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September 30, 2008

- Postal Service chief calls rules reasonable
- Bristow, Iowa post office on suspension
- 2009 Postal Rates for Federal Employees Health Benefits
- New Address for Submitting OWCP Claims -
- Federal Employee Program (FEP(R)) Standard Option Promotes Generic Prescriptions For 2009 - No Copay For First Four Mail Orders and Retail Coinsurance is Reduced
- Mail carrier's camera phone catches thief in the act -
- American Postal Workers Union to protest layoffs at DHL
Loveland, CO Postal Services closes its doors
- Mail delivery resumes in Galveston

September 29, 2008
- Filling in the Gaps - USPS Losses and More -
- Putting Off Retirement Can Make A Huge Financial Difference -
- Yellowjackets Stop Delivery, Send Carriers to Hospital
- City sends post office packing, but the mail will go through
Terra Ceia losing a sense of identity

September 28, 2008
- Mail carriers feel they're 'sitting ducks' for wrecks -
- To Postal Workers, No Mail Is ‘Junk’ -
- Postal service offering reward

September 27, 2008
- Former postmaster tried to hire a hit man because he didn't want to share his pension -
- Federal health premiums to rise 7 percent in 2009
- The Postal Service Stinks, But Email's Not Much Better
- Ban Lifted, Now You Can Get an Absentee Ballot at the Post Office
- Freeport city council balks at new post office location
- Rural eastern Pa. post office suspending service

September 26, 2008
- Feds charge postmasters in Alaska -
- Federal Times: Poor economy drives down mail volume at Postal Service
- 15 Charged With Federal Housing Program Fraud - 11 Of Them Are Current or Former Postal Employees -
- GAO: U.S. Postal Service: Progress Made Toward Implementing GAO’s Recommendations to Strengthen Network Realignment Planning and Accountability and Improve Communication
- Retirement Planning - FERS Flexibilities
- Post Office facts that will turn you green

September 25, 2008
- Man threatens to kill his mail carrier -
- 4 Mail Carriers Flagged
- Inglewood hit with another wrongful death claim -
- APWU: Nurses’ Contract Headed for Interest Arbitration
- Using Your Postman as Your Shipping Consultant
- Economic slowdown cutting Postal Service's bottom line
- Postal Service prohibits absentee ballot applications in lobbies
- Powder-filled letters linked to prostitution sting

September 24, 2008
- Postal Service To Announce $2.5 Billion Yearly Loss -
- APWU Representatives Gain Access to USPS PolicyNet -
- Truck driver pleads guilty to theft of US funds for fuel
- Postal Service freezes hiring, promotions -
- Reward offered in letter carrier assault case
- How Safe Is It? (TSP)
- TSP Board: IT upgrades to be completed in fiscal ’09
- Mail carrier attacked by mixed-breed pit bull, dog euthanized
- French postal workers protest privatization move

September 23, 2008
- PMG: USPS Financial Condition is Poor - Congress May Need to Help - NAPS - More -
- TAKING IT TO THE STREETS - COO Pat Donahoe’s Field Updates focuses on reducing delivery costs -
- Use-It-Or-Lose-It Bill's A Loser
- Fannie, Freddie & You -
- New NC post office caters to Spanish speakers -
- Officials investigate anthrax scare in Big Sandy
- Recycling truck loses mail along I-196
- Rural carrier injured

September 22, 2008
- No Such Thing as Free Shipping?
- APWU continues to pursue the re-employment of postal retirees -
- Sick Leave Case - Approved in Advance or No?
- Hatch Act throws wrinkle into Bingham vote
- Postal Employees Ordered To Stop Offering First-Class Mail -

September 21, 2008
- Postal worker struck by car while delivering mail in Chambersburg
- Retirement Planning - CSRS vs. FERS: 2008 Edition
- Income-tax deadbeats on federal rolls should pay up
- Charge dropped for ex-postmaster -
- City tries to change ZIP code

September 20, 2008
- A freeze on all organizational structure changes is effective immediately - See post 1745 at PEN Management Forum -
- Former Brooklyn postman banned from offices for selling clothes
- USPS to deploy IPv6-capable video surveillance -
- APWU: Duplicates Available for Those Who Have Not Received Ballots
- Snail Mail Is Going Digital, a Boon for Businesses
- Rep. Bono Mack pushes for new post office in Hemet
- Mail service suspended because of dog, restored to street
- Fire destroys truck, Canada Post carrier saves mail

September 19, 2008
- Postal Service representatives met with us on POVs and a pilot program that is slated to go nationwide soon - the SSA Revenue Goals System -
- U.S. postal worker part of gun-smuggling scheme
- Businesses bogged down by haphazard mail deliveries
- APWU Members Lead Washington Protest of DHL
- TSP Drops Fast; 2009 COLA Rate Also Drops
- USPS Relocates Services, Deploys Portable Buildings
Also see: Team Houston responds to Hurricane Ike
- Postal Service and DoD work together to move ballots
- Two teens accused of vandalizing Postal Service vehicles
- PRC Announces Appointment - Fisher Appointed Director of Public Affairs and Government Relations
- Lee County Talking Books library mail carrier of the year to be honored by Lee County Commission

September 18, 2008
- Postmaster General Cautions of Perfect Economic Storm -
- Postal Workers Protest DHL Move from Ohio
- USPS Makes It Easy to Send Cash from USA to Mexico
See USPS for More -
- Ink Jet Modification on the Automated Flat Sorter Machine (AFSM) 100

September 17, 2008
- Mail Handlers File National-Level Grievance Concerning Lost/Stolen Laptops - Additionally - APWU Also Filed a Grievance -
- Mailman Charged With Stealing Mail
- Postal Worker Pleads Guilty To Fraud, Theft
- USPS vs. Aliso Viejo: Who has facts on proposed plant?
- Rural carriers EMA rises to 65 cents per mile

