

Saturday Mail Cut Loophole: Post Office Boxes
ABC News -

Five-day mail delivery plan would cut tens of thousands of jobs -

Delivering Movies in Slow Motion
Postal Service cutbacks could hurt Netflix’s bottom line -

A Toast to the Administrative State
How is it that the same political considerations that have governed the postal service into billion dollar deficits will elude governance of healthcare? They will not. -

March 29, 2010
Letter Carriers union assails Postal Service for lobbying public to end Saturday delivery - NALC launches "5-Day is the Wrong Way" website to keep public informed -

Postal Workers Regional Chieftain in Texas Charged with Thefts
Frankie Sanders liked New Orleans. And he wanted his union to reimburse him for hotel stays there. -

OIG Guest Blog: Automation Refugees -

OIG: Rural Delivery Christmas Operations Report -

More on 5 Day Delivery: Post poll: Majority support cutting Saturday mail | Postal Service Seeks Five-Day Delivery by Early 2011 | U.S. Postal Service pushes to cut Saturday mail delivery early next year  -


Consider saturation mailings -

Health Care Reform & Your FEHBP
Federal News Radio - Your health care premiums are very likely to rise under health care reform. Also see: Health Care Reform Bill Summary: A Look At What's in the Bill -

March 28, 2010
Pueblo Postmaster Responds to Recent Theft of Mail Charges -

Union leaders recall 1970 postal strike -

The United States Postal Service in 2020

Statement On the Financial Situation of the USPS
David C. Williams Inspector General USPS -

March 27, 2010
Five Day Delivery: Do polls of the general public matter?
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer - Also see Americans Back Five-Day-Per-Week Mail Delivery -

Guest view: Don’t blame unions for postal problems -

Washington Post's New Magazine Will Bypass USPS
Dead Tree Edition -

Lawmakers Join Forces to Propel Postal Service Issues to the Forefront -

Census Problems: Census forms don't reach SRO hotel residents | PO Boxes Snarl Census Efforts | The Postal Service Should Be Ashamed It Won’t Deliver to Single-Room Occupancy Tenants -

Disgruntled postal worker -

March 26, 2010
Postal Service ends contracts tied to top official
Washington Post -

Postal worker reluctant to call himself a hero after acts of kindness -

Postal Workers Rally to Oppose Eliminating Saturday Mail Delivery -

Please Note: PEN has received several emails advising us that a few station managers held standup talks with their employees advising them that 5 Day Delivery has passed. It has not - not yet anyway. The ONLY thing that's been approved is the Bd. of Governors has given permission to file the request before the PRC for consideration. The PRC expects to take 6-9 months to hear the case. Once the Commission rules, it still will be up to Congress. - You read it first at PEN. -

Nat. Assoc. of Postal Supervisors Legislative Issues Brief
NAPS urges congress to: Restructure the Postal Service Pension and Retiree Health Benefit Burden | Make Five-Day Delivery the Last Resort, Not the First | Permit Postal Retirees to Pay Their FEHBP Premiums on a Pre-tax Basis | Permit Annual Leave Contributions to TSP Accounts and more -

Frequently Asked Questions: Potential five-day delivery schedule For Household Customers -

Also see: Frequently Asked Questions: Five-Day Delivery Options For Business Customers -

2nd apparent pipe bomb found in east Texas mailbox -

Pending Route Adjustments - Current as of 3.23.10 -

March 25, 2010
USPS will not renew 2 sole-source contracts
Federal Times -

PostCom has posted a presentation by Sam Pulcrano, USPS Vice President, Sustainability, on Five-Day Delivery at a recent Board of Governors briefing -

Former Texas Coordinator of the American Postal Workers Union charged for embezzlement -

Local Postal Union Salaries and More
Find Yearly Salaries of Union Officers. Also read local Union Disbursements, Assets, Liabilities. -

USPS Salaries: The database for postal employee salaries has been updated for 2010.
Click Here

USPS: February Financial Results, Still Not Good Enough - Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

Why the closing of facilities cannot be left up to the Postal Service - RAG CONTENT -

