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October 30, 2009
- Mail carrier wouldn’t pick up ballots -
- Postal carrier made change that kept mail from Chesapeake couple -

October 29, 2009
- Ex-Postal employee accused of pulling gun on former supervisors -
- Two postal employees plead guilty in theft of postal items -
- Your Gold-Plated Health Plan -
- Post office roof collapses
- Patients' medical records land in man's mailbox
- Social Security to Host Webinar for Wounded Warriors
- Mailman wins $50,000 on 'Millionaire'
- Teen arrested in robbery of St. Louis mail carrier

October 28, 2009
- APWU Urges Locals to File OSHA Complaints Over Electrical Hazards -
- Danville man arrested on charges of shooting at a Danville mail truck
- Maryland Woman Pleads Guilty to Mailing Threatening Letters

October 27, 2009
- Taxing Your Health Premiums -
- Why doesn't the USPS want a price increase in 2010? -
- Grand Forks mailman accused of drunk driving placed on unpaid leave, could face discipline -

October 26, 2009
- Former Mount Pleasant postal worker appeals federal sentence -
- Feds On a Winning Streak -
- Mail is the workhorse of b-to-b marketing -
- Old Picture of the Day: Mail Truck
- ‘Move your mailbox,’ residents told
- Reward in mail carrier robbery

October 25, 2009
- Grand Forks mail carrier arrested on DUI charge -
- Nor rain, nor tweet ...Post office fights to survive in the Internet age -

October 24, 2009
- Postal facility to close, cost 86 jobs -
- Post Office sees decline in direct mail service

October 23, 2009
- Unions Protest As Health Insurers Plot to Kill Reform -
- Nebraska postal worker indicted on embezzlement charge -
- Former Mount Pleasant postal worker gets 33 months -
- Return to sender -
- Ghostly Postal Employee
- APWU: FY 2010 Casual Exception Period Set | 2009 Penalty Overtime Exclusion Period Set | 1.2% Raise Effective Nov. 21, 2009

October 22, 2009
- Federal Times wants to know "Did anyone take the USPS buyouts?" -
- MPD Chief's (postal employee) Brother Arrested -
- Council May Urge Congress to Save Post Offices
- Lawmakers say Senate health care bill could hit feds with new taxes
- USPS Mobile

October 21, 2009
- Wednesday Morning Federal Newscast -
- Postal Service Goes Mobile
- Postman Aces Test -
- Byrd, Rockefeller Defend Post Office -
- Teen flasher bares it all to letter carrier -
- Ex-Postal Clerk Gets Probation In Theft Of Pain Medication -
- Three Arrested in Connection With U.S. Post Office Robbery in Effingham County -

October 20, 2009
- Postal inspectors take over mail truck robbery investigation -
- Federal employees are clock watchers -
- NJ postal center should be salvaged -
- Jail Time For Mail Stealer

October 19, 2009
- NJ residents fear two post offices will close
- Mail truck crashes into utility pole, injuring driver
- HB rallies to head off post office closure
- Deltona Centralizing 2,200 Curbside Mailboxes
- APWU: Pay Raise Set for November 21

October 18, 2009
- Commentary: Temptation and the Netflix bandit -
- Fix postal deficit by getting real -
- 5 QUESTIONS for Dean Granholm, V.P. of delivery and post office operations for the U.S. Postal Service
- USPS truck driver kidnapped, robbed

October 17, 2009
- Post Office cuts off neighborhood after dogs bite mailmen, twice -
- I Hate Earth Class Mail's Exorbitant Price Hike -
- Letter Carriers Honored for Heroism

October 16, 2009
- Ex-mail handler admits theft of video games in envelopes -
- VP Veglianti On End of Year PFP -
- In Digital Era, Marketers Still Prefer a Paper Trail -
- Okla. man arrested in central Calif. mail bombing
- Mailed Pipe Bombs Lead To Area Arrest

October 15, 2009
- USPS first agency to release data on greenhouse gas emissions -
PMG To Postal Customers - No 2010 Rate Increases On Market Dominant Products -
- Additional Information on Cross-Craft Reassignments -
- Businesses urged to get involved in USPS restructuring -
- Congress & Your Health Plan: Bullseye or Misfire?
- Wheeling Postal Workers Hold Informational Picket
- Postal Service eyes possible closure of San Antonio branches

October 14, 2009
- Postal Workers Protest, USPS Weighs In | Unions Site -
- Man learns tough lesson when insulin delayed in mail -
- Burrus Issues Challenge to PMG Potter -
- “Pay for Performance” not performing this year -
- Pitney Bowes Accuses Zumbox Of Patent Infringement -
- Post office refuses to deliver mail after man puts up new box
- The Courier, Express, and Postal Business and the Nobel Prize

October 13, 2009
- Postal Workers Picket at Scottsville Rd. Office -
- Investigators following up on tips in postal worker’s death
- Carrier suspended; post office investigating
- Offended contract postal carrier responds
- Postmaster by day Comedian, Artist and Illustrator by Night
- Problem Postal Proposals

