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October 2010 News

October 31, 2010
For Postal Service Retirements, Slow Going Ahead - Dead Tree Edition -

October 30, 2010
What Will Potter’s Departure Mean For USPS?
Big Fat Marketing Blog -

Postal Service Files Rate-Case Appeal
Dead Tree Edition -

Postal Service called slow to exploit IT
Postal Affairs Blog -

Post office shootings still on the minds of Henning residents -

October 29, 2010
Burrus says "...my responsibility is not to be fair and balanced, but to align the union with legislators who promote a pro-labor, pro-postal agenda. If you want “balance,” I suggest you watch a circus performance; but do not look for it in my efforts on behalf of postal employees." -

Journal and Courier Online says "What began as a civil public meeting to discuss a planned mail processing consolidation quickly turned into a heated debate between residents and postal service officials." -

Man admits to killing former Capitola postal worker -

Elections 2010 – One Lump or Two?
NAPUS Newsletter (PDF) -

Postal First Services Industry to Commit to CO2 Reductions  - USPS Press Release -

Retirement Planning - Trick or Treat -

Do Young People Prefer Print Marketing?
ZD Net -

October 28, 2010
Fake postage stamps are real worry
NY Post -

Postmaster learns from GM's woes -

Paper Power: Why Campaign Mailers Still Thrive in the Digital Age -

Postal Service Mails Fraud Warning to 129 Million U.S. Households -

APWU member tells Burrus it is her right to know what is going on in negotiations -

Arlington police ID postal worker slain while walking dog outside apartment -

Fed Power in a Close Election -

Roanoke Post Office investigates brazen mail theft

October 27, 2010
Pittsburgher Donahoe to lead struggling Postal Service -

Has USPS Became a Criminal Enterprise?
Eric L. Wattree -

Cato Spouts Off About Potter Retiring -

$250 shot for retirees
Federal News Radio -

Johnston, RI mail carrier charged with taking cash from mail -

Stealing money from greeting cards gets postal carrier 2 years probation -

Potter to Resign as PMG; Mail Groups OK With Legacy
DirectMag -

NALC President on Potter Retirement -

Postmaster General John E. Potter discusses retirement and his successor - Washington Post -

Postal supervisors should show how to speed up delivery -

October 26, 2010
Burrus Shocked, Disappointed By Retirement of PMG Potter -

Who is the new postmaster general?
Washington Post -

USPS Press Release - Potter to Retire -

Postmaster General John E. Potter stepping down
Washington Post -The nation's top mailman is turning in his bag, retiring after a lifetime of service with the U.S. Postal Service. Postmaster General John E. Potter will retire on Dec. 3 after nine years at the helm of the mail agency, the Postal Service said Monday. His deputy, Patrick R. Donohoe will succeed him. In a statement, Potter did not elaborate on his departure, but singled out the Postal Service's roughly 594,000 full and part-time workers. Also from WP -

Related: Potter Quitting the Worst CEO Job in America - Dead Tree Edition -

APWU Grows Impatient With Pace of Contract Talks
As expected, USPS proposals have included efforts to maximize supervisory control of the workplace and reduce costs by removing previously negotiated contractual protections. -

Postal Bankruptcy: U.S. Postal Service drowning in debt and out of lifelines -  Opinion from the Cato Institute -

Henning: One Week After Double Postal Murder -

Postal Worker Accused of $90,000 Theft -

October 25, 2010
Postal worker shot while delivering mail -

Full Service Requirements and Risks
Postal Affairs Blog -

Former Granville, NY Postal Employee Admits Theft -

Postal Workers Rally in the Streets of Bowling Green -

October 24, 2010
Henning, TN Says Goodbye to Slain Postal Workers
Saturday afternoon, this tiny Tennessee town said goodbye to 32-year-old Paula Robinson and 59-year-old Judy Spray. -

Related: Rural post offices lack security -

USPS forces removal of newspaper vending boxes -

Magazines dumping the Postal Service, dumping issues on doorsteps -

December Penalty Overtime Exclusion -

U.S. Postal Inspectors
Includes link to application for Postal Inspector position via Postal Employee Network -

Rural Carrier Guarantee Period -

New Memorandum of Policy: Postal Service Policy on Workplace Harassment - Postal Bulletin -

FYI: 2011 Blue Cross and Blue Shield Federal Plans
Compare all federal plans for 2011: Health | Dental and/or Vision | Other OPM Insurance Information -

October 23, 2010
Rate-Case Appeal Is a No-Lose Venture for USPS
Dead Tree Edition -

