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October 30, 2008
- APWU: USPS Proposed Revisions to ELM Sections 512, 513 and 515 Appealed to Arbitration
- Sacramento Man Arrested In Anthrax Hoax
- Financial crisis has some feds delaying retirement

October 29, 2008
Retired postal supervisor will face charges
- NAPS Legislative and Regulatory Update -
- 2 New York postmasters accused of mishandling money
Texas Carrier Pleads Guilty to Stealing Mail
FDIC warns banks of threatening letters
- FBI, USPS seek public's assistance on white powder letters
- NAPUS: While We Were Watching the Presidential Campaign …
- ELM Revision: Processing Requests for Leave Under FMLA
- Handbook EL-307 Revision: Changes to Reasonable Accommodation Policies
- Health Benefits Open Season and Federal Employees Health Benefits

October 28, 2008
- Tight times strain postmasters -
- NALC-USPS Reach New Agreement On Expedited Route Adjustments (PDF) -
- USPS Looks To Cut 40000 Jobs In First Layoff In History -
- Through Rain, Sleet, Snow -- But Perhaps Not Lean Times -
- Arizona post office testing vehicle that costs 4 cents per mile
- Truckee, CA lost mail still under investigation

October 27, 2008
- S. Idaho police search for postal worker
- Post office plans to privatize bulk mail -
- Postal routes to be changed in Port Huron

October 26, 2008
- President, National League of Postmasters - Rumors -
- Creation of BMC Task Force to Defend Mail Handler Work at the BMCs
- USPS 2009 Changes - True or False? -
- Nearly 5000 Missourians missing government checks
- Teen shot mail carrier with paintball, cops say

October 25, 2008
- APWU: Four-Day Week Has Finally Arrived -
- Assignment of City Delivery - Contracting Out Moratorium
- Interim Alternate Route Adjustment Process
- What Happened to Pre-Retirement Counseling? -
- Shooting Suspect, A Postal Employee,  Chased and Caught -
- The Two Tour Initiative - Trenton Local -
- First-Ever Layoffs Loom at Postal Service -

October 24, 2008
- Harvey letter carrier delivers mail with police escort after evading gunfire along her route | Also see Neither Rain, Nor Sleet, Nor Gloom of Night...But Screw Bullets -
- Former Parachute postal worker gets probation on drug charge

October 23, 2008
- Most Dangerous Block In U.S.? Mail Delivery Halted
- PEN Reader Comments on USPS RIF's
- More letters with powder and threats turn up here
- Charges dropped against former mail carrier
Canadian postal rates on the rise again
- "Mail Angel" Comes To The Rescue After Woman Falls
- Royal Mail doubles profit

October 22, 2008
- An Open Letter to the Postmaster General -
- Ask President Burrus - VER Questions
- Powder-laced letters sent to banks in 9 cities
- Penalty Overtime, Casual Exception Periods Set

October 21, 2008
- RIF's In the Postal Service -
- Less mail, ailing economy have postal workers mulling early-out
- MISSING MAIL: Feds investigate Truckee's lost letters
- Canada Post workers vote overwhelmingly in favor of strike
- APWU: Penalty Overtime, Casual Exception Periods Set
- Car plows into Loveland post office; 1 hurt
- STREET SCENE - Limited USPS T-Shirt Exposure
- Cashing In On The COLA

October 20, 2008
- PMG Replaces USPS Top Cop -
- Postal service cutbacks could affect customers -
- USPS Offers Employee Deal On Higher Education
- Senior citizens say their mail goes astray
- Frederick's post office upholds USPS culture of diversity

October 19, 2008
- USPS 2009 Wish List
  Rick Owens: PEN Editor
It seems apparent to us that delivery operations, both city and rural, may undergo drastic changes during 2009 if USPS gets their wish. Read our editorial relating to this subject. -

- Owner claims his dog is not vicious -
- Mail Carriers On Python Patrol In South Florida -
- Postal carrier arrested -
- Stamp of approval

October 18, 2008
- Former Postal worker pleads guilty to threats -
- Postal Workers Indicted For Stealing

October 17, 2008
- Top Federal Postal Cop Retires in Wake of ABC News Investigation -
- Report: Maintain USPS monopoly  -
- Mad about Postal Nonservice
- Pit bull owner guilty in dog's mail carrier attack
- 10 year Postal Service employee charged with fraud and theft
- APWU: Retirees to Get Big Cost-of-Living Raise | Also see: Best COLA Since 1982 On The Way for retired federal and military personnel, and people who get Social Security benefits
- FEMA likely to use former postal encoding center for disaster relief
- Two Los Olivos postal workers thrilled to be named grand marshals of their town's event

October 16, 2008
- USPS Plans Major Changes for Delivery Cost Savings
  PDF File - Source: NALC Branch 709 -
- APWU: Tour 2, Early-Outs, Four-Day Workweeks -
- The Role of the United States Postal Service in Public Safety and Security - Implications of Relaxing the Mailbox Monopoly
Read Full Document (PDF - 1.1 MB)
- USPS Report on Universal Postal Service and the Postal Monopoly
- The postman always rings nice
- Following the Herd? TSP Investors Moving Billions into the G Fund
- Man Accused Of Threatening Letter Carrier, Escaping Custody

