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November 30, 2009
- Police: Drunken Mail Carrier Arrested -
  PEN Ed: Not a postal employee
- Postal Service future gets input from First Coast -
- Credit Card Solicitations on the Decline, USPS Hurting -
- Postal Service asks for return of equipment in Western NY

November 29, 2009
- The shrinking post office -
- Stamp of disapproval: Postal Service considers moving Marysville sort to Sacramento - Also see Mail center closure foes seek separate study

November 28, 2009
- Postal employees retire after more than 30 years -
- Holidays get busy for the Postal Service
- Norman hotel delivers home feel for public, postal workers

November 27, 2009
- Blizzard of catalogs stuff Americans' mailboxes: Merry mail or holiday headache? -
- Residents Speak Out Against Post Office Closures

November 26, 2009
- Curious to see who made the White House State Dinner? Who Made the Exclusive Guest List? -
- Everything You Need To Know About Full-Service Intelligent Mail Discounts - Also see Postal Affairs Blog - Black Monday? -

November 25, 2009
- To reduce costs: Postal Service focuses on internal management of mail transport equipment
- Holiday Packages: Who Ships Fastest, Cheapest?
  Hint: It isn't UPS or FedEx -
- Postmaster has Hatch Act problems? -
- SF postal worker who died on route ID’d
- USPS launches PO Box growth initiative
- Former postal employee sentenced for destroying mail
- Police: Census worker staged death to conceal suicide

November 24, 2009
- Letter carrier collapses, dies delivering mail -
- Northampton postal workers protest service cutbacks -
- Minneapolis to send mail to virtual mailboxes
- Postmaster pays price of doubting

November 23, 2009
- Russia's postal service to cut 33,000 managerial jobs in 2010 -
- Postal Service Trims List of Targeted Stations
- USPS redesigns to aid Mac users
- Package Delivered to Wrong Address Leads to Scam Arrest

November 22, 2009
- Hooah Mail! Postal service to speed up for soldiers in Afghanistan -
- FL Letter carrier arrested for mail theft

November 21, 2009
- Illinois man gets four months for restraining postal worker with ax handle -
- Postal Service backs down on SF closures
- Danville mail truck shooter indicted

November 20, 2009
- Postal Service calls for cuts of 40 Kalamazoo area jobs, $2.5 million -
- Blizzard of catalogs stuff America's mailboxes: Merry mail or holiday headache? -
- Pay Raises Set for Nov. 21
  - APWU and NPMHU 1.2%
  - NALC 1.9% and NRLCA 1.5%
- Leaking package sparks request of mailing public

November 19, 2009
- South Bend man charged with threatening postal carrier -
- Postal work is no walk in the park -
- The nitty-gritty of Open Season options
- London, KY mail sorting could move to Lexington
- Former Alabama Carrier Under Investigation for Mail Theft
- USPS' possible-closings list about to get shorter

November 18, 2009
- Mayor of North Pole, Alaska says The Grinch (USPS) has stolen Christmas -
- Feds charge Danville mail truck shooter -
- NEW USPS HR WEBSITE LAUNCHES TODAY (Note: You still must access the HR site from a USPS computer)

November 17, 2009
- Carrier found drunk inside Marion home -
- APWU Picketing C-Ville -
- 'Save Our Service': Postal workers fight for their jobs -
- Accounting change boosts USPS bottom line -
- Williamsburg Post Office Is Pissing People Off -
- 2 South Jersey post offices begin sales of greeting cards -
APWU: Arbitrator Rules Maximization Provision Only Applies to Work Hours of PTFs -
- Gillibrand, Tonko want reprieve for condemned post offices

November 16, 2009
- Too Many Holidays? -
- Mail center employees rally against job losses -
- One-stop shopping -
- OIG: Betting on the Postal Service? -
- Yuma mail carrier has unique bond with rural folk
- Former postal worker sentenced

November 15, 2009
- Mom of 'proud soldier' dissatisfied with postal service -
- USPS, UPS, FedEx Express and the RLA -
- Summer Sale Boosted Catalog Mailings, Paper Exec Says
- South side woman protests closure of post office

November 14, 2009
- Do not be fooled (Ed: Good article) -
- Mobile post office will not return to Jersey City

