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November 2010 News

November 30, 2010
Exit interview with PMG Potter - Shares Advice for USPS
Federal News Radio -

APWU Contract Talks Approach Deadline – USPS Extends Bidding -

Will Carper Help Save USPS?
The Big Fat Marketing Blog -

Congressman Petri Blasts Process for Moving Postal Facility, Requests Audit -

Mail handler sentenced for stealing 11000 packages -

USPS 2010 Comprehensive Statement on Postal Operations (PDF) -

OIG Intelligent Mail Report and Recommendations
Postal Affairs Blog -

Postal worker to plead guilty
Christopher Cooper, 48, was arrested and charged by federal authorities in October with stealing almost $90,000 from the U.S. Postal Service. -

NY post office to public: Please help Santa

Henning residents pray for justice in post office murders -

OSHA levies $46,200 in proposed penalties against US Postal Service in Des Moines, Iowa -

Postal Inspectors Investigate How Sensitive Mail Ended Up In Charlotte Man's Hands -

Wallingford, KY Post Office finances under scrutiny -

Mail truck flips, closes Interstate 10 ramp in Kenner, LA -

Woman Trying To Deliver Mail Crashes Into Post Office, Garage

Mail truck catches fire in Billings

November 29, 2010
Obama Proposes Two-Year Pay Freeze For Feds
According to the White House, the proposed freeze in civilian pay for federal employees would be for two years, 2011 and 2012, and would "apply to all civilian federal employees, including those in various alternative pay plans and those working at the Department of Defense - but not military personnel." - PEN Ed: if this happens will it affect USPS negotiations with the unions? what about possible arbitrations? -

APWU: Contract Negotiations Resume -

USPS sued by customer who slips in rain puddle -

Postal Service IG examines cyber incident data -

Holidays are no vacation for postal workers -

APWU: OSHA Fines USPS For Safety Violations in Los Angeles -

PostCom Asks Mailing Industry to Contact Congress Regarding The CSRS Over Payment - Postal Affairs Blog -

One postal union heads to contract arbitration; another extends talks -

High Costs and Lack of Training Are Barriers To Intelligent Mail - Dead Tree Edition -

Residents Demand Postmaster General Reopen Post Office -

November 28, 2010
The real facts and figures behind the Postal Service
Federal Times - Article written by Mark Strong - president of the National League of Postmasters and postmaster of Sun City, AZ. -

U.S. Postal Service spent too much on FedEx
The United States Postal Service is routinely castigated for losing money, but in a series of internal audits it has identified $94 million in unnecessary expenses linked to its lack of diligence under its FedEx mail-hauling contract. -

Cable and movie companies fear Netflix's new streaming - In a matter of months, movie delivery company Netflix has gone from being the fastest-growing first-class mail customer of the U.S. Postal Service to the biggest source of streaming Web traffic in North America during peak evening hours. -

Arkansas woman recalls career as postmaster -

November 27, 2010
A retired letter carrier charged with stalking two teenaged girls is also a well-known author in North Jersey -

Imagine A Saturday Without Mail -

OIG says "Prefund Pensions at 80 Percent and Retiree Health Care at 30 Percent" (PDF) -

Police calm man upset with carrier
If you're a letter carrier have you ever had this happen to you? -

Why I Cannot Stand Giving A Holiday Tip To My Mailman - Just another FYI - This writer asks for your opinion....please, give it to him. -

November 26, 2010
Incoming Postmaster General Taking Over Mail Service in Disarray -

Henning's wounds are deep - Violent post office deaths haunt residents every day -

Editorial: Postal prescription - Nation's mail service should have freedom to cope with change -

Postal Carrier Was Coke Peddler - Delivered $250K In Drugs To Bronx -

Postal Service needs flexibility to offset deficits
Yuma Sun -

NAPS President advises DPG & COO Donahoe "We continue to receive negative feedback from the field concerning the continuation of reductions to the number of EAS field positions during the heart of the 2010 Holiday Season." -

USPS October Financial Information (PDF)
Net income for October $283 million - SPLY for this period was a $221 million loss. -

Cost to operate Air Force One per hour? $181,757
Just FYI - Discuss this? try here PEN Politics Forum -