October 15, 2008
- Launch of "Pushing the Envelope" Blog
- The Two Tour Initiative
- USPS eliminates 87 collection points in Chattanooga -
- Mail carrier’s love story - 'A Match Made in Mud'

- Postal service to work with city on island mail

More Postal News
October 14, 2008

- 2008 Open Season and Other Benefits and Payroll Election Opportunities - Postal Bulletin
- Mail Carrier Catches Young Children Burning Cat
Mayor issues plea for isle post offices to reopen
- Equipment Maintenance Allowance Schedule for Rural Routes | Also see Rural Carrier Guarantee Period
Postmaster's pride
- Melissa Data to Showcase SmartMoverSM Unlimited 48-Month NCOALink® at DMA ‘08

October 13, 2008
- Postal carriers deserve more protection
- White powder scares cost law enforcement time, money

October 12, 2008
- Next step for USPS: Layoffs? -
- Post Office Woes

October 11, 2008
- USPS is cutting back with offers of early retirement -
- Rattlesnake In Mailbox Bites Letter Carrier -
- Layoff: A Term Used Where It Was Once Unheard Of -
- Belt tightening reaches USPS
- An Post carriers say they're being terrorized by children
- Two women admit taking postal funds
- Postal Service One of Best Companies for Hispanics

October 10, 2008
- NALC's Young Denounces Video from USPS Management About Street-Only Work -
- APWU Activists Work to ‘Defend Our BMCs’
- Cops: Mail carrier stole checks from woman on route
- W.Va. post offices adjusting hours during economic crisis
- Pit bull owner on trial for mail-man attack -
- TSP Market Timing Alert - Fed News Radio
- DIG to hold another post office protest
- Mail carrier helps injured woman
- US Postal Service in review

October 09, 2008
  Mail Handlers - NPMHU -
- US Postal workers promote using the USPS
 - Sartell, MN woman charged with three counts of mail theft

October 08, 2008
- Postmaster gets 17-and-a-half years
- Health Premiums: You Really Want The Truth?
 Also see 2009 Health Insurance Rates: How Much Will Your Rate Change?
- Tailor federal health plan, young, healthy, childless say
- Two Houston mail carriers charged in federal indictments
- KY postal worker indicted on theft charges -
- Mail carrier airlifted to hospital after collision
- 22 Postal Workers Share $10.2 Million Powerball Jackpot Prize
- Autistic Canada Post mail carrier faced discrimination

October 07, 2008
- Arizona City residents win fight for street delivery of mail
- TX Postal worker indicted for mail theft
- To Endorse Or Not
- Direct Mail: Paying For Your Undeliverable Mail
- APWU: 9 More U.S. Reps. Co-Sponsor Mail Network Protection Act
- Shiny new post office isn't so shiny
- Dog attack stops mail deliveries for two weeks

October 06, 2008
- Pilot program offers Milwaukee postal carriers safe havens
- Playing Political Hardball -
- What is the postal savings bank?
- World will salute postal workers Thursday - USPS?
Government Announces New Anthrax Attack Response Measures

October 05, 2008
- Military seeing increase in mail
- We Should End The Unfair Monopoly Enjoyed By The Post Office - Los Angeles Chronicle -

October 04, 2008
- Mail carriers disciplined -
- Illinois area postal worker to plead guilty -
- USPS Financial Difficulties And the Possibility of Layoffs -
- Postal Service considers layoffs
- First Circuit bars suit alleging US postal employee stole campaign mail
- 200K login credentials found on crimeware server October 03, 2008
- At the Postal Service, Talk of Layoffs -  USPS RIF? -
- Researcher finds evidence of massive site compromise -
- Jury convicts ex-postal worker of fraud -
- APWU: Dispute Over Notification to Locals of Subcontracting Appealed to Arbitration
- Feds move to protect Postal Service workers in the event of another anthrax-like bioterrorist attack
- VERA TIMELINE: Field EAS, Field PCES, Postmasters and Area Office PCES and EAS
- Neither snow, nor rain, nor _ aw, the heck with it: Feds say ex-carrier hid undelivered mail
- Mailboxes Might Have to Be Moved Off Porches
- 2 men rob Clute, TX Post Office
- Unlocking mystery of abandoned Canada Post mailbag
- Postal service vows to shorten wait time
- Special Pot Delivery

October 02, 2008
- USPS Vision 2013
Read Vision 2013 - Read Vision 2013 Overview
- VER Timeline Released for Postmasters/EAS -
- Postal Worker Attacked With Hammer Over Man -
- Mail carriers to bring drugs in anthrax attack
- Post office confirms one of its workers was killed in crash
- PMG Kicks Off Year-long Conservation Campaign
- Postal fire delays Brian Moore’s Presidential candidacy papers seven weeks

October 01, 2008
- Jury watches video of ex-postal worker -
- Former mail carrier accused of 'Seinfeld'-like act
- Postman? Wait a minute, cops say, he's a Potman
- APWU: USPS' Bleak Financial Picture -
- Health Plans: Is Anybody Happy?
- New federal export requirements go into effect
- Sick of junk mail? Opt-out strategies reduce mailbox waste

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