October 12, 2009
- Timely delivery: Mail carrier saves man's life -
- Federal agents charge pair with mail crimes
- The Singing Letter Carrier
- Residents gather to remember beloved mail carrier

October 11, 2009
- Goshen postal carrier pleads guilty -
He admitted to hiding mail that had accumulated in vacant boxes.
- Why Do Federal Workers Make Twice As Much As Private-Sector Workers? PEN Ed: Just thought you may want to add your thoughts regarding this ignorant article. -
- Would-be Post Office buyer misses second deadline

October 10, 2009
- Employees protest closing of N.J. distribution center -
- FERS Sick-Leave Provision In Defense Conference Agreement - NAPUS newsletter -

October 9, 2009
- Postal Service Pays Some Workers To Do Nothing -
- FERS 'flu' cure a "done deal" -
- Postal carrier pleads guilty to mail stockpiling -
- The Times Are a-Changin' for Postal Service -
- Potter Doesn't Want to Hike Postage Rates in 2010 - What's Happening To The Post Office?
- Package leaks mercury at Wichita post office
- Update on Gamefly Complaint With USPS That Netflix and Blockbuster Get Preferential Treatment
- Postal Employee Charged in Netflix Thefts
- Updated list of possible USPS closures: 371 post offices - See USPS List - Also see APWU: Union Vows Fight to Keep Stations Open

October 8, 2009
- FERS Flu and Fighter Jets -
- The MSPB: Administrative Justice for Federal and Postal Workers Denied Disability Retirement Benefits
- APWU: Unusual Areas of Agreement
- US Postmaster General: No More 'Business As Usual'
- Wichita Post Office Finds Package Leaking Mercury
- Postal Service announces final list of closures

October 7, 2009
- Section of roof collapses at post office
- Mailers Fear New USPS Reform May be Needed
- Dead Tree Edition: For Periodicals, The Postal Service’s Math Doesn’t Add Up
- USPS To Close Philly L&DC
- Council: Don't stamp out postal plant
- APWU: Minimum Requirements for Cross-Craft Reassignments (PDF)
- The Postal Service - The Myth of Independence
- U.S. Postal Service offers $100,000 reward in mail truck driver's slaying in Camp Hill, Alabama
- Andy Rooney on the Postal Service’s woes
- Seven Ways to Fix the U.S. Postal Service

October 6, 2009
- Slower Mail Delivery in Elmira?
- Interview with Postmaster General John (Jack) Potter
- OIG: A Penny for Your Thoughts?

October 5, 2009
- Publisher of N.O. Tribune cited in freak fatal accident that pinned postman

October 02, 2009
- Former postal workers admit theft of gift cards -
- Senate allows US Postal Service to delay $4 billion retiree payment -
- Private postal service not all that attractive
- NAPUS Newsletter - President Signs Postal Reprieve Bill -
- Postal Worker Cleared in Pepper Spray Incident -
- 3 cities get paperless postal service -

October 01, 2009
- Health Premiums Up, Pay Not So Much! -
- Senate approves stopgap to keep gov't running

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The Reinterpretation of William Burrus
Dead Tree Edition -

Postal Service Relies on Incomplete Data, Discriminates Against Underserved Communities
APWU Testimony on Station Closings -

Victory: FERS Sick-Leave Credit Becomes Law
APWU Web News Article -

Carrier charged in federal court -

Postal Employee Breaking the law
CNN: PEN Ed: What??? -

The Postal Service's 'get well' plan? Greeting cards
Washington Post -

Irrational Pricing at the Postal Service
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

Congress Must Fix Funding Requirement; USPS Must Expand Goals, Burrus Says -

APWU: USPS Policies Threaten Postal Viability - New Heights – Of Absurdity – In Rate Setting -

OIG: Do you think centralized delivery should be mandated for new developments? -

Congress in no rush to cut mail delivery -

USPS seeks change in reporting rules -

USPS: Mystery Shopper Program will become the Retail Customer Experience -

(Postal employees) Dealing with Fear -

Leave With Pay -

Postal Service CFO Says More Lobbying Needed -

Labor Problems at FedEx Ground -

KC woman and son indicted for alleged assault of postal inspector -

Incentive Offer Leads to One-Time Exception on Casual Cap -

US Postal Service enforces gun ban in public parking lots - Read the Courts Opinion -

What OPM isn’t doing to contain health rates -

Mailers Council's New White Paper Calls for Legislative Reform to Avoid Postal Service Insolvency
PEN Ed: The Mailers Council (MC) recommends, among other things: Allow USPS to reduce its head count - USPS needs greater control over compensation - MC says "An arbitrator should consider the financial health of the Postal Service when making a decision in the collective bargaining process." - and, The Postal Service should complete its study of five-day-a-week delivery and fully present its findings for further discussion. -