Police Continue Hunt for Clues in Murder of Two Post Office Employees -

Gamefly recent PRC testimony says "The Special Processing Afforded To Netflix Returns Is Much More Than Just One Manual Cull" (PDF) -

Beechview postal worker avoids theft charges -

October 22, 2010
Postal Service Appeals PRC Decision on Exigent Price Request -

Alabama postal employee arrested after attacking coworker -

Federal Eye: Postage rates may still go up -

Mass. GOP asks postal service to investigate Dem. campaign mailings -

Former Postal Supervisor Found Guilty Of Operating $10 Million Illegal Gambling Ring -

Postal Notes: Tragedy at West Tennessee Post Office hard to fathom -

Hartford, CT Letter Carrier Robbed On Delivery Route -

Dog attacks halt mail service to neighborhood -

USPS Rated Among Best Companies for Hispanics -

October 21, 2010
Henning Post Office Shooting: Employees' Fight For Camera Denied By USPS -

Former USPS Contractor Ordered to Pay $300,000 in Back Wages -

USPS Workshare Company Quicksort, Inc Agrees To Pay $4.2 Million To USPS -

Postal Service electrical problems pervasive -

Postal pickets warn mail service will decline -

October 20, 2010
APWU: Notion that USPS Can’t Afford Unions Is A Cheap Shot -

Baltimore postal worker admits stealing mail -

OIG 2011Audit Plan (PDF) -

OSHA Fines USPS $210,000 For Violations At Columbus Distribution Center -

APWU: Second Early Out Payment Scheduled for Oct. 29 -

Updated: Post Office Killings: Reward Increased; Rumors Running Rampant -

APWU: Advice Center Now Available for Retirees -

October 19, 2010
Possible Postal Union Criminal Actions -

Rural carrier and window clerk killed in Tenn. post office shooting - Reward Being Offered For Information on Henning Post Office Shooting - Updated: Post Office Murders: Customers near shooting speak out -

Postal Service Faces Major Changes
Kiplinger -

Post office burglar in Cambridge lacked exit plan - called 911 for help -

PostCom tells us "The U.S. Postal Service has filed for a review before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia regarding the Postal Regulatory Commission decision in Docket No. RM2009-3 concerning Consideration of Workshare Discount Rate Design -

The OIG Wants Your Help on Audits! -

Walking with the Mailman
The Book, the Man, the Blog -

USPS Overtime Trick or Treat
Ron Williams, Jr -

October 18, 2010
Mail bonding -

Business Services Administrator Agreement At USPS - Not OK - Postal Affairs Blog -

How Federal Employees See Themselves (And Are Seen): One Man's Opinion - Also see Republicans have little love for federal workers  -

October 17, 2010
Guffey to lead Postal Workers Union
Federal Times -

Congressman Issa: Where Are All Those Postal Supervisors? - Dead Tree Edition -

Louisiana postal worker critically injured in crash -

October 16, 2010

Also see statements before the PRC from (PDF): Mail Handlers | USPS -

The Eagle has Landed... -

APWU: Guffey Elected President, Bell Wins as VP - Also see APWU Offers DVDs Honoring President Burrus -

For USPS' Full Service program, the payoff is in the mail
Government Computer News -

Friends, co-workers honor New Orleans postman killed while on duty -

Suit against US Post Office dismissed -

Readers Cry Foul Over Mailing Mag's Cover
Dead Tree Edition -

October 15, 2010
Postal Service echoes Enron abuses
Washington Times - The United States Postal Service (USPS) keeps blaming outside factors for its financial woes while repeatedly ignoring or excusing revealed mismanagement and major scandals. -

USPS Plans to Cut 14 Additional Jobs at Elmira -

APWU Unofficial Ballot Results
Also read here APWU Election Ballot Count -

Shipping rates rise, but companies can still save
Washington Post -


October 14, 2010
OSHA fines Postal Service $212,500 for willful safety violations, electrical hazards at Huntington facility -

Postal commentator Gene Del Polito asks "WHERE DO THINGS GO FROM HERE?" -

8 Florida postal workers accused of stealing mail -

APWU Sets the Facts Straight on the USPS
APWU President William Burrus has ridiculed assertions about the Postal Service that appeared in a recent column in the E-Commerce Times: “There were so many misstatements in your article I hardly know where to begin.” -

Federal agency says Postal Service stinks -

USPS 'Droop Test' Snags Delivery of Kansas Weekly
Count the weekly Marion County (Kansas) Record as one of the first victims of the U.S. Postal Service’s new “droop test” for periodicals. In a note to readers, Managing Editor Susan Berg said delivery of the paper to “will call” subscribers and of out-of-county mailed copies was delayed because of the new regulation. -

