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September 2007 POSTAL NEWS - PEN Inside News Page

September 30, 2007
- New Management Instruction, Piece Count Recording System
- The Time Has Come To Close The Post Office -
- Washington Calling: ‘Do Not Mail’
- Carriers can cross lawns
- Out here in Iraq, you live for the mail - UK

September 29, 2007
Girlfriend finds murdered mailman's body after returning to apartment for lunch  -
- All eyes on Japan Post as privatization begins
- APWU: Union Raises Concerns Over Instructions for Managers Regarding Weingarten Rights - Click here for a copy of the APWU's letter detailing concerns about the Weingarten wallet card.
- Sting nets contract postal carrier
- NALC: New Letter Carrier Pay Chart
  Effective as of November 25, 2006
- The Dancing Mailman
- Postal Clerk Wins $1 Million
- Sen. Tester intervenes in post-office closure
- UPS, Teamsters Near Pension Deal
- Sheriff's detectives probe mailbox pop bottle bombs

September 28, 2007
- Neighborhood community going postal over USPS plans
- Health Care and the Postal Service
- Local Family Delivers Three Generations of Mail Carriers
- USPS Seeks Interim Solution For Hawleyville
- New Move Update Standards for First-Class Mail and Standard Mail
- DMM Revision: New OneCode ACS Options

September 27, 2007
- NALC: Contract implementation dates set -
- FedEx Gives Up Contractor Model in CA -
- Postal Service racks up $5.4B deficit in ’07
  Also see: Postal Service Cites Loss Estimate
- It's back in line for post office users
- APWU Officers’ Election Ends Oct. 5
- USPS must reform its measures to manage the rate reform
- U.S. Postal Service Delivers Northrop Grumman Technical Support Services Contract
- Postal Service Seeks Expansion of Distribution Center - RI

September 26, 2007
- Postal Service Using Videos to Warn of Check Scams
- Postal clerk guilty in 65G heist
- USPS revises standard for mailing medical waste
- Customers tired of lines at Pecos post office
- Singin' The Blues
- Junk mail: how to make it stop
- Lakehills community continues fight for post office
- Postmaster says he'll dye hair pink for breast cancer

September 25, 2007
- Postal Service gets stamp of disapproval
- PMG addresses PCC about direct mail
- Thousands of pillboxes delivered to South Enders
- If collection box isn't used much, Postal Service will remove obstacle

September 24, 2007
- Rural Carrier Convicted of Possession of Stolen Mail
- Anthrax drill is met with relief and skepticism - Mail carriers exceed hopes with fast 'medicine' delivery
- Appeals Court Reverses Conviction of Postal Employee
- Our view: Don't charge for mail sent to troops; More mail would boost morale

September 23, 2007
- Postal Service pulls plug on TVs
- Send the Post Office a Message -
- U.S. Postal Service to stop mail delivery to Carova Beach

September 22, 2007
- Former Chattanooga postmaster indicted -
- Letter Carrier Found Murdered
- NAPUS Newsletter: Unresolved Budget Issues Plague Congress | FEHBP Premium Conversion Legislation and 2008 Premium Impact
- A T-Rex Named Sue gets her own postmark
- Future of Fruitland's post office unclear
- No plans to build a new post office in Middletown, OH
- Mail truck wrecks, snarling I-64 traffic

September 21, 2007
Postal workers reinstated to jobs -
- NALC Contract to be Signed October 9 -
- USPS Employee Fired for Using Excessive Military Leave -

- Postal employee faces embezzlement, child pornography charges
- Former Sub-Rural Carrier Charged With Threatening To Bomb Investment Firms
- UK Postal workers to stage more strikes
- Oak Grove post office a parcel of past
- Identity Thieves Target Your Mailbox

September 20, 2007
- APWU: Union Vows to Fight On At DHL in Eastern PA
- CONGRATS! to Mail carrier Wayne Viger of Lewiston, Maine
- PO'd at the PO
- USPS 18-Wheeler Overturns On Freeway Feeder
- Jury’s in on artist’s stamp design: It’s a winner
- Information Regarding Missing USPS Laptops Containing Personal Data of Employees - Note: on this same page please see: USPS Responds to Inquiry Regarding Medical Evidence for Absences of Three Days or Less

Wednesday - September 19, 2007
Tullahoma Postal Worker To Plead Guilty On Stealing Prescriptions
- Burrus Continues Personal Agenda -
- Home of APWU's Burrus -
- Woman Dies After Being Struck and Dragged by Postal Truck
- 3 generations have walked the same Montpelier postal route
- APWU Slashes Employees’ Costs For Consumer Driven Health Plan
- TSP Fees: Who Pays? Mike Causey - Federal News Radio
- US senator asks for post office, one ZIP code for city
- Postmaster General Champions Value of Mail on National Broadcast

Tuesday - September 18, 2007
- Postal workers didn't deliver, but still got paid -
- Postman nabbed for theft
- City proposes fines for cars blocking mailboxes -
- 'Jihad Boom' Postcards Mailed To Schools Feature Threatening Cartoons
- Post office wait woes Elmhurst patrons fuming over branch
- Retirement hasn't slowed down former postal worker
- At Thrift Savings Plan, a Major Upgrade

Monday - September 17, 2007
- Seeking Justice for the 'Jena Six'
PEN Editor: We feel certain that many, if not most, of you are aware of the 'Jena 6' case taking place in Louisiana. Although this case needs national attention we, PEN, contend that the APWU is overstepping their obligation as a union representative of postal employees by getting even slightly involved in this case. APWU's call is to protect the rights of postal employees - not the general public. We, PEN, saw no call to justice by APWU when a similar tragedy took place in Knoxville, TN - Read Here - APWU - protect postal employee rights - not the general public - you have no police responsibility. -

