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September 2011 News

September 30, 2011
Darrell Issa Goes Postal, Job-Killing Retiree Bill Moves to the States

Center for Media and Democracy -

National League of Postmasters President Mark Strong Tells Commission that Closing Thousands of Rural Post Offices Will harm Economy of Rural America and Not Help Postal Service -

Guffey on C-SPAN: Save America’s Postal Service -

OIG Audits: Contract Delivery Service Cost Controls (PDF) | Follow-up on City Delivery Standard Operating Procedures (PDF) | Officer Compensation for Calendar Year 2010 (PDF) -

Federal retirement plans almost as costly as Social Security
Federal Times -

Postmaster Murder Trial Hits Sudden Halt -

Undelivered Mail Pulled From Post Office Dumpsters -

A Postmaster Goes to War Against His General -

Save America's Postal Service Rally - view videos -

September 29, 2011
As federal employees gear up to consider new health insurance options
, the U.S. Postal Service is pushing forward with a plan to build its own benefits program. - Also see USPS wants single health plan for employees, retirees -

The Real Cause of the Postal Crisis: Ed Breaks It Down On MSNBC -

Postal supervisor allegedly faked injury to collect comp -

Man admits mailing 5.6 million items with no postage -

Loveland man allegedly encouraged dogs to 'get the mailman' -

PEN Ed: Say what? Post office employee photographs women at Starbucks -

Four hurt as car crashes through Boulder post-office window

September 28, 2011
Jeannette postal employee charged for faking assault

USPS labor contracts limit agency flexibility, report finds -

Rallies for Save America's Postal Service
Save the Post Office -

Postal Service Board Dominated by Corporate Execs, Lawyers, Lobbyists -

Issa Turns Against Postal Unions One Once Backed His Campaign -

Shock Doctrine at USPS: Is A Manufactured Crisis Behind Push to Privatize?
DemocracyNow.org YouTube video -

Gov. Patrick: My mother's postal service job helped get us off welfare -

Post office employees support bill to use retirement money to plug hole in budget -

PRC: USPS Monthly Financial Data for August (PDF) -

Feds' health premiums to increase 3.8 percent
Federal News Radio -

NAPUS Postmasters Provide Expert Testimony on Retail Access Optimization Initiative -

Police Find Bottle Of Brandy In Postal Service Vehicle -

Two north Alabama postal workers charged in mail-related crimes -

Former FL postal worker charged with 16 counts of aggravated battery, attacking cop -

Postal Workers Across the Country Say, 'Save America's Postal Service'

September 27, 2011
Theft In Progress: Your Postal System!

Daily Kos -

ISSA: Sorting out the Postal Service’s future
Washington Times - PEN Ed: more childish chit chat from our favorite political punching bag -

Editorial: Get serious on mail
Pensacola News Journal -

On Tuesday, September 27, from 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. (local time), members of the APWU, NALC, NPMHU, and the RLCA will join forces with members of our communities to send a message to the nation and its Congress. -

4,000 more post offices on the chopping block: Nothing personal, it's just business
Save the Post Office -

Woman admits stealing $69850 from Postal Service -

September 26, 2011
Doomsday Scenario

APWU Calls on Rep. Issa To Correct Misstatements -

OIG: Retail and Delivery: Decoupling Could Improve Service and Lower Costs (PDF) -

Postal Subcommittee Approves Flawed Bill (PDF)
NAPUS Newsletter -

First-Class Mail Gets Slower: The Declining USPS Service Standards
Don Cheney for Save the Post Office -

Sioux City Postal Workers To Get Paid $1.72 Million For Not Working -

USPS' Vogel: 'We can be more efficient' -

Theft, mail destruction prosecutions rise for Alabama postal employees
Alabama Live -

Last Minute Preparations Underway For Rallies to Save America’s Postal Service -

Alabama postal service workers plan rally at Rep. Mo Brooks office -

USPS rescue: What's in, what's out, what's next
Federal Times -

The sanctity of the Post Office -

Living people to appear on US stamps -

This week in history: The Post Office and the Constitution
Save the Post Office -

September 25, 2011
Senator Scott Brown Encouraged By Bipartisan Plan For USPS

Ending Saturday Delivery Should Be Last Resort
Opinion: Grand Forks Herald -

Postal service could pay some employees not to work
Sioux City Journal -

Business owners who depend on the U.S. Postal Service's 'snail mail' would be hard hit by delivery cuts and rate increases -

