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May 31, 2009
- Opinion: Postal service better run in the past
- State's first 'Green' postal truck in Huntington Station
- Budget cuts close San Leon’s U.S. Postal Service

May 30, 2009
- Postal service cuts funds that promote food drive -
- Former carrier gets three months for theft of mail -
- Mobile Home Residents Say 'Mail Service Is Shoddy' -
- Mail deliveries halted when street is made one-way -

May 29, 2009
- Too "Injured" to Sell Stamps, but Drywall and Hardware? No Problem! -
- USPS revenue and volume continue to plummet -
- Former Postal Supervisor Sentenced for Embezzling Almost $57,000 -
- Why USPS Must Consolidate Its Mail-Processing Network

May 28, 2009
- PA mail carrier robbed at gunpoint

- Postal worker sentenced in fraud case

- Political candidate. and postal employee, under fire for violating Hatch Act -
- Reward offered in Harrisburg mail carrier assault/robbery
- Zip code change riles Queen Creek residents
- Post office refuses to deliver mail
- Newcastle to Postal Service: We're not Renton!

May 27, 2009
- WV Contract Mail Carrier Sentenced for Mail Heist -
- Postal Service Pursues Hassle-Free Consolidations -

May 26, 2009
- The fight over rehiring retirees -
  Federal Times

May 25, 2009
- A Bailout for the Postal Service is One of the Few Bailouts I Agree With -

- COWBOY LOGIC: Mail time

May 24, 2009
- Postal carriers charge managers shaved wages | Also see Rep. Paul Hodes Seeks Investigation of USPS -

May 23, 2009
- Postal Service to pay less for homes to relocate workers -

May 22, 2009
- U.S. Rep. Paul Hodes Seeks OIG Investigation - Union Claims Hours Altered For Letter Carriers -

May 21, 2009
- Working for the weekend
Also see The Postman Will Ring More Than Twice, but Maybe Not Six Times -
- Report backs Daily News 'Dead Letter' stories
- GAO: Network Rightsizing Needed to Help Keep USPS Financially Viable (PDF)  -
- Gas prices are latest threat to USPS bottom line -
- Eye Opener: More Postal Woes
- Function 3B (Maintenance) Restructuring
- Case against Loveland, CO mail carrier to move forward
- Burrus Assails USPS Response to Financial Crisis
- Postal unions vow to battle changes
- Postal Service Honors Seabiscuit at 134 Preakness
- APWU, Mail Hauler Agree to One-Month Contract Extension

May 20, 2009
- OIG Report: Management of City Carriers’ Street Performance -
- OIG Says Philly P&DC Understated Delayed Mail Volumes and More -
- Liberating the Postal Service -
- US Postal Service Vows It Won't Cut Service -
- Locals, Business Owners, Elected Officials, Oppose Mail-Processing Plant Consolidations
- Summary of House postal oversight hearing -
- The United States Postal Service & Power Company?
- Mail, packages scatter entire length of Indiana Toll Road
- USPS spent $78 million on relocations in 2008 -
- L.L. Bean Says Ye$ to (USPS) Summer Sale
- USPS cuts 24 local jobs as deficit looms
- U.S. Postal Service proposes consolidations
- Chicago and U.S.- losing last 24-hour post office
- Troubleshooters: Mail mix ups in Brunswick County

May 19, 2009
- PMG  Potter Appoints Chief Postal Inspector and VP For Finance and Planning -
- Mail truck runs into creek, mail carrier dead
- NPF: USPS financial situation drives morning panel
- Postal Service fails to justify changes -
- Mail Carrier Attacks Dog? -
- Subcommittee Holds Hearing to Evaluate the Postal Service’s Cuts in Operations and Network -
- Pitney Bowes Supports Proposed USPS Summer Sale on Standard Mail
- Shop Till You Drop - at the Post Office?