Postal Service Brief Filed
Postal Affairs Blog -

November 25, 2010
After losing billions, USPS to tie bonuses to finances
Washington Times -

Filipino Postal Workers Protest Cuts -

Postal Headquarters Announces Expiration of EAS Pay Package (2007-2010) -


43 postal jobs eliminated in Honolulu
...employees will be guaranteed at least part-time work, although many of those jobs would require transfers to the United States mainland. -

The tax man cometh: PostalEASE provides easy access to change state tax withholding information -

Canada Post carriers complaining because they have to "carry a bundle on their arms, one in their hand and another in a satchel over their shoulder." PEN Ed: sound familiar? -

No pencils needed: USPS entry exams now online -

Former Secretary Treasurer of APWU Local 190 Pleads Guilty -

A former Bangor post office worker has pleaded guilty to three federal charges after filing a false robbery report in April. -

Former Oak Forest mailman pleads guilty to theft -

November 24, 2010
OIG audit says "In fiscal year (FY) 2009, the Postal Service could have avoided paying almost 7 million of the 28 million overtime hours for full-time city letter carriers by maximizing available, lower cost carrier resources to deliver the mail. -

Postal Service, APWU to keep talking until Dec. 1
Washington Post - Also see - APWU: Contract Extended to Dec. 1 - Federal Times -

Rural carriers reject USPS proposal for wage freeze, benefits cuts - Federal Times -

US Postal Service Fined $220K For Carson Safety Hazards -

New Integrated Financial Plan Needed
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

Postal Service continues rate case appeal -

November 23, 2010
NALC Says USPS Press Release Full of Misinformation
The NALC tells us "A press release put out Sunday by the United States Postal Service is full of spin and distortions aimed at influencing public opinion." -

Fear grips Tenn. town after post office slayings -

Oshkosh Postal Workers Stage Informational Picket - Also see Editorial: Postal Service choice betrays Oshkosh  -

USPS at impasse in contract talks with rural carriers -

Understanding the U.S. Postal Service, Explained by the Federation of American Consumers -

Family wins lawsuit against Postal Service -

November 22, 2010
APWU Contract: Facing a Tradeoff
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer - Recent statements from APWU President Cliff Guffey clearly indicate that union leadership realizes that the next contract will result in a trade-off of job security and wages. -

Day starts early for local postal workers -

Postal outrage -

Let the post office change its business -

November 21, 2010
USPS Says Contract Negotiations Outcome Critical to Postal Service, Employee, Future -

Related: APWU: Contract Extended to Nov. 23; Union, USPS to Continue Talks  -

USPS Speeds Up FSS Start-Ups
Dead Tree Edition -

The NAPA Valley Register tells us "A 44-year-old man threw coffee at a U.S. Postal Service employee and stole his mail Saturday morning" -

Former Hingham, MA Postal Worker Hugson Jean Talks About Erika Winchester's Racist Attack - YouTube -

Postal Service hotel gets stamp of approval -

Editorial: Congress must act on Postal Service
The News Herald - Ohio -

APWU Joins UNI Discussion Of Future of Women in the Workforce -

November 20, 2010
Tasteless and Demeaning Comments from Congresswoman Foxx -

Mail test finds delivery unaffected by Olivehurst sorting facility's closure -

To save the Postal Service, modernize
Politico - Opinion by Sen. Carper -

Postal service says carrier acts disrupting mail service are rare -

USPS Move Update - Mailer Advisement Policy (PDF)

November 19, 2010
Postal Worker Saved By Coworkers -

Postal Service considers customer experience improvements -

Notice: Closing of the Lancaster, Tennessee post office

NAPUS Expresses Outrage Over Retention Payments to USPS Executives -

Postcom tells us "We're shocked! Shocked, we tell you. The Postal Service has opposed any intervention by any of the parties who were going to be tagged with higher rates as a result of its exigency request. Perhaps we'll need to wait until after December 3rd for the Postal Service to come back to its senses." - via PostCom -

Lack of sponsor means no postal service food drive -

CORPUS CHRISTI - Authorities issued a warrant for the arrest of a U.S. Postal Service supervisor, suspected of taking more than 100 Walmart gift coupons. -