Mailers Alliance Fights 'Nonsensical' Price-Cap Ruling
Dead Tree Edition -

2 arrested for allegedly pointing gun at postal worker -

October 13, 2010
Getting USPS back to black
Federal News Radio interviews Lorie Nelson, Director of Financial Reporting, Office of Audit, Office of Inspector General, USPS -

Fears over jobs as UK Government unveils plans to privatize Royal Mail - Overseas firms will be among those allowed to buy 90% of the Royal Mail, with 10% going in shares to postal workers, which ministers said would be the largest of its kind of any privatization. -

Letter carrier sues homeowner over dog attack -

Letter carriers protest pressure to work faster
Postal employees say the pressure to deliver mail and return to the office by 5 p.m. is mounting and the “unwritten rule” is creating a hostile work environment. -

NAPUS Interviews PRC Chair Goldway About Exigent Rate Case - Chairman Goldway Interview Audiocast -

Informal Ruling Makes Postage Increase of 1.7% Likely in January - Dead Tree Edition -


Lynchburg, VA woman sentenced for post office thefts -

October 12, 2010
Post Office Shows Where U.S. Is Headed: Kevin Hassett
Bloomberg - ...high-priced labor, which accounts each year for about 80 percent of costs, leads to high-priced mail services, and even higher costs for taxpayers. In 2010, almost 90 percent of the approximately $4 million contributed to campaigns by postal unions went to Democrats. -

Petaluma mail center would keep bulk mail -

October 11, 2010
Congressman Connolly: Congress must address USPS problems - Fed. News Radio - "The way to success is not to raise prices and lower service," Connolly said. "I'm frustrated that there seems to be no vision coming out of the Postal Service leadership." -

OIG Blog: Electronic Postage Statements – Boon or Bust? -

Misguided Mail - Video -

Granville postal worker pleads to theft charge -

Question Posed to LA Political Candidates
Question: Would you support privatizing the U.S. Postal Service?

Alexander: Since the Postal Reorganization Act of 1970, the U.S. Postal Service operates as a semi-independent federal agency, mandated to be revenue-neutral. The USPS receives no taxpayer funding, but is forced to operate under federally mandated laws prohibiting it from being revenue-neutral. It is evident that the current "semi-private" system that the Post Office is currently operating under is not working. Together, taxpayers and Congress must decide if the USPS should become entirely private, allowing the Post Office to make its own operating decisions or be prepared to have the USPS move back to being a full government agency, where it would receive taxpayer funding to maintain a revenue-neutral budget.

Gibbs: Yes. FedEx and UPS have been successful and profitable businesses. There is no reason why the US Postal Service should not be as well. -

Mail carrier aids accident victim -

October 10, 2010
80% of post offices losing money
Federal Times -

Ex-Pound Ridge Mail, NY Carrier Is Sentenced For Larceny -

W.VA Residents Upset After Mistake At USPS Stops Their Home Delivery -

October 09, 2010
USPS Getting Its Retirement Act Together? Nope
Dead Tree Edition -

Mailman makes going postal happy in central PA -

October 08, 2010
APWU: USPS Liabilities are a Colossal Sham : OIG Says USPS Could Recover $142.4 Billion -

PRC Chair Goldway Discusses Exigent Rate Decision and Universal Service - NAPUS PDF -

Feds Get Ready to Grab, Store, and Share YOUR Health Information - PEN Ed: More change you can believe in. -

Postal worker denies accusation of over $85K theft -

Former Jacksonville mail carrier pleads guilty using woman's credit or debit card -

Letter carriers saving lives -- six days a week
Washington Post - Also from the Post read Letter carriers doing good deeds - six days a week  -

Postal Service Steps Up Communications With Potential Retirees - Dead Tree Edition -

New USPS Instructions for Reemploying Former or Retired Postal Employees -

eRetire - A New Employee Application on LiteBlue -

Spring Lake postal employee accused of mail thefts resigns; may face prosecution -

Wytheville postal terrorist sentenced to 40 years in prison -

October 07, 2010
USPS Should Set a Good 'Postal' Example
PEN Inside Front -

Can the USPS Be Saved?
E-Commerce News - Opinion -

Rate Increase Coming in 2011
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

The Big Postal Hike is Dead, But Rates Could Jump Up to 2 Percent Next Year - Folio Mag -

Q&A: PRC Chairman Goldway on Exigent Rate Case Ruling - Multichannel Merchant -

Postal Windfall
GovExec.com - The U.S. Postal Service has been scrambling to address the strict funding requirements of its pension and retiree health care funds, but several legislative steps could bring the agency $142.4 billion in cash to be used, in part, for employee benefits. -