November 13, 2009
- Charges against Richmond, Va. Postal Workers Official Indefinitely Dropped -
- New developments about mail carrier and man accused of assaulting her -
- Man killed by VP's Secret Service vehicles -
- West Sunbury woman pleads guilty to Postal Service theft
- Netflix Spends $600 million on postage yearly

November 12, 2009
- Paducah postal worker gets 22 years probation on theft charge -
- PRC Investigation of Suspended Post Offices -
- Mishawaka, IN man arrested after assaulting mail carrier -
- Healthcare Reform End Game
- UPS to raise 2010 shipping rates

November 11, 2009
- Officials of Arkansas Postal Workers Local Indicted for Fraud -
- Fort Payne, AL postman accused of mail theft -
- US Attorney - Dozen Defendants (including a postal employee) Arrested For Passport Fraud -
- Police: Teens shot paint balls at letter carrier -
- Small-Parcel Shippers to Get USPS Rate Breaks
- Carrier was the Right person in the Right place at the Right time
- Gracious Montgomery, AL clerk teaches lesson

November 10, 2009
- Missing mail prompts investigation of former postal employee -
- Postal Service announces mix of price cuts, increases for 2010
- Mail carrier delivers help to veterans

November 09, 2009
- OIG: Disappearing Collection Boxes -
- So, Who Drew the Short Straw?
Do the new benefits approved for FERS employees give them a better deal than their older colleagues under the CSRS retirement plan? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey asked readers and he got an earful. -

November 08, 2009
- Company responds to closure fears -

November 07, 2009
- 35 Excessing Notices Go Out to Elmira Postal Workers (VIDEO) -
- Postman in fair condition after collision

November 06, 2009
- CSRS vs. FERS: Somebody's Got it Made! -
- Andrews: USPS must explain Logan Twp. closing
- Family of murdered Alabama mail truck driver searches for answers
- Post Office stops mobile service in Jersey City

November 05, 2009
- Annual/Sick Leave Into TSP Dollars? -
- Mail carrier found slumped in Boynton Beach stamped with DUI charge -
- FERS Sick Leave Cure: Rumor vs. Reality -
- Child Support Company Sued By U.S. Postal Service -
- Albany, NY Postal Customers Speak Out -
- How to avoid drowning in Open Season's flood of choices -
- Caught Like a Burglar With the Goods in Hand -
- Eight Challenges for a Postal Business Model -
- More than Stamps: Adapting the Postal Service to a Changing World -
- 2010 Shipping Services Prices (PDF 2.06 mb)
Effective January 4, 2010 | Also see U. S. Postal Service Announces 2010 Shipping Prices
- New Service Targets the Cost and Customer Service Impact of Undeliverable Shipments
- GAO: Postal Financial Challenges Continue, with Relatively Limited Results from Recent Revenue-Generation Efforts

November 04, 2009
- Who could replace Potter? -
- Summary of USPS HQ/Management Associations consultative meeting on October 28 -
- Mail Truck Rollover Kills Driver
- IRS Employee Pleads Guilty to Stealing Mail
- Are 19 L.A. communities losing their U.S. Post Offices?

November 03, 2009
- Family battles post office over shredded death certificate -
- Former Postal Employee Sentenced For Stealing From Mail -
- Postal carrier charged with littering after dumping mail -
- Pitney Bowes Asks - What’s next for the USPS? -
- Dear Mr. Postmaster General, you’ve started a trend… but… -
- Preference-Eligible Employees Should Look to the CBA
- USPS to release Intelligent Mail additions this month
- Wrong to close efficient postal center

November 02, 2009
- Postmaster faces man with gun at Post Office - Also see: Family: Post office job pressures led to threats
PEN Ed: I once worked for this PM when he was in
our city. He was the first supervisor in my career that
issued discipline for what he called 'extending time
for personal gain.' -
- Monday Morning Federal Newscast -
- Are There Other Viable Alternatives for 6-Day Delivery Operations? -
- The Challenge: Postal Wages and Discounts -
- Pricing Volume Mail -
- Dead letter - The world's ailing postal services -

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In Rain, in Snow, but Not on Saturdays?
Although your mailbox may be overflowing with catalogs and a few holiday cards may have started to appear, the United States Postal Service is in crisis. For fiscal year 2009, the Postal Service reported a net loss of $3.8 billion, despite more than $6 billion in cost cuts. Meanwhile, total mail volume fell by nearly 26 billion pieces, or 13 percent. -