Relatives of slain postal workers speak out - Also see Post office issues plea for help in solving killing of clerks in Henning, Tenn. -

Man accused of Post Office threat now facing federal charges -

November 18, 2010
Regarding the $8.5 billion loss NALC says "take away two key complications that are completely beyond the Service’s control, and you’re left with the real story: that postal losses instead amounted to about $500 million—still a lot of money, but considerably lower than $8.5 billion, and down by more than 50 percent from last year’s $1.1 billion loss." -

APWU's Pres. Guffey: USPS Will Have to Do Better -

Contract carrier sentenced for stealing 180 fake hydrocodone tablets -

MD letter carrier struck by car

APWU: Union Pushes for Job Security -

OSHA proposes $287,000 in fines against USPS in Bluefield, W. VA for exposing workers to electrical hazards -

U.S. Postal Service study finds consolidation could save money, eliminate Saginaw positions -

Former Hingham letter carrier defends posting video -

Another rant by CATO's Tad DeHaven -

Postal Service to transfer 35 Milwaukee area jobs -

Letters to Santa
Your Postal Blog

November 17, 2010
Retiring postmaster gets another big payday amid financial crisis - Also see Washington Post: Potter's exit deal may hit $5.5 million -

Despite the news headlines that last year the Postal Service lost $8.5 billion, you might think about stepping back to learn the realities behind the headlines. Separating sensational headlines from reality will be the first and most difficult challenges that you face in your new jobs and for those returning for another term. - via PostCom -

Police arrest Lynn, MA postal worker on drug charges -

Oshkosh Postal Jobs At Risk -

D.C. postal workers injured in storms

Judge orders Akron postal worker to repay nearly $15000 in workers comp fraud case -

The Social Value of Mail
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

Outgoing postmaster general's golden parachute
Washington Post - Postmaster General John E. Potter could earn about $5.5 million in deferred compensation, retirement benefits and accrued annual leave for the rest of his life when he leaves the U.S. Postal Service next month, according to financial statements. Also see Federal Times Postmaster General leaving with generous compensation package  -

USPS Pays 25% Annual Bonus to Executive VP Vegliante -

APWU Pres. Guffey: ‘Real Efforts’ to Reach Agreement Begin -

Mail sorting firms pay $4.2 million for defrauding Postal Service -

November 16, 2010
USPS 2010 Form 10-K
CFO J. Corbett was paid $75,000, recruitment payment, by USPS - $50,000 paid in 2009 and $25,000 deferred. Total 2010 compensation for PMG Potter is $798,418. See report for all compensation and benefits. -

Related: Millionaire Postal Executives Are Underpaid, Consultant Says - Dead Tree Edition -

Postal Carrier Seen Throwing Away Mail
Federal authorities are conducting an investigation after 10 Investigates captured video of a postal carrier throwing away mail in a Dumpster. -

YouTube rant not first time Mass. woman went postal
The Smoking Gun -

2010 tax booklets won’t be mailed -

Former Walker County Alabama postal worker gets five years probation in money order scheme -

Ripley man files harassment complaint against postal service - RIPLEY, TN (WMC-TV) - A Ripley man who claims he's being followed by postal inspectors has now filed an official complaint. Sammie Lee Haley is being followed by postal inspectors investigating the murders of two employees inside the Henning Post Office. -

GAO: The Federal Government’s Long-Term Fiscal Outlook - (PDF) Just FYI - These long-term simulations show that absent additional policy actions the federal government faces unsustainable growth in debt. -

Could Possible US Postal Bankruptcy Derail Netflix?

November 15, 2010
APWU President Cliff Guffey says "Until now, the Postal Service has not been serious about negotiating. We hope to change that" -

USPS puts significant blame on shift to online communication for $8.5 billion loss - Yahoo News -

Create Customized Cards, Produce Personalized Postage -

More USPS red ink to lead to bloodletting
Federal News Radio -

The Real Reasons for the USPS' Worst Year Ever!
OpEd News -

Give USPS a viable trust-fund payment schedule
Federal Times - Opinion -

From Ruth Goldway - PRC Chairman: By year’s end, we expect to issue our Advisory Opinion in Docket N2010-1 evaluating the Postal Service’s proposal to eliminate Saturday mail service to homes and businesses nationwide. The Commission plans to conclude its public inquiry and issue its findings in Docket PI2010-1, on the emergency suspension of post offices. -

FEHBP Premiums: Feds Bite Dog Story!
Federal News Radio -

DISH NETWORK - Support PEN's new sponsor Dish Network. Check it out!