Post Offices removed from the RAOI: List and Map
Save the Post Office -

Preserving the People's Post Office: Nader writes Congress
Save the Post Office -

September 24, 2011

Postal unions to stage nationwide gatherings to shed light on legislation affecting USPS's financial future -

Postal worker is robbed at gunpoint and it's witnessed by TV employee -

Put your stamp of disapproval on section 403 of the Postal Reform Act
Postal Affairs Blog -

330 Motor Vehicle Jobs Returned to APWU Bargaining Unit -

September 23, 2011
The OIG tells the post office to get a divorce

Save the Post Office -

USPS Responds to NAPUS on DUO, RIF and Staffing Issues

Postal Regulatory Commission Increases its Irrelevance in Policy Debate
Courier Express and Postal Observer -

Ten Reasons That the U.S. Postal Service is Not a Failure — and is Vital to Our Country -

2 West Sacramento postal workers accused of stealing iPhones -

AFL-CIO to Lead Postal Service Rallies -

Commentary: What’s the real story behind the postal crisis? -

Buyouts about to jumpstart
Federal News Radio -

Bad Customer Service Is Built into the Design of U.S. Post Offices, Report Says
Dead Tree Edition -

Why the USPS Matters: FedEx
Courier Express and Postal Observer -

PRC: Analysis of the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2006 (PDF) -

Postmaster enters pretrial program
A man accused of inappropriately touching a mail carrier when he was a postmaster has been placed into a pretrial intervention program. -

Postal workers charged -

Postal Service Expands Mobile Access to Customers -

The UPS Store and the U.S. Postal Service have joined forces on a direct mail program for small businesses. -

September 22, 2011
Dueling hashtags show partisan bickering over USPS reform
The Hill -

Job cuts focus of heated Postal Service debate
Washington Post -

Issa Postal Service Control Board Plan Advances in U.S. House
Bloomberg - A measure that may put the U.S. Postal Service under a control board, end to-the-door mail delivery and close post offices using the same process as military-base shutdowns was approved by a U.S. House panel. - Also see Issa’s ‘Postal Destruction’ Bill Passes House Subcommittee (APWU)  -

Board Could Override Union Contracts and Order Layoffs - Federal Times -

Postmaster General Outlines Postal Service’s New Reality -

Business Customer Gateway Scheduled Maintenance Outage
Postal Affairs Blog

September 21, 2011
Read Amendments to Issa's Postal Reform Bill Introduced Today - Click on "Rep. Ross's amendment - amendment includes changing USPS RIF rules regarding which employees are RIF'd first...as we read it, in this case retirement eligible senior employees will be let go first. -

Proposal To Revise Service Standards for First-Class Mail, Periodicals, and Standard Mail - Federal Register -

Lawmakers tout new postal reform measure as employee-friendly -

There Used to be a Post Office Here
Save the Post Office -

NALC Encouraged and Outraged by Obama Plan - Also see NALC vows to oppose 5-day delivery in Obama plan -

Cummings and Lynch to Announce Innovative Legislation to Return Postal Service to Profitability -

Difficult reception for Obama’s US Postal Service rescue plan
Post and Parcel -

APWU Praises Obama Effort, But Long-Term Solution is Needed -

Gary postal worker charged in coupon scam -

September 20, 2011
NAPUS Disappointed The President Failed To Acknowledge The Billions In USPS Overpayments To The US Treasury

Also see: PMG Statement Regarding Obama Plan for Economic Growth and Deficit Reduction - Read Obama's Plan -

NALC vows to oppose 5-day delivery in Obama plan -

Should USPS Be Closing Small Post Offices In Rural America? Postmasters Say "No" -

USPS Supervisors Letter The House (PDF) -

APWU Approves Dues Assessment For Members
Career APWU members will be assessed $1 per pay period; Postal Support Employees will be assessed 50 cents per pay period. -

Obama Supports Postage Increase: Is He Dissing the Print Industry?
Dead Tree Edition -

U.S. Postal Service financial crisis: No easy answers, but plenty of news
Federal Times -

Mailman bit by dog; Lawsuit claims neck and shoulder injuries


Democrats and Republicans Call for New USPS Business Model, Not Post Office Closures in Bi-Partisan Letter Sent to PRC Chairwoman Ruth Goldway -

President's proposal calls for a two-year contribution holiday on postal workers’ contributions to FERS because of a $6.9 billion surplus in contributions -