May 18, 2009
- Postal Service Expects Steeper Declines
See related stories: U.S. Postal Service Slashes More Jobs | Potter likes USPS' chances despite recession | Economy Hasn’t Hit Bottom, Postmaster General Says  -
- Congressmen help convince the Postal Service to drop rural cost-cutting measures -
- The USPS needs help -
- Postal union questions consolidation plan
- Postal cuts rankle rural residents
- Letter: Resident witnesses Postal Service waste -

May 17, 2009
- Charity beats mail carriers to donations -
- Raw deal: Pennsylvania artwork now under U.S. Postal Service copyright
- Postal Rate Hikes Unlikely Next Year

May 16, 2009
- Postal Worker Benefit Cuts in the Works? -
- Reassigned postal workers facing big financial hardships -
- NAPUS to USPS: "Why Not Offer VER Incentive?" -
- Letter carrier who says he napped and dumped mail gets three-year prison sentence -
- Syracuse postal worker sentenced for worker's comp fraud
- APWU, Mail Hauler Agree to One-Month Contract Extension

May 15, 2009
- APWU: Excessing: Know Your Rights -
- Five postal workers arrested on illegal prescription drug charges
Also see Four Lawrence mail carriers arrested in pain pill bust  -
- Wahpeton mail carrier sentenced to probation -
- Rural mail carrier accused of ID theft  -
- Attacking Bird Keeps Mail Carrier Away -
- A mid fiscal year assessment - PRC Chairman Dan Blair
- Bowmansville Postal Carrier to the Rescue
- Mail storm 

May 14, 2009
- Carriers Win Violence in the Workplace Arbitration Decision
  from NALC Branch 3825 -
- 'Truckload' of mail found at carrier's home -
- USPS Kicks Rehab, Limited Duty, and Light Duty Carriers to the Curb - Tri-Valley NALC Branch 2902 -
- Same Office, Very Different Workplace
- Dog Does What Rain Or Snow Can't: Halt Mail -
- Wallace E. Busse, Village's First Mail Carrier, Passes Away

More Postal News
May 13, 2009
- Former USPS fleet manager charged in kickback scheme  -

- USPS Cost for Funding Retiree Health Benefits
APWU, NALC, USPS and others have said that the requirement of USPS to pre-fund future retiree healthcare costs is just too costly and must be changed. Here's a breakdown of that cost - see 3-a

- Council president faces court date -
- The Men and Women Behind the Eagle
- USPS Proposes to Give OFAC Information on Mail to Iran

May 12, 2009
- Postal employee stole $20,000 in stamps for mortgage -
- 3rd Circuit: When Serving Post Office, Don't Rely on Mailbox Rule -
- Tulsa Excessing Letters received
- Appeals judges rule against plaintiffs in Jewish community center shootings and murder of letter carrier Joseph S. Ileto

May 11, 2009
- Obama Admin Halts Plans To Alter USPS Workers' Benefits -
- NALC President Young Says Frequent Postage Increases Can Be Avoided -
- USPS Needs To Cut Salaries, Not Raise Stamp Prices -
- The Post Office strives to survive -
- USPS can afford to buy $1.2 million home?  (revisited) -
- Monkeying Around with Postal Pallets
- 3,500+ sign petitions supporting Plant City, FL post office
- Local Political Campaigns - The Forgotten Mail Volume Generator

May 10, 2009
- Post Offices Closes, Town Mad -
- Man plows into East Anchorage post office
- Postal workers praise donations for food drive

May 09, 2009
- UPDATE: USPS Agrees To Pay Insurance Claim On Lost Laptops
- Postal workers in Tombstone help find missing child
- Picketers Protest Possible Post Office Closing In New Castle -
- Lower mail volume forces Postal Service to regroup -
- H.R. 22 Gains Support from Twenty-Five More U.S. Representatives
- APWU: Dispute Initiated Over Revisions to Contract Postal Unit Handbook