November 14, 2010
Oshkosh City Manager Mark Rohloff wonders if there's more than just cost savings behind the United States Postal Service's reconsideration of closing its Oshkosh mail processing center. -

Meet the Volvo-Driving Racist Mailman Harasser -

Feds revving up electric car fleet
Federal Times -

VP Biden Friend Appointed to USPS Board of Governors -

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More Postal News

November 13, 2010
Postal Service to manage losses with more workforce cuts -

Letter carrier wasn’t fired over alleged attack, officials say - Also see Racist rant haunts actress - USPS: Rant unrelated to status of Mass. ex-worker  -

How Quickly Can the Postal Service Implement a Rate Increase? Dead Tree Edition -

Issa to Push for Postal Service Changes
NY Times -

November 12, 2010
USPS Likely To Go Broke At Close of 2011 Without Help From Congress - USPS ends 2010 with $8.5 BILLION loss -

Related: Sen. Carper Reacts to Historic Postal Service Losses -

The documentary Murder By Proxy: How America Went Postal returns Monday to the Landmark’s Main Art Theater -

Postal Worker Secretly Films Customer's Racist Rant - Also see U.S. postal worker verbally and physically abused by racist woman  -

Pay, Pensions, Premiums Under the Knife
Federal News Radio -

Rank and File Bargaining Committee Scheduled to Arrive in Washington, DC -

Test sought of greeting cards including postage
Washington Post - The Postal Service wants to test the idea of letting greeting card companies preprint postage on the envelopes they include with their cards. -

Possible Growth Agenda for the New Congress?
Writing for the Wall Street Journal Arthur Laffer says "the government should sell its stakes in public companies acquired via TARP, sell government-run enterprises that lose money (e.g., Amtrak and the Postal Service), end farm subsidies that pay people not to farm, cancel the rest of the stimulus and return all spending programs to their pre-stimulus levels." -

Ex-Postal Worker Faces Perjury in the North Pole -

Postal worker convicted of opening students' mail -

USPS's Action Delays Announcement of New Postal Rates - Dead Tree Edition -

Upcoming DMM Change: Attachments on Letter-size Mail -

Letter Carriers Union Protests Work Conditions -

Couple claim harassment after post office slayings

Reward offered in killing of Arlington postal worker

November 11, 2010

Mail Carriers Launch Campaign To Boost Safety
A national safety campaign has been launched by postal carriers to keep them safe this fall and winter. The National Association of Letter Carriers has started a campaign called Leave the Light on for Your Letter Carrier. -

Former OK postal worker gets probation for stealing veterans' meds from mail -

How Does Walmart Offer Free Shipping?
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

Burrus Says S. 3831 Needs Major Modifications -

Postmaster General Honors Burrus at the Bargaining Table -

Ex-Republic postmaster gets probation -

Mail carrier injured in rollover in Albany Township -

USPS Bulk Mail Verification Issues?
Postal Affairs Blog -

November 10, 2010
Mailman Charged In Federal Investigation Leak
WSB Atlanta - “This defendant attempted to get in the way of our mission to protect the nation's mail system,” said Atlanta postal inspector Martin Phanco. “He was entrusted as a postal employee with sensitive information and chose the wrong side.” -

Interview: Ruth Goldway, chairman of the Postal Regulatory Commission - DM News -

Ex-Marines, including a postal employee, Busted for Allegedly Selling "Assault Weapons"
The deal took place at a U.S. Postal Service building where Miguel A. Ortiz worked. -

Will GOP House Impact Postal Issues?
The Big Fat Marketing Blog -


Postal worker convicted of opening envelopes
St. Louis Today -

Granite Falls man pleads guilty to assaulting postal carrier -

Amid changes on Capitol Hill, Postal Service faces uncertain future - GovExec.com -