USPS Employees are Discounted Everyday
PEN and Ron Williams, Jr. -

The Postal Service leaves the driving to us
Save the Post Office -

Issa on President’s Proposed Bailout for Postal Service -

Issa wants Alaska to take over the task of subsidizing the delivery of bypass mail to rural areas -

Obama endorses ending one day of mail delivery -

OIG Blog: Operations and Finance – Allies or Foes? -

Postal clerk sues Postal Service for violation of medical leave rights -

September 19, 2011
Issa Says "I'm not going to go along with a fictitious story about taxpayers owing the Postal Service money when the facts show that's simply not the reality" - Amendment seeks to save US Postal Service $10 billion - Also see Latest plan to save postal service cuts front-door mail slot delivery -

Congressional mark-up set for postal bill
Federal Times -

APWU Launches Phase 2 Of Television Ad Campaign -

Save America’s Postal Service -

USPS would get $20 billion in cash relief under Obama's plan
GovExec.com -

What to do when you learn your post office may close
Save the Post Office -

Companies Where Employees Should Lose Hope
USPS ranks number 5. -

Consolidating the processing network: A map view of the AMP plan
Save the Post Office -

September 18, 2011
Iowa postal workers gather at state capitol to protest USPS

Postal Service Can't Count on Public Support as it Scrounges for Funds
ConsumerAffairs.com - Both the agency and its workers are unpopular with voters, weakening their position with Congress -

September 17, 2011
Postal Union Demands that Postmaster General Patrick R. Donahoe Resign Immediately

Congress Will Consider Steps to Restore USPS Profitability While Maintaining Universal Mail Service -

USPS Consolidation Plan Means Moving or Closing Some FSS Machines
Dead Tree Edition -

Postal Workers: We're Not Looking for a Government Bailout -

List of USPS Mail Processing Facilities Facing Closure -

September 16, 2011
The Proposed USPS Network: A Second Best Solution

Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

Labor Groups Ask Obama Not To Target Feds In His Deficit Reduction Plan -

Cost Cuts Would Slow First-Class Mail
Wall Street Journal -

200 Cedar Rapids jobs on the line if USPS closes mail processing center -

Privatization of US Postal Service could be costly
The Daily Cougar -

Postal Service to integrate with PayPal in October, launch TV campaign this month -

Mail operations in Columbus, GA could be moved to Montgomery, AL


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More Postal News

September 15, 2011
PMG press conference - Service Change Proposals
(C-Span video) -

Also see: USPS Proposal for network and service standard changes -

Senator Carper Statement On USPS Announcement Regarding Changes to Its Distribution Network -

Postal Service proposal might slow deliveries
Washington Post - Also from WP see Postal officials want to cut 250 processing centers, another 35000 workers -

Postmaster General: USPS 'not going out of business' -The Hill -

APWU Denounces USPS Plans to Dismantle Mail Processing Network -

How Congress Bankrupted the Postal Service in 3 Easy Steps
Dead Tree Edition -

DMA Urges Members to Take Action to Keep Mail Viable -

USPS Threatening to kick me out for having to many packages ALL CAUGHT ON CAMERA - YouTube video -

Legacy for Sale: The Postal Service has no shame
Save The Post Office -

NAPUS Members Urged to Call and Oppose H.R. 2309 (Issa's Bill) -

APWU: H.R. 1351 Gains Momentum on Capitol Hill -

Men accused of trying to mail pot, threatening to kill postal worker -

The Postal Service is under attack -

Next Washington Debacle: The Broke Postal Service
U.S. News and World Report -

September 14, 2011
Who gets hurt when the post office closes?

Save The Post Office -

Sen. Carper: Postal Reform Myths vs. Facts -

The new face of the U.S. post office -

Latest Criminal Enforcement Actions Against Postal Union Officials -

OIG Audit: Postal Service Performance During the 2010 Fall Mailing Season (PDF) -

NAPUS Says Congress Needs to Do the Right Thing -

PRC public rep. slams USPS decision to close facility -


Orlando letter carrier takes plea deal in tax fraud scheme -

Postal Service, White House Engaged in 'Intense Discussions'
Dead Tree Edition -

Postal Service Cannot Avoid Layoffs
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

September 13, 2011
Darrell Issa Issa hit with ethics allegations

A liberal advocacy group is filing an ethics complaint against Rep. Darrell Issa, alleging that the California Republican has repeatedly used his public office for personal gain. -

Congressmen Denounce USPS Bid to Break Contract
Two U.S. Representatives have denounced Postal Service legislative proposals to abrogate its collective bargaining agreements with postal unions. -