UPDATED: Fire didn't cover postmaster's alleged theft -

Former NALC president pleads guilty to embezzling $50K - More on this story -

Cadillacs, Dependent Kids & the FEHBP
Federal News Radio -

UPS/FedEx: Oranges; Postal Service: Apple -

USPS February 2010 Financials
$611million loss -

March 24, 2010
USPS Says 5 Day Delivery Is a Must -

Postal Service prepares to move to five day delivery
Federal News Radio - Also see article below -

More 5 Day Delivery Articles
Postal Service takes first steps toward cutting Saturday delivery | U.S. Postal Service Takes First Step Toward Dropping Saturday Delivery | Postal Service moves toward five-day delivery | Postal Service launches 5-day delivery plan -

Pitney Bowes spent $200,000 in fourth quarter lobbying for postal relief, funding -

USPS: Last Post Standing
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

USPS seeks changes to its legislative, regulatory oversight -

Postmasters lobby Congress as proposals to cut mail deliveries and close post offices are finalized -

National League of Postmasters Redundant Report Reduction Challenge -

26 Year Pueblo Postal Worker Accused of Mishandling Money -

Former contract carrier mail thief's new address is behind bars -

NALC: The Issues - What They Are, How We Stand -

The End of Saturday Mail Draws Closer -

Postmaster Indicates Need for Privatization
by Tad DeHaven - Cato Institute -

Pension Legislation Could Help United Parcel Service
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

Nearly 100 postal workers protest Palatine cuts
Chicago Daily Herald -

Feds would feel health care reforms
Government Exec -

End Saturday mail delivery to keep Postal Service viable - Sheboygan Press Editorial -

March 23, 2010
Former postmaster charged with embezzlement -

ABM: Tabloids, Others Still at Risk for Failing USPS ‘Droop’ Test -

Mail Truck Hit by Gunfire in Harrisburg -

St. Peters carrier charged with mail theft -

Local NALC president accused of taking funds from labor organization -

March 22, 2010
Who Will Make the Hard Decisions about Retail Station and Branch Closings? OIG Blog -

Is Congress Biting the Postman? -

APWU: A Bold Move to Attract Young Union Activists -

U.S. Post exec taps former associate for no-bid pact
Washington Times -

Postal officials expected to back five-day mail week
Washington Post -

U.S. Census Tracks Mail, Raising Fears Among Some
Revisited by request -

March 21, 2010
Reforms needed at Postal Service
Murray Comarow via Federal Times -

Is cutting Saturday mail self-defeating?

Sending, getting ‘real’ mail still magic -

Struggling Postal Service says big changes needed -

March 20, 2010
Déjŕ vu: The Postal Service’s Economic Troubles
Senator Susan Collins Blog -

Understanding the Postal Regulatory Commission's Power
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

PEN ED: Here's Another Opinion from Another Mindless Person - Workers overpaid, inefficient -

OIG: Audit Report – Evaluation of Locally Issued Salary Advances -

March 19, 2010
GAO: U.S. POSTAL SERVICE Financial Crisis Demands Aggressive Action (PDF)
Action is urgently needed in multiple areas by USPS and Congress to address USPS’s pressing challenges so that it can achieve financial viability, including restructuring USPS operations, networks, and workforce to reflect changes in mail volume, revenue, and use of mail. The longer it takes for USPS and Congress to address USPS’s challenges, the more difficult they will be to overcome. -

Why the Postal Service Matters: FedEx Needs It
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

Some Money for USPS in Broadband Plan -

Eye Opener: Postal Service defends cutbacks
Washington Post -

Senators challenge Postal Service's 10-year rescue plan
USA Today -

Increased Efficiency Led to Higher Periodicals and Catalog Costs, Goldway Says
Dead Tree Edition -