Postal workers upset with consolidation plan -

What's Next? A New View of Exigency
In a word… chaos! And chaos is good for postal customers -

PostalOne! Woes Continue
Postal Affairs Blog -

Teens steal from postal delivery vehicle

Mailbox Explodes In Calvert County MD

November 09, 2010
2011 Postal Payroll Calendar
from Your Postal Blog

Postal Service petitions court to rush rate hike decision -

Three Research Contracts Awarded by Postal Regulatory Commission -

Postal Service studies consolidation of Huntsville, AL facility with Birmingham -

Burbank Brothers Arraigned on Federal Charges of Defrauding Federal Workers’ Compensation Program
Two brothers pleaded not guilty to federal charges that allege they submitted bills that fraudulently sought hundreds of thousands of dollars from a government workers’ compensation program for supposedly transporting injured Postal Service employees to medical appointments that never took place. -

Interest builds in potential for USPS switch to electric vehicles -

November 08, 2010
USPS highway contract route supplier arrested on racketeering charge, 21 counts of theft - PEN Ed: If site desires login, read story at our comments > -

Guidelines for Fiscal Year 2010 Pay-for-Performance Mitigating Factors re-issued by Postal Headquarters (PDF) - NAPUS -

"This Week In Postal".........the latest podcast posted now! -

OIG: Postal Service Customer Service – Is It Working for You? -

APWU: Guffey Pledges to Continue The Fight for Working Families -

Comment on OIG Audits

Federal worker cost-cutting contest finalists announced
Washington Post - PEN Ed: Did USPS tell postal employees about this contest? -

Senate bill could make it easier to close local P.O. -


USPS says mail handler violated LCA - last chance agreement. -

Research Shows That Royal Mail Customers Would Accept Five Day Service - Hell Mail UK -

November 07, 2010
Former Station Managers Thoughts Regarding PMG Potter Retirement -

Former North Pole postal worker indicted on perjury charge -

Modernizing Postal Service well worth it
Journal and Courier opinion -

Bicyclist Killed by Mail Truck

November 06, 2010
GOP Tidal Wave Will Impact USPS, Postal Issues

Mail delivery gets stamp of approval after Chicago Sun-Times report  -

Going postal - Sending explosives through the post has a long and murky history - The Economist -

Louisiana Window Clerk Charged With Misappropriating approximately $114,363.25 - see employee record -

U.S. lodges concerns on Japan postal reform bill -

Retired postal employee decries bullying, kills self -

Former Vermont postmaster gets probation in mail case -

North Pole postal worker questioned over missing mail

November 05, 2010
‘Tis the Season and the Postal Service Message is Simple(r) -

PostCom advises us that the U.S. Court of Appeals has granted the Postal Service’s motion for expedited consideration of its appeal in the “exigency” rate case. -

Canadian postal workers' video blog makes negotiations more transparent -

Postal Affairs Blog responds to MTAC message written by USPS MTAC Co-Chair Steve Kearney -

USPS VP Tony Vegliante Inducted As National Academy of Human Resources Fellow -

How the elections may hit your TSP fund
Federal News Radio -

Attitude Check in Henning, Tennessee After Double Murders -

Royal Mail trials evening deliveries -

Small-town and rural post offices targeted
Macon.com opinion -

Carriers picket CA post office
LONG BEACH - More than 100 mail workers picketed downtown Thursday to protest what they say are rapidly deteriorating working conditions in local post offices. -

Mail carrier struck by vehicle -

Man sentenced for robbing postal carrier -

The AZ IndyMedia says "The idiots at the U.S. Post Office now require a credit card to change your address or forward your mail." -

November 04, 2010
APWU President Refutes Unrealistic View of the USPS - Read Burrus Letter to Akron Beacon Journal (PDF) -

The Election Is Over Now Fix The Postal Service
Article via PostCom -

Amazon.com pays $1.5M to settle U.S. Postal Service investigation -

Open Season Begins Monday November 8 -

Question: Who Uses Mail to do Business? (PDF)

APWU Must Fight for Our Future In Wake of Tough Congressional Elections -

USPS 'Honors' Sen. Byrd With Plant Consolidations  - Dead Tree Edition -

Pay Freeze and Job Cuts, and Furloughs, Oh My!
Federal News Radio -

Hits and Misses in Parcel Pricing
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

