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May 31, 2008
- Two accused of defrauding Postal Service -
- Three Texas postal employees charged for theft, delay of mail -
- Postal service strives to turn around losses
- OSHA Releases Ergonomic Strategic Partnership Report for Denver P&DC (APWU) -

May 30, 2008
- APWU: Postal Workers Protected from Retaliation for Age-Discrimination Complaints -
- Postal Service's dispute with Eagan, Dakota County over mail-sorting facility escalates
- OPM suspends contract for electronic retirement system -
- Ask the President Burrus: Penalty Overtime
- US Postal Service strikes last-mile delivery deal with DHL

May 29, 2008
- USPS changes the way it redelivers Express Mail - Revised 3849 -
- Postal workers leave stamp on bone marrow registry
- Postal employee gets death for skimming $937000
  Ho Chi Minh City,Vietnam -
- Two Alabama Postal Employees Indicted For Allegedly Delaying U.S. Mail -
- People in Sturgis moving their mailboxes?

May 28, 2008
- Court sides with Destin postal worker in white powder case
- Mail Scattered as Postal Worker is Killed in Auto Accident -
- USPS Will Reopen 2 More New Orleans Offices
Neither rain nor snow, nor heavy campaign mail sidelines mail carrier
Deutsche Post, USPS sign cooperation agreement
- Post office drying mail from air crash
- High Gas Prices Affecting US Postal Service
- US Bank To Provide Purchasing Cards Postal Service

May 27, 2008
- US Supreme Court OKs reprisal lawsuits
- There's Gold In Them Thar Retirement Communities!
- Federal Employee Gets 180 Day Suspension for Hatch Act Violation -
- USPS direct mail site to focus on small businesses

- GSA contracting officers tell IG they were not intimidated
- Fundraising By Mail - Good Luck
- Miami, IN post office suspends operations

May 26, 2008
- Senators Urge "Forever" Purple Heart Stamp
- Carrier sees rural mail route as getaway
- Children's writer recounts story of iconic post office dog

May 25, 2008
- Colorado Contract Carrier Dies in Fatal Crash -
- Nova Express v. Postmaster General -
- 'No such thing as a dog that won't bite'

May 24, 2008
- Postal Carrier Killed In Accident -
- Postal employee gets $200000 in discrimination complaint -
- Postal Service gathers mail scattered by crash
- Magnolia mayor apologizes publicly for false arrest of retired postal employee
- Postal Service Partially Resumes Delivery To Fire-Stricken Areas
- Mail Deliveries Suspended Over Loose Dog
- APWU Convention Childcare Program Cancelled
- City street's mail is cut off due to pit bull

May 23, 2008
- USPS: Ethanol Mandates Increase Gas Guzzling
- Feds Arrest Man After Attack On Postmaster
Texas Postal Employee Arrested for Theft
- No brownie points for UPS employee -
- ‘Time is running out’ for rehired annuitant bill -
- Tax Obligations of USPS Employees
- Look out for dive-bombing hawks in Crofton
- Harmony residents want their historic post office back
- 38 years after his wounding in Vietnam, postal worker gets his Purple Heart
- Iowa attorney general sues direct-mail operator
- Postal workers still dogged on the job

May 22, 2008
- Postal privilege: Mailbox monopoly should be canceled -
- Postal Service serves customers with cost-saving measures
- One Person’s Junk Mail Is the Postal Service’s Treasure
- Police: Mail Carrier IDs Shooting Suspect
- (Revisited) FTC Releases Report Examining Laws That Apply Differently to the U.S. Postal Service and its Private Competitors
Postal Service leads in environmental stewardship
- Postal Service biting back against dogs
- Dog Attacks Threaten Owners' Mail Delivery
- APWU: Support for Mail Network Protection Act Tops 100
- German postal service says sorry after printing stamps of Nazi
- Former mail carrier sentenced
- Mail Carrier Flips

May 21, 2008
- Avon postal worker showed off genitals, DA says -
- Ethanol Vehicles for Post Office Burn More Gas, Get Fewer Miles -
- Teen Gets Prison Time For Postal Carrier's Shooting