U.S. Census Tracks Mail, Raising Fears Among Some
Wall Street Journal -

Former CA postal worker charged with theft -

UPDATED: Postmaster General Seeks OK To End Saturday Mail Delivery -

Mail Carriers Arrested for Stealing Mail on Their Route -

Postal Service doesn't get a lot of sympathy -

March 18, 2010

USPS official directs sole-source $4.5M contract to former colleague
The U.S. Postal Service's top marketing executive last year directed a $4.5 million sole-source contract to a former business associate. The agency's Mailing and Shipping Services President, Robert Bernstock, hired Tatum LLC of Philadelphia in February 2009 to help modernize the Postal Service's Web site. The justification for the contract cites a Tatum executive's prior relationship with Bernstock as a reason for the sole-source contract award. -

A Thief is a Thief - Even When They Work for the Government also posted at Veterans Today

APWU Denounces Five-Day Mail Delivery, Urges Congress to Correct Pre-Funding Requirement - Read Burrus Testimony - Read NALC's Rolando's Testimony -

Letter Carriers Union President Rolando Urges Senate Panel to Help Postal Service by Reforming Pre-Funding Requirement  - Read Rolando's Statement -

Deputy PMG Donahoe: Postal Service Could Save $7 Billion By Ending Saturday Mail Delivery -

by Murray Comarow -

Anti-Gay Mailer Sparks Controversy At Post Office -

Poulsbo postal worker suspected of stealing money from cards
A custodian at the Poulsbo Post Office is suspected of stealing cash from birthday and holiday cards. -

Who cares if the Post Office ends Saturday delivery? Short answer: No one - PEN Ed: another person who speaks for everybody -

March 17, 2010
Time for Change in the Postal Service?
NALC Pres. Rolando to NY Times
No business ever bounced back to health by rushing to offer slower service and turning customers away. Yet that’s the advice you give to Congress for saving the United States Postal Service. -

Baltimore District overpaid grievance settlement by $1.7 million because of “spreadsheet errors”
postalnews blog -

Congress’ business savvy reflected in Postal Service’s financial quagmire -

Responsibility unclear on mail security
The U.S. Postal Service, which is charged with screening mail for safety, failed to detect bullets that were sent with threatening letters to at least two Baltimore judges in the past week. -

March 16, 2010
Pushing the Envelope at the U.S. Postal Service
by Ad Age Publisher Allison Arden -

Federal Workers’ Compensation and Disability Retirement Seminar

Former Orange Beach, AL postal carrier pleads guilty to stealing prepaid Verizon cards -

Grim Prediction for Future of US Postal Service -

Setting the Record Straight on Five-Day Delivery

The US Postal Service's Business Model Is Outdated. Is It Time To Wind It Down Or Privatize It? -

Red tape complicates Postal Service's fiscal
Dallas News -

March 15, 2010
Mail carriers get probation for failing to deliver thousands of pieces of mail -

Save, don't kill, the U.S. Postal Service
The Washington Post editorial board’s casual discussion of privatizing the United States Postal Service may seem pennywise, but it is pound foolish. It would be a grave error to break up a service that instead should be remade. PEN Ed: One of the few articles that actually make sense regarding the future of USPS. -

OIG Blog: The Postal Strike of 1970 -

Andy Rooney Has Gotten Wind of Potential Changes to the Postal Service and He's Not a Fan -

Has “Enter” replaced “RSVP?" -

March 14, 2010
Our View: It's time to end Saturday mail
Wausau Daily Herald -

Editorial: Postal Service must change or risk extinction
Grand Rapids Press -

Ending delivery on Saturday not answer for USPS -

March 13, 2010
Who Is Kidding Who On The Cost of Labor at USPS?