APWU: Postal Projections for 2010 Spark Predictable - and Misplaced - Alarm
The Postal Service’s Integrated Financial Plan for Fiscal Year 2010 projects losses of $7.8 billion, and major mailers and USPS executives - along with some members of Congress - have pointed to this grim forecast as evidence that the Postal Service needs a major overhaul in order to avoid collapse. -

USPS wants to cut Saturday deliveries - is this a good business idea?
Smart Planet -

Berkeley Postmaster: Employee's tie part of uniform - Also see (from a city carrier) Mandating ties knot so bright -

Irvington, NJ postal carrier charged with stealing gift cards to buy Thanksgiving dinner provisions -

Postal workers awarded $75 million
Already facing billions of dollars in losses, the United States Postal Service was ordered earlier this year to pay $75 million in lost overtime to nearly 1,500 Pittsburgh-area union employees. -

Aircargo says "USPS cuts hours worth 65,000 jobs" -

$50,000 reward for help capturing N.J. post office robbers -

Postal Service Says Injuries and Illnesses Declined in FY 2009 -

Dunkin’ Donuts Makes A Special Delivery: Free Coffee To All United States Postal Service Letter Carriers -

Former Rural Carrier Accused of Workers Compensation Fraud -

Mail carriers protest postmaster's tactics
Saying they feared “workplace violence” brought on by an oppressive management style, about 20 letter carriers picketed outside the Chappaqua post office Monday afternoon. -

Post office fires woman diagnosed with leukemia
A North Smithfield woman who was diagnosed with leukemia said the post office intends to fire her because she used too much sick time. -

Ex-supervisor sues Postal Service over firing
A former Spokane postal supervisor is suing the U.S. Postal Service, saying it wrongly fired him after he refused to accept a late delivery of Netflix DVDs back in 2007. -

USPS Announces Short-term Supervisor Selection and Placement Process
The National League of Postmasters state "For quite some time now, the Management Associations have challenged Postal Headquarters on the significant number of supervisor vacancies and we are, therefore, gratified that something is finally being done about it." Read the Selection and Placement Memo -

Financial Plan for 2010 Retains Six-Day Delivery
“The 2010 plan, which estimates a revenue decline of $2.2 billion, a net loss of $7.8 billion, cost reductions of more than $3.5 billion and a reduction in mail volume of 11 billion pieces for the year, is based on the assumption that there will be no change in the number of delivery days per week, and no change in the current retiree health benefits payment schedule.” NALC Bulletin -

The Postage Discount No Mailer Wants
Dead Tree Edition -

Ex-postal worker gets 46 months in gasoline scam
Philadelphia Inquirer -

Senator: USPS to resume North Pole Santa letters
Washington Post

Rep. Ros-Lehtinen intervenes in postal staffing
Florida Keys -

Mail Volumes Have Declined Faster Than The Postal Workforce, But That Might Change
Dead Tree Edition -

UPS vs. FedEx vs. USPS. Which is best?
Practical eCommerce -

Can the Postal Service be Saved?
CBS News -

Postal Service to block 'Dear Santa' letters to North Pole, Alaska - Also see Congressional delegation to take on Postal Service over North Pole
The U.S. Postal Service, citing security and privacy concerns of children, will no longer forward "Dear Santa" letters to the Alaska town of North Pole, putting in jeopardy the town's 55-year-old volunteer letter-answering effort by the town. -

Also see: AK volunteers strive to save Santa letter service

Canada Post (contract) Letter Carrier Drops and Loses Mail (YouTube video) -

Do you feel Members of Congress should be forced to enroll themselves in the health care plan they vote for?
Congressman John Fleming - "In response to the almost 2 million Americans that have contacted my office in support of House Resolution 615, I have introduced an Amendment to the Pelosi health care bill that will automatically enroll all Members of Congress and all Senators in the public option." PEN Ed: If site is too busy with traffic try again later. -

The End of Mail? (Just Kidding)
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

Carrier charged with fraudulently obtaining disability pay in excess of $400,000 -

Police: Mail Carrier Found Drunk, Eating Leftovers
More on hungry drunk carrier -

