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April - May 2007 POSTAL NEWS
Thursday - May 31, 2007
- 10 Commandments Stamp Unlikely
The Christian Broadcasting Network says - When it comes to issuing stamps, the U.S. Postal Service has what might be called an eleventh commandment: "Thou shalt not celebrate religious themes." -

- Postal Inspectors warn employees to avoid insurance scammers
- PMG Potter Takes Umbrage with Wachovia Ad
Also see Wachovia Pushes Potter's Envelope -
- USPS, MBDC Announce 'Cradle to Cradle' Certification | USPS Becomes First Shipper to Get Cradle to Cradle Rating | Sioux Falls firm gets Postal Service contract
- Siemens in US Postal Service Deal

Wednesday - May 30, 2007
- APWU: Congressional Intervention Would Interfere With Collective Bargaining: Postal bargaining is best left to the unions and management, even when negotiations have not achieved the desired results, APWU President William Burrus said in a recent update to APWU members. “The danger of Congress determining conditions of employment for postal employees far outweighs the possibility of short-term success in specific areas.” -

- Postal worker charged with mail crimes NC
- If I Sign It…Am I Saying I’m Guilty?
This is asked of the Shop Steward once, if not a hundred times…”If I sign the Letter of Warning, doesn’t that mean I am saying I’m Guilty?” One answer, every time, NO! ABSOLUTELY NOT! -

- DMA disappointed by postal commission decision
- Dogs that attacked letter carrier to be euthanized
- Postal Service May Soon Approve a Key Mailing Break for Charities

Tuesday - May 29, 2007
- Notice: Sex Offenders Working for USPS Must Register
- DPS Flats: $874m Contract for 100 systems
- PRC recommends temporary rate relief
- Letter carrier meets customer he helped save
- Heel! Postal carriers want to decrease dog bites

Monday - May 28, 2007
Junk mail: who needs it?
- PRC Recommends Only Temporary Cut in Standard Flats Rates
- Ready and waiting for next postal increase

Sunday - May 27, 2007
- Murder of a Letter Carrier Sentence? Just 18 Yrs to Life
- Belt-tightening at Postal Service worries Alaskan villagers
- Good Defeats Evil - USPS Broadcast TV and Multimedia

Saturday - May 26, 2007
Harkin Introduces Senate Bill to Outlaw 'Contracting Out' -
- Mail carrier attacked by three dogs on route

- From a PEN reader: Fayetteville, AR MPO made a contract route that should have been a rural route. The supervisor cases and delivers everyday unless he doesn't have time and he had an RCA case and carry it and put the time on another route. -

- Letter Carrier Honored for 50 Years of Service
- Council postpones sale of land to PO
- Post office will remain in service

Friday - May 25, 2007
- Ex-NALC Chief Accused of Embezzling to Live High Life -
- “Well, Now Aren’t We Special!…”
Orlando, FL NALC President and PEN's Belden Factor editor Denny Belden tells us just exactly how special we are. -
- Saks Fifth Avenue shoe department gets own postal code
- Staged dogfights, attacks suspend mail service to Detroit neighborhood -
Postal Service may move all to Stamford
- Standard Mail Flat Prices — Reconsideration
- Delivery Confirmation Required for Priority Mail Open and Distribute
- Bigger than Elvis? Post office prepares for Star Wars stamp blitz
- Woman Who Died at Post Office Had Heart Attack
- Investment Changes - Federal News Radio

Thursday - May 24, 2007
- APWU: Casual Reports To Have a New Format
- NALC Backs McCotter Measure to Prevent Dog Bites
- Sudan, TX Postal Worker Jailed for Mail Theft
- Southern New Mexico Mail Solution May Only be Temporary
- APWU: Wisconsin-to-Minnesota Consolidation Study Halted
  NBA Wilson to Resign
- Residents must demand better postal service

Wednesday - May 23, 2007
- Retroactive Payments Delayed - Mail Handlers File Grievance
- Intended target testifies about killing of postal worker
- Slow mail brings Postal Service investigation
- USPS decides against moving some La Crosse mail processing
- Dog attacks push postal service to act
  Bark or bite, dogs are a pain to letter carriers
  Mail delivery to street resumes after owner of dog pays fine
- Domenici, Bingaman praise USPS extra shift
- US Postal Service Goes Digital to Promote New Star War Stamps
- Fighting Bites
- Postal rules put businesses in bind
- Please, Mr. Postman