Ohio OPWU -

Taxpayers Might Have to Fund the Postal Service
Postmaster General John Potter, in the midst of a huge effort to keep his agency private, has a new warning for the feds and the public: Unless Congress breaks ties with the U.S. Postal Service or at least lets it implement major cost-savings plans, taxpayers will be stuck funding the mail. -

Post Office Boxes Face Competition -

Robber hits mail truck in Northeast Albuquerque -

March 12, 2010
Missing from the Postal Service's Action Plan
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

APWU: Commission Sharply Criticizes USPS Station Closure Plans -

Stop Delivering Mail: Build USPS 2.0
"In fact, the mail doesn’t need to stop being delivered on Saturday, it needs to stop being delivered completely." -

Postal service chief: Our business model as outdated as the newspaper industry's -

Postmaster General: focus on customers, not struggling downtowns - Christian Science Monitor - Also see Postmasters general, kings of political patronage?  -

Changing an Institution: The U.S. Postal Service - Listen -

March 11, 2010
USPS should engage public more when closing offices, PRC says - Federal Times - Also see More notice urged in postal closings -

Sex offender with letter carrier job reassigned -

Mailman accused of delivering, using drugs held without bond -

Top postal service official addresses shortfall, rivals
Every time you hit “submit” to pay a bill online, you're making a decision that makes Patrick Donahoe cringe. -

Surgeon Tried to Get Easy Money in the Big Easy
PEN blog - Also see U.S. Attorney Takes on Workers Comp Fraud, Post Office Workers Targeted  -

March 10, 2010
Save the Postal Service: Demand Fairness in USPS Pension and Retiree Health Funding -

When will the Postal Service start telling the whole story?  - Rag Content -

USPS Must Have Flexibility to Manage its Workforce Efficiently - from USPS -

Feds: Kissimmee mailman accused of delivering drugs
Authorities also said he stole cash, checks from mail and snorted cocaine on his delivery route. -

Congressman Issa calls out postal service for hiring sex offender -

Postal Service Rejects Three-Day Delivery Suggestion
Cutting U.S. Postal Service delivery to as few as three days a week would damage the brand and isn’t worth considering, the agency’s head (Potter) said. -

2010 Financial Performance
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

Congress is running out of time to save USPS
Washington Post -

APWU: Bill’s Author Can’t Change the Facts: Postal 'Reform' Created the USPS’ Financial Plight -

After opening the link you may scroll to the bottom of the page and select a month. USPS updates this list about every week. -

Illegal Gets US Citizenship With Stolen Identity and Then Postal Service Hires Her -

Saving the Post Office
Editorial, NY Times -

USPS: Known Knowns, Known Unknowns Unknown Unknowns - Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

Seven Misconceptions About the Postal Service's Action Plan - Dead Tree Edition -

Cement The Fiscal Imperative & End The Stamp Tax
by Valassis Senior VP for Governmental Affairs Vincent Giuliano -

Theft, Fraud Charges Filed Against Postal Employee/Gym Owner
A mail carrier who claimed she was injured and collected nearly a quarter of a million dollars in worker's compensation has been accused of fraud after allegedly spending her time launching a career in mixed martial arts. -

March 09, 2010
"It's Time To Stop Stealing Postal Customers Money"

Podcast from PostCom -

UPDATED 3.10.10
The above podcast (MP3 audio file) from PostCom addresses the fact, found by the OIG, that USPS overpaid the CSRS retirement fund...we believe this was $75 billion. We contacted the OIG and asked them IF there was a chance that CSRS postal employees could have also overpaid into this system. Here Is Their Response

APWU Urges Members To Support Six-Day Mail Delivery -

Mailman robbed, stabbed on route -

Is the end of an era near for the Postal Service? -

Mail madness -

Let Postal Service do what it must -

PRC: On Rolls and Paid Employee Statistics -

March 08, 2010
Former U.S. Postal Service chairman is named DHL Global Mail chairman
Here's What USPS Headquarter Types (and USPS Bd. Of Governors) Hope to Gain from Their USPS Careers and Affiliations -
S. David Fineman, a former chairman of the U.S. Postal Service board of governors, has been appointed chairman of the Americas region for DHL Global Mail, the small-package courier service unit of Germany-based Deutsche Post DHL. -

OIG Blog: Will Postal Service bosses go undercover in the future? -

The U.S. Postal Service is Officially in a Panic
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

Our view on the mail: No Saturday delivery? Post office needs still more cuts - USA Today
Save universal delivery through streamlining, not privatization -