- Postal employees not happy about working in the Tenderloin
- TV boxes let Netflix users bypass mail delivery
- Mail carrier spots fire; pets rescued
- Rant: Postal service has me licked, one penny at a time
- Zazzle Recognized with Strategic Business Development Award from U.S. Postal Service at 2008 National Postal Forum
- German Postal Service Admits Inadvertently Printing Hess Stamp

May 20, 2008
- Ex-postal worker gets prison for disability benefits fraud
- USPS PG Potter eyes Web as competition
Siemens wins $245M contract from US Postal Service
- Postal Service Reinforces Commitment to Greener Future

May 19, 2008
- ‘Ask a Working Woman’ Survey
- Postal Service needs to ‘lighten up’
- Ross Philo - USPS Chief Information Officer -
- Action needed in mail service -

May 18, 2008
- Wait a minute, Mr. Postman
- Police investigate teens' midday beating of postal carrier
- From biting dogs to bad weather, mail delivery is not without peril
- Internet pushes some corner mailboxes out of business
- Letter: Postal service depends on carrier

May 17, 2008
- ‘Don’t Mess With The Mailman’
- 'It was life or death,' mauled carrier says -
- Potter names Pulcrano Vice President of Sustainability -
- Canastota man arrested for exposing himself to postal worker
- Houston Leads Nation in Postal Carrier Dog Bites
- Sen. Coleman fights to save Halma PO

May 16, 2008
- APWU Wins in Private-Sector Campaigns
- Former Postal Service carrier gets probation in mail thefts
- City, postal service deny part of records request
- Police: Man attacks mailman with garden spade
- Postal service to close REC in East Pittsburgh
  Also see:
Postal Service REC to close, 270 jobs lost
- Mail service resumes to woman accused of threatening Olympian turned mail carrier
- Post watchdog demands shake-up of Royal Mail
- 'Forever' stamps?

May 15, 2008
- Video: SF Postal Bosses Go Postal -
- Postal Service REC to close, 270 jobs lost
- Scanners keeping post office efficient -
Sick-Leave Abuse Prompts Calls to Compensate for Unused Time -
- E! Television Series Is Offensive to Postal Workers -
- Economy and Internet challenge U.S. Postal Service
- Be one in a million - save the middle class -
- Lawmakers say retired feds, government paying double for drug coverage

- Sen. Webb wants purple heart stamp re-issued as “Forever Stamp”
- Mich. city pays $5.21 to mail a tiny tax bill
- No more mail for Miss Emily
- For Feds, Is It Boxers or Briefs?

More Postal News
May 14, 2008
- SoCal dog vs. famous postal carrier incident being examined
- 100,000 Pieces Of Mail Found Undelivered In Former USPS Employees Home -
- Another Dozen U.S. Reps. Sign On to Mail Network Protection Act -
- To Endorse Or Not To Endorse?
- NALC 2006-2011 National Agreement Now Available
- Opinion: Why the US Postal Service Always Loses Money!
Halma residents decry loss of post office

May 13, 2008
- Missing mail found at former postal worker's home
- NAPUS Urges Congress to Safeguard Universal Service
- Pit Bull Euthanized After Mauling Mail Carrier
- Carriers Collects 30 Tons of Food in Montgomery, AL
- Post offices in Halma, Minn., and Pisek, ND, head for closure
- Customers cope as stamps, services up

May 12, 2008
- A 1-cent down payment on a $50 billion problem
- Labor Organization Annual Financial Reports; Proposed Rule
- Today’s the day - USPS enters a new era -
- The Post Office's Money-Losing Rate Hike -
- Bulk mailers enjoy increase in business when postal rates rise
- Central Valley, CA postal worker admits to counterfeiting scheme

May 11, 2008
- Postal Worker Mauled by Pit Bull While Delivering Mail
- Postal Service refuses to be licked

May 10, 2008
- Good Question: Why Not Stop Saturday Mail? -
- Wounded mail carrier takes steps
- Attack injures letter carrier
  Topeka, KS

- Royal Mail cuts may end Saturday post
- More: 6 teens beat, rob mail carrier after asking for smoke -
- Postal Service relents, says Healdsburg PO can stay
- Eliminate the scourge of junk mail
- PO Box vs. Mailbox, which is the better choice for the environment?