Democrats introduce legislation would give Postal Service 90 extra days to pay bills -

Editorial: Privatization of post office is long overdue
Orange County Register - Ronald Reagan tried to privatize the U.S. Postal Service. The effort was dropped after he left office in 1989. It's time to take up the idea again. -

NAPUS: We Must Keep Postmasters in Charge of Post Offices -

Allison Kilkenny: Saving the Postal Service Without Privatizing It - Video -

OIG Blog: Standardization of Mail Processing Operations -

September 12, 2011
Issa: USPS has 'more than a small cash flow problem' - Also from this blind man see Issa: Time to "right size" the Postal Service workforce -

The politics of a USPS default
Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, the committee’s ranking Republican: “We do face an urgent task, and that is to save the icon of American society and an absolute pillar of the American economy.” -

Donahoe's Downsizing Plan for USPS Yields Huge PR Coup
Dead Tree Edition -

Later mail likely due to loss of 14 routes and FSS -

The Rise and Fall of the U.S. Postal Service in Fourteen New Yorker Covers -

Republicans and Democrats reconcile to gang up on America -

What's wrong with the Postal Service? How about what's wrong with the media?
Save The Post Office -

No more mail? What would Ben Franklin think
Bismarck Tribune -

NAPUS Executive Board Deals With Tough Issues -

If the post office were to shut down, would anyone miss it? Yes, many people are saying
Chicago Tribune -

'Junk Mail' May Be Last Hope for Saving the USPS
AdAge.com -

September 11, 2011
September 11 - National Postal Museum

Without rhyme or reason: The PRC turns down the Akron appeal
Save The Post Office -

Ted Williams: Gods affixed to letters -

September 10, 2011
Postal Workers: The Last Union

by: Allison Kilkenny, Truthout -

Postal Service Needs 'Dramatic Action' From Obama, Carper Says -

USPS Defends Plan to Close Thousands of Offices at PRC Hearing -

O'Reilly: State of the unions in America -

Man Who Shot At Postal Vehicle Convicted -

Rep. Darrell Issa’s Postal-Bashing Has Workers Fighting Back
Alan Colmes -

Postal Service crisis must be defused -

September 09, 2011
Postal Unions Join Forces To Save America’s Postal Service

Postal Reform: Lobster or Road Kill?
Federal News Radio - Also from FNR see Postal Service warns Senate of dire finances -

USPS Begins Testing ePostage -

Sen. Olympia J. Snowe: Diminishing postal service will hurt communication -

Destroying the Postal Service - another Manufactured Crisis
YouTube video -

Washington must move swiftly and surely to get the ailing Postal Service on the right track -

Postal Service Removes 31 Alaska Locations from Closure Study List -

Postal Worker Accused of Stealing from Mail Arrested Again -

Jon Stewart: Firing 200000 Postal Workers - What Could Go Wrong? -

Postal Service loses Trinity residents' Social Security checks

September 08, 2011
Carper says USPS could avoid default by using the billions it prepaid in pensions -

Postal Unions’ Grassroots Clout Tested by Planned U.S. Job Cuts -


The Social and Economic Value of Postal Services
Save The Post Office -

USPS Wants To Drive
PEN Ed: maybe they should look for a designated drive. -

PRC Publishes Contractor Research Exploring Aspects of Social and Economic Benefits of Postal Services -

NAPUS President Rapoza Discusses Early Outs and Incentives in Meeting With PMG -

USPS, R.I.P. -

September 07, 2011
Senator Coburn on the Postal Service: Free Management

Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

Carper Says USPS Should Encourage Workers to Retire - video -

NALC: TALKING POINTS GUIDE for BRANCH PRESIDENTS on the POSTAL FINANCIAL CRISIS (PDF) - The Truth about the Postal Service and the Need for Congressional Action -

APWU: Guffey Tells Senate Panel: Congress Must Save Postal Service
USPS Plan Would Hurt Service, Workers, Communities -

White House to Propose Plan to Help Postal Service
NY Times -

The Post Office is almost broke - on purpose? -

PBS With PMG Donahoe and NALC President Rolando -

September 06, 2011
The Washington Post tells us
today - "The White House is planning to present a financial rescue plan for the U.S. Postal Service in the coming weeks as part of a broader, $1.5 trillion deficit reduction package. In advance of those recommendations, the Obama administration is asking Congress to give the Postal Service a 90-day extension to pay mandatory annual retirement payments totaling about $5.5 billion." -