Reinventing the post office
Editorial: LA Times -

March 07, 2010
Opinion of a Postal Employee NALC Steward -

Analysis: Postal rescue plan faces impossible odds
Federal Times -

Serrano Goes Postal -

Rep. Jo Ann Emerson says Five-Day Delivery Hurts Rural Areas -

SF Examiner Editorial: The Postal Service needs to enter the 21st century -

'Waste' mail is part of the rising cost of the 2010 U.S. census -

Senator Sherrod Brown Calls For OIG Investigative Review of Lima AMP Study -

Postal Service needs flexibility to gain solvency -

March 06, 2010
USPS: 5 Day Delivery Plan
Reasons for moving to 5 day delivery - 5 day proposed operations plans - 5 day start the clock plan changes and more (opens in new window) -

USPS: Flats Sequencing System Update
from USPS - (opens in new window) -

Flats Sequencing System Update

What to do about the Postal Service's woes?
Sen. Susan Collins via Washington Post -

Printers see limited impact if U.S. Postal Service drops Saturday delivery -

Pushing the Envelope
The Postal Service may stop delivering mail on Saturdays, but written words are thriving in the age of email -

Deliver competition
Chicago Tribune Opinion -

Postal Deja Vu
Bangor Daily News -

Postal Service letter carrier indicted for workers’ comp fraud -

For most, dropping Saturday home delivery seems like no big deal - Also see Editorial: Keep Saturday delivery, Postal Service and End of Saturday delivery should be thought out -

March 05, 2010
Economy Can Handle Fewer Postal Workers
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

Postal Plans Unveiled
NAPUS Newsletter -

Will end of USPS Saturday delivery kill Netflix? -

California community concerned by sex offender mail carrier -

OUR OPINION: Only Congress can ease postal service expenses - Miami Herald -

USPS Communications Issues Continue - 8125 Checklist
Postal Affairs Blog -

US Postal Service Plagued with Union Inefficiency, Faces Saturday Cancellations (PDF) -

The National League of Postmasters President talks about The Big Announcement -

Postal Service can save billions, join the 21st century -

Failure in Postal Commentary
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

March 04, 2010
Postal consultant: Consider 3 days of delivery -

Also see: Why the Mail Should Come Every Other Day -

Is the Postal Service Destined to Fail?
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

Time to Free the Mail
Part of the problem is the AFL-CIO — National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) — which has successfully pressured the service into providing direct and indirect compensation to its workers to the point where the average postal worker now makes $83,000 a year. -

Missing Mail Carrier's Body Found By Montrose Beach, Chicago

Transformation is Essential to Save the Postal Service -

Questions about postal service's cash fix, Saturday delivery, and closing your post office -

OIG Blog: “The Path Forward” of the Postal Service -

OIG Audit Report – Highway Contract Route Transportation – Greater Chicago -

Maine Sen. Collins said the postal service should focus on serving its customers better, attracting new customers and increasing volume - not on cutting services. -

More postal matters
"The mail will come back. How far it comes back, however, may well depend on how deeply service is cut while mail is down." Ruth Goldway, PRC Chairman November 5, 2009. -

From the National League of Postmasters - highlights, numbers, and more -

National League of Postmasters to PRC "the League has been concerned about this matter (suspended post offices) for some time, and has felt that for years the Postal Service has been intentionally using the emergency suspension process to circumvent the dictates of the Post office closing laws." -

US Postal Service: no more Saturday delivery?
Christian Science Monitor -

USPS to test a repurposed electric vehicle fleet -


Post Office fund-raising ban slows down soldier support -

March 03, 2010
Postal Service Outlines 10-Year Plan to Address Declining Revenue, Volume -

Union Rejects USPS Call For Five-Day Delivery, New Business Model -

Technology could deliver USPS from debt
Federal News Radio interview with Bob Otto, former CIO and CTO at USPS, about what the Postal Service needs to do from a technology standpoint to sustain its business. -

USPS Plans to Use More Part-Time Employees
Dead Tree Edition -

Sen. Carper Backs Postal Service Plan For Five-Day Delivery - BUT - Sen. Collins Opposes Delivery Cuts -