Tuesday - May 22, 2007
Gas Prices Taking A Toll On Rural Mail Carriers
- City pooches still going postal
- Third shift created at USPS center to improve mail service
Also see Senators: More workers could improve mail delivery | Post Office Fix In Southern New Mexico On The Way?  -
- Carrier Accused of Sexually Assaulting Customer
- ACMA Sends Greco “Dear John” Letter
- 'Nobody likes junk mail'
- Higher postal rates shaping up as trouble for smaller companies
- Post Office Warns About Fake Check Scams

Monday - May 21, 2007
- Postal carrier provides special service for one customer
- New Postal Service rules not good for customers
- Catalog group responds to Greco letter

Sunday - May 20, 2007
- You've got mail carriers - in Chicago
Chicago adds 200 carriers in effort to improve service. -
- APWU: Brochure Spotlights Union’s Legislative Goals -
  Also from APWU:
AMPs Terminated in Northern MI, Southern TX | APWU Board Calls
For Boycott of Circuit City

- Retired postman: Alamo post office must do better -
Man accused in death of mail carrier to go on trial
Rankled police, fire associations take aim at US Postal Service

Saturday - May 19, 2007
- NAPUS: Congressional Objection to Contract Delivery
  Services Growing
- My Dog Doesn't Bite - Yeah, Right
Mail carriers don’t find anything funny about animals that are inclined to attack and harm them. Also see: Dog attacks suspend mail service to Detroit neighborhood | Dog attacks on mail carriers high in South Florida | Taking a Bite Out Of Mail Carriers | Pit bull laws reviewed -
- Transportation Workers, Unions Declare: 'Enough is Enough'
- Beaumont Encoding Center Employees Trying To Save Their Jobs
- Q&A with DMA Chief John Greco
- Postal Costs Are Top of Mind
- Air Force One featured on new stamp
- New postal rates frown on fat letters
- UK Postman is jailed for stealing giros and presents

Friday - May 18, 2007
- Postmaster faces misconduct charge -
- Postal clerk accused of stealing gift cards
- A solution for postal rate hikes - a Poll
- Mailers, USPS discuss future of flats
- Postal Service is a real bargain
- Postal workers deserve kudos for courtesy
- USPS tests Seamless Verification with Friend-to-Friend postcards

Thursday - May 17, 2007
- No consolidation of Gaylord postal facility
- USPS says rate changes going smoothly, but some mailers concerned
- Relying on Air Freight
- RMS Titanic mail room keys fetch record proceeds in U.K. auction
- Ouch -- Sacramento postal carriers rank No. 3 in dog bites
  Also see: Avoid California if you are a postman
A Postal Day of Mourning
- New Orleans' Population Tracked By Postman
- Driver Plows Into Post Office in Tyler,TX
- Man buys 19512 stamps

Wednesday - May 16, 2007
- Postal hike needed -
- Family members charged in mail theft ring -
- Humiliated, woman in wheelchair sues postal service
- Stamping out junk mail
- A New Postal Service...from Space -
- Man buys $8000 worth of stamps to use forever
Con artists' pot-of-gold scheme boils over
- Thieves pilfer Tramonto mail; Cluster boxes get facelift
- Disabled Magazine Honors USPS

More Postal News
Tuesday - May 15, 2007
- Sorting out the post office -
- Time has come to stamp out the Postal Service's monopoly -
- APWU: News Reports Misleading on Postage Rate Hike -
- APWU Board Calls for Boycott of Circuit City
- APWU Member Killed in Combat in Iraq
- In rural Alaska, increased mail rate could mean paying more for food

Monday - May 14, 2007
- New USPS rates are in effect | What's behind the postage hike | Ease the Pain of the May 14th Postal Rate Increase -
- Remote Alaska villages brace for increase -
- Big business invades your mailbox -
- Top postal economist predicts annual stamp-price increases
  See Sunday story below
- Postal Service facing financial challenges
- US Mail Charges Increase, New 'Forever' Stamp Goes on Sale

Sunday - May 13, 2007
- Postal Employees Make Too Much Money -

- Police Say Woman Stole, Buried 21 Bins Of Mail -
- Former postal employee sentenced to 5 months for workers comp fraud -

Friday - May 11, 2007
- House Bill Would Set Timetable for Consolidation Studies -
- Report says bypass mail changes hurt communities
- Clearing up some myths about the Postal Service. -
- GAO: Diversity in Senior Levels of USPS - Federal Sector -
- The battle of Baker's breasts
- NCMEC, USPS and ADVO Unveil Changes to the 'Have You Seen Me?' Mail Program
- Postal service tries to stamp out dog bites

Thursday - May 10, 2007
- Post Office Doesn't Deliver for It's Own Employees -
- Sending Out an SOS