May 09, 2008
- Mail Carrier Shot In Head Last Month Getting Out of Rehab
- Youths Deliver Punch To Mail Carrier -
- Postal Reform Act Is No Endorsement of Privatization -
- “The U.S. Postal Service, Post-PAEA: What’s Next?”
- McAllen, TX postal worker indicted on mail theft charges
- Do not call, do not spam, do not mail -
- Postal Service gives licking to average patron -
- Woman awarded $382500 in case against USPS
- Wounded mail carrier to be released from hospital
- ELM Revision: Work Clothes and Uniforms
- Correction: PS Form 3849 Revision

May 08, 2008
- Boulder Creek mail carrier arrested for stealing from customers -
- OCFS Employee Charged In Workers Comp Scam -
- Missouri Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program Seeking Volunteer Postal Employees or Retired Postal Employees
- Mail delivery within Chicago shows improvement
USPS lost $707 million in 2nd quarter -
Postal Chairman of the Board to Deliver 'The' Chairman of the Board
- Mail carrier food drive more important than ever, experts say
- Postal Service Recognition

May 07, 2008
- Former postal clerk sentenced for bank fraud -
- PMG Potter Speaks to Postal BOG - May 7, 2008 -
- Retirement Planning Hits Perfect Storm  
- New Address Requirements for Automation, Presorted, and Carrier Route Flat-Size Mail
- No more free post office boxes
- Not another price increase

May 06, 2008
- Court Upholds Unfair Labor Charge Against USPS -
- APWU: Unfair Labor Practice Charges and Grievances Related to Weingarten Violations
- New USPS "Observation of Work Practices" Forms Appealed to Arbitration -
- Postal worker gets 5 months for fraudulent jury service -
- Ask President Burrus - APWU -
- APWU: Upgrade Records to Be Updated May 16
- APWU: Parties Agree to Extend Grievance Time Limits During APWU National Convention
- Canada Post, FedEx set to launch new international express service

May 05, 2008
- Marriage, Death and Your Death and Survivor Annuity
Postal Theft - Can It Be Beaten? UK -
- First gas, now postage? Everything's going up -
- FERS and Social Security: Answers to Common Questions
- Man gets help following advise from postal employee
- In Our View: ’68: Swift-winged mail
- Truckee weighs in on post office options
- How to lick higher postage prices

May 04, 2008
- Substitute Postal Employee Invading Privacy -
- Former postal clerk sentenced -
- Postal Service slow on mailbox delivery -
- Canada Post struggles to maintain service
  Also see: Canada Post set to deliver fatal blow to rural mail service
- Postal price hikes now an annual event
- Notes on Not Checking the Mail

May 03, 2008
- Court upholds labor ruling in Florida post office case
- SF Postal workers go postal with picket -
- Ex-postmaster in MN pleads guilty to felony theft
- Postal Service Wins White House Environmental Awards
- U.S. Postal Service wants phones, cameras for recycling

May 02, 2008
- Psychiatric Evaluation Ordered for Former Sheriff in Mail Case -
- Complaints of undelivered mail, poor service dog Rockaways post office
- Our view: Methuen needs a better post office
- Family-Leave Plan Is Halved
Postal service no longer leaves mail unattended
- Fresno Mail Carrier Retires after 5 Decades
- CBS 46 Investigates: Postal Jobs Scam?

May 01, 2008
- FTC Report: U.S. Postal Service Needs More Freedom and Less Protection -
- Post office “test mailers” needed: The Real Deal
- USPS says safety only issue in post office closing -
- Unconscious driver crashes into Lincoln Park post office
- FedEx wins reprieve in Senate bill
- Postman saves wheelchair-bound senior from burning home
- Postal strike averted after Deutsche Post AG wage agreement

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