Daniel Jones, postmaster of Asheville, N.C., responds to PMG's Call for Cuts - NPR -

New studies reinforce dire outlook for USPS
Federal Times -

Confessions of a Former Station Manager 2010
Guy Nohrenberg via Letter Carrier Connection -

Postal Service Revives Cutback Plans
NY Times -

Letter Carriers Union Opposes Cutback in Mail Service; Urges Congress to Give USPS 'Financial Breathing Room' -

Ensuring a Viable Postal Service for America
USPS: Action plan for the future (PDF) -


USPS plan would make dramatic changes
Federal News Radio -

Wall Street Journal: What do you think of the U.S. Postal Service's plan to end Saturday home delivery due to declining revenues? -

March 02, 2010
The Postal Service's grim route forward
Washington Post - read list of 5 options addressing future growth and cuts provided by USPS to the news media today. -

Postal Service Seeks Permission to End Saturday Delivery
Though he (Potter) said privatization had been on the table during a lengthy internal review, that option appeared to be ruled out. One consultant, Thomas Dohrmann from McKinsey & Company, said privatization was "unlikely" in part because it would be hard to find a buyer. -

Postmaster delivers bundle of bad news
Washington Post -

Postal Service expected to announce 'significant changes' - possibly today! -

Also see: Bye-bye, Saturday mail? | Postal service weighs 5-day delivery | Postal Service seeks 5-day delivery | Postal Chief Seeking 5-Day Delivery Week -

Previewing the Postal Service's Proposal Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

March 01, 2010
Coca Cola, PepsiCo and the Postal Service
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

Could Longer Lines Be Coming to Your Local Post Office…Lottery Lines? -

U.S. Postal Service proposes to cut work week
On Monday, Representatives from the U.S. Postal Service will ask Congress to approve something they have wanted for a long time: five-day work weeks. -

Also see: USPS Ponders No Saturday Mail -

Envisioning America's future Postal Service -

Custom Search

March 31, 2010
- Accidents Happen: CSRS vs. FERS

March 30, 2010
- This is What An Electric FedEx Truck Looks Like
- Who's on FERS?

March 29, 2010
- Mail carrier robbed in Cleveland

March 28, 2010
- New 2010 Letter Carriers' Food Drive video
- Mail carrier taken to area hospital with unknown injuries after crash

March 27, 2010
- Laird Hill, Marshall hit by mailbox bomber; reward upped to $10,000

March 26, 2010
- Update: bomb found at Troup Post Office is a hoax
- Mail carriers advised not to give a dog a bone
- Ind. contract mail carrier sentenced to 18 months for theft of gift cards, cash from mail
- Canadian mail carrier stabbed in attack
- Update on the Redundant Report Committee progress
- PS Form 1769, Accident Report, Is Changed to PS Form 1769/301
- Senate passes 'Census mailer' bill

March 25, 2010
- Opinion: Could five days of mail delivery reduce the Postal Service's collateral damage? -
- Wheeling, WV Awaits Word on Postal Jobs

- Postal Service to consolidate MD mail processing

March 24, 2010
- Eaton Corp. wins contract from USPS
- Explosive Damages U.S. Postal Service Mailbox in Metairie, LA
- Mail Service Disrupted Because of Vicious Dogs

March 23, 2010
- Postal employee facing felony charges

March 22, 2010
- Amarillo postmaster: Aiming for a balance

March 21, 2010
- United States Postal Service Answers Your Shipping Questions

March 20, 2010
- Contract mail carrier arrested on check charges

March 19, 2010
- Dog chews up mail after escaping from yard, chasing carrier
- Next Postal Service Board of Governors Meeting is March 24
- Mashpee postal carrier faces theft charges
- USPS: Area Mail Processing - Closing - Not Closing - Approved - Not Approved
- Former postal carrier spared prison

March 18, 2010
- Former Postal Employee Arrested for Stealing Money Orders
- Former letter carrier pleads guilty to stealing mail from her route
- Postal employees buy woman food
- Supervisors to take on mailbox versus road debate