USPS Seeks Guidance On Its Rate Cap
Dead Tree Edition - The U.S. Postal Service is asking for a ruling on something that was supposed to be clear -- how much it can increase rates without getting special permission. -

Voting By Mail: The Perfect Solution
Fed. News Radio -  Were APWU ballots lost in the mail? -

October 06, 2010
The Postal Service needs to think outside the letter box - Washington Post -

Inspector general: Pension payment reform could cure Postal Service financial woes - Direct Marketing -

Postal employee awarded $125000 by jury
A federal court jury has awarded a U.S. Postal Service employee about $125,000 in back pay after finding that her full-time position was eliminated because of complaints that she was being discriminated against for being a woman. -

National Reassessment Process Update - Unemployment Compensation -

20 Individuals Indicted for Participating in Drug Trafficking - 7 Are Letter Carriers -

Waiting For The Next FEHBP Surprise
Federal News Radio -

October 05, 2010
PMG: Message to Employees -

Murder of postal HCR still unsolved, one year later -

USPS searches for break even point
Audiocast (MP3) from Federal News Radio with Renee Sheehy, economist, Office of the Inspector General, USPS. -

Curbed enthusiasm: Macon post office requests curbside mailboxes, confuses residents -

Potter to WSJ: Give the U.S. Postal Service the Freedom to Compete -

Postal worker accused of putting knife to customer's throat -

Fort Worth Post Office scrutinized in Postal Service inquiry -

Why did federal health-care costs increase?
Washington Post - Also see FEHBP Premiums: Burying The Skunk -

USPS Operation Appreciation
by Ronald Williams, Jr. -

October 04, 2010
Postal Service Rewarding Resignations
The Post-Journal - ''It appears unethical to hire back former executives at nearly twice their former pay to advise new executives,'' the inspector general's report noted. Most taxpayers probably would view that as an understatement. -

AK Senator Comments On The Impact No Saturday Delivery Would Have on Alaska -

OIG: Summary of Substantial Overfunding in Postal Service Pension and Retiree Health Care Funds -

OIG Blog: What Next for the Postal Service in 2011? -

USPS seeks innovative, legislative relief for financial woes - Federal News Radio - Potter said USPS must factor in the employee union contracts and the constraints of those collective bargaining agreements. -

Stamp out postal inefficiencies
Wisconsin State Journal -

Postal worker delivers mail with one leg -

Opinion: Pushing the Envelope -

October 03, 2010
USPS Has Too Many Supervisors And Too Many Employees, Congressman Says - Dead Tree Edition -

Postal Service says mail found at home of deceased Arkansas postmaster to finally be delivered -

Carriers sue Postal Service
Site requires registration -

U.S. Postal Truck Slams into Home -

October 02, 2010
Potter defends free health insurance for USPS executives - Federal Times -

Shipping rate hikes: Postal Service is out, FedEx is in -

Undelivered Mail Found In Deceased Postmasters Home -

Potter: Postal Service faces tight 2011 after $6B FY 2010 loss - DM News -

APWU: Rough Week for USPS Highlights Importance of Bill to Fix Finances -

Postal Service expects $6 billion year-end loss as mail volume continues decline - could end six-day delivery - Washington Post -

from Postal Uniform Discounters

USPS on track to ‘run out of cash' in a year
Federal Times -

Can PRC Decision Change Postal Practices?
Also from the Big Fat Marketing Blog see: Did the PRC’s Decision Send a Message to the USPS? -

Mailman arrested for theft of cellphone, obscene pictures -

October 01, 2010
Postal Service anticipates $6 billion year-end loss
Also see US Postal Service Had $6 Billion Loss in 2010 -

Federal employees' health insurance premiums to increase 7.2 percent [PEN Ed: change you can believe in] -

What if the Postal Service runs out of money?
Washington Post -

PRC Decision Only a Partial Win for Mailers
Dead Tree Edition -

Postal Service Suffers Three Stinging Defeats
Nat. Assoc. of Postal Supervisors -

Sen. Carper Statement on Postal Regulatory Commission’s Decision to Deny Latest Postal Rate Increase -

Marketers praise PRC decision to deny 'exigent' postal rate increases - DM News -

Ohio leads on closing list -

USPS set to become “broadcast medium” as First Class mail declines - Post and Parcel -

Mail Carriers Deliver Despite Hot Temperatures
It may be hot, but mail carriers say they'd rather beat the heat than dodge the cold. -

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