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September 30, 2009
- Feds as a Political Force -
- Binghamton postal workers given little time to decide on filing for early retirement -
- Mail Carrier Pleads Guilty To Mail Theft -
- U.S. Official Spent 6 Days in Cuba to Talk Postal Service, Ties -
- Mail set to take the long way home

September 29, 2009
- OIG: Silly Rules -
- Cumberland mayor to join postal picketers -
- Don't stamp out post offices: Pols pushing to save seven Bronx branches -
- Health premiums up 8.8% in 2010 -

September 28, 2009
- Online services let cities bypass the mailbox -
- Bronx Community Awaits Word on Post Office’s Fate -
- USPS branch closures unlikely to affect DM -
- Mail carrier delivers life-saving help -
- Woman Who Killed Mail Carrier Released From Prison -

September 27, 2009
- Mailman's ZZZZZIP code - 23-year postal veteran caught snoozing next to a bag of mail -
- The Fight Over Flexible Spending Accounts -

September 26, 2009
- NAPUS: House Grants Postal Service 1-Year Reprieve – Senate to Act Next Week -
- APWU: H.R. 22 Included in Stopgap Spending Bill -
- U.S. Postal Service fights city assessment, owes county
- USPS: Revised PS Form 3849

September 25, 2009
- Postal worker faces 5th rape charge -
- Opinion: Don't cut the postal service to try to save it -
- Pennsylvania Letter Carrier Honored as 'National Hero' for Fire Rescue -
- Commentary: President Obama doesn't get it -
- National Association of Postal Supervisors Legislative & Regulatory Update -
- Panel passes measure to keep government operating -
- Carey mail carrier pleads guilty to 11 federal mail fraud charges

September 24, 2009
- 2 NJ postal workers admit theft of gift cards -
- USPS is more focused, efficient than ever -
- Congress Targets FSA Tax Break -
- Proposal would end federal health benefits plan
- Postal workers protest South Florida Post Office closings
- Local Citizens Picket to Protect Post Office

September 23, 2009
- APWU: Fact & Fiction: The US Postal Service -
- Postal workers may get Census duties -
- USPS Fleet Manager Charged -
- Postmaster Work Week - FLSA concerns -
- Postal workers irked by decision to forbid them from mentoring

September 22, 2009
- Carrier delivers heroics - twice -
- Ex-postal worker admits DVD thefts -
- Workplace violence includes range of behaviors -

September 21, 2009
- Report: Postal worker stole Best Buy rewards -
- ACMA’s Postal Battle Not Just About Rates -
- Metro's Mail Disrupted by Unpaid Bill -
- Post office could shift Salinas mail processing to San Jose

September 20, 2009
- Former contract mail carrier sentenced to 30 months of probation for stealing mail -

September 19, 2009
- Vigil for Murdered Postal Carrier -
- Former Farley Postmaster sentenced for embezzlement and bankruptcy fraud -

September 18, 2009
- The Postal Service is in even deeper trouble -
- U.S., Cuba Mull Direct Postal Service -
- Mpls. Postal Worker Admits to Stealing Mail -
- PRC: First-Class Mail Incentive Program -
- A Light at the end of the Tunnel  -
- Mail Handlers Union Prevails in National RI-399 Arbitration and APWU APPEAL DENIED IN ALL RESPECTS -
- $100,000 Reward Offered for Mail Bomb Arrest

September 17, 2009
- Postal Deficit - Washington Post -
- More on Postal employees paid to do nothing -
- USPS Will Pay Managers to Go Green -
- Postal Worker Shot in Maple Heights -
- House Passes HR 22, Bill Now Moves to Senate - Also see NALC -
- Postmaster General Addresses Current Climate, Lays Foundation for Future Growth -

September 16, 2009
- Shot Postal Worker Thrilled To Resume Route -
- Postal worker admits $156,000 embezzlement -
- NALC: Settlement allows for on-the-clock retirement counseling - Read Settlement -
- House votes to prevent Postal Service shortfall
Also see House (finally) approves H.R. 22 -
- Tony Thornton, 49, 'Punching Postman'
- Man gets 52 months in prison for scamming USPS
- Postal Museum Rental Violated Policy