PEN Ed: The Mailers Council, and numerous other sources, always love to point out that 80% of the Postal Service's costs are labor costs. We call upon the Mailers Council, or any other qualified person or organization, to explain to the public, and postal employees, just how USPS can reduce this cost without drastically reducing its core operation....SERVICE. When possible deliveries increase at more than 1 million new addresses per year does the Mailers Council believe that these new addresses will just choose not to have mail delivery at their home or business? Listen folks AS OF RIGHT NOW IT TAKES LIVE WALKING/DRIVING HUMANS TO DELIVER MAIL OR AT LEAST BE AVAILABLE TO DELIVER POSSIBLE MAIL. What is it that you do not understand about that or the fact that it is the United States Postal SERVICE? And no, postal employee salaries cannot and should not be compared to pizza delivery employees or temporary employees that throw unwanted sales brochures on porches. Postal salaries are, and should be, inline with those of UPS, FedEx, etc. If you would like to respond please scroll to the bottom of this page, hit the Contact link, and explain this to me and postal employees.
Rick Owens: CEO Postal Employee Network


18,000 sign up for Postal Service buyouts
Federal Times: About 18,000 U.S. Postal Service employees are expected to take $15,000 buyouts to leave their jobs this year - far less than the 30,000 originally projected by the agency. -

Bangor postmaster charged with soliciting 3 girls, 2 women for sex, drugs
As the Bangor postmaster drove around checking collection boxes Tuesday afternoon, he was also looking for sex and propositioned two women and tried to lure three girls into his car, he allegedly told police. Gregory George Schlegel, 53, of 556 Roberts Road in Bushkill Township was charged Tuesday afternoon after the women and girls -- ages 12, 13, and 17 -- reported the incident. -

USPS' perky benefits
Mike Causey says "...if you are tired of paying high health-insurance premiums and sick about increases coming next year, here's a tip: Join the service. The U.S. Postal Service, that is. -

U.S. can't afford pay for no work
Can you detect the pattern? About 15,000 postal workers, including (so far) more than a dozen in Waterbury, will spend at least part of some or all of their shifts this year in "standby rooms," where they will collect their paychecks but will be prohibited from earning them. The cost to the Postal Service of paying 7 percent of its work force to do nothing will exceed $50 million this year. -

Postal Service Says Workers' Time Sheets Altered
Managers at three southern New Hampshire post offices manipulated employees' time sheets, causing some people to be underpaid, the inspector general of the U.S. Postal Service said. Also see Congressman Paul Hodes -

Why Potter Is Freezing Postal Rates, And What It Means For 2010 - Dead Tree Edition -

Also see: USPS Has ‘Extreme Prejudice’ Against Raising Rates Next Year

EDITORIAL: Postal privatization
[PEN Ed: another blindly written article]
The best solution would be to get government out of the mail business. Privatize mail delivery, just as many European nations and New Zealand have done successfully, and end its legal monopoly on first-class mail delivery, opening it up to competition. That ultimately will result in lower costs and better service for customers - and give the USPS a fighting chance to survive. -

Mailing Industry Executives Tell Workers to Sacrifice
APWU: It was shocking, however, to read that the president of the Association for Postal Commerce suggests that “the time has come for postal employees to start sharing some of the sacrifices. -

PostCom Responds to President Burrus
Why attack PostCom? Because it's the one association with the brass to say "mailers have had enough" of postal rate increases, cost-shifting to mailers' shoulders through an ever-increasing variety of postal regulations and operational rules, postal inspectors pressuring mailers to pay penalties for violations where none exist, and a whole laundry list of issues that stem from the Postal Service's being ham-strung by a cost structure that's still--after all these years--80% labor-related. Labor contracts and outmoded work rules that fail to comport with today's economic reality have condemned the Postal Service on the road to perdition. -

Postmasters Vote Not to Support VOE Survey -

Sick Leave Phase In...
Under a phase-in plan okayed by Congress, FERS employees who want to get full credit for unused sick leave will have to wait until January 1, 2014 to retire. They can leave earlier than that, but if they do, they will get only partial credit toward retirement under the phase-in rules. -

GameFly pushes USPS on Netflix favoritism
GameFly last month filed a motion to compel the postal service to answer questions about photos showing "Netflix only" mail slots at two California post offices. The postal service has denied giving Netflix special treatment. -

Postal Service now a 'high risk' government agency with $10 billion in debt
When post offices in West Palm Beach, Lantana and Boca Raton wound up on the U.S. Postal Service's endangered list, supporters were alarmed enough to sign petitions and call lawmakers for assistance. But the Postal Service is in such desperate straits that closing those three branches - among a potential 371 nationwide - hardly begins to plug the money drain. -

Mail Carrier: Stress Led To Jail Trip -
Veteran Carrier Is Accused Of Assaulting Bosses

USPS' Potter urges 'public dialogue' on future of Postal Service
Federal News Radio: Today, Oct. 9, 2009, the U.S. Postal Service is expected to release its final list of post offices and other postal facilities that it plans to close across the country. Its all part of an effort by the USPS to close an estimated 5 billion dollar budget shortfall forecast for this year. See USPS press release -


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