USPS To End Saturday Service?
The Atlantic Monthly -

Those Who Tell Workers to Sacrifice Fail to Understand Postal Realities

Postal Service Ends 2009 with $3.8 Billion Loss
The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) today filed its 2009 fiscal year-end financial results, showing a net loss of $3.8 billion for the year — despite cost-cutting efforts resulting in $6 billion in cost savings and a $4 billion reduction in required payments for retiree health benefits.-

Fact & Fiction: The US Postal Service
APWU Web News Article -

Postal service, union officials disagree on delivery dates
Rocky Mount, NC mail carriers are being misinformed by their supervisors that the post office is trimming a day from weekly delivery starting next October, the head of the local postal worker’s union said. Postal officials deny the allegation. -

NYU prof: It's no longer 'going postal,' it's 'going Muslim' -

Potter insists on five-day delivery as part of Postal Service reform
John Potter, postmaster general and CEO of the US Postal Service, used the open session of the November 13 USPS Board of Governors meeting to press again for structural reform of the agency, insisting that real reform must reduce the number of delivery days from six to five per week. -

Postal Customer Satisfaction Score Reaches Four-Year High -

US Post Office doesn’t keep track of DUI records of it’s drivers? Umm… (see video) -

Postal Service Price List Effective January 4, 2010 -

Massa rips U.S. postmaster general, requests face-to-face meeting -

Supreme Court reviewing former postal employee's case
“When your supervisor grabs you and tells you he’s going to blow your brains out and you get fired, we know that in America that isn’t right,” -

Connolly seeks answers on long-term-care premiums, is skeptical about cuts in mail delivery -

How Does Labor Law Matter for the USPS? -

How Would You Make Over the U.S. Postal Service?
With bankruptcy looming, the U.S. post office needs a major fix. Inc. asked Inc. 500 CEOs how they would approach the problem. -

Congressman Hodes Wants Pay Plan For Cheated NH Postal Workers -

Also see: Somersworth postal union head claims time sheets were altered -

OIG Audit (revisited): Use of COR For Route Adjustments
While the Postal Service completed 15,634 routes using the COR system (Carrier Optimal Routing), it did not complete an additional 39,237 routes in the 32 districts reviewed.2 We also found that in the majority of cases it did not track reductions in vehicle mileage changes due to COR system route adjustments. -

Driving the Customer Away
The Postal Service has many problems not of its own making. What it doesn't need are postal employees creating new ones that could drive its largest customers away. -

Job Cuts or Wage Cuts
Alan Robinson, President of Direct Communications Group, says "...given the difficulty of selling eliminating long-standing contract provisions to their members, postal unions and the Postal Service are likely heading toward an arbitrated contract agreement where an arbitrator will be asked to make the choice between jobs and compensation." -

150 plants and 400,000 employees
On November 5th, former Deputy Postmaster General Michael Caughlin suggested that the Postal Service in order to survive must have a much smaller footprint with possibly 150 plants and 400,000 employees. He made his remark in response to a question of Representative Danny Davis at the hearing of the Federal Workforce, Postal Service and the District of Columbia Subcommittee of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. -

Postal Subcommittee Trolls for Data on New Postal Products
NAPUS Newsletter -

Union President Criticizes USPS For Lack of Diversity in Executive Staff
“It is inexcusable that women and people of color have been relegated to such a small role in the managerial structure..."
- View USPS Official Organizational Chart
- View Burrus Letter -

PRC Goldway Wary of Service Cuts
Postal Regulatory Commission Chairman Ruth Y. Goldway has called for a review of the U.S. Postal Service’s liability and payment schedule to fund its Retiree Health Benefit Fund (RHBF), according to testimony before a House Subcommittee. -

At hearing on future of Postal Service, no dearth of despondency
Washington Post Federal Diary: The sky outside the Rayburn House Office Building was bright Thursday morning, but it was all gloom and doom in Room 2154. PEN Ed: Watch This Hearing - Read Testimony -

Placement of Non-Bargaining Employees In An Off-Duty Status
Doug Tulino: VP, Labor Relations -

Postal Service: Rumors of death exaggerated
JOSEPH BRECKENRIDGE, USPS Communications, Alabama and North Florida: "The world is changing, but the Postal Service is not going away. Count on it." -

Postal Service eyes options beyond layoffs and buyouts
Government Executive -

Feds weigh impact of new FERS sick leave benefit
Federal Times -


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