September 15, 2009
- Ex-W.Va. postmaster pleads guilty to theft charge -
- Postal Service to probe Dexter dog spray case -
- A One-Shot, $150 Payment? -
- Alpine Air Signs $72 Million Contract With USPS

September 14, 2009
- Mail carrier sprays 5-pound dog, 7-year-old girl - Update: U.S. Postal Office Investigation Confirmed After Postal Worker Pepper Sprays A Dog And A Child -
- Time running out on NSPS, sick leave, postal rescue bills -
- OIG Blog: Mystery Shoppers -
- Postal Service called federal crown jewel -
- Postal worker pepper-sprays dog, child -
- APWU: Advocates of Postal ‘Reform’ Attempt to Misdirect the Public’s Attention -
- Obama to Speak at AFL-CIO Convention

September 13, 2009
- 'Lost' in the mail W. Side uproar over 'canceled' carrier -
- Privatized postal service would cause big problems -
- PRINT 09: Letter to US President and Congress in Support of USPS
- Re-creating delivery of mail by balloon

September 12, 2009
- Postal Service delivers big business -
- Lawmakers must help revive a mail service on life support -
- Can the Postal Service Still Deliver? -
- Former Loveland mailman agrees to plea deal in local case -
- APWU: House to Vote Soon on Postal Relief Bill  -

September 11, 2009
- Florida postal worker indicted in stolen gift card case -
- A Roof Like a Park on Top of NYC USPS Facility -
- APWU: Dispute Over Reassignment of Non-Bargaining-Unit Employees To Bargaining-Unit Positions Appealed to Arbitration - Also see this page -

September 10, 2009
- DA: Postal Worker Sent Explicit Photos to “Girl” -
- Government should take back the Postal Service -
- Postal Service Searches for Ways to Stabilize Costs and Shrinking Mail Volume -
- Don’t stamp out postal service -
- APWU: Retirement, Separation Incentive Interpretations Document Updated -
- USPS: Legislative Relief or Bust? -
- Woman pleads guilty to falsifying postal record
- Sen. Casey aims to keep post offices open
- Arlington Cemetery Service Will Honor APWU Vets

September 09, 2009
- Contract Postal Employee Convicted -
- Man admits selling stolen stamps -
- CSC Wins $46 Million U.S. Postal Service Contract to Manage and Operate Detroit Service
- Pickets protest plan to close Ohio post offices
Moving Flats in Alabama
- UPDATE - Postal service delivered mail bomb that injured Visalia office worker -
- OIG: Federal Budget Treatment of the Postal Service -
- OIG says Audit “Sweeps Up” $848 Million in Savings -

September 08, 2009
- USPS: 63% of mail is advertising -
- Save the Postal Service -
- U.S. Postal Service Could Deliver America the Electric Car

September 07, 2009
- Not the Retiring Kind -
- Charlotte, NC Area APWU and USPS Reach $1.7 Million Settlement -

September 06, 2009
- What's the hurry? As customers look to save a buck, they turn to slower deliveries. -
- Who'd miss Saturday mail? -
- Cyncar v. Potter---An Update -

September 05, 2009
- USPS OIG Concludes Electrification of Post Office Delivery Fleet Operationally Feasible, But Costly -
- What's In a Name?