September 16, 2008
- Rural Alaskan postal officials charged with stealing
- APWU: Congressman, Postal Workers Protest BMC Privatization -
- Postal employee dismissed amid charges of mail theft
Postal service awaits lifting of mandatory evacuation
Post office shooter arrested
- USPS Redesigns Website

More Postal News
September 15, 2008

- Federal workers owe billions in unpaid taxes
- Sumner residents say 'postal service' is contradiction in terms
Postal Service open in most LA and TX areas on Monday
- Broadlands needs better postal service
- Even with no mail, post office delivered

September 14, 2008
- Postal union leaders fight outsourcing -
- Connecticut Congressman Wants to Know How USPS Will Solve Late Delivery After Abolishing 8 Carrier Routes -
- Survey ignites ZIP code feud

September 13, 2008
- Ex-letter carrier in Tempe, AZ pleads guilty to mail theft
- Going Postal in Chicago
- Suit alleges postal worker ran over child
- 9/11 reminds Postmaster of his introduction to Greensburg
- Potter names Cochrane and Betman to Vice President positions
- Hurricane Ike Service Updates
- Postal error delays benefits checks

September 12, 2008
- FERS Sick Leave Credit -
- Georgia mail carrier caught stealing on her route -
- Probation given to Groton letter carrier in theft

September 11, 2008
- Early-Retirement Info Wrong, Burrus Tells Postal Service -
- They deliver? Postal Service to ask if Arizona City residents want curbside service
- McHugh: “Do Not Mail Tobacco” Provisions Included in Legislation that Passes House
- 9-11-01 - from Federal News Radio
- Aliso Viejo Planning Commissioners say ‘NO' to proposed USPS mail-processing center plan
- Mail carrier named Eastern Region Hero | Hero mail carrier honored for kid rescue
- Pilots and Postal Service recreate history

September 10, 2008
GAO: New Delivery Performance Measures Could Enhance Managers’ Pay for Performance Program -
- Postal employee charged with murder of girlfriend and her 8-month-old fetus
- In Deficit, Retirees See Plenty of Reason to Worry
- Mexico's postal blues remade in hot pink
- Plans for several new Inland postal service facilities put on hold
- French Postal Workers Issue Strike Call for September 23
- Post Office scrambling to recover from Gustav
- Ohio fights UPS-DHL deal at congressional hearing
- U.S. Postal Service combines kiosks, digital screens
- Postal Service Finds Missing Social Security Checks
- USPS selects Diebold to Implement Nationwide Security Program
- Postman Who Found Work 'Too Hard' Hoarded 20000 Undelivered Letters

September 09, 2008
- NALC: USPS provides details on ‘early out’ -
- Georgia Supreme Court to Hear Rural Carrier Case
- Gustav precautions put burden on Postal Service
Mail cost increases, but service decreases
- Opinion: Lost in translation: US postal service
Canada: Rothesay residents upset at loss of Saturday postal service
- USPS leverages optimization tech to save millions on gas

September 08, 2008
- Paying employees to retire early isn’t an option -
- Credit Crisis Puts a Dent in Card Offers
- Mailman welcomed with kindness in Country Club Hills
- Handbook PO-603 Revision: Rural Route Evaluation Worksheet

September 07, 2008
- 8-year-old boy dead after being struck by postal truck in Brooklyn -
- Ex-mail carrier sentenced
- Post office's move raises concerns in AZ
- Postal service working to return in Iberia, LA

September 06, 2008
- Postal clerk charged with theft
- Undelivered mail found at home of Wilson carrier -

September 05, 2008
- VER Timeline- Info - FAQ's for:
Headquarters / Headquarters-Related EAS & PCES; Motor Vehicle; Maintenance (excluding Electronic Technicians); Rural Carriers; City Carriers -
- VER Timeline- Info - FAQ's for:
Clerk; Mail Handler; Supervisor, Distribution Operations; Supervisor, Customer Services
- Judge rejects anxiety excuse, sends former postmaster to prison -
- Burrus to Maintenance, Motor Vehicle Employees: Don't Go! -
- USPS: New Flats Sequencing Strategy Web Page
- USPS Changes Bulk Mailing Requirements
- Pine Bluff Man Charged In Robbery of Gould Post Office
- Mail delivery to resume in 'Nawlins - Also see: Postal Service back to work in 6 parishes

September 04, 2008
- Feds to keep selling Duck Stamp that includes phone sex service number -
- National League of Postmasters Seeks Postmaster Work Climate Survey Response - Survey is Here -
- Southwest Brewfest to benefit family of deceased letter carrier David Donafee
- Mail Carrier Admits to Stealing Worker's Comp, Social Security Checks
- Middle Township bicyclist struck by Postal Service truck
- USPS employees restoring service after Gustav
- On Internet, You’ve Got (Paper) Mail

September 03, 2008
- Ohio mail carrier facing theft charges
- Work slowing at mail plant in Hampden, ME -
- Postal Service extends early-out offers to letter carriers
  Federal Times - Also see NALC
- Canada Post employees to hold strike vote
- Change of address for 100s of Valley postal customers

September 02, 2008
- Mailbox pipe bomb packed deadly force
- Rural carrier stashes 21,000 pieces of mail in her home
- Economy is on minds of many at Labor Day parade

September 01, 2008
- Postal service adjusts to 'snail mail' demise -
- Mail worker eyed in Queens hit-run
- US Postal Service: Mail will be secured during Hurricane Gustav
- Opinion: Don't let Saturday mail deliveries cease
- Walking ahead: Postal carrier overcomes polio, accident to deliver mail
- Ordeal becomes test of man's will

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