- From PEN Reader - Contract Carrier
My husband is a Rural contract carrier for USPS; he does consider this his "job." He delivers every piece of mail, every day, and I know he follows all procedures for Special Mail delivery. He is NOT, however, paid a fair amount for his work. There is no exorbitant "Overhead" or "Vehicle" expense that he receives. As a matter of fact, we've depleted our PERSONAL SAVINGS by over 2/3 since he began his contract three years ago. He also receives no benefits, whatsoever. So, apparently the USPS gets a GREAT deal ($ wise) out of these HCR. -

- Los Angeles: Mail Delivery Improved
- New Postal Rates and Pricing

Wednesday - May 09, 2007
- Chicago: Mending the Mail Mess -
- Earth Class Mail
- Mail carrier sentenced to 6 months for theft Hawaii
What moms really want: Stop the junk mail!
- Gaylord Post Office Hires 20, No Longer Slated for Closure
- Postal software ready; Standard flats still unknown
- Mail practices sent into flux
- Election flier irks mailbox owners
- USPS May Revise Slim-Jim Specs

Tuesday - May 08, 2007
- Carrier Credited with Saving Mans Life After Shooter Returns to Finish The Job -
- Kingsport postal worker gets 48-hour jail term, three years probation for theft
- USPS promises Las Cruces improvements -
- Ready To Go Part-Time?
- Nonprofit mailers fear discounted rates may be revoked
- Clothing Allowance Increase for Employees Covered Under
  APWU Contract

- Today Show - How to Stop Unwanted Mail
- Sending Out an SOS

Monday - May 07, 2007
- APWU: Mail Processing Staying Put in Western MD
- The US postal service saved by two Turks? -
- APWU: Women’s Organizing Campaign Grows
- USPS denied reconsideration in EEOC class action case -
Five Years After Attacks, A Better Anthrax Cleaner? -
Cuddly house cat terrorizes mailwoman - Canada

Sunday - May 06, 2007
- Postal changes concern tiny village - Alaska

Saturday - May 05, 2007
- Nations Oldest Postmaster - 91-
- Disseminate Information, Protect Democracy
- QWL for Everyone -
- NAPUS: One Last Bite of the Apple?
- Bigfoot Frightens UPS and DHL - Doesn't Scare Letter Carrier
- Calling the local post office is no longer the same
- Cupertino post office reopens after scare over `beeping' package
- Cumberland, MD mail processing center won't close
- Postal officials promise improvements in Las Cruces

Friday - May 04, 2007
Former postmaster admits misusing over $10000 in postal funds -
- APWU: Does Opposition Depend on Who Is Affected? -
- Union members picket mail processing center
- St. Petersburg Consolidation to Proceed
- Letters: Post Office employees richly deserve commendation
- APWU Web Site 'De-Links' Locals During Union Election
- We can do better communicating DMers’ needs to PRC
- Post Office Snafu Thickens Plot Over Community Center
- Shape-based postage: 8 ways to save
- Collins questions Standard Mail decision
- 2nd letter has white powder
- NALC Food Drive Page
- USPS makes city a priority
- Postal jobs welcome news

Thursday - May 03, 2007
- Six postal employees indicted in Alabama -
- Mailbox Deadline Pushed Back for Manistee Residents -
- Edible Stamps for Mother's Day? | USPS Press Release
- Postal Sorting Annex on East Shore Road Opposed NY
- Contract postal unit worker charged with theft
- Mail carrier’s SUV burns mail cargo
- Pit bulls' presence halts postal delivery
- Dog Attacks Prompt Letter Carriers' Plea
- Chicago's Mail Delivery 'Worst in Nation'
- USPS Governors accept PRC revised rate recommendations
- Editorial: Neither sleet, nor snow, but maybe postal rates

Wednesday - May 02, 2007
- Potter: PAEA is no fix for broken USPS model -
- Chicago USPS poor mail delivery at issue -
- Fed. News Radio Talks with S. Brownell, VP Supply Mgmt.
- Postal jobs welcome news - Gaylord, MI
- USPS asked to delay increase in Standard Mail flats
- Make e-mail testing a line item in your marketing budget
- Authorities: Mail Taken In Postal Van Break-In

Tuesday - May 01, 2007
Thieves Hit Mail Truck In San Diego -
- FTC Seeks Public Comment -
- Postal Unions Picketing to Charge More for Stamps -
More articles by Schrum: The Dark Side of the "Forever Stamp" | Good Time to Take Post Office Private -
- Direct Marketers React to Rising Postal Rates
- City out of sorts over postal cut
- Sanders: Stamp Out Postal Rate Hikes
- USPS Helps Recover Lost Car Keys
- Union protests, keeps dues

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