Postcom has posted a summary of today's Senate hearing
Sen. Susan Collins: To OPM's John Berry -- "Don't tell me you don't have the authority to fix overcharges- I wrote the law!" Sen. Tom Coburn: Every revenue estimate I've ever heard from the Postal Service over the past 12 years has been "totally bogus." See all testimony here -

Postmasters Calls on Congress to Stop Closing Post Offices and to Let USPS Pension Overpayments Prefund Retiree Health Benefits -

Do We Need the Postal Service?
ABC News: Former PMG Henderson says “The postal service was by far and away the most efficient mail service in the world, but that efficiency doesn’t help you if you don’t have work.” -

USPS Facing Wider $10 Billion Loss, Needs Help, CEO Says
Bloomberg -

OPM director questions savings of separate USPS health, retirement systems
Federal Times - Also from FT As Congress returns, Postal Service faces uphill battle -

Cartoon Blog - Broke Post Office -

Senate Hearing Witness List Suggests Retiree Benefit Fix Still on Table
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

U.S. Postal Service in Crisis: Proposals to Prevent a Postal Shutdown
Senate Committee Hearing starts today at 2 PM EDT. Live video will not be available until approximately 15 minutes prior to the scheduled hearing start time. -

Postmaster Donahoe to beg Congress for Postal Service’s life
Washington Post - Also from WP see Postal Service could lose $10 billion this year -

Mix-Up at the Times: Editorial Ends Up as Front-Page Lead
Save The Post Office -

Destroying the Postal Service in Order to Save It? -

September 05, 2011
Postal Service Is Nearing Default as Losses Mount

NY Times -

Post Office for Dummies
Save The Post Office -

Capitol Heights mail carrier sentenced for burning mail -

For all they do, labor unions could be called volunteer unions, too -

September 04, 2011
The Postal Service Does Itself No Favors

Save The Post Office -

Committee Chairman Lieberman to Conduct Emergency Postal Hearing (PDF)
NAPUS Newsletter -

Mail service is a fundamental need | USPS plan is wrong way to go | Prefunding adds to USPS struggles -

Gov. Branstad gives USPS specific options for change -

Labor unions adjust to new reality under Obama -

Postal carrier sentenced for destroying mail

Bomb scare brings robot to post office

September 03, 2011
NALC Says Saving The Postal Service Website Is Misleading

The NALC tells us that under the direction of Rep. Darrel Issa (R-CA), the chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, an anti-USPS website was launched. -

Ex-Arizona Postal Employee Indicted for Mail Theft
A former U.S. Postal Service employee in southern Arizona has been indicted for allegedly forging nearly $18,000 in money orders stolen from the mail. -

APWU: Spending Taxpayers’ Money to Bash the USPS? -

NALC members in California joined several other unions and the San Diego-Imperial Counties Labor Council on Sept. 1 to personally protest Rep. Darrell Issa's failure to represent working families and his continuing attacks to destroy the United States Postal Service. -

Postmaster Pay Talks Continue & PSE Staffing on Agenda for Upcoming NAPUS/USPS Consultative Meeting -

Try walking a mile in postal workers' shoes -


September 02, 2011
Police: Roseville, Minn., man says he punched mailman, tried to rob mail truck because he 'didn't like the guy'

Issa Launches Postal Reform Website? -

Postal Service occupies too much real estate, report says
Washington Post -

Key deadlines loom for USPS
Washington Times -

Postal mailboxes vanishing from U.S. -

17 NH Postal Workers Sickened In Asbestos, CO Scare -

Iowa Governor encourages Postmaster General to consider numerous options to close budget gap -

CAGW Reacts to USPS Inspector General Report -

The Hits Just Keep On Coming: A List of Lists
Save The Post Office -

September 01, 2011

Suspicious parcel found at Illinois Air Force base
Two workers for the U.S. Postal Service and an Air Force serviceman at the Scott Air Force Base, near Mascoutah, about 25 miles east of St. Louis, developed respiratory or skin reactions around 9 a.m. Wednesday in reaction to something in the mail room, according to base commander Col. Michael Hornitschek. -

APWU President to Testify Before Senate Committee -

Autonomy for Postal Service
NY Times - Letter to Editor -

Customer Participation is Encouraged When Post Office Discontinuance Studies are Performed -

The Idle Postal Worker Myth
Courier, Express, and Postal Observer -

PRC Public Meeting -


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