March 17, 2010
- USPS says: Transferring operations from Jackson to Lansing is 'necessary'
- Taxing the FEHBP's Cadillac Plans

March 16, 2010
- Broadband Plan Faces Hurdles
- Check Rates for Shipping
- The Future of Print - Is it on an iPad?
- A Switch in Advertising Modes that Does Not Hurt the Mail Yet
- Senate vote endangers Seneca mail-order cigarette business
- How Marijuana Is Sent Through the U.S. Mail

March 15, 2010
- Postal Worker and Wife Build and Donate Extensive Art Collection
- Postal Service still viable
- Census mailing a money saver

March 14, 2010
- No timetable yet for decision on MI mail-plant consolidation
- How to Be Successful With Intelligent Mail Full Service

March 13, 2010
- Dog that attacked carrier gets death sentence
- NY tribe: Bill threatens mail-order cigarette biz

March 12, 2010
- Father and Son Sentenced for Assaulting Carrier
- Federal Disability Retirement under FERS and CSRS: Revisiting "Accommodation"
- Missing mail a mystery for woman
- Feds Give Hoarding Mail Carrier a Break

March 11, 2010
- 200 USPS Workers To Be Relocated -
- Reward Offered in Mailman Attack
- For Postal Service, time to push the envelope
- U.S. postal employees are overworked
- Carrier with undelivered mail gets break from feds
- U.S. Email Firm Sues Swiss Postal Service

March 10, 2010
- UPDATE: Bombs Reported at Post Office Facility
- Trib editorial is wrong about Postal Service
- Reward offered in postman robbery, stabbing
- Postal employee indicted for cashing $41K in money orders

March 09, 2010
- USPS Bent On Destroying Itself - Opinion
- Junk mail deluge feared as postal union and Royal Mail reach deal to end strikes - Also see Postal workers win 6.9 per cent rise in Royal Mail deal
- USPS Business Customer Gateway Getting New Look
- Our view: Plan to end Saturday mail service is disappointing
- Post office a bargain worth supporting

March 08, 2010
- Congress Could cut Saturday Mail Service
- No Saturday mail would cause few concerns
- Dog that attacked carrier gets its day in court Friday
- Deliver trust and accountability
- U.S. Postal Service wrestles with cutting services or increasing prices
- About Those Overpaid Feds

March 07, 2010
- A new normal: Five day delivery a good solution
- Postal worker threatens Christian with arrest
- Postal Service worker injured in collision in Fall River
- Saturday mail delivery is a treasure
- Mail cut would save $3.5B yearly

March 06, 2010
- GA postal workers protest moving mail processing
- Mailboxes blown up in Savanna, Ill
- Wyoming postal worker sentenced for theft
- Most Americans think a mail-free Saturday sounds fine

March 05, 2010
- Impact at WI post office unknown in effort to cut costs
- Summer Mail Sale Returns

March 04, 2010
- Postal Service Preparing Double Whammy for Publishers - Dead Tree Edition
- Can We Live Without Saturday Mail?
- U.S. Supreme Court will not hear the case of a Manchester church-operated post office
- Post Office Teams With Target To Save Money
- Direct Marketers, Catalog Companies: We Can Adjust to Five-Day Postal Week
- Postal Service Heroes: The Right Place at the Right Time
- New studies reinforce dire outlook for USPS
- Suspect arrested in Georgia post office armed robbery

March 03, 2010
- Postal Worker: “I Lucked Out”
- Facts and figures about the post office
- 'Snail mail' facing changes amidst ballooning deficit
- No Saturday mail no big deal, say Wilkes-Barre locals
- Sen. Collins Opposes Delivery Cuts
- The Federal Eye on PBS NewsHour about the Postal Service (Video) (scroll down)

March 02, 2010
- Postal Service: Stop! We'll help you recycle that mail
- Ex-mail carrier gets 2 years probation

March 01, 2010
- OH bomb threat prompts search of post office
- Tree Falls on Mail Truck - Also see “Miracle” Escape for Postal Worker
- USPS Confirm EMD Gets Another Stay of Execution


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