September 04, 2009
- GSA Delivers Federal Shipping Contract to UPS -
- Double Standard On Sick Leave??? -
- Fraud investigation leads to postal employee arrest in Springfield -
What ails the mails could very soon ail the health care system -
How USPS Could Bypass Congress on Saturday Delivery -
- Saving lives, collecting goods for the needy earn awards for mail carriers across country
- Postal carrier admits stealing drugs from the mail
- Post office closings would disrupt lives, Nashville customers say

September 03, 2009
- FERS Flu Cure A Dead Duck? -
- Mail Carrier Doing More than Just Delivering Packages -
- Going Postal Over Postal: Mail Carriers Fight a Losing Battle in the Senate -
- University takes junk out of dorm mail -
- Jury indicts 2 Postal Service workers -
APWU: Retirement, Separation Incentives: Unanswered Questions, Excluded Employees -
APWU: Union Develops Action Plan to Oppose Closures -
- Mail carriers named for heroic, humanitarian acts

September 02, 2009
- Postal Service Considering Closing 413 Post Offices | Also see Fewer Post Offices Targeted for Closure | and USPS -
- USPS Facility Closures -
- NALC: Rolando's Labor Day message -
- Sen. Lieberman: I’ll Try To Save Post Offices -
- Postal union pickets outside Toledo stations -
- Postal Nonsense -
  PEN Ed: The articles title says it all.
- Postal Service halts efficiency study in Utica

September 01, 2009
- FedEx & UPS challenged by USPS flat rates -
- OIG Blog: Nationwide Wage Uniformity -

A letter from PMG Jack Potter: Remembering FY 2009
In many ways, fiscal year 2009 will be remembered as one of the most challenging we’ve ever faced. At the same time, it will be seen as one of the most successful. Read more -

Mailman loses both legs after car slams into him during work
NEW ORLEANS – Through rain and sleet and gloom of night, New Orleans mailman Roy Rondeno was always there for the people he served. Thanks to Glenn Chapoton, President of NALC Branch 6119 Metairie-LaPlace, LA for notifying PEN, and postal employees, that a fund has been set up by one of Mr. Rodeno's customers at Capitol One Bank in New Orleans in his name. Also see: Please help | Postal worker whose legs were amputated after accident feels the love of his customers  -

Hitler Goes Postal - The Carrier
A regular PEN reader posted the link to this funny video. I think most of you will find the video hilarious. The video contains some dirty language - so if this offends you please do not watch. -

Controlling the Grievance- Part 1
Denny Belden has written a new article for our Belden Factor section.

Post office wrong target for conservatives
Why hate on the post office? The USPS is America's second-largest employer, with 34,000 facilities and the nation's largest vehicular fleet. It's also on track to lose $7 billion this year. -

Earth Class Mail and BankServ Enable Electronic Check Deposit Directly from Postal Mail -

Excessed Clerk Fired For Failing the 805 Driver Training Test
[PDF file: 1.87mb]
Summary: A USPS clerk in California was being excessed because her clerk position was being abolished. One choice provided to her by USPS was that she may choose to transfer to the city carrier craft - BUT, she was warned that she MUST pass the USPS driver training program and test. She was warned that failing this driver training and test would result in her separation from USPS. The employee passed the actual drivers test but failed the 805 computer based exam portion of the driver training program. USPS separated her from the postal service. The arbitrator states: "The Postal Service had just cause to issue the Grievant the Notice of Removal for failure to meet the requirements of the position." -

Kiplinger Predicts "There’ll be no more Saturday delivery of mail, come 2011 or so" -

PRC Chairman Goldway would like to encourage a national conversation on the future of mail and hardcopy communications -

TODAY! Sept. 25 Is Incentive Deadline! Thousands of Opportunities Still Available -

Postal Service Relief in Sight -

Postal Relief? How About No More Congressional Thievery? -

The End of the Monopoly -

OIG: "Management at the Washington NDC did not use the PIVMS (Powered Industrial Vehicle Management System) because the system had been intentionally damaged, causing it to be non-functional and in need of extensive repair or even replacement." PIVMS can help reduce inventory and can measure vehicle utilization attributes (such as speed, distance traveled, and idle time) to assess productivity. -

Incentive Available to Employees Seeking Disability Retirement - Also see Incentive Would Offset OWCP Compensation -

USPS: Early Out Incentive Option: Sept. 25 deadline nears - Also see: 2009 Early Out Incentive Option -

Postal workers may get Census duties -

APWU: Union Address Concerns About Incentive Offer
The APWU says "To date, fewer than 21,000 employees have applied for the incentive or expressed interest." -