November 03, 2010
With GOP win, Issa previews his oversight plans
House Republicans made historic gains Tuesday, ensuring Rep. Darrell Issa's role as one of the Obama administration's top antagonists. The California Republican is set to lead the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, a panel with wide jurisdiction over government operations, federal workers, the District of Columbia and the U.S. Postal Service. Issa states "There are too many postal workers, too many distribution centers, too many post offices and a reluctance to make changes." -

Ex-APWU union official admits embezzling up to $200K from organization - John McGovern, 54, told U.S. District Judge Faith S. Hochberg he conspired with the former president of APWU Local 190 of the North Jersey Division of the American Postal Workers International Union to steal $200,000 from 2000 to 2002. -

Offering Sensor Network Services Using the Postal Delivery Vehicle Fleet (PDF) - PRC -

Related: Michael J. Ravnitzky, chief counsel to PRC chair Ruth Goldway, submitted the Sensor Network Services paper linked above. This subject was addressed by the Dead Tree Edition back in August 2010 -

There’s a New Sheriff In Town and The Old Boss, Same As the New Boss - NAPUS Newsletter -

PostCom tells us "Sen. Thomas Carper (D-DE) will be holding a hearing on S. 3831, the "Postal Operations Sustainment and Transformation Act of 2010" on December 3. Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) is expected to introduce shortly a postal bill of her own." -

The United States Postal Service is a Microcosm of America as a Whole - The Wattree Chronicle -

Management Proposes “Equal Work For Less Pay”
Postal-iNDY.com -

USPS Prices Last Mile Aggressively in 2011
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer - Also see Hits and Misses in Parcel Pricing -

Touted benefit of Carper's Postal Service bill really a flaw - Rolando via delawareonline.com -


November 02, 2010
Is Advertising Mail Dieing or Are New Uses Replacing Old? - Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

USPS a model of inflexibility
Longmont Times -


Judge approves $750,000 settlement for girl whose father, a postal employee, was slain by Inglewood police -

November 01, 2010
Federal pay and benefits could change with new Congress - GovExec.com -

APWU: USPS Wage, Benefit Proposal: An Insult to Postal Workers -

Where do CFC donations go? Not always where you think - Federal Times -

Abandoning the mail
DM News -

'You've Got Maelstrom'
When the recession hit and compounded challenges already unique to the U.S. Postal Service, CHRO Anthony Vegliante rose to the occasion by helping to lead an agency-wide transformation. -

Your mail on an electric delivery cart: Postal Service goes greener -

- Western Pa. housing tenants oppose loss of mail -
- PRC Monthly Commission Public Meeting (MP3) -
- Royal Mail profits drop 70%
- Woman arrested while attempting to mail a mummy by parcel post
- Truck delivers destruction to post office
- Salinas man convicted in 2008 slaying of US Postal worker
- Netflix Streaming Officially Bigger Than DVD Rentals
- Heath Post Office hit by vehicle again
- Post Office offers $100K for information on HISD mail scare
- Mail carrier found guilty of theft of mail in Cairo, Georgia
- Post office survivor annuity
- Guilty verdict for Cairo mail carrier
- How Will The PRC Decision Impact Small Parcels?
- Industry mail center targeted again in consolidation study
- Posties still getting sick at Canada Post office
- San Jose: Mail carrier recovering after attack by two dogs
- Postman who stole so many letters he had to move out of his flat is jailed (UK)- FedEx, UPS: Destined to Be More Alike
- Drugged Out (in a good way) Federal Workers
- Rural carrier finds copperhead snake mailbox
- Postal carrier admits stashing 12K pieces of mail
- Post office sale falls through; building back on the market for $5M
- Three Kansas City post office branches marked for closure
- New Agreement for USPS Business Services Administrators - Postal Affairs Blog
- Study to look at moving postal jobs from Alexandria to Shreveport
- Study: Close Daytona Beach Post Office
- Pipe Bomb Explodes In Albuquerque Mailbox
- U.S. Postal Service considering moving Lufkin processing plant
- Postal service offers seminar on becoming a contract deliverer
- Mail truck runs over 4-year-old


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