May 08, 2009
- The Simpsons Get ‘Stamping Ovation’ To Tune of 1 Billion Stamps -
- District Organizational Changes, Closing of Competitive Areas, and Mail Processing Facilities - Reduction Timeline — RIF Avoidance and RIF Process / 2009 -
- PRC Approves First USPS Market Test of an Experimental Product
- USPS: Your Five New, Insured Laptops That We Lost Are Worth $74 -
- DMANF, US Monitor to track delivery of non-profit mail
- Postal Service backs off ending wilderness service
- Congressional Budget Plan Recognizes Postal Challenge, But
- PO Box Fee Increases Reviewed
- USPS mulls cost-cutting plan to sort letters in East New York
- Postal Service rate hike may not end funding shortfall

May 07, 2009
- PMG's Letter to Congress -
- USPS: Ve Haf Vays of Making You Use Our Barcode
- Employee Notice and Call-in Procedures
- Mail carrier requires medical attention after being attacked by a dog
- Nation’s letter carriers prepared for 50-state Food Drive Saturday

May 06, 2009
- ‘FMLA Restoration Act’ Introduced
- USPS Ends Second Quarter with $1.9 Billion Loss - Also from Federal Times - Postal Service suffers more losses in second quarter -
- Postal workers allege supervisor treats them 'inhumanely' -
- USPS Notifies APWU of Flu Guidelines -
- GAO: Intelligent Mail Benefits May Not Be Achieved if Key Risks Are Not Addressed
- Raising the stakes - APWU Local 227 to Picket Friday
- USPS  HCR Driver - No Accidents and No Vacation Since 1941 -

May 05, 2009
- NALC President Young Announces Pending Retirement -
- U.S. Postal Service sends junk mail -
- Redplum mailer lets marketers dissect why some mail practices are not ideal
- Postal detectives crack the case of messy, missing addresses
- City Attorney Sues Postal Service on Behalf of SRO Tenants
- Drunk (UK) mailman threatens mayhem, grounded for half decade

May 04, 2009
- First-class rip-off: News experiment finds pricier priority mail isn't faster than 42-cent stamp -
- No one at fault in mail carrier's death -
- Obama's Federal Suggestion Box -
- Family rallies around pit bulls -
- As mail dwindles, post office struggles

May 03, 2009
- Federal Administrative Judge has Harsh Words for San Francisco USPS Management
- Postal Service Struggles Under Recession
- Request carriers stay off the lawn -
- Irritation rises at old stamping grounds

May 02, 2009
- Are Postal Workers Being Sickened by Paper Pollution?
- PRC Opens Comment Period On USPS 'Summer Sale' -
- Pit bulls put down day after Norwich attack on mail carrier -
- Canada Post urged to review home delivery
- Postal Worker Admits Stealing Money From Mail -
- New Wedding Stamps on Sale May 1

May 01, 2009
- NALC: Jointly issued details of MIARAP agreement now available: A training document jointly developed by the NALC and the Postal Service (M-01703), which details the parties' mutual understanding of the provisions of the Memorandum of Agreement, Re: Modified Interim Alternate Route Adjustment Process - 2009 (M-01702), is now available. M-01703 -

- Calif. postal worker opened cards, stole money
- Mail carrier caught with meth
- Washington Post: The Postal Service, whose carriers could be needed to deliver medications in a pandemic, has no antiviral medications stocked. -
- Arbitrator Grants Postal Nurses Raises, Job Security -
- Rep. Waxman asks postmaster general about mailbox removals in LA -
- APWU FMLA Forms Revised | APWU's revised FMLA Forms
- Mail carrier hospitalized after pit bull attack in Norwich
- Red Cross honors mail carrier for saving Grandville family's dog from fire
- Go postal on buttleggers: Congress must shut down mail-order cigarette tax cheats
- USPS Probes Security Breach
- APWU: Slide Show Boosts Labor’s Top Priority
- St. Louis man suspected in mail carrier shooting committed


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