OIG Blog: Should the Postal Service Eliminate Sunday Mail Processing Operations? -

APWU: Union, Management Reach Settlement On Individual Retirement Counseling -

Will FSS discounts fall flat? -

Can the Flats Sequencing System Be Fixed? -

Problems at Post Office start at the top
Does the Postal Service need to go to a five-day delivery schedule to survive? Possibly, but before that, they should be looking at reorganizing from the top down. -

OIG Says FSS Test Fall Short -

PMG Potter Tells US News It Doesn't Make Sense To Continue 6 Day Delivery
"We should move towards five-day delivery because back in 2000 we were delivering 5.9 pieces of mail per stop per day. Since then, it's dropped to 4.4 pieces." -

Update: Mail Carrier Shot in Maple Heights Pronounced Dead - Also see NALC "A senseless and outrageous tragedy" - Slain mail carrier Daniel Kondas remembered as friendly, responsible - Police: Robbery behind shooting of mail carrier -

NALC: Leadership of the House Republican Conference escalates its attack on the Postal Service
The NALC states: On September 11, 2009, in anticipation of floor action on H.R. 22, leaders of the House Republican Conference (HRC) issued a one page brief entitled “What Every Member Needs to Know About the Postal Service Relief Act (H.R. 22)” that is filled with the same kind of inaccurate and misleading information about the Postal Service featured in a similar ‘One Page’ brief issued in August. -

From PostCom: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Majority Leader Steny Hoyer reportedly, through an amendment as a substitution for H.R. 22, want the House to approve language that would require the Postal Service to make only a $1.4 billion payment for FY 2009 toward its retiree health benefits obligation. This relief would be for one year only. Nonetheless, it would "save" having to make an additional $4 billion payment to fully satisfy the requirement that's a part of the Postal Accountability act. Word has it this will all take place on Tuesday. -

Paid to do nothing
The Federal Times states "The U.S. Postal Service, struggling with a massive deficit caused by plummeting mail volume, spends more than a million dollars each week to pay thousands of employees to sit in empty rooms and do nothing." -

Up To 315 Full-Time Carriers and 8 PTF Carriers May Be Involuntarily Reassigned at the Los Angeles Performance Cluster - Possible MIARAP Impact -

Postal ELM Revision Rescinded: Limited Duty and Rehabilitation Assignments -

NALC Presidents Message: Making sausage in the Washington jungle -

This Writer Wants to Know..."Why aren't lay-offs used to reduce the workforce?" and "Why doesn't the Postal Service have more part-time jobs?" -

Update: Postal Service deems Louisville parade signs a mistake; RTD investigating | Postal, RTD vehicles seen bearing Obama health-care signs at Louisville parade
Spokesman says U.S. Postal Service will investigate use of vehicle -

The Unofficial Guide to Flats Sequencing
The U.S. Postal Service is a bit schizophrenic when it comes to talking about the Flats Sequencing System. It has provided lots of information about the new technology but not answered some basic questions that have been kicking around for a couple of years. -

Questions and Answers on Incentive Program
The APWU and USPS have reached agreement on the answers to a series of questions regarding the incentive program for employees who retire or separate in the coming months. Read MOU RE: ONE-TIME RETIREMENT INCENTIVE | Also read INTERPRETATIONS - INCENTIVE MEMORANDUM -

Effective Dates of Retirement, Separation Limited
The USPS and APWU have agreed that employees who as of Aug. 24 had a scheduled retirement date of Sept. 30 or earlier will be permitted to retire or separate on the date they selected, and will be eligible to receive the $15,000 incentive negotiated by the union and management. -


IRET Congressional Advisory

USPS Seeks Industry Input on 5 Day Delivery | The Postal Service has released an industry survey regarding a reduction of mail delivery to five days. -

Burrus Responds to Wall Street Journal - USPS Has Snow, Rain and Heat Beat, but Money? | Also see This Response to WSJ -

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