- USPS Puts Lid on Brooklyn Post Office’s Charity To Send Packages to Troops -
- NALC Note on the 2008 Presidential Preference Poll
- Ninth Circuit Reverses Summary Judgment Against Postal Inspectors on FLSA Overtime Lawsuit

- There's life (and opportunity) behind data
- Tisdale to leave PRC
- Official trying to fix mail delivery problem
- Postman Rex brings stamps and smiles to NMSU
- More to delivering the mail than putting letters in boxes
- For the Love of Jury Duty
- Natick post office mural gets fresh look
- USPS, State Police Investigate Burned Tractor-Trailer

More Postal News
Sunday - September 16, 2007

- Thieves ransack mailboxes in Ventura
- Chain letter won't get you into the record books

Saturday - September 15, 2007
Cops stamp out thieves in postal truck robbery
- Blind woman, 82, rescued from fire by neighbor, postal worker
- Shift in Congress Favors Labor, UPS Over FedEx
- Post Office Makes Top 10 List

Friday - September 14, 2007
- NALC: To become president, first you have to show up
- DHL workers say no to union - APWU Will Appeal Vote
- Burrus Says Support Collins Bill Allowing Retirees to Return to Work
- Watsonville postman saves the day, twice
- from APWU: National Officers Election Ballots Mailed to Members | National Safety-and-Health Program Renewed
- Desegregation Stamp to Be Issued
- Primary election ballots delivered too late to be counted

Thursday - September 13, 2007
- Clinton Gets Letter Carriers Endorsement - See NALC Press Release - - Direct Mailers Organize To Fight Anti-Junk Mail Forces
- Postal service stretching it - rubber band man fights on
- Carjacker Steals Mail Truck
- Boston carriers to test delivery of emergency medications
- Mansfield postal union fears work will be moved after flood cleanup
- Celebrity Jurors Help Postal Service Issue Jury Duty Stamp
- Postal service still reliable
- Postal Worker Killed in Accident

Wednesday - September 12, 2007
- NALC Contract ratified! Approved by 9-to-1 margin  -
- Postal employee resigns after investigation into mail theft
- Woman in fights for home mail delivery

Tuesday - September 11, 2007
- The case of the waylaid Wal-Mart cards - Mail carrier is stung -
- Possible ID Theft Worries Postal Workers -
- APWU: National Safety-and-Health Program Renewed
- Parks Post Office Problems  

Monday - September 10, 2007
- NALC: Where We Stand
- Neither bombs nor bullets stop Baghdad's postmen -
- Postal prizes: Kiosks give you shot at payoffs

- Ex-mailman works to keep Danbury High safe

Sunday - September 9, 2007
- Man finds a lot of mail under some bushes
- Post office employee uses training to save stabbing victim
- Former postal employee gets 25 years for crash that killed 2 kids

Saturday - September 8, 2007
APWU: USPS Must Do More For Veterans  -
- Officials say ex-letter carrier stole money from mail
- Postal service curbs deliveries

- PEN Received the Following from a Contract Carrier
I am a HCR driver in a small (withheld) town. In just a little over 6 years, I have been lied to and cheated on several occasions; to the point of costing me over $10,000! postal management thinks that they can do whatever they want regardless if it is legal or not. my contract has been manipulated to the point that my attorney thinks that it may even be invalid!?!?! they don't care how it affects the job or the contractor doing that job. there are simply too many issues to even list here. I would just like to point out that if anyone thinking about taking on one of these HCR jobs, THINK AGAIN!!! you will regret it!!! -

Friday - September 7, 2007
- NALC: Ballot Count Is Underway -
- Bioterror drill to test distribution of drugs
- For-Profit Crusade Against Junk Mail
- A pair of guilty pleas in postal robberies
- USPS Relies on Siemens for Mail Sorting Equipment
- Curwensville Post Office Near-Total Loss After Blaze

Thursday - September 6, 2007
- STOP P.A.T. NOW - Postal Attendance Terrorism
  from 21st Century Postal Worker  Read The Letter to USPS -
- What do you think about the possibility of mergers with our sister unions? Question posed to APWU's Burrus.
- NALC: CIGNA will be network provider for Health Benefit Plan in 2008
- APWU: Several Local and State Elections Set for Nov. 6
- NAPUS Says - Congressional Vacation Is Over!
- Postal Service on hunt for mail tubs
- Magazine Names USPS One of Best Companies for Hispanics
- Siemens Wins $54.6 Mln Contract Expansion From USPS
- Rural Delivery: Changes to Handbook PO-603

Wednesday - September 5, 2007
- Shady Point, OK woman faces 10 years in prison -
- Pit bull attacks letter carrier in Westminster
- Postal Contract Driver Dies At Dulles P&DC
- Postal Employee Dreams to Become Rachael Ray of Indian Food
- Singing mailman made lasting impression Canada
Woman hurt when car crashes into Glenn post office

Tuesday - September 4, 2007
- USPS to pilot voluntary survey on race and ethnicity -
- ELM Revision: Basic Pay Determination - Downgrades
- Woman Killed While Checking Mailbox

Monday - September 3, 2007
Postal employee charged with abandoning mail
- Your postman may be a pastor
Faces of Labor: Mailman

Sunday - September 2, 2007
- Man charged with threatening postmaster
- USPS: Two good programs that work great together

Saturday - September 1, 2007
- Mail carrier impostor allegedly going through boxes
- How to ax your junk mail -
- Postal carrier receives lavish farewell
- Traditional Mail Trucks Could Become History
New compensation package extends